Friday, February 15, 2008

666 Panes of Glass Myth proven true at Louvre Museum Pyramid

For those that have seen the movie The Davinci Code may recall that the Louvre Museum in

Paris , France and its I.M. Pei designed glass pyramid played a central role in the movie. The

story revolves around the idea that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children with

her. The offspring allegedly intermarried with the Frankish barbarian nobility and formed the

Merovingian Dynasty.

See : a) Davinci Code Louvre Pyramid -

b) c) See photo .

The Myth regarding Louvre Pyramid containing 666 Panes of glass:

This has been proven false or better said "false". The pyramid has 612 panes of glass. If the area

which includes the door had instead been covered by glass panes there would then be 684 panes. .

The area would have been covered by 72 panes of glass...


612 panes is 6 + 12 or 6 + (6+6). This totals 18. There are eighteen letters in sixhundredsixtysix.

72 is the degree of angles in the magickal pentagram and King Solomon used 72 evil spirits to

build his temple. / .

The mystical number Pi has the number 666 appear in space 6840: .

Zero has no value in western numerology so 6840 is 684. Also another way to say it is 684.0 -

Zero = zero .

* This is interesting because I.M.Pei - or - Pi ? built the Louvre Pyramid. The missing 72 panes

is a door or in spanish puerta , portuguese and italian porta - - - a PORTAL.

The doorway is , to use a pun on words - a Pi Hole. In american english a Pie Hole is slang for a

mouth. I.M. Pei is saying I AM PI . The number PI contains 666 at slot 6840. There are 684

panes of glass if one includes THE PORTAL of 72 missing panes that allows for an opening or

gateway into the museum. A pathway into 666 or a portal to hell. pie hole and pi hole is the mouth of the beast 666.....

The Dome of the Rock was begun on top of the Temple Mount of Jerusalem in the Year 684. .

The Dome of the Rock sits over a Rock on the site of the Temple of Solomon ruins. The actual

rock is at an altitude of 2440 feet. 2440 is another numerical location where 666 appears in Pi. .

The previous link also notes that the Great Beast / Antichrist will rule the world from a rebuilt

Temple of Solomon . The number of the beast is as you know 666.

The Number 216 is numerical code for 666. 6x6x6 = 216.

If you add 216 + 216 + 216 = 648. The same numbers in different order.

648 is 666 - 18. The same 18 of 6+6+6 and eighteen word sixhundredsixtysix.

Further: 6 + 4 + 8 = 18. Same analysis as above = same 666 result.


The rumor or myth that the I AM PI designed Louvre Pyramid had 666 panes of glass was

incorrect technically but right on point in symbolic meaning. The DaVinci code is further proven

to be an illuminati psyops campaign. It is not Pi in the Sky. Do the math ... it's all in the numbers.

Humanity must get its head out of its collective Pie Hole if we are to stand a chance against the

illuminati elites and the inhuman entities that stand behind them in the shadow.


yi2m4u said...

Its probably pure 'coincidence' but IM Pei also designed this glass pyramid which stands about 2 miles from Milk Hill on the Vale of Pewsey in the UK, which isbelieved by some to be the sight of planetary stargate 11.

John von Nuding said...
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John von Nuding said...

666 is in Pythagorian numerology the number 6+6+6=18, 1+8= 9, the number of completion and service to humanity. This symbolically represents the choice man has to be in service and harmony, in a state of grace on Earth, the use of 6s represents a trinity of the 'family' of humanity and the connection of all beings who have incarnated on this planet, the living organism, Gaia.
Those who choose to live in a system of love may consider this number that represents completion and oneness with all that is through the self or 'I am' presence. In this state of love or grace there is light everywhere, in everything and everyone, so really there is no darkness. It all depends on the state of consciousness we choose to remember.
This is one interpretation of the message from Revelations and the Apocalypse, a word that is mis-translated or misunderstood.
We can choose the end of one era and the re-birth into another, a state of being in the consciousness of Christ where we remember the connection we have to all that is instead of staying in a frequency of fear and 'darkness' and separation.

ssolers said...

Add up all the numbers on a roulette wheel and guess what it equals ? 666. Coincidence ? I think not. 1 plus 2 equals 3 plus 3 equals 6 plus 4 equals 10 plus 5 equals 15... and so on

Unknown said...

Satan tried to change what God said, which is just what you are doing. Satan told Eve she could be as God. Mixing truth ewith a lie is the deadliest poison because it makes the poison palatable. The truth is that Jesus is THE way, THE truth and THE life and no one goes to the the father without him.

Unknown said...

Obama's exception speach in Denver standing on a repleca of the seat of pergomom and saying yes we can yes we can yes we can. Yes we can played backwards. Is ? You all know the answer.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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