Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taipei 101 height links Pi and Eiffel Tower

Sometimes the proof that the illuminati use architecture as a form of code is very easy to miss

even though it "hides in plain sight". This brief article will show a connection between the Taipei

101 in Taiwan and the Eiffel Tower that is almost impossible to label a coincidence. Hidden in the

altitude is also a hidden symbol or code for Pi, the mystical - irrational number surrounding the


Background Taipei 101:

1. For a period of time it was the tallest building in the World. .

1,671 Feet Tall. See also: .

2. There are those that believe that it was built on an Earthquake Ley Line. Even a possible

form of architectural warfare. .

3. The Masonic replica of the Tower of Babylon, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, just "coincidentally"

happens to have 1,671 steps from top to bottom. and .


Taipei 101 Ground-to-occupied-floor is 1441 feet high. .

4. A symbol for Pi, the mystical -irrational and possibly infinite number is 22/7. .

5. A Stone , besides being a rock is also a unit of measure. .

6. 227 Stone equals 1441.51655 kilograms. Go to and insert 227 stones = .


The Eiffel tower, once the tallest building in the world has 1,671 steps , while Taipei 101 , the

very recently dethroned tallest building in the world has 1,671 feet of height. The observation

platform coincides with a symbol for Pi. Again, can these connections be by accident or part of

an ancient occult science based on numbers? The reader must decide.


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