Saturday, August 21, 2010

Solfeggio 741 frequency link Pi to Iran October War

The number 741 came to this writer in an abrupt and rather sinister fashion. It is linked to the

741 deities of the Book of Amduat - the ancient egyptian underworld. It is also the height in feet

of the new - improved WTC 7 . See: and .

This writer has since discovered that the number 741 happens to also be one of the so-called

Solfeggio frequencies which seem to have a strange power. 741 increases psychic awareness or

intuition. and .

There appears to be more to the 741 book of Amduat number than meets the eye ... of horus.

Scroll down 1/2 way on the following link. "Solfeggio 741/by Len Horowitz Solfeggio (285) = (2.6)
exact! The (2.6) thus correlates in decimal variation the Tzolkin (260)! It is the only Solfeggio
that accomplishes this. 741 x the sine of 68 degrees = Mars sidereal (687), and the 68 degree angle was fundamental in Egyptian extrapolations." enter 741 x pi - then go to article that appears "The fractal Space Time Harmonic Codex - Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Pi.

There is also another link to 9/11 attacks and President Ahmadinejad of Iran. Scroll down 1/2

way on the next link. Please note that 741 x Pi = 2328. or google - 2328 number 666.

The previous link is from an excerpt called OCTOBER SURPRISE in which the prediction is made that that is the month Iran's nuclear facilities will be struck. This is on the website Dead Man's Musings - forums.

The exact date would be October 13 , 2010. This coincides as noted in the link with The Friday

the 13th raid on the Knight Templars by the Church and the King of France, centuries ago.


Oddly enough , another "coincidence" is that the Phoenix Mars Lander landed at 68 degrees

latitude and 233 longitude. The number 68 associated with ancient Egyptian extrapolations. The

number 233 also is linked to the Number 23 phenomenon mentioned in the October Surprise

article as well. . Mars is the god of war.

Could the NASA Phoenix Lander mission be part of a ritual to assist in the masonic-zionist strike

on Iran? Is this further proof that an Osiris Cult runs NASA? .

Further = THE REAL NUMBER OF THE BEAST MAY BE 776. This is 2328 x 3. What this also

means is the the Friday the 13th of the Knight Templars was linked to the Number of the Beast. .

Also , the number 233 is the 13th Fibonacci number.

The strike against Iran will be a reenactment of The Templar raid and destruction. Woe unto

this world when that die arrives. It will be right before the elections. Obama will have to go along

or he will appear weak. Or maybe he is planning it to reverse his sagging fortunes and ensure his

reelection by being "strong". Who knows? Only the Illuminati...and they aren't talking , except in

the language of Numbers.