Sunday, August 31, 2008

Left Behind 216 exposes Fidel Castro link to 666

The numerology of the illuminati is hidden from the masses , yet easy to find once one is able

to discover and know of its existence. Many dates, addresses , building designs, heights and

angles appear to have a hidden meaning or code. Whether this is simply for "show" or whether

the numbers have some form of hidden power is unknown, but it would appear that this type of

elaborate expenditure and effort would be for nothing of substance.

This brief article will expound on a connection discovered between the advent of the Fidel

Castro regime and 666. Fidel is long known in Cuba for his involvement in the occult. This info

merely adds to the list.


Fidel Castro and the occult: or google terms.

Fidel Castro Santeria / Fidel Castro Occult.

It is believed he reigned for 49 years and survived hundreds of assassination attempts due to

his usage of black magic adepts and their rituals and spells.

Left Behind 216 number as code for 666:

216 = 6x6x6. and .

The line of latitude 21.6 passes through Cuba: .


On February 16, 1959, Fidel Castro became the official leader of Cuba. 2-16... .

666 rose to power in Havana on 216....coincidence ? The reader must decide.

G-D storms hit Burning Man Judas Priest and Decadence Festivals

A sign that the higher forces on the ethereal plane are getting sick and tired of the evil that is

continually being glorified and engaged in by ne0-illuminists in the USA is the weather that is

attacking their "festivals" and "concerts".

It appears that G-D , or at least Mother Nature may be growing weary of the evil energy

vibrations that are generated by design by these alleged pseudo-satanic groupings and their

veneration of all this is sinful, wicked and bizarre.


1. All in the same time less... The Burning Man Festival in Nevada is hit by strong

windstorms which cause many of the pagan anarchists in attendance to flee. See:

"we are in a total whiteout" ...The storm hit on the Saturday afternoon before the Saturday

night climax in which the effigy of a man is burned. .

2. The heavy metal rock band Judas Priest, while performing in the cricket center in 33rd

parallel masonic Phoenix, Arizona had its performance shut-down by 100 MPH hurricane force

winds. "Unusually powerful thunderstorms generating hurricane strength winds ripped through

the Valley on Thursday Night....(Thursday is named coincidentally after Thor, the viking god of

thunder and lightning)..." . If you google judas priest hurricane phoenix , you will find a quote by a concert-goer

that says "It was about as windy as God would want it to be for Judas Priest". This segment was

also in the print newspaper but was deleted on the article for posting on the internet. An

attempt to post an article about the storm impact on the concert also met with the section

deleted , presumably by the media. . WHY?

3. The Decadence Festival in New Orleans. A major event in that blighted city. It was taking

place during the present Labor Day weekend in the USA. Now, Gustav, a mega-hurricane is on

the verge of finishing the job started by Katrina, almost three years to the day. See Decadence

Festival: / and it is

described as "the gay Mardi Gras" . All this partying is now

over of Gustav , which in english means "good riddance" steers a course oddly

similar in timing , strength and strike zone as Katrina. .


Is the mighty Wind of G-D scouging those who travel the Left-Hand Path of Darkness or is this

merely ...yet again.... a coincidence? The reader must ponder this, perhaps while listening to the

song by Judas Priest - THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM....The real storm. The one that is

coming on December 21, 2012 , the Mayan end time - the return of Kukulkan, the fiery serpent. .

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kaprekar Number links Washington Beltway to Babylon Cubit

Additional evidence exposing the illuminist / masonic design of the USA capital of Washington,

D.C. is presented to the reader in the present article.


A. Kaprekar Numbers:

A Kaprekar number has highly unusual characteristics that causes other number to add up to

it when put through a specific formula. There are two - 495 and 6174. There may be others, but

they have yet to be discovered. for 495 and for 6174 - .

B. The highway forming a circle around Washington, D.C. happens to be numbered 495. With the

masonic 555 foot tall obelisk , known as the Washington Monument in the middle, there is

formed a phallic symbol in the 495 circular "vagina". Sexual Sorcery in the architectural design

of the capital itself. See: .

C. The architecture and founding of Washington, D.C. appears to have heavy links to the

Constellation Virgo. THE VIRGIN. Also, Washington is formed from land taken from two

States, VIRGINia and MARYland. See: .

D. A 495 feet tall Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Stralsund , Germany was once the

tallest building in the world. Later this title went to another Church , also dedicated to the Virgin

Mary, Notre Dame de Rouen in France. .

It was also 495 feet tall.

E. The Babylonian cubit is 495 mm in length. .

F. The number 495 has alleged involvement with the surrounding structure of the Holy of

Holies of the Ark of the Covenant. scroll to bottom. .

G. In Judaism, the Shekinah represents the feminine attributes of G-D. It resides in the Holy of

Holies in the Tabernacle of the Ark of the Covenant. .

H. The Virgin Mary of Christianity has been associated with the Shekinah. / .


The Zend Avesta states that the Messiah Star will be in Virgo. There appears to be a deeper

connection to the concepts of Virgo, the Virgin Mary , the Messiah and the Shekinah in the

founding of Washington D.C. than has been previously noted. Does this mean the Messiah will

be "born in the USA"? That is up to the reader to decide.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Athens Parthenon links Earth Axis Tilt to 666 Opium

The complexity of the illuminati architectural , numerological and geometrically workings is

only now being unravelled in detail. It agains serves to prove the hypothesis that whatever is

behind the secretive group is not only nonhuman but Superhuman.

This particular article will focus on an odd "coincidence" or correlation between the ancient

Mystery School Capital of Athens, Greece and the Earth's Axis and the number 666. Athenian

culture forms the basis for much of western thought and was were the Parthenon or great

temple of the ancient greeks is located. The ruins are now being restored at great cost. The

purpose is likely to enable future illuminist rituals to take place there.

The Evidence:

1. Various numbers are 'code' for 666:

a) 616 is the supposed 'real' number of the beast:

b) 919 is an upside down mirror image for 616 and thus 666:

scroll to bottom - .

c) 36 has close connections to 666: scroll to bottom - .

d) 216 is 6x6x6 and is the number of the beast in the semi-fictional "Left Behind" series:

(If one adds 666 + 216 (6x6x6) one gets 882). .

Adding all of these numbers together 666 + 216 + 36 + 616 + 919 one gets the sum of 2453.

Go to and insert the previous formula for verification.

e) 882 feet is the length of the ill-fated Titanic: .

f) 2440 is the number were 666 first appears in Pi: scroll down 90% .

g) As noted, 2453 is 2440 plus the Unlucky 13 of the satanic witches coven: .

h) 24.53 latitude is where the evil, largest city of Pakistan is located. Despite the longitude of

Karachi being described as 67 degrees , in fact it is 666 or 66.6 degrees. A double-dose of evil. see also: .

The previous link notes that it was developed by the "British Raj" to be the largest city in

Pakistan. The British Raj was masonic. They knew exactly what they were doing and where.

This is evident in the design of Islamabad on the 33rd parallel , much like masonic Washington,

D.C. .

i) The drug Capital of narcotics super-power Mexico, is Culiacan. It is located at 24.5 degrees

latitude. .

The drug trade there was started by the US Government. "It is one of those black box things" .

Culiacan is the home to the black magic shrine of Jesus Malverde , the patron saint of drug

dealers and La Santa Muerte cult. .

j. It just so happens that the near the 25th parallel N and S are so called Vile Vortexes. Ley lines

where negative energies tend to congregate. The Parallel 24.53 runs through all of them on both

the northern and southern hemispheres. . See map on link.

k. It just so happens that the opium Golden Crescent in Afghanistan , The Golden Triangle in

Burma/Laos/Thailand and the Opium Mexican Golden Triangle of Sinaloa (capital is Culiacan),

Durango and Chihuahua are all intersected by this grid line of evil. See map on previous link in

"j" above. .

l. Much has been made of the 23.5 degree angle , the (average present ) axis of the Earth and

the Merovingian bloodine.

and .

m. The 23.5 degree earth axis tilt is an AVERAGE. It actually varies from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees. .

n. At 24.5 degrees of axis tilt, the amount of sunlight reaching the causes the greatest difference

in the amount of sunlight reaching the earth between summer and winter. .

o. The lunar month is 24.53 days. .

p. The martian day is 24.53 hours. or google mars 24.53 hour day.

q. The Moon-Earth-Mars link to 216. .

r. The Longitude of Athens , Greece is 23.44 degrees. .

s. This is the exact tilt angle of the Earth axis in latitude .

t. Athens was the nerve center or nexus of the ancient world's mystery schools. Acadamies of

the occult , the hidden knowledge of the Illuminati. The Parthenon , a temple dedicated to the

goddess Athena, may be the most important building in the world.


The sacred animal for Athena was the Owl. The Hegelian Society has their newsletter called

The Owl of Athena. Athena was the goddess of wisdom. Athena was the goddess of illumination.

The Illuminati... . The line 24.53 longitude passes through the eastern

end of Athens , see it on a map for yourself. This is the true nature of the secret society network

showings its once hidden face. The evil is there. Do the numbers....they do not lie. ...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Illuminati Tavistock Institute link to 555 Numerology exposed

Previous mention has been made in previous articles of the use of the number 555 as a code or

link to the Illuminati. 555 was Adolf Hitler's Party Number (google it if you don't believe it) and

the Washington Monument, an egyptian obelisk in fact, is 555 feet above ground which happens

to be 6,660 inches. There are also numerous other links to this sigil for the infernal network that

can be seen by simply googling term 555 illuminati or see: / / .

The Tavistock Institute has been allegedly linked to Illuminist mind-control experiments. See: and / / .

The city of Tavistock, U.K. is located at latitude 50.55 N / The town's most

famous son was the pirate Sir Francis Drake - .

Sir Francis Drake worked at the behalf of the occult loving Queen Elizabeth I of England and her

black magician John Dee. .

"It is a fact that in 1588 a great storm did scatter the ships of the Spanish Armada in the

English Channel and aided the English victory. This meteorological event was popularly credited

to a magic ritual performed by the buccaneer Sir Francis Drake on the cliffs of Plymouth.

Superstitious people believed Drake was a wizard and sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for

success over the Spanish. It is claimed he also organised several covens of witches to work

magically to raise the storm and prevent the invasion. " .


The 555 network is 666. Tavistock Institute links to wizard Sir Francis Drake birthplace at

latitude 50.55. These may be the roots of the British Illuminati. They raised a storm to become

a superpower and Britannia , oddly "rules the seas". They are linked to the 23.5 bloodline

network. and to the sea deity Triton.

Triton is the coldest place in the solar system. It is 235 degrees below zero. .

Can these numerical links that connect these phenomena be coincidence? Reader's Choice.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Iraq War 3-20-2003 link to 666 Apocalyptic Power

A number of articles have been written citing the Occult numerology or "signature" of the

starting date of The Bush Crime Family's Iraq War II.

See: a)


Further, in western numerology zero has no value. Scroll down 30% .

Therefore , The war start date or birth date is 3-20-2003 becomes 3-2-23 or 3223.

The number 3223 is The Number for the Skull and Bones insignia going forward and going in

reverse. This has previously been noted along with the Ostara pagan holiday "coincidence" of

the start date of the war. .

More has now been discovered regarding the number 3223. It is linked to 666 directly. The

number in mathematics is a so-called "Apocalyptic Power". It is also a "Lucky" Number. .

666 link makes 3223 an Apocalyptic Power: Click on line for "apocalyptic power" . (explanation provided on link).


The Iraq War II called Operation Iraqi Freedom began on a "lucky" day to begin the

apocalypse leading to the reign of the antichrist whose number is 666. A 322 Yale Skull and

Bones Bush I began the first Iraq War and Bush II , also a Boner, began the second. The line of

latitude 32.23 runs through Iraq in the region once known as Babylon. scroll down to second article.

You can see it is all in the numbers. Do the math.

Left Behind 216 links Pi Day to Montsegur Cathars

The bizarre numerology of the Illuminati often leads one wondering if in fact , we , humans, are

in a Matrix in fact, not just at the movies. The connections, often across lifespans, centuries and

Oceans....cannot be the work of Mankind. This article attempts to provide proof of this to the

reader, whose decision it must remain.

The Cathars surrendered to the beseiging army at Montsegur, on March 14, 1244 A.D.

According to some information, 216 marched down from the fortress to be burned at the stake.

The Cathars were said to be followers of the Persian Prophet , Mani, from which we get the

word Manichaenism. This was a very popular and widespread Gnostic belief system in the

middle ages and in the centuries following the life of Christ.


1. The Number 216 is Left Behind series , "End Times" code for the antichrist because 216 is

6x6x6. .

This corresponds to the 216 Cathars that marched down from the fortress of Montsegur to be

burned rather than forsake their belief. This number comes from "Mysteries of the Knights

Templars" 2008 Calendar by Sir Simon Marsden. . The

excertp on Montsegur is for the Month of August 2008. (Calendar highly recommended for info)

Therefore, there is an odd link in the Number of the Beast in Left Behind in code and the

number of persons burned at the stake. That would be a coincidence, by itself , but the

Cathars were also known as Albigensians after the town of Albi in France. Albi has the line of

longitude 2.16 run through it : and .

More coincidence?

2. As noted, the Cathars were followers of the persian prophet Mani. See: "a distinct influence

of the Persian Manichaens by means of the Bogomils in Bulgaria, and from there to the Cathars

is quite certain. " scroll down 15% .

The prophet Mani was born in the YEAR 216 A.D. .

3. The Cathars surrendered on March 14, 2044 A.D. .

4. March 14 of that Year was Easter and the Equinox. .

5. March 14 is (in the USA) 3-14 which corresponds with the 3.14 mystical Number Pi which is

"celebrated" on March 14. and .

6. The Languedoc region of France where Montsegur is located is linked to Golden Ratio number

for Longitude. 1.618 = . Thus,

the region's top two locations for purposes of the Cathars - Albi and Montsegur are linked via

numbers to Pi and Phi.


216 Cathars walked out of a fortress located near a line of longitude very close to the numbers

for Phi - The Golden Ratio. They were followers of a prophet born in the Year 216 AD. Their

movement was based in a town intersected by longitude 2.16. The number 216 is code for 666.

The day they surrendered combined Easter , The Equinox and Pi Day. All of this is verifiable fact

as the reader has seen by going to the links in this article.

Coincidence , Conspiracy , a Matrix or a Mega-Ritual? Which it could be is up to the reader.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yale Skull and Bones 322 Celebrates Ostara War Feast

The Skull and Bones symbol has a number. It is 322. Many have pondered at the meaning.

The official explanation is that it is linked with Eulogia , a greek goddess that went to heaven

in 322 B.C.

See Symbol: .

Eulogia: Scroll down 50% .

A greek goddess that ascended into Heaven and did not return to Earth until the founding of the

Society at Yale in 1832. Things are stolen to give to her as gifts. Apparently some of these things

are human remains such as the Skulls of Geronimo , Pancho Villa and possibly Che Guevara.

1. As is obvious, in the USA , where S&B is located 3-22 is March 22. This happens to be

the feast day of another goddess - Ostara.

and / .

2. Ostara is Ishtar / Venus / Astarte ...she comes with many names but none of them is

Eulogia. Scroll down 50% .

3. It is interesting that Ostara is known as the Queen of Heaven and that Eulogia supposedly

ascended into Heaven. and .

4. The theft of human remains appears to be part of the Skull and Bones ritual repertoire.

George H.W. Bush's grandfather and S&B member allegedly stole Geronimo's Skull and it is

in the cult's possession to this day.

This may mirror the so-called Sacred Theft or Furta Sacra that was common in medieval

Europe. or google

Furta Sacra Sacred Theft.

5. The practice of stealing skulls became widespread in the early 1800s. This is about the

time that Skull and Bones was formed at Yale in 1832. .

6. Ishtar - warrior goddess: . The Iraq War was started

by George H.W. Bush on Ostara - March 20, 2003 .

Think about it.... the date 3-20-2003. The sequence is 322 3 or 3 223. The date is a forward

and backward 322 ... The Number of Skull and Bones and the Number of Ostara.

7. Eulogia means Blessing in Greek. .

8. Ostara is about Blessing : .


It cannot be a coincidence that the S&B number is 322 and the Iraq War has obvious

322 symbolism AND that the War began on the Feast day of the "Queen of Heaven" while

Skull and Bones worships Eulogia a goddess that ascended into Heaven in 322 BC but now

resides in their "Tomb". Eulogia is a smokescreen. Behind the Mists lies Ishtar - Ostara.

The real deity of the cult is now known. It is linked to Babylon, modern day Iraq, a place that

Dubya and Daddy Dubya are obsessed with. Now ... you know why.

Yale Harkness Tower links reverse Pi to 666

Yale University now provides the USA with its Presidents. Both Bush I , Bush II and Bill

Clinton are from there. Bush I and II are members of the school's secret society known as

The Skull and Bones Society. Our next President will not be from Yale, but our next Vice

President will be - whichever Party is chosen by the Illuminati to "win" the election. Watch

and See...

This writer has found an odd numerological link , a "coincidence" that links The Tallest building

on the Yale Campus , and until 1990 , in the surrounding town of New Haven, Connecticut, with

the concept of reverse Pi and the code number for the antichrist - 216 - in the Left Behind

book series. The evidence will be provided to the reader and the reader must determine if

this is a coincidence or further examples of the rule of a satanic cult over America.


1. Information on the Harkness Tower on Yale Campus:

The tower was started 200 hundred years to the day that the cornerstone was laid for the

first building in Yale. The month was October. .

2. The Tower is 216 feet tall . This therefore makes it also 66 meters tall. .

3. The Harkness family intermarried with the Taft family. The Taft Family created the Yale

Skull and Bones Society. The Harkness family became wealthy in the Oil business and owned

Standard Oil - linked to the Illuminati Rockefeller family. or google Yale Skull Bones Harkness .

4. The latitude of the Harkness Tower is 41.30 N - see upper right corner of screen on next

link: .

5. The Harkness Tower has 284 steps to the top. .


1. The number 216 is 6x6x6 or 666 or 6 cubed. This is the number that is code for the

antichrist in the semi-fictional Left Behind Series: .

2. The number 66 , as in 66 meters , is the Number of the Qlippoth , the evil shards of the

Tree of Death or the kabbalah. **This also shows another usage of the number 216 as a code for

evil. 216 feet = 66 meters. Scroll down 15% .

3. The mystical irrational number Pi is minimized to be 3.14 .

4. The Reverse of Pi would be the numbers 413 or the 41.3 of the latitude of the Harkness

Tower. This could also mean FOUR 13 or....... FOR 13. scroll down 40% / .

As being for or in favor of The Thirteen, the unlucky number of the witches coven and the

day of October 13 when the Knight Templars were arrested centuries ago.

5. The number 284 , as in 284 steps , is linked to 666. You ask HOW?

Here is your answer: 6x6x6 + 6+6+6 = 284

The 6x6x6 leads to the 216 foot height of the Harkness Tower and add 18 0r 6+6+6 and one

arrives at the 284 steps leading to the 216 foot altitude. The tallest building on campus ....or hell.

6. As noted previously on the initial links, The Harkness Tower has 54 Bells. The number 54

is associated with 666 - "In addition, 666 degrees is 54 degrees short of the complete second

circle and when dividing the 360 degree circle by 54 degrees you get 6.66...The other side of a

54 degree angle in a right angle is 36 degrees and 36 divided by 54 is .666. - scroll down 80% .

Further , The other side of the 54 degree angle in a right angle....36 is also linked to 666 itself

and so is the founding of Yale University itself on 10-8-1717. Scroll down to bottom

All the numbers added together from 1+2+3+4...+36 = 666

17.17 = (6+6+6...+6)/6 with 17 sixes inside the parentheses.

The date October 8 is 10-8 or 18 which is 6+6+6 =18.

The Year 1717 was when the first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry also began in England and the

Scarlet Woman of the End Times is discussed in Revelations: 17. scroll to bottom.

7. An approximation for Pi is 22/7. In fact 7 - 22 is Pi approximation Day. Google for proof if you

need verification. 22/7 x 22/7 x 22/7 or 22/7 cubed = 0.06413 - go to and

insert 22/7 x 22/7 x 22/7 = for answer.

8. 06413 is the Zip Code for Clinton , Connecticut, the home and burial place of one of the

founder's of Yale University. and Abraham Pierson .

President Clinton went to law school at Yale. 7-22 or Pi approximation day would be July 22.

The Sun usually entersLeo on July 22 or Pi day .

(July 22 may also be Cancer - it is on the Cusp)

President Clinton is a Leo: .

9. Oddly enough , Zip Code 00641 is in Puerto Rico... Utuado , Puerto Rico .

The Line of Longitude 66.6 runs through Utuado County , Puerto Rico. .

Puerto Rico was "born" into USA control when the Sun was in Leo - July 25, 1898 .


Elihu Yale made his money to fund the birth of Yale University through the oPium trade. or google Yale Opium.

Those who smoke opium are said to "Chase the dragon's tail" . .

Those who "chase their tail" are said to run in circles... The dragon or serpent eating its own

tail forms a Circle as well. .

A snake eating its own tail is a known as an Ourobouros. .

An Ouroboros looks like the letter ' O ' of the word OpiUM. The word Opium without the pi is

Oum which is a mystical sound associated with the universal symphony . scroll down 50%.

The O is , as you can see by looking at it, a Circle...Pi - is about Circles. .

Alas, The Harkness Tower is no longer the tallest building in New Haven, Connecticut. It has

been replaced by the Connecticut Financial Center. It is topped with a Pyramid. .

The Great Pyramid of Giza is linked to 22/7 Pi Approximation Number: .

It all comes Full Circle...The Illuminati Base at Yale is designed from scratch to serve Evil.

Do the is all in the numbers.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Kofi Annan Ghana linked to Giza Pyramid and 555 Cult

A previous article has shown that the City of London is aligned at the same angle as the Khufu

Pyramid to the Giza Plateau. This angle also happens to be the latitude of London and the same

alignment paradigm molds perfectly to the Illuminati "New City" of Astana, the capital of

Kazakhstan. See: .

ACCRA , GHANA - Capital of First "Black African" Nation to free itself from Yoke of Colonialism-

1. See:

ACCRA , GHANA , formerly the British Colony of Gold Coast is also the only capital city in the

world located in exact alignment with the Greenwich Meridian. It is at ZERO longitude. .

2. The Mormons , in Meridian Magazine stated that West Africa was "Satan's Stronghold" and

that opening their Temple in Accra would be like dropping an "Atomic Bomb" on this stronghold

of Evil. .

3. Accra, Ghana is located on latitude 5.55 N. .

4. The 555 Brotherhood and the number itself are linked extensively to the Illuminati: / / .

5. The distance from Cairo to Accra is 2,634 miles -

Cairo is near the Giza Plateau and the name means Mars in arabic. .

The numbers 263....

The 26.3 degree angle is known as the Christ Angle and 26.3MHz is linked to pulsars. Both are

linked to Giza. and .

6. If one looks at a map of Africa, it is apparent that the -roughly- 52% angle slope of the

Great Pyramid connects Giza to Accra and that the distance from Giza to Accra is nearly the

same as the distance from Giza to London and Astana respectively. See map: .

7. There is an Illuminati Arch and a tall "Pyramid House" building in Accra which coincides

with the Pyramid of Peace in Astana, One Canada Place in Canary Wharf, London and Giza has

the wonder-of-the-world Khufu Pyramid. .


The first african colony to be free from colonialism in sub-saharan Africa is on ZERO longitude

linked to Greenwich , UK on 555 latitude and in alignment along a 52 degree Khufu Pyramid

Angle with Giza and ultimately Astana , Kazakhstan. This nation also happens to be the home of

Illuminist Kofi Annan. .

Ask yourself the following question....If this is not coincidence and it is done with purpose and

sophisticated design....what Human Being could plan , prepare and produce this vast panorama

of interlocking architecture and alignment from foggy London, to tropical Africa to the vast

frigid and frozen steppes? The answer is NO HUMAN COULD. Then what is one left with for

an explanation as to who...or....what is behind this? That is for the reader to figure out.