Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zionist Legion Movie has God as Mankind's Enemy

The destruction of American culture , values and morals has its roots and ground zero in the

zionist-controlled studios of Hollywood. Movie after Movie brainwash the sheeple and spread

the ideology of Luciferianism throughout the world. Of particularly shocking noteworthiness was

the recent "D" grade-at-best , movie named "LEGION". See: and .

It portrays an Armageddon or Apocalypse in which God gives up on mankind while the

Messiah is "enroute" so to speak in a pregnant woman working as a waitress in a Cafe in the

Arizona desert. In this movie God , sends demons to possess humans to kill the pregnant woman

before the child is born. This is an idea so horribly repugnant , that to this writer , the idea itself

must have come from Satan. The movie then has the Archangel Michael, the Commander of the

Spiritiual armed forces of God, the angelic being that leads the Heavenly hosts in battle against

Lucifer in his attempt to take Heaven-by-Storm , into a rebel angel himself. Michael , in effect,

becomes Lucifer. This "Michael" then goes to the Arizona Cafe in defiance of God's instructions

to protect the Messiah from the Demons sent by the almighty to kill or abort his own son. Can

you think of a movie plot more horrible than this one, in recent memory?

Michael does this because he still believes in Mankind and apparently knows better than God

what is correct and knows better than God how to rule the world. This is straight out - flat out -

Luciferianism , from the Satanic Bible itself. That idea is embedded in the thought that Satan

tried to "help" mankind by giving it fruit to eat from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

This is also the reason why Prometheus , who brings fire from the heavens down for mankind,

in defiance of the will of Zeus , is seen as a symbol for the Illuminati. and .

What is particularly disturbing is the fact that the Archangel Gabriel is being sent to kill the

woman and unborn child. Gabriel in the Christian tradition is the angel that announces to the

Virgin Mary , good tidings - that she will be the mother of the Messiah.

The movie can be described as nothing more than a satanically inspired , grotesque storyline of

pure evil.


Mossad-controlled Hollywood or Hellywood has done this before and the message of evil from

the forces of darkness is becoming ever more open , clear and unambiguous. See: and

In the movie LEGION , the zionist director , Scott Stewart "came on board he had the idea to

change the demons to angels....what Scott told me was that since he's jewish , pulling from the

Old Testament was a more obvious choice for him." . The film stars Paul Bettany who left

his belief in Christ behind to become an atheist. .


A movie that was this destructive of core beliefs of the Zionist faith would never be allowed out

of Hollywood. Anyone proposing such a thing would be blackballed and blacklisted. Mel Gibson

was nearly destroyed for making the movie The Passion of the Christ , which simply retold the

Biblical account of the event (and those biblical passages were written by Jews). See: .

It will be difficult for the Zionists to attack Christianity in a more repulsive manner than with the

movie LEGION.....but they will try. Allegedly, a prequel is in the works.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Austin Tax-icide links Victor Hugo to Echelon Movie

The February 18, 2010 suicide plane attack on an Austin , Texas IRS office , was clearly the

work of the global "hidden hand" known as The Illuminati. Andrew Joseph Stack allegedly

piloted a small plane into the ECHELON building killing several and wounding 13 (again the

number 13 always comes up in these attacks). This is now global media disseminated "news".

What is the real story? Again, this writer will argue , the evidence shows a psyops - false flag or

synthetic terrorism attack created by NWO forces loyal to the Illuminist elites.


1. Austin is a masonic capital of the Lone Pentagram State of Texas. and .

2. The Plane attack hit the Echelon Building where the IRS office was located. The address

was numbered 9430 Research - scroll down 70% .

3. The perpetrator that is alleged to have done this is Andrew Joseph Stack or Joseph Andrew

Stack (name has appeared both ways). .

The previous link says that Mr. Stack worked as an embedded software consultant. So what

we have is a computer expert and a non-accidental plane crash.

4. The movie The Echelon Conspiracy appeared on the big screen in 2009. In this movie , a

young computer engineer is encouraged by strange text messages on his cell phone to avoid

missing a scheduled plane flight which he later learns has crashed shortly after take-off. .

Echelon in reel life and real life. Computer Engineer with something weird going on in reel life as

well as real life. Plane crashing shortly after take off by design not accident in reel life and real

life. Government agencies involved in surveillance , computers , and so forth in the movie as well

as in what we are led to believe is "real life". Can this really be coincidence?

5. Further , The Echelon program is a vast NSA covert surveillance program that is suspected

of deep penetration of every aspect of communications across the world. See: and " ECHELON was capable of interception and content

inspection of telephone calls..." .

6. Victor Hugo wrote the famous novel , Les Miserables. He was a Freemason , like Stephen

Fuller Austin, the founder of Masonic Texas.

and Victor Hugo was a Rosicrucian and the GrandMaster of the DaVinci Code-linked Priory of

Sion. Scroll down 70% for photo. .

7. The protagonist or hero in Les Miserables , a prisoner , changes his name or better said

number from 24,601 to 9,430. . Jean

Valjean , who has a long struggle with the brutish french state for stealing bread becomes #

9430. Andrew Joseph Stack III , who has a long struggle with the fascist Amerikkkan State for

not paying enough "bread" or money on his taxes , flies a plane into ECHELON 9430. More odd

coincidence , you say??? Further , it happens to be Victor Hugo's birthday 24-6-01. .


Victor Hugo owned and lived in a home on the Channel island of Guernsey. . Supposedly the house is haunted by the soul of

a woman that committed suicide. Guernsey is an international offshore Tax Haven. .

There is obvious conflict between the tax man and the tax haven. .

Andrew Joseph Stack III was carrying on the work of Jean Valjean of Les Miserables. A masonic

plot. A media ploy. The brainwashing of the masses continues unabated.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Matrix Neo born on Computer Programmer Day

The movie The Matrix is believed to contain veiled references to the illuminati , the NWO and

the fact that a non-human alien intelligence or entities interact against humanity hiding in plain

sight. The chief protagonist of this movie was known as Neo or One or The One. The role was

played by actor Keanu Reeves. Much if not all of this is well known. However , this writer found

a site that showed that the fictional passport of Neo expired on September 11, 2001. See the

following link: . The same link which shows

the fictional passport also shows that Neo aka Thomas Anderson was born on September 13 ,

1973. The "find" of Neo's passport expiring on the exact day of the 9/11 attacks was very good.

However, missed in the same passport was the significance of his BIRTHDAY.

The movie The Matrix was based on the idea that "reality" was a fiction created by aliens who

had taken over planet Earth and held its population captive , sucking electrical energy from the

brains of humans , while they slept in pods. Reality was in fact a computer created hologram.

See following link: (some have year of birth as 1971) .

Hologram Reality at: .

NEO BIRTHDAY : September 13 is Computer Programmer Day. This is because it is the 256th

day of the Year and most computers are programmed on 2 to the power of 8 mode which is

equal to 256. and also . This appears to be

previously undiscovered information. The number 256 is important because it connects to the

256 Voodoo deities and the beginnings of the binary system which formed the basis for the

creation of the device which we today call THE COMPUTER. see:,htm.htm and

also .


In the movie , Thomas A. Anderson is a computer programmer , so in essence , what the

movie is telling us is that the Computer is a Voodoo Machine unleashed on the planet. .

In the End Times , humanity will be forced by the Antichrist to worship A graven image of

The Beast , which apparently can speak. Some believe the Mark of the Beast is based on the

UPC bar code tied to a world wide computer network. . Where do you see Images that speak?

Right in front of you....on your Computer screen.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Czar Assassination links 666 to Super String Theory

The destruction of the Russian empire was the dream of the Rothschilds and the western

masonic elites for some time. 1. The Rothschilds hated the Romanoff dynasty because it

prevented a zionist takeover of Europe after the Napoleonic wars. 2. The Vatican saw the

Russian Orthodox Church as its chief rival for claim of primacy in the Christian world. 3. The

muslims were at war constantly with the Czars and the czars were winning. The Ottoman Turks

were being pushed back gradually from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 4. The Chinese

resented the 1636 treaty of Nerchinsk which gave much land controlled by them to Russia. 5.

The Americans saw Russia as a weak giant after the bargain basement sale of Alaska. If the

Czars were that foolish to sell that treasure trove for peanuts - why not take it all from them?

The American masonic elites began to westernize and militarize Japan , with its warrior samurai

ethos to act as the illuminati stalking horse against Russia. This ultimately led to the 1905

Russo-Japanese war, which Russia lost. The first time the white race had lost a major war to

a non-European enemy since the dawn of the Industrial Age.

In other words... There were a lot of "players" that wanted to see the Romanoffs extinct.

2. This article describes some of the numerology associated with the assassination of Czar

Alexander II. He was murdered on March 13, 1881.

3. March 13 is 3-13 or 313 , a number closely associated with 666. Also, the number 13 is

telling as well , in and of itself. "666 is the 76th palindromic number in base 10 and it is the sum

of two consecutive palindromic primes: 666 = 313 + 353." .

3. The date can also be 13-3 or 133 as it would written in Europe. The number 133 is linked to

the metonic cycles of the moon. .

4. The Bible is open to Psalm 133 during the First degree initiation rite of Freemasonry. Scroll

down to Salmo 133 ( in spanish) .

Claims that Psalm 133 is linked to Freemasonry. .

5. The number 133 is critical in so-called magickal theoretical physics super string theory. .

6. The Year 1881 is very Qabbalistic. Take the number and write it on a piece of paper. It is

the same forward and backward. Right side up or upside down. Put it in front of a mirror and it

does not change. The number 1881 is a so-called "pyramid circle number" .

The high level adept , Madame H.P. Blavatsky stated that the number 1881 is "the number of

the Great Beast , of revelation..." .

Mathematically speaking , 1881 is an "apocalyptic power" .

Also , 1881 is a "Legion Number of the first kind" associated with 666 as well. .

The assassination of Alexander II set in motion the events which led to the overthrow of the

Romanoff Dynasty of Russia in 1917. This led to the rise of the killing machine known as

Communism which has killed well over a 100 million people - and counting - in well less than

one century or one human lifetime. Nothing like it has ever been seen before. It began in 1881.

Further , the murderer of the Czar was a member of a secret society. scroll down to 1881. .

The so-called terrorist faction of the group that killed the czar included the brother of Lenin

the future leader of the USSR. .

7. The number 1881 is linked to The Great Pyramid. Scroll to bottom. .


Hyperdimensional String theory 133 , meets 666 linked 313 and 1881. The death of the czar

and the fall of dominoes which led to Communism. What does this tell us for the future? Red

China is still Communist. From that nation and ethnic group will arise the Man of Sin and the

Chinese race is called Sino , they believe 666 is a lucky number and their symbol is the dragon.

None of this possible with that fateful assassination plot carried out over a century ago. String

Theory indeed. We are all connected as the hippies and gurus say.