Wednesday, December 26, 2007

703 Ft. Louisville Tower link to Stanley Kubrick 666 Philosopher Stone

The illuminati are desperately sending messages or worse...homing beacon symbols to draw

negative, qlipothic and evils entities and energies into our sphere of existence. They do this by

a form of ley or dragon line driven numerology, architecture and timing that is typically called

magic or magick but in fact is a form of technology linked to a predecessor civilization that is

being rediscovered by occult groups and government leaders to rule the world.

One of these hidden architectural monstrosities has been discovered in Louisville, Kentucky.

It is slated to be completed in 2010. It is 703 feet tall. The significance of this number will be

exposed as well as the style of the skyscraper which resembles Stanley Kubrick's black

Monolith from 2001 A Space Odessy. The reader must make their own determination:


1. The Louisville Museum Plaza is 703 feet tall when completed. It will be the tallest building

not only in Kentucky , but also in the regions surrounding the Blue Grass State. .

The tower is dark and has an unusual look to it. .

2. The number 703 is associated with the so-called Philosopher's Stone, that some believe to

be the Holy Grail and transmuting matter, such as turning lead to gold and so forth. The

number is associated with a triangular 666 and the Book of Genesis. See drawings: .

3. Numerologically 703 is 73 which in reverse is 37. This is fairly obvious. It just so happens

that 703 - 37 = 666. See following link for EXTENSIVE links between 37 and 666 and 73 .

4. Stanley Kubrick's classic 2001: A Space Odyssey started with an interesting black Monolith.

The Black Monolith looks significantly like the abomination being created over Louisville. There

are those that are certain that Kubrick's Black Monolith was the Philosopher' Stone. .

5. In googling about cyberspace, it appears that the Louisville skyscraper may be unique in

being 703 feet tall. Try it yourself. . See depiction of monolith in next link. Like

looking up a skyscraper when you are next to one...perhaps in Kentucky. .

6. The Numbers 703 and its 37 associate when added together equal 740 which is the number

of Ped Manualis - a unit of measure in the super mystical Chartres Cathedral . .

7. More on Chartres: The Chartres Cathedral is closely linked to alchemy, the creation of gold,

the Knight Templars and THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE. .

8. 740 in reverse is 047 or 47 - a number previously linked to the Templar Knights. scroll down .


A Knight Templar Tower of black magic is casting its dark shadow across the blue grass State.

The Kentucky Derby will now be joined for the races by the FOUR HORSEMEN of shadows.

...or is it the 740 horsemen of the Holy Grail - the gold creation machine from hell.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christopher Wren Great Fire Monument link to London Tube Bombings

Whatever is actually running the illuminati networks is not human. The best proof of this is

the sheer longevity of the planning and the deeply hidden links to sinister events throughout

many centuries. Human beings can barely plan ahead for the week's schedule. Whatever is

behind the plot to place all of mankind under a globalist government dedicated to absoltue

evil , plans across many lifetimes.

Christopher Wren rebuilt much of London after the Great Fire of 1666 . He was a master

freemason according to most analysts. This writer believes that the Fire was no accident, that

it was planned precisely to allow the realignment of many structures to serve a geomancy of

evil forces operating along a ley line grid.

The present article notes various numerological links between Wren's Monument to the

Great Fire, to the 7/7 London Tube bombings. Whether these are coincidence or conspiracy it

is up to the reader to decide.

Numerology of Christopher Wren's Great Fire Monument:

1. To begin with, the Great Fire was in 1666.

2. The Monument is 203 feet tall and is 203 feet from the exact spot where the fire started.

3. The Monument has 311 steps in its spiral staircase to reach the top.

* Why the monument had to be that high and also that far away from the source of the fire is

unknown - - - and no one asks the question either. .

A. Great Fire 1666 - The numerology does not require any additional commentary. However,

666 Desdemona is a minor planet orbiting our sun. Not to be confused with a moon of Uranus. .

B. The number 203 is really The number 23 since zero has no value in western numerology.

The number 23 has a cult like following and is associated with Eris the goddess of chaos, which

makes sense when one thinks of the massive chaos that ensued in that inferno without modern

fire-fighting equipment. . Eris is now the name of a planet. .

C. In the 1670s when the monument was built, a building of 203 meters as opposed to 203

feet would likely have been impossible. Wren knew his math. He knew feet and inches and he

knew meters and kilometers. He had to know that 203 feet was a metaphor for 203 meters

which happens to be 666 feet. The satanic number for the year and the coded number glorifying

it for masonry to have a chance to realign the city. see link for 666 = 203 only/scroll to bottom. . A coincidence ?

D. The Madrid Train Bombings took place on 3/11 and are linked along with 9/11 in a bizarre

numerology of Terror. scroll down

15%. Again, note the 311 steps in the spiral stairway to the 203 foot top of the Wren monument.


E. Others have noted the numerology of the trains. This article adds some to the information.

Scroll down 90% .

Train 311 - obvious connection to 3/11 Madrid attacks but also to the 311 steps on the Number

23 Great Fire 666 monument. Further 3 x 11 = 33 . The highest degree of Freemasonry.

Train 216 - The number 216 is a play on words or better said numbers for 666.

6 CUBED or 6x6x6 = 216.

Train 204 - No cigar but close to 203...right? Wrong. For this writer close does not exist. The

numerology must be exact to have credence. However, look at the following:

203 x 1 + 1 = 204

There you have it: The numbers 203 of the height of the Great Fire Monument and its distance

from the source AND the 311 of the spiral staircase, all in one. Take out the plus and times and

you have 20311. This is also another way of saying TO 311 or TO 3 11s and 3 11s is 33.

This could also be 203311 which is To 33 To or a mirror-image meaning the same thing both


The Great London Fire of 1666 and the London Tube Bombings of 2007 are numerically linked.

The 33 of Freemasonry is the object of both events. The goals of the 33rd Degree which are

one with the goals of the Devil.

Further 203 x 11 = 2233 or 2 11s and 3 11s . Again, a number with many odd permutations.

One Bus exploded in London on 7/7. It was the number 30 Bus and 13 died. The number 43. .

The number 43 is 4 + 3 =7. / 2 11s and 3 11s = 11111 or 5. There is a relationship between

5 and 7 in Pascal's Triangle and an object known as a Tetrahedron.

Also 7-7-05 , the date of the london tube bombing has again a connection between 7 and 5. And

the year 2005 = 2+5 or again 7. Coincidence? Actually , no. The Tetrahedron is heavily

associated with "4th Dimensional Energy".

scroll down 50%.


The Great London Fire was a inside job terrorist event as was the 7/7 London Tube Bombing.

Both matters involved great destruction, fire and horror. They are ultimately linked in the 4th

Dimensional realm through a science or technology used by illuminati elites , which for lack of a

better word we must call black magic. . They use the

energy discharged through blood , fire and pain into the 4th Dimension to then retransmit it

into our Universe to effectuate changes in accordance with their will and objectives. That is why

these "senseless" crimes are not senseless...they have power and meaning -for those who serve

evil. This is the answer to why the terroristic slaughter and endless nightmares continue. Now,

the question is - how do we stop it?

Mars as noted in the last link is associated with Tetrahedrons. We are in a war. Sadly, most

people do not even know who the real enemy is. The word must be spread. Time is short.

Solar Matrix fractal 1.36 and masonic Pi 33 link London to Singapore

The following information adds to the growing body of evidence indicating that the illuminati

utilize a numerology based science , which outsiders would label magic or the occult, in virtually

everything they do. This includes even the decision as to where to build cities or establish

overseas colonial outposts for the british empire.

The present matter deals with the connection between the fractal 1.36 and the Longitude of

the UK, latitude of London and latitude of the masonic colony and now nation of Singapore.


1. The fractal number 1.36 constantly appears in "the physical and chemical constants of

energy matter" .

2. The size of clouds is closely connected to the fractal 1.36 : / clouds have a fractal dimension of 1.36

independent of their size - .

3. In the Kabbalah, clouds signify the presence of God. Without them life on earth would be

impossible, since they carry water to what would otherwise be totally arid deserts and sea water

is not drinkable due to salt content but rainwater -from clouds- is. .

4. Longitude 1.36 passes through the middle of England: This city is only one example .

5. The latitude of Illuminati Capital of Greater London is 51.36 .

6. Fog is a type of Cloud: . (the previous link

also notes that the highest temperature ever recorded was 136 degrees fahrenheit).

7. London is known for its fog - a type of cloud , and clouds are associated with the fractal 1.36

which runs through England down the middle at longitude 1.36 and latitude of London with

51.36. and 'The

Killer Fog of London in 1952' killed thousands of Londoners. .

8. The nation of Singapore is arguably the wealthiest and most successfully run country in

Asia. It however is a facist state with One-Party rule and minute rules and laws governing all

aspects of behavior. It is an autocratic disneyland, so to speak. and and .

9. Singapore was founded by and secretly continues to be a masonic entity created by

english freemasons. and "masonic

founding fathers of Singapore" .

10. The Latitude of Singapore is 1.36 = .

What else could be associated with the number 1.36?

10. The Pi of the Freemasonic Power 33 number is 103.672558. The first four digits are 103.6.

Zero has no value in numerology so it is -presto! 13.6 or the same three digits note previously

136. enter - 33 pi - for answer. Add all of the numbers AFTER the decimal

point 6+7+2+5+5+8 = 33. Add the first two numbers BEFORE the decimal point and you

have the unlucky 13. Add that and you have 4 + 33 = 37.

37 is the largest integer that can be multiplied to get 666. scroll down 80% and

The number 703 or 307 in reverse (zero has no value) is closely linked to 666 as well. .

The number 37 appears of no importance at first glance but in fact it is a "magical number" scroll to bottom.



The number 51.36 could be viewed as follows 5+1 =6 and 36 is a number whose sum of integer

additions equals 666. So one could say London is located in code at 6.666 . A ley line linked to

36 = 666 runs through London. It runs down the middle of England. It is where the masonic

founding fathers of Singapore , all from England, decided to build their micro-fascist Disneyland.

Ultimate Analysis: The English Monarchial power is based on ley or dragon line energy linked

to satanic forces. 1.36 = reversed 666 is #1. . The line

of 33 Freemasonry runs through the heart of England and London, likewise Singapore. This is

the basis of the strength of the empire upon which the sun never set...satanism. There is also a

connection to 333 and Solar Worship: .

The previous link notes that the Sun is 333,000 times the size of the earth. We are back to a

link with 1.36 since 36 as noted is 666 and 333 doubled is also 666. Coincidences all?

Finally, the symbol of England is the Lion as in Richard The Lion Hearted King of England. The

ancient animal or symbol associated with the Sun is the lion. scroll to bottom for connection with

Sphinx of Giza and and

The Leonine Lord of Slaughter... . Many have been led to

the slaughterhouse by the Empire of the masonic sun worshippers disguised as Christians.

Many more will follow unless the truth is known.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Golden Ratio Phi 1.618 exposes Order of the Eastern Star satanic secrets

This writer believes that the following information will go a long way to proving his thesis that

the Illuminati use of numerical codes can be linked , associated and extrapolated DIRECTLY to

geospatial locations somewhere on the Earth. For example: 666 can be longitude 6.66 or 66.6 or

even .666 latitude and so forth. Likewise, the masking or code or attempt to hide the true

nature of the number can be ingenious such as utilitzing square root, cube root, phi, pi and so on.

This particular article is but one small piece of the puzzle. The reader is encouraged to do the

same type of research. All one needs is access to type in the number, such as

square root 666, hit search and it is off to the races --- because time is running short and those

of us that serve humbly the hosts of Heaven, need to redouble our efforts to expose that which

is now spawning in the darkness...eager to enter our world.

Present Matter: Female Masonic hive known as Order of the Eastern Star , of course,

coincidentally or "coincidentally" linked to Phi / 1.618 , a mathematical concept utilized by the

ancient greeks and architects of antiquity and iniquity.


1. Basics on Phi / 1.618 - Link to Human Body / Shape and anatomy .

2. Phi 1.618 comes close to proving the existence of God by disproving the possibility of

coincidence as a reason for the consequent appearance of this number ratio in many areas of

Nature. If what can be mathematically observed as a code or sequence in creation is not by

mere chance - - it must be by design and therefore it must have a DESIGNER. - God himself. .

3. More on Phi 1.618 at .

BACKGROUND on Order of the Eastern Star :

4. It is the largest fraternal organization for Men and Women in the World. For lack of a better

way to say it, it is an auxilliary of the Freemasons. It's symbol is a Pentagram. An UPSIDE

DOWN Pentagram. In the USA there are primarily white members although thousands of

black women and a moderate number of black men have joined in recent decades as well. see-

symbol scroll to bottom .

One of the versions of the Eastern Star pentagram has the word FATAL inside it ominously.

(see previous link).

5. For young females there are Rainbow Girls and Job's Daughters. DeMolay is for young males .

6. The main headquarters for the Order of the Eastern Star is in Washington , D.C. , city that

happens to be designed itself with a large upside down Pentagram which most researchers and

readers of this genre have seen before. see: .

7. Coincidence? Well , Phi 1.618 is an angle that is linked to the structure of a Pentagram ,the

symbol of the Order of the Eastern Lodge, whose headquarters are inside the city with the

huge internal upside down pentagram design. .

8. What is the address of the Order of the Eastern Star in Washington D.C.?

"The awe-inspiring International Temple located at 1618 New Hampshire Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20009 " scroll down 50% .

Another coincidence, that the Phi 1.618 used in symbols with upside down pentagrams is the

address for Eastern Star, whose symbol is an upside down pentagram and whose main temple is

in the capital of the USA, whose masonic design includes a huge upside down pentagram????

9. Do you want to write to them and see if this is just an odd happenstance? Sure. Try the

address for Job's Daughters International at:

200 E. Plato Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55107-1618

...?...! More coincidence , reader?

Speculation: Job's Daughters International is an anagram for Jab - UH - Nal or Jabhulon. See-

JOB-DaUgHters-InternatioNAL . The deity of the freemasons is Jabhulon also spelled Jabulon. .

Speculation: Rainbow Girls anagram is REIGN BELOW Girls ...

In Arthur Golding's Abraham's Sacrifice written in 1575, the play has a speaking role for Satan:

"As God by his in Heaven is Honored:
So I by mine on Earth am worshipped.
God dwells in Heaven, and I on Earth likewise
God maketh peace, and I do wars devise.
God reigns above, and I do REIGN BELOW" scroll down 50%.

Further: The address is on Plato Boulevard and he believed that Phi 1.618 "to be the key to the

physics of the universe." .

scroll down 50%.

See again Phi in the Pentagram: .

The final portion of the address is in St. Paul - When the British took over eastern Canada from

the french they "built another St. Paul's Church where the local masons convened and plotted

ways to rid the city of Roman Catholics. The Church was built on the phi 1.618 formula as were

all masonic churches..." scroll down 25% .


The Order of the Eastern Star uses masonic and occult numerology in addresses. This goes a

long way in showing that the phenomenon of numerology by the illuminati elites is linked to

their address numbers, building heights, zip codes, phone numbers, building design and even

city location and skyscraper floor number. Coincidence, really doesn't cut it here does it?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cube Root Unlucky 13 link to Rennes-le-Chateau Bugarach Mountain

The DaVinci Code and Cathars - Albigensian Heresy linked region around Rennes-le-Chateau

is literally teeming with occult energy , symbolism , ritual and power. The present article hopes

to add to the growing body of knowledge provided to the public to prevent illuminati designs to

go unchallenged. As will be noted on all or most "new math" articles, it appears that common

occult numbers such as 33, 666 and 13 can be coded. This is done by using more advanced

masking techniques such as using the square root, pi , phi or cube root of the occult number.

The present matter deals with the Cube Root of 13 and its links to a mysterious mountain

in the Rennes-le-Chateau region of France called Bugarach. It is linked to the Nephilim and

the occult number 333 as well.

Background on the Number 13:

1. Linked to the tale of the ancient Egypt battle between Horus and Set. With Horus' body

chopped up into 13 pieces, one of which was not recovered, that being the phallus, leaving 12

pieces recovered. .

2. The Friday the 13th roundup , torture and destruction of the Knight Templars. and .

3. 13 Witches in a Coven. .

4. 13 seated for dinner at The Last Supper where Jesus was betrayed by Judas. 13 norse

gods went to a banquet where Baldur died and more... .

5. More on fear of 13 known as Triskaidekaphobia- .

The CUBE ROOT OF 13 is 2.35133459 or 2.35 = insert -cube root 13 - .

6. Following past practice by this writer we extrapolate the 2.35 into a line of latitude or

longitude to find the Ley Line or Dragon Line associated with the Cube Root 13 of Osiris phallus.

7. Bugarach Mountain, southern France....Rennes-Le-Chateau immediate vicinity. Located at

2.35 Latitude = and


8. "ley line land par excellence, dragon ridges where everywhere ... as we turned the corner,

there was Mont Bugarach." .

9. "Lamy reveals to the reader that the true secret of the village of Rennes-le-Chateau is that

the extinct volcano Mount Bugarach leads down into the hollow earth to the realm of the

Supermen. Ean Begg feels it is connected with many of the Black Virgin sites all over Europe." .

10. It is amazing that Mount Bugarach has 2.35 longitude and the 23.5 degree angle continues

to make its presence known in Merovingian/Magdalene/Rennes-le-Chateau mythology but this

measurement "coincidence" has not apparently been noted. scroll down 55% .

11. According to this article, the holy grail is a huge emerald linked to the Nephilim, the fallen

ones and to 333 gems of a lesser variety.

"The mountain containing the spaceship and the perfectly conserved body is called Bugarach

and is near Rennes-le-Chateau." scroll previous link to bottom.

12. Some believe that Mount Bugarach is a new chakra of the earth. .

CONCLUSION: It is becoming implausible to call many of these parallel numerical alignments

coincidences. Bugarach is at the center of the controversy regarding Rennes-le-Chateau. The

number 235 role seems to point to it as the key to opening the door ... or Pandora's box.

Perth Black Swan Bell Tower hints at Australian Antichrist

This writer believes there are two primary purposes to providing the reader with information

regarding the global takeover by illuminati masonic elites: 1) To provide evidence of the identity

of the beast, the hideous abomination in human form known as the antichrist - so that it may be

stopped while there is still time and 2) To provide the possible location spots for the Holy Grail

so that it may be retrieved before it falls into the hands of the beast and the Brothers of the

Shadow that serve it.

This article attempts to provide the reader with information that the 666 Beast may in fact be

from OZ, not as in the Wizard of OZ (or maybe???) but as in Australia, the Land Down Under,

specifically, Perth or western Australia.

The Evidence:

Background of Perth's Bell Tower or Swan Tower (goes by several names) - It is located on the

Swan River.

and it is heavily linked to Bells specifically brought from the masonic heartland of the UK .

The Swan Bells Tower site is "Western Australia's Millenium Project" .

Perth is "The City of the Black Swan" : .

This is because swans, black ones...are very prevalent in the region and on the aptly named

Swan River on which the Bell Tower is placed.

The height of the Bell Tower is 82.5 meters tall. A photo view of the tower on this following link

shows, at least to this writer, OBVIOUS sexual symbolism of the artifact. The tower is a penis

and objects that look like vaginal labia surround it. see for yourself. .

This curiously is 270 feet , which is identical with the height of the Georgia Dome with its

masonic address of zip code 30313 on 33rd parallel (key for Freemasons), Atlanta , Georgia.

Atlanta is named after fabled Atlantis and in the dome play The Falcons - a bird sacred to Horus

which is an ancient egyptian masonic deity. .


1. To begin with...the sexual symbolism of the Swan Bells Tower is there for the reader to see

for him or her self as noted in previous link. 270 feet high just happens to be the equivalent of

270 days - the GESTATION PERIOD FOR A HUMAN BEING. scroll to bottom

Sexual Symbolism and 270...? Seems like The Tower is symbolic of procreation and birth....but

of whom?

2. It was the , as noted, "Western Australian Millenium Project". What was the so-called Year

2000 Millenium about? The Birth of a child, Jesus Christ in a manger in Bethlehem according

to the Christian tradition and belief.

3. As noted, Perth Australia is the CITY OF THE BLACK SWAN and the symbol of a Black Swan

is evident there everywhere. and .

4. The Swan is closely linked to the Virgin Birth story, which again ties into sexual imagery or

phallic - vaginal symbols related to magic and occult practices. Further, it should be noted that

in the Christian tradition , the Father of Jesus at conception or immaculate conception is the

Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost which is depicted as a White Dove, bird symbolism again. "Even

before Christianity, the swan was widely associated with divine virgins." and "Together, the

parts of the swan's body suggest a union of masculinity and femininity even hermaphroditism"

also, "the black swan represents traitors, the occult and the DEVIL" . type into address portion or google Black Swan devil.

scroll to bottom of article on link. Further: Black Swans can be used in demonic rituals to try to

conceive evil entities. scroll down 90% . .

Others have previously noted that the Swan Bells of Perth are linked to Freemasonry and that

Perth is a "masonic capital" and that "masonic capitals don't just spring up anywhere". .

360 yards from the Hells Bells is a black pyramid as noted on page 3 of the previous link. 360

is 36 the sum of whose parts from 1+2 + etc...until the total is added to 36 = 666. .

PART FOUR of the Ellis C. Taylor Hells Bells articles notes connections to the Blasted Tower of

the Tarot Card system. . The number

23.5 is prominent because it is the height of the bells from the ground in meters. The number

23.5 figures prominently in the DaVinci Code which deals with children or offspring of the divine

or at least royal union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. scroll down 70% .

23.5 happens to be the tilt angle of the Earth as well as noted in the previous link. for more on the number.

NOTE*** The white dove is the symbol of the father of Jesus, the Holy Spirit. The Black Swan

is a symbol of the devil and the occult. Therefore one could conclude that the Black Swan is

metaphorically speaking, the father of the antichrist. Where else but in western Australia , a

huge land, symbolized by a Black Swan could this monstrosity be conceived and born?

The Tropic of Capricorn at 23.5 degrees south latitude and passes through Australia. .

Capricorn sign linked to antichrist energy - scroll down 80% and "The age of

Capricorn when the beast shall be released again." scroll down 35%. .

more links between Capricorn and Merovingian Dynasty which again leads to Mary Magdalene

offspring of Jesus matter. .

also:, the fish-goat man, is a prototype for the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Which is itself

recognized as the prototype for the modern conception of satan or lucifer." scroll down 50% .

Further, the tolling of the Angelus bells in Christianity are associated with the Archangel Gabriel

announcing to Mary that she is to bear a child, the redeemer of the world whose father is the

Holy Spirit. .

Another solemn gathering involving 18 bells takes place between the Russian Orthodox Church

and Harvard University. .

In Judaism, gifts for new births are given in multiples of 18. and Eighteen -18-

equilateral triangles make a hexagon ring with a Star of David in the center. .

Eighteen is also the age in which it is appropriate to get married according to judaism and the

maximum age of consent in the USA and almost everywhere else in the western world. . again the linkage to marriage , consent and thus the

conception ultimately of children through sexual union.


An Aussie antichrist should come as no surprise. The wizard of OZ is just that,

an evil in the Land Down Under...the Underworld that will host the evil entity

when it arrives in the wings of a dark bird.

This should therefore no longer be a Black Swan Event - named after the discovery of the

bird in Australia when before such an animal was thought not to exist and the term Black Swan

came to mean an illusion or impossible event or fact. A Black Swan Event is a surprise that is

shocking in the extreme because its occurrence or discovery is outside of our realm of what is

possible and therefore "real". Now the facts are there to see. The Black Swan and its masonic

bells tower is evil. Now it is no longer a surprise. - - .

322 Skull and Bones links masonic Edinburgh to Solomon's Lodge

It is becoming ever more obvious that the illuminati are capable of anything -except engaging

in coincidence or chance. A more advanced approach to their numerology appears to show that

even the location of cities is decided by occult numerology and nothing is done that does not

associate itself with a Ley Line or for the chinese Dragon Line of energy that straddle the Earth.

Evil never sleeps. It does not have a sense of humor, except gallows humor and it

leaves nothing to chance whatsoever, no matter how random an event, occurrence , location or

numerical association may appear to be.

Previous articles available on the Scoreboard Canada site have noted that the mathematics

behind this phenomenon are hyper-complex and involve the utilization of the cube, square root,

pi, phi and other as yet unexplored /unexposed mathematical concepts, many originally thought

to emanate, from the ancient greeks. This article adds, hopefully to that newly uncovered body

of knowledge for the reader. It pertains to Skull and Bones 322 - Masonic Capital of Edinburgh

and America's first planned Freemasonry designed , city of Savannah, Georgia - the facts are

there - do they signal a now exposed link in the chain of evil or mere

happenstance? The reader must be the judge.


1. Skull and Bones , Yale satanic society logo comes attached with the number ' 322 '. There are

various theories regarding what the 322 means. See: and / . or google skull and bones 322.

2. Edinburgh , Scotland is the "Capital" of the black-as-a-raven coven known as Freemasonry. and regarding the construction of the masonic capital of

Washington, D.C. - scroll down 45% "Work began in 1793...skilled workers were in short supply

so stonemasons were recruited in Edinburgh (the veritable capital of freemasonry at the time),

and slaves were hired from their owners." .

3. The City of Savannah , Georgia was "America's First Planned City" (like Washington D.C.) and

has the oldest continuously operating lodge in the USA, Solomon's Lodge. The city is a masonic

entity to the core, it has been labeled as being like no other city in the world. and .

General Oglethorpe, the planner of the city of Savannah, was the first Grand Master of the

masons in Georgia, likely timeframe of 1734. . scroll

down 80%. He also attended illuminati linked Oxford University. and .

The Evidence: To begin with, what is the connection between the three entities?

a) As noted the number associated with Skull and Bones is 322. This writer has extrapolated

illuminati numbers into locations using them as numbers for lines of latitude and longitude.

b). The longitude of Edinburgh , Scotland, Capital City of Freemasonry is 3.22 degrees. .

c) The Taft family is the leading satanic bloodline associated with the Skull and Bones krewe.

William Howard Taft, Skull and Bones member, was a US President and Supreme Court Justice

(the only man to be both) and a Freemason. .

It is INCONCEIVABLE that freemasons in Edinburgh, who deal with angles, degrees, measures

have not noted in 170 years that the 322 in the Yale Coven number match the longitude of their

masonic city.

d) The Latitude of Illuminati linked First-Planned-City-In-America i.e; Savannah, Georgia is:

32.2 N. Latitude, scroll down to Savannah. and other sites put it at 32.02 N. Latitude. (zero has no value in western numerology). .

A coincidence...that the Yale Skull and Bones numbers 322 match the longitude of the masonic

world capital of Edinburgh at the time of the building of Washington D.C., and the latitude of the

first masonic planned city in the USA? You reader must decide...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cube Root 666 linked to Corsica Birthplace of antichrist Napoleon Bonaparte

The Illuminati code of energy ley or dragon lines now appears to be discernible in some

aspects. Various numbers such as 666 and the masonic 33 also appear to have 1) occult energy

when cubed , square root, phi, pi and so forth and ; 2) The various numbers in the open or in

disguise appear to correlate to lines of longitude and latitude which also appear to note energy

ley / dragon lines straddling the earth.

Previous articles have noted this recently discovered phenomenon in other locations. This

article hopes to add more information to the reader as primary in importance and then to add to

the weight of evidence to prove the truth of this theorem by sheer weight of numbers putting

coincidence as an illogical explanation for the phenomenon.

The present matter deals with Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous french leader , believed by

some to have been one of the several antichrists predicted by famous clairvoyant Nostradamus.

OCCULT linked NAPOLEON as a NOSTRADAMUS antichrist Evidence:

1. Napoleon in prophesy-

and scroll down 80% / .

2. Napoleon and Freemasonry: The "destroyer of Europe" .

3. Napoleon as a Merovingian: .

4. Napolean as Illuminati: scroll down 45% .

Cube Root of 666 = 8.73289174

5. The asmodeus algebra or astaroth algoritm has previously been noted in another so-called

antichrist predicted by Nostradamus named Adolf Hitler. . Birthplace Braunau, Austria.

6. Using the same methodology in extrapolating the number to a line of latitude or longitude ,

we have 8.73.

7. The Longitude of Ajaccio, Corsica is 8.73 and .

8. Napoleon Bonaparte - Destroyer of Europe and called by Nostradamus an antichrist was

born in Ajaccio, Corsica, The Cube Root of 666 - and .


Another antichrist accident? Yet another coincidence? Or has this writer stumbled upon the

illuminati Ley Line Code? A possible way to determine the likely rising spot of the evil entity in

human form known as the antichrist or a fluke? Remember, the creature "from the eternal sea

he rises"...Corsica is an island. It is surrounded by the sea. Another oddity or sign of the times?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Six Cubed Longitude 2.16 exposes satanic Albigensian Heresy

The historical battle over the true nature of the Cathar branch of Christianity rages on. This is

particularly true since the advent of the book and movie The Davinci Code. To some the Cathars

were devil worshippers disguised as reformers of the Catholic Church or a rival Christian

movement that made a brave stand against the evil of the Vatican. No one knows for sure at this

point except possibly the Pope and those in his immediate circle who likely have access to

information and evidence that could prove or disprove the true nature of the matter. The Pope

is not talking. He is not unlocking the secrets of the two top secret libraries available to him

beyond the Library of the Vatican. .

Therefore, independent efforts have to be made to determine the validity of what happened

in the Languedoc region of France 800 years ago.

This article has discovered something unusual in the once capital of the Albigensian Heresy

which led to the Crusade by the Vatican against them... a scorched earth policy without equal in

Europe up until that time. Again, it appears that Ley Lines or Dragon Lines may play a role in

the issue.

Background of Albigensian Heresy:

1. Albi , France , from whence the Heresy gets it name: and /

2. Albi , France was the fountainhead of the Albigensian Heresy and Crusade. .

3. What was the Albigensian Heresy? What were the heretics beliefs? see and "they were messengers of the antichrist and

caused many to wander from the faith. " .

4. Albi , France is at Longitude 2.15 - a significant portion of the urban area of the city in France

is under Longitude 2.16. See: and see the town

of Puygouzon , at 2.16666 is immediatley adjacent to Albi. See also

Lescure d'-Albigeois is also adjacent to the main town of Albi and it is at 2.16666 as well. .

"Around Albi, you can visit Lescure which have been a Cathar fortress." .

5. You can see how close to 2.16 Longitude Albi is by comparing it on a visual map to Carmaux

which is at Longitude 2.16. .

and map view: . As one can see the

dividing point for the Tarn District in which Albi is the centerpoint is essentially straddling 2.16. .


6. The number 216 is code for 666. Why? Because SIX CUBED or 6x6x6=216. It is odd that the

number of the beast is the dividing line for longitude 2.16 which runs right through Tarn district

and the eastern edge of the heart of the heresey, Albi, France.

7. 216 as code for 666 = scroll down 50%. / .

8. Oddly enough a book about the Albigensian Crusade and Heresy are 216 pages long. . Coincidence?

9. The number 216 also comes up in far east mystical architecture. .

10. In Rocamadour, France , a village set high in a mountain top, Kings , noblemen and peasants

walked up 216 steps to pay homage to the Virgin Mary (or so they think). Present is also a

sword said to belong to the great Hero Roland. scroll down 60%.

11. Rocamadour is associated with the cult of the Black Madonna which some associate with

Mary Magdalene and or the Cathar cult. and St.

Amadour who founded the site is said to in fact be Zacchaeus , a man that personally knew Jesus

and left the middle east for France. .

12. Black Madonna and Cathars and Templars= scroll down 50% / The land of heresy contains a black madonna site near Albi - .

13. Worship of Mary Magdalene wiped out by Albigensian Campaign. It is interesting that the

most famous site for a Black Madonna , associated with Mary Magdalene by many, has the

number 216 ascribed to must ascend 216 steps or allegory for 666 to reach the top AND

that the Longitude for the area around Tarn and capital Albi is split by Longitude 2.16 or 6

cubed or 666 as well. . .

It appears that this connection is previously undiscovered........


This connection between Longitude 2.16 and the 216 steps to reach the pinnacle of

Rocamadour appear to again confirm the theory that the occult numerology is linked to the

lines of latitude and longitude which IN FACT are Ley lines of some sort. The troubling aspect

of this is that 216 appears to be Illuminati code for SIX SIX SIX or 6 cubed. What this means is

up to the reader.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Golden Ratio 1.618 phi is Longitude of DaVinci Code Languedoc

This writer believes that a startling discovery has been unearthed. It is one of those matters

that apparently hide in plain sight very well.

The issue is of critical importance, not only in and of itself, but also in proving this writer's

theorem that the various numerological components of 333, 666, masonic 33 and their square

root, phi , pi , cubed and so forth can be in fact code for energy lines of varying nature across the

globe. This is the concept behind ley lines or dragon lines. 666 is a location from whence will

emerge the beast. There are various places that can emanate the various energies. Likewise,

there are likely good or holy sites and places as well. Lucky locations and unlucky ones. The

energy will manifest itself based on a form of number magic or asmodeus algebra if you will.

This brief article will begin by providing the information first - then the proof. In the book,

The DaVinci Code and movie, the mystical number phi or 1.618 was of importance. The story

as most know by now revolves around Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene being married and

having a child or children that themselves have offspring that survive to the present day.

The staging point for this story is the Rennes-Le Chateau region of southern France, bordering

Italy and Spain. The main area or province is called Languedoc. It is where the Cathars made

their last stand on Montsegur and where the Merovingian Frankish tribal royalty intermingled

with Jesus bloodline to create today's Royal Families of Europe - or so the story goes.

One piece of the jigsaw puzzle ignored and undiscovered in spite of millions of viewers and

dollars spent on the topic is this simple fact. The province of LANGUEDOC is split in half by

LONGITUDE 1.618 - the exact number as phi 1.618 that figures so prominently

in the DaVinci Code mythology and no one has noticed until now......................


a) The Golden Ratio or God's Ratio as it is also known. It is also linked to the Divine Proportion

or mean and to the repeating sequence of numbers known as Fibonacci numbers.

b) . The ancient greeks believed they had

stumbled upon "God's building block".

c) Leonardo DaVinci used it in his art and designs. . .

google DaVinci 1.618 - DaVinci Golden Ratio or similar phrases.


d) Again, a secret society protects the offspring of the union/marriage of Jesus Christ and

Mary Magdalene to the present day. The Catholic Church is trying to eliminate them , also to

the present day. see: "the theory is that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and that their

descendants are today living in France." .

e) Leonardo DaVinci, in this allegedly fictional account of the life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

is the GrandMaster of a secret society known as the Priory of Sion that guards the secret. He

was , ostensibly, the 12th GrandMaster of the Order. .

Therefore, we have France - Phi 1.618 - Davinci Code - and the offspring of the Son of God

in Christianity, Jesus Christ all in - - - "Located in the heart of Languedoc... a chapel dedicated

to the Magdalene." .

f) See map of Languedoc region of France: The town of Albi from which the Albigensian crusade

against the Cathars gets its name is at 2.15 longitude. see first and then .

g) Montsegur, or Safe Mountain , where they made their last stand is located at 1.50.3 longitude .

* The Longitude 1.618 runs right between 2.15 and 1.50, a bit closer to the fortress which is

the cathars - albigensians best known locale. Therefore, Longitude 1.618 which matches exactly

Phi 1.618 runs right through the heart of DaVinci Code bloodline of Christ Country....


God's Ratio runs through the territory wherein reside the offspring of God's Son.

Can this alignment be a coincidence? Sure, but how can it go unnoticed...? Until now.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ithuriel's Spear and Golden Ratio 666 phi expose Satanic Chrysler Building

The illuminati code is being unraveled bit by bit and piece by piece. A new avenue of research

into the numerology secretly utilized by the occult order is the usage of advanced mathematical

concepts in their building design , addresses, heights , angles and geospatial locations along the

latitude and longitude lines circling the earth.

This particular article focuses on just one small piece of the puzzle the so-called Golden Ratio

of 1.618 or phi and its activation of the 666 number of the beast energies used by illuminists in

their rituals and magic (which is really a type of technology that we are told by them cannot be

real and does not exist).

Satanic Background of Chrysler:

1. The Chrysler Corporation seems to like evil in its car names, logos and advertisements. A

link to a false rapture: .

2. Logos = masonic? and Masonic nature

of the company suspected: .

3. The idea of the height of a building having occult significance is not new...think of the Tower

of Babel or see: .


a) go to and insert 666 phi ; b) The answer is 1077.61064 .

4. The idea of the Chrysler building as a Temple of Evil is not new. .

5. Walter Chrysler was a Freemason: .

6. The Chrysler Museum is on Freemason Street: .

7. The Freemasons are well aware of The Golden Ration and phi. .

8. The Chrysler Building is the tallest brick building in the world and for a while was the tallest

in the world period. .

9. The height in feet of the Chrysler Building is 1077 feet, identical to the first four numbers

and all of the numbers before the decimal point for the Golden Ratio or phi of 666. scroll down 40%.

and see: .


Chrysler is a car company. It hires thousands of engineers who are familiar with phi. It was the

tallest building in the world. It is inconceivable that someone...repeat SOMEONE did not figure

out that the tallest building in the world at the time and the flagship icon of the car company

would have a height in feet numerically and numerologically speaking , to mean SIX SIX SIX.

The building looks like a spear...maybe the one that pierced the side of Christ....and Chrysler

sounds like Christ-Killer does it not? Exactly what the antichrist 666 or 1077 hopes to do.

Then of course, there is Satan Starting from Ithuriel's Spear: . .

Is the Chrysler Building an illuminist optical illusion of Ithuriel's Spear? Reader Must Decide.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Golden Ratio 666 Phi link to Bangkok Sex Slaves

The present is one of a series of articles exposing complex satanic algebraic and algorithmic

systems that seem associated with so-called Ley Lines or for the chinese, dragon lines across the

globe. They are all based on the latitude and longitude points of the globe which in turn are

based on the babylonian circle with 360 degrees (there is no reason a circle must have that

number of degrees, it could be 100 - 200 - 50 etc...) .

The present article notes the connection between the mystical phi or golden ratio of 666 and the
same number making its presence in Bangkok, the city of bordellos , including those that offer

children for debasement at a cheap price for western and japanese pedophile elites.


1. The Golden Ratio explanation: It has been called "God's Ratio".

2. more link to God at: / .

3. The Golden Ratio for 666 , the number of the antichrist, the man of sin that will demand

that humanity bow to him as a messiah is found by going to and inserting the

following: - 666 phi - . The result is 1077.61064 .

4. Taking the first 4 numbers before the decimal point and extrapolating them as lines of

either latitude or longitude we have 10.77 be it latitude north or south or longitude east or west.


5. The antichrist is known as the Man of Sin and Bangkok is renowned around the world for

its sex slave trade bordellos that operate with near impunity and cater to the lecher trade. / and .

Note_- - all links or google using the word Bangkok and sin or sex or anything of that nature

should be avoided or approached with extreme caution. This writer does not believe in the

appropriateness of these sites be it in real life or in cyberspace. Lawbreaking is to be avoided.

The reader explores at own legal risk***> .

6. The longitude of Bangkok , Thailand is 100.7 - The number of the golden ratio or phi 666 or a near exact match.

In fact the line 100.77 as you can surmise from the map splits Thailand right down the middle. .


Another coincidence or evidence that a ley line associated with "sin" in every form possible

also happens to be located in the global red light capital as it near approximates the Golden

Ratio of the number of the man of sin. You reader must decide.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Golden Ratio Phi 666 linked to largest Black Massacre of Whites

This writer has realized the depth of the illuminati numerology and ley line driven magic

and technology (of a nature we are told is nonsense and cannot exist) as impressive. It is

complex and attempts to utilize zones of psychic power to commit ritual killings to gain power.

Temporal Power , not just merely mumbo-jumbo or parlor tricks.

The illuminati are and have been creating a One-World empire brick by brick all around us

and yet we know nothing. These articles hope to do what is possible to end the mathematical

ignorance that allows them to work their evil in the darkness - while smiling to our face and

calling themselves "our leaders".

Democratic Republic of the Congo / Zaire:

This is truly the heart of darkness. Few places have seen more widespread butchery , slavery

and exploitation of human beings and the looting of mineral and natural resources than Africa

and in particular , Zaire or what once was called the Belgian Congo and now goes by DRC or

Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Belgian Royalty killed an estimated TEN MILLION

black africans while looting diamonds and precious resources. Unlike the jews in the Holocaust

there was no Steven Spielberg to make movies about their horror and plight. Two million

square kilometers were owned by one man...the King of Belgium. / It has only recently been noted and it

is called a genocide for good reason. .

At present , the Congo or Zaire was torn apart by US and western interests that collapsed the

central government and replaced it with...nothing. Sheer anarchy allowed the Illuminati Robber

Baron Elites to exploit at will. Everything from Coltan to Uranium to children as slaves to timber

gold and diamonds. The Bush and Clinton Yale-Coven-College families were in it up to their skull

and bones eye sockets.

...nothing changes ...

The Evil white King Leopold was replaced by an Evil black dictator named Mobutu Sese Seko

He ran a cult of personality and a "kleptocracy". .

Needless to say, he was into black magic, sorcery and even "supped on human blood" and " he

may have used too much black magic- it has a tendency to rebound if used indescretely- " . scroll down 80% . According to the

previous link, this ...vampire?... stayed at George W. Bush's home 24 times. What did they eat?


Phi or the Golden Ratio is a famous mathematical concept noted by the famous logician Euclid

in ancient times. and . and. .

Euclid is beloved by the Freemasons: .

The phi or golden ratio of 666 is - 1077.61064 - insert 666 phi .

If one uses this writer's premise that the 10.77 is a line of either latitude or longitude. One finds

the following in Zaire, the Belgian Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Latitude 10.77 = Kolwezi, DRC .

This is the exact location of the Kolwezi Airfield. It matches exactly the phi of 666 , the number

of the devil , the man of sin== the antichrist.

Kolwezi Airport was the scene of the largest massacre of white people by blacks in history.,9171,916174,00.html / .


Is this coincidence or conspiracy? The reader must determine. This article will be part of a

growing series of information products given to the reader regarding what appears to be a

ley line driven antichrist algebra or asmodeus algorithm that spans the globe. One incident -

coincidence , of course, but what happens when the number of horrid incidents along these

lines of masonic power continues to grow? That too will be for the reader to decide.

Square Root 33 exposes Masonic rule over Montreal

The Illuminati love heights. From their master lucifer's attempt to take 'Heaven by Storm' to

Marduk building the Tower of Babel. They love looking down on humanity. We are, after all , to

them only useless feeders and slaves. The entire skyscraper concept is linked to this evil. This

brief article hopes to expose yet more of their architectural codes and concoctions.

The particular location at present is Montreal, Quebec , Canada (still in Canada , but for how

long no one knows).

The Evidence:

1. The square root of 33 is 5.74 (first three numbers). - square root 33 -.

2. The 5.74 line of Longitude is linked to Noah, according to masonic legend the man that

brought the evil of freemasonry from the world civilization that existed before the Great

Flood which washed the nephilim and their brood from the face of the Earth. .

3. Apparently, the cleansing of the Earth did not reach Montreal. The Montreal Observatory is

a very odd building. It is 574 feet in height and leans at a 45 degree angle. Quite a feat - but why

would an architect do that? .

4. Height at 574 feet for Montreal Observatory= scroll to near bottom /

It is the tallest inclined tower in the world. Why just the amount of feet to indicate the square

root of the Freemasons? Coincidence - again?

5. The 45 degree angles is associated with freemasonry as well. The Masonic designed capital

city of the USA , Washington, D.C. is set at a 45 degree angle. The cornerstones of the 45 degree

angles that comprise the borders of the city are set at magnetic north. .

Another masonic coincidence? see photos: .

The gawkers looking at the mountains do not realize that they are paying homage to the

masonic overlords of Montreal. They love contraptions and smoke and mirrors to show they are

clever and more intelligent than the "little people". They are wrong . First they will be exposed

and then , as God wills it, they will be dismantled.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chaos of Lucifer links Silicon Valley Capital to Rosicrucian Headquarters and Bank of America

Silicon Valley is the home of the 'chip' and the electronics revolution. It is known as a center

for new ideas and inventions, possibly without equal in the world. While many applaud this, the

fact remains that technology is now spawning out of human control. It is almost as if the process

of new tech building upon new tech has become unstoppable and reached critical mass.

This sounds wonderful, but the question should be what purpose, to what end is

all of this leading to? Are there not dangers such as nanotechnology creating a gray goo that eats

the world or mark of the beast spychips or human and plant or insect or fish or animal hybrids?

No one ever asks....much less answers these questions which come "out of the box" in the valley

of silicon. This writer believes the box...may in fact be Pandora's box. The numerology of evil

is there - it just needs to be exposed. That is the purpose of this article and others like it. To

shine the light on that which spawns quitely in darkness - hopefully before it is too late.

Hidden 666 regarding Silicon Valley and Rosicrucian Headquarters:

1. San Jose, California: Self-proclaimed Capital of Silicon Valley.,_California / / .

2. San Jose, California is at 37.18 Latitude N. . Nearly 8000 high tech companies in the city.

3. The Rosicrucians are encrusted deeply into San Jose, California. and .

4. The number 37 has some very unusual properties. To begin with it has an extensive relation

to 666. 37 X (6+6+6) or 18 = 666. . There is also a link to

the freemason 33. 37= 33 + 3 + 3/3 . .

scroll down 60% 2x9x37= 666 which means that 37 is the largest prime number that can be multiplied to get to the number of the beast. .

5. The number 18 is linked to 666. . The previous

link notes that there are 18 letters in sixhundredsixtysix. .

6. The number 666 is associated with the Number of the Beast. Many believe it is the RFID

chip or some variant that will be the "mark of the beast". .

7. The 'Father of RFID' started his business of evil in silicon valley, moving there from the east

coast of the USA. The first prototype used a 36 square inch circuit board. .

36 is a number closely linked to 666. The sum of all numbers from 1 to 36 = 666. .

8. The Bank of Italy building in San Jose, California was until recently the tallest building in

downtown San Jose, Capital of the City of the Mark of the beast Chip. .

9. . 78 meters is the height of the Bank of Italy

building. 78 meters is 258 feet which happens to be the same first three numbers of the square

root of 666. . coincidence?

10. San Jose is in Santa Clara County which has Santa Clara University, a Jesuit institution

with alleged links to the illuminati. The founder of the Bank of Italy is also linked to the

illuminati and went on to start the Bank of America. see: Some say Santa Clara University is

a training ground for illuminati politicians. scroll down: 70% .

scroll down 70% to Bank of Italy link to illuminati.

11. Bank of Italy link to to creation of Bank of America and the Jesuits: .

12. The sum of 37 and 18 is 55. A number with extensive numerlogical connections. / / "direct line to the akashic

records..." .

13. In Rosicrucian occultism , allegedly , the number or figure 55 correlates to "the chaos of

lucifer". .

** The city of San Jose, California was for a time the Capital city of the State of California. It is

obvious that this birthplace of silicon valley the spychip and only God knows what else is an

area linked to the occult through ley lines of psychic energy. The Rosicrucians set up shop here

for a reason. The 37 is linked to 666 as is the 18. The two combined equals according to their

own reasoning luciferic chaos. They are getting the information for these diabolical devices and

more from the akashic record. They are not inventing anything. They are rediscovering atlantis

based technology through occultism. The call it High Tech. It is really reverse engineering.


The building from which started Bank of America is linked to the square root of 666. It is in

the capital of silicon city - or better said satan's city? Coincidence? ... yet again?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

33 Stratosphere Tower and 6 cubed Czech Zizkov Mind Control Tower exposed

The time is short. The darkness approaches. The purpose of these articles is to warn those

who have the power and opportunity to act to gain wisdom about the pending arrival of the

abomination in human form that will rule the One World Government and the Unified Global

Religion. The Great Beast of Revelations -the Man of Sin numbered 666.

This present matter will briefly show the relationship...yet another one between Illuminati

numerology and buildings designed to serve evil that are all around us , hiding in plain sight.

The Evidence:

1. Las Vegas , Nevada Stratosphere Tower: . It is

1149 feet tall and rises on three pillars. See photo of three-pillared base. .

It is the tallest building in the USA west of the Mississippi river.

2. The square root of 1149 is 33.8969025. insert - square root 1149 - .

The number 33 is the power number of the Freemasons. . If one totals all of the digits it comes

to 45. The capital of the USA is aligned at a 45 degree angle. Masonic rods or staffs, similar to

a tower in a manner of speaking are carried at 45 degree angles in initiation ceremonies. scroll down
60% .

The newly discovered Bosnia pyramid has 45 degree angles pointed towards the Cardinal points

of the compass. . scroll down 90% to see the layout of

Washington D.C. is a square grid rotated 45 degrees or an oblique grid. .

45 is also 4+5 or 9 which is 3x3 or 33 and also 3+3+3 or 333 both numbers with obvious mason


3. The three pillar base is reminiscent of the 3 pillars in Mecca that represent satan. .

This all may be appropriate after all in SIN CITY - Las Vegas.

4. The pi of 1149 insert - 1149 pi - is 3609.68996 . The number 36 is code for

666 = . Oddly enough, Las Vegas happens to sit on latitude 36.09 .


6 cubed or 6x6x6 = 216. This has been known code for 666 . and / .

6. A communist era tower that was used to jam west German TV signals also made people sick

and seemed to cause toaster problems. The Prague zizkov TV tower. It is 216 meters high. It

began giving people headaches and making household appliances transmit radio signals. .

Like the stratosphere in sin city, it looms over ancient Prague. This is a symbol in code of the

dominion of 666 over the Czech Republic. .

Square Root 33 Pi 666 Cubed equals Hitler Birthplace Branau

The analysis of illuminati phenomenon has reached a new level, that of pi , the square root and

cubed numbers. This experiment has led to fruitful results and seems to indicate that the forces

behind the illuminati are 1) evil beyond comprehension and 2) Hyper-Intelligent compared to

a human being of even genius level mind capabilities.

Certain aspects of the phenomenon appear to be almost mathematically impossible to describe

or denigrate as mere coincidence. That being said, let the reader as always decide:

Do the math as the slang saying in american english goes - here is the evidence:

1. . Then enter - square root 33 - the power number of the Freemasons.

The first three digits of the answer are 5.74. Assume these are lines of latitude or longitude.

2. Then enter -6 cubed (which is 6x6x6) - the number of the beast.

The answer is 216 or 21.6.

3. Then enter - 666 pi -the number of the beast again.

The first four digits are 2092 or 20.92.

* So we have 5.74 + 21.6 + 20.92 = 48.26. Let us assume this is a line of latitude North.

Where is this location then on our planet???

Braunau , Austria: .

4. What famous person was born in Braunau, Austria? ADOLF HITLER /

5. Hitler is considered the "antichrist" : scroll down 85% / .


But there is more: The numbers 48 and 26 have meaning as well. That being of the 48.26.

a) The number 48 is associated with the ancient greek weapons design and mathematics genius

named Archimedes: His Great Rhombicuboctahedron has 48 Vertices and his Small

Rhombicuboctahedron has 48 edges. .

b) likewise the Great Rhombicuboctahedron has 26 Faces and the Small Rhombicuboctahedron

has 26 faces as well. . Archimedes was a man ahead of his time

even though he lived before Jesus Christ. His formulas are still being resolved with high speed

supercomputers to do calculations he did with a stencil and paper. This provides some possible



c) The universe may be 26 dimensional. / scroll

down 30% and / .

d) The so-called Crown of the Torah is acquired by 48 ways: .


It appears that the forces of evil operate on a mathematical paradigm which may pinpoint a

weakness in their machinations that may be taken advantage of. First however, one must

figure out the design. That is the purpose behind these articles. To assist in discovering the

location from which the abomination will emerge.Then it will be up to others to fulfill their

alloted tasks.