Saturday, December 8, 2007

666 links Bermuda Triangle to Satanic Puerto Rican Preacher

The Bermuda Triangle is a famous place that officially does not exist on any government map.

The zone is legendary for UFO sightings, missing boats, missing aircraft, strange sightings and

some believe a portal to another dimension or Atlantis. Again , debunkers claim that there is

nothing going on and that it is just part of the danger of the seas. The area is known for coral

reefs and of course, hurricanes at times.

One aspect of this odd zone that seems to have been completely forgotten - until this article- is

the numerology associated with the main geographical points of this location. This article will

expose a possible connection between this phenomenon and Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, a

so-called preacher from Puerto Rico that sports a 666 tattoo and claims to be the messiah. His

followers are growing steadily throughout latin america and many of them are getting tattoos

with the evil number as well. The evidence will be provided and the reader must decide, but

the strange numerology IS THERE TO SEE AND HAS NOW BEEN EXPOSED.

BACKGROUND ON Growing In Grace International Ministry, Inc.

1. .

2. See photo of Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda: .

BACKGROUND ON Bermuda Triangle a.k.a. The Devil's Sea:

3. See map of Triangle showing Three main Points: Miami, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bermuda= .

4. more info at: and see other article with triangle map.

ANALYSIS OF PHENOMENON'S 3 LOCATIONS: Miami - Bermuda - Puerto Rico:

*This writer believes he is the first to discover the numerological anomalies and now to piece

them together- therefore this information may be viewed holistically for the first time now*


A previous article noted that Miami, Florida has now become the occult capital of the USA.

The city is filled with santeria and voodoo practicioners and of course will also have the usual

share of cults, wicca , western occultists and so forth. It was noted in the following previous

article that Miami, Florida is on latitude 25.8 N which happens to be the square root of 666. .

6. Bermuda:

The island lies on the masonic 33rd parallel - a girdle of death and human sacrifice for psychic

power used by the masonic illuminati elites in their black magic rituals. and Bermuda is awash in freemasonry: / Freemasonry has existed there since at

least the 1790s .

7. The entirety of the Bahamas lies within the Bermuda Triangle: There is a suspected link to

Atlantis and multi-dimensional portals. / and

a connection to the stars and underwater ruins: .

8. Puerto Rico :

The island is literally split in half by 666. What does this mean? Puerto Rico lies or straddles

longitude 66.6 W. It runs right through the centuries old city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Further,

Longitude 66.6 or 666 runs right up the middle of the Bermuda Triangle / Devil's Sea. Somehow

it appears that this connection or phenomenon has never been noticed in spite of decades of

research and speculation. scroll down 90% Ponce = 666 scroll to bottom. .

Further, Ponce is at latitude 18.02 and 18 is 6+6+6 and 2 could be TO so we have an anagram

of TO 666 at longitude 666.

Therefore, what we have is a triangle tilted to the side slightly that has as its norteastern point

the 33 rd Parallel of the its southern point we have Puerto Rico the 666 island

with the 666 line running right through the Devil's Sea/Bermuda Triangle AND with Miami ,

Florida being locatated at a latitude which is the square root of 666 and the Hoodoo capital of the

USA. The Reader must decide if this is a coincidence.


Dear Reader: Where do you think the satanic 666 tattooed preacher was born. Yes, you are

correct, it was not much of guess....this writer guessed it before researching the answer:

Ponce , Puerto Rico. Another coincidence? . Is it also

a coincidence that the ruins of an ancient and utterly evil civilization lie beneath the waves of the

devil's sea, whose waves waft up to 33 Bermuda / 28.5 Miami and 666 Puerto Rico? That the

reader must determine.


Charlie Ruland's Tennis Blog said...

Do you know who John Todd is/was?

TheFuture said...

John Todd was allegedly a member of the Illuminati/Masonic society, who broke out and began holding seminars to try and spread the word of the world he was once consumed in. There is supposedly a theory that he was framed and taken to prison, there, he was drugged to make him seem insane. Then, he was taken to an insane asylum. He now is nowhere to be found. Poof, vanished into thin air.