Friday, February 29, 2008

666 Divided by Golden Ratio linked to Twin Towers

A series of brief articles will be presented to attempt to prove the theorem that we are , as

human beings subjected to a form of brainwashing linked to architecturally-based subconscious

symbolism by the Illuminati. One article can be ascribed to coincidence, however when one looks

at the facts , can hundreds of examples be ascribed to coincidence? This the reader must decide.

The Evidence:

1. 666 Divided by Phi or the Golden Ration is 411.610637. Go to and insert

666 divided by phi - .

2. To divide is to diminish , to delete, to make smaller and essentially to destroy a number into

its smaller components. This is the opposite as to multiply as in the biblical admonition to be

fruitful and multiply.

3. The Twin Towers were divided into their smaller components on September 11, 2001.

Many claim to have seen the face of the Devil in their destruction and the devil is associated with

the number 666. .

4. The Twin Towers were - repeat - were 411 meters tall before they were reduced or shall we

say divided by the devil or 666 into their smallest , atomized components...correct?

See Twin Towers 411 Meters: scroll down 50% - .


The Golden Ratio or Divine Ratio or Divine Proportion dividing the Devil's Number just

happens to be 411 , the altitude of the Twin Towers - divided structures by design that were

then divided into rubble. All of this with numerous devil faces in the cloud of toxic smoke.

More evidence of a masonic mega-ritual ... or just a puff of smoke? It is up to you to determine.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

666 and Toth link to Walmart Birthplace Discovered

In the ongoing investigation into illuminati numerology and symbolism, an interesting

coincidence has been noted regarding the Birthplace of the Walmart store chain and the number

of the beast 666 and the egyptian god Toth. Whether this is real or just another odd quirk of fate

is of course up to the reader to decide.


1. There is now a museum marking the location where the great Walmart chain was born.

It is in Bentonville , Arkansas. .

2. Bentonville, Arkansas is at latitude 36.37 .

3. The Number 36 is linked to 666: .

4. The Number 37 is linked to 666: scroll down 50% .

5. The Number 363 is the number of the ancient egyptian god of magic Toth: .

6. The Number 36353 is a location wherein 666 appears in Pi: .

There are numerous references to Walmart and forced labor in China, Mark of the Beast RFID

Chips and even a top-secret bunker-like facility that few get to see the inside of as well as an

internal spying operation that made the headlines not to long ago. See:

7. Walmart Red China: .

8. Walmart RFID Beast Chips: .

9. Walmart . Bunker...

There is a direct alignment with Bentonville and Nineveh, the ancient city in what is now Iraq. . Latitude 36.37 N.

Nineveh was the City condemned by the Prophet Jonah to be destroyed by G-D. Some believe

the creature known as the antichrist will arise from this region. .


The line of latitude of 36.37 N also runs through China, the source of the labor for the goods

sold in MalWart stores. What does this mean? More coincidence or a connection that provides a

clue to disclosing the identity of The Man of Sin? The reader must decide.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tikal Pyramid links Pluto Axis to endless USA Global Wars

Many are familiar with the Mayan end times chronicles revolving around the year 2012 A.D.

There is a lot of speculation about what will happen and what it could mean...for all of us and our

world and its corrupt and evil global civilization that serves illuminist goals.

This writer has found a link that may -or may not- be of some importance to the equation. It

has to do with the Tikal , Guatemala , mayan indian ruins and the tilt or axis of the planet Pluto.

Whether or not this is coincidence or has global meaning is left to the reader and or Kukulkan,

the feathered serpent to determine.


1. The mayan ruins of Tikal are impressive. Many hearts were cut out of live captives to

appease the suspected reptilian entities that eternally lusted for blood. / "The Tikal Mayan temples were important

ritual centers, where high priests performed often macabre sacrifical rituals. One can imagine

the terror that sacrificial human victims must have felt as they were led up the steep pyramid

stairs." .

3. The Tikal ruins are located at 17.13 latitude N. The ruins and others in the region appear to

be in some odd form of alignment with the stars and planets. .

4. The Planet Pluto is tilted on its axis of 17.13 degrees. "The orbit of Pluto is 17.13 degrees

inclined to the ecliptic." .

5. "Chart data source: Diane Rudhayar, The Astrology of America's Destiny* Random House
NY 1974, page 69 (Koch Houses though), July 4 1776, Philadelphia, 17.13.55 EST, Asc. 13.02
Sagittarius* This book is out of print but you may try Amazon's Out of Print search for the book." .

6. This could mean that the founding of the USA was timed to be in alignment with the Tikal

sacrificial site and the planet of death, the underworld....hades - hell. PLUTO.

7. "Most of the mayan gods were reptilian..." scroll to bottom - .


The USA is obsessed with war and killing . It happens constantly. It is how we live. It is what

we do. We are currently executing , aborting and bombing human beings "legally" all along the

33rd parallel from California to Afghanistan and Texas to Iraq. We have a Skull and Bones

Society leader who sets records in executions.


The masonic founders worshipped and sacrificed to the same reptilian deities as the the maya

priests in Tikal. This explains the endless carnage. The only difference is that the mayans were

honest. Their leaders did not claim "Jesus Christ is my favorite philosopher."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

666 Cubed links Fountain of Youth and The Alamo

Additional information has been uncovered regarding the analysis of advanced illuminati

numerology. This happens to link the oldest city in the USA and reputed site of the Fountain of

Youth to the Birth of Masonic Texas in the Battle of the Alamo. The numbers are there. Please

do the math, but as always the reader must determine his or her own truth.

1. 666 x 666 x 666 = 295 408 296 . The first four digits , if extrapolated into lines of latitude or

longitude seems to come up with bizarre results. Are they coincidences ?- you must decide.

2. Latitude 29.54 N. runs through St. Augustine , Florida. .

3. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the USA. It is also the site chosen as the likely place for the

Fountain of Youth.

4. The oldest city in the USA and the Fountain of Youth are located on a line of longitude easily

extrapolated from the concept of 666 Cubed - or 666 in width , length, height or 3 dimensions.

5. The Masonic Lone Pentagram State of Texas , which straddles the 33rd Parallel was 'born' in

San Antonio, Texas at the Battle of the Alamo. The latitude of San Antonio, Texas is, as you have

guessed... San Antonio International Airport 29.54 Longitude N. scroll down 30% .


6. It began on February 23 - The Number 23.

March 6 or 3-6 or 3 sixes. The Number 36 linked to 666: .

Year 1836: 18 is 6+6+6/ 36 see above. The Battle Lasted 13 days. .
google Alamo March 6 - .

Interestingly both Texas and Florida were spanish colonies now owned by the masonic lodge

that runs the USA. The Bush brothers led record numbers of executions as governors of both

States at the same time...something unheard of in human history. 666 runs through it........


Oddly enough, also a spanish colony , invaded by the masonic forces of the USA in 1898. This

was one of many false flag wars of which 9/11 is just one. Mt. Apo is the tallest peak in the

Phillipines, a US colony and total satrapy until just recently. .

Local folklore claims that Mt. Apo is the home of powerful evil spirits... The evil spirits that

resided there were appeased by the local pagan tribes with human sacrifice. . More coincidence???

Mt. Apo is 2,954 meters in height.

The Alamo was the bloodbath that baptized the creation of the Masonic entity that would bring

JFK assassin President Johnson and Iraq wars Presidents Bush 41 and 43 to the White House.

War , War and War without end when Texas satanists are in power - true or not? Vietnam and

Iraq. What more can be said ... the reptilians must be fed.

As to the Fountain of Youth , is it a myth or truth? That is unknown. What is known is that

Dr. Faust , in the legend , sold his soul for eternal youth. .

Maybe this is what lies behind the legendary fountain. Again, too many odd links and dots that

connect...but it is the reader that decides - Conspiracy or Coincidence? The Devil is in the details.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Euler Constant links Mecca Burj al Bait Tower to Reptilian Prince Charles

There appears to be a link between irrational numbers in mathematics and the growing

behemoth towers that are rising to the heavens across the globe. This may be coincidence or it

may be by design. The reader will have to determine the truth - all that the article can do is

provide the facts.

One of the tallest buildings in the world is a hotel and skyscraper tower known as Burj Al Bait

rising , not in Dubai , but in Mecca. The design is instinctive including being topped by a crescent

moon of huge proportions. See Photo depiction - .

It is 577 meters in height. scroll to bottom - .

The World Financial Center , built by Cesar Pelli, the Yale linked architect that built the

Petronas Twin towers in Malaysia was damaged during the WTC attacks. It is 577 feet tall. .

Some suspect the Illuminati of links to the Petronas Towers. and .

also scroll down 75% .

THE EULER CONSTANT: Scroll to bottom - "Eulerian Constant is y = .577 / google Euler Constant .577 -

Background on Euler - .

It is interesting that the tallest building in Mecca will have an association with Euler's Constant

and the WTC area. What is noteworthy is that Euler wrote a 775 page book on THE MOTION

OF THE MOON and 775 just happens to be the reverse of his .577 constant AND the MOTION

OF THE MOON is what makes it appear to be a crescent at times from the earth . This happens

to be the symbol of Islam as well. Scroll down 50% . Google Euler 775 Moon or .

Further , Euler's constant first six digits is as follows: Google Euler 577216.

The number 216 is code for the antichrist: .

The meaning of a reversed crescent has not been answered yet but could the symbology mean

The crescent moon is the antichrist? Or those that oppose it or reverse it? .


Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms: .

Prince Charles grew up in Buckingham Palace .

There is evidence Prince Charles is a Reptilian: .

Coincidence or Conspiracy? The reader must decide...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Swiss 666 Firm tries to shut down Wikileaks

While doing research into other matters, the following information was discovered regarding a

so-called whistleblower website that exposes suspected or alleged wrongdoing of one kind or

another. It is called Wikileaks. This article does not express an opinion one way or the other

about the veracity of the information on the site or the merits of its allegations or lawsuits

pertaining to any controversy therein. The following information is provided to the reader as a

curiosity only.

This writer had a "hunch" that something odd would be found as to the Bank that used its

lawyers to shut down or order shut down the "leaker" website. Odd does not mean illegal. It

merely means odd. The entity in question is Julius Baer Bank of Switzerland. One of the

largest private banking institutions in that country.

See info / background on Wikileaks: .

See info /background on Julius Baer Bank: .

Julius Baer managers are well paid: .

Wikileaks is supposedly run by dissidents and is a place to post materials that could cause a

leaker in many countries to be killed or jailed. Who or what is really behind the group is

unknown. They may be effectuating a public service or being unfair to other parties - the reader

must decide.

This writer googled Julius Baer 555 and found nothing. This writer googled 333 and found

nothing. This writer googled Julius Baer 666 and found the following:

"Julius Baer, whose principal executive offices are at Bahnhofstr, 36 , P.O. Box 666 CH-8010

Zurich..." .

also: Same strange address at . It is also curious to note that

the street address of 36 is linked to 666 , since the sum of all the integers in 36 equals 666 and

the square root of 36 is 6. .

Further, the 8010 is 81 and reversed is 18 which is / could be 6+6+6.

Further, the name Baer means BEAR. This is an animal sacred to the Merovingians. .

The Order of Sion or predecessor to the Priory of Sion was led by a monk named Ursus. This is

the roman/latin name for Bear. scroll down 20% .

This odd numerology may be just coincidence or it may be a link to the Illuminati. The reader

must decide. One odd connection is that Julius Baer , according to the following link "welcomed"

doing business with Iran. The Judge that smashed wikileaks , Jeffrey White, is a Bush appointee

so in effect, the jurist is doing a 'favor' to Iran even as the Cheney cabal talks of bombing the

country. Something very, very, strange is afoot here. The reader must determine what it is. . ( or google Julius Baer Iran) ...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

666 Pi 2440 links Machu Picchu Reptilian god to 3rd Temptation

It appears that "doing the math" may be the best way to expose and in some cases prove the

illuminati / masonic / reptilian New World Order conspiracy. The usage of numbers as a means

of communications, codes and mysterious source of power appears to also leave clues that are

there waiting to be found for "he that hath understanding" . The current article focuses on a

connection that may prove that one of the "Kingdoms of the Earth" that satan offered Jesus

from a mountain top , was the famous Inca stronghold of Machu Picchu. The decision as to

whether this is proven or not is left to the reader. Further it may be some proof of the belief by

the quasi-masonic sect known as the Mormons, that Jesus walked the Earth in the Americas.


1. Machu Picchu is a well known Inca fortress that was discovered by Yale professor Bingham

in 1911. "Legends and myths indicate that Machu Picchu was revered as a sacred place from a

far earlier time." .

2. Human Sacrifice was performed at Machu Picchu. "The spanish called the Inca culture

"diabolical" and ...The Western mind was incapable of understanding why a civilization would

practice human sacrifice." .

3. The Inca's worshipped a deity known as Viracocha. A shape-shifter sometimes described as

a white man and other times as a feathered flying serpent - a reptile. and scroll down to Viracocha - .

4. "Viracocha, as the feathered serpent god, is one of the great mysteries of ancient American

cultures." . scroll to near bottom.

5. Jesus' Third Temptation happened when he was taken to a tall mountain and showed the

Kingdoms of the World and that he would rule over them if he would worship satan. Jesus

refused and ultimately paid with his life. .

6. A previous article by this writer noted a similarity with the first appearance of 666 in Pi with

the Dome of the Rock / Temple Mount , where Jesus was taken by the demon in the 2nd

Temptation. The altitude above sea level is 2440 feet which happens to be where 666 first

appears in Pi. .

7. The altitude of Machu Picchu, where reptilian deity or white bearded man once ruled is

2440 Meters high. .


It is possible that the Mountain from which Jesus was shown the "Kingdoms of the Earth" was

Machu Picchu. Was Satan , in fact, Viracocha? Is this a coincidence? The reader must decide.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pythagoras 625 and Pi 666 link Shard Tower to NYC Transit Centers

A continuing analysis and investigation of illuminist centers in New York exposes additional

ties to the appearance of 666 in the mystical-irrational number of Pi. The number 10163 is the

7th location were 666 appears. .


This happens to be the zip code in New York City for Grand Central Station. Google - New

York 10163 or,+NY+10163,+United+States+of+America&sa=X&0i=map&ct=title . See Grand

Central Station 10163 at: . It is the home to "hundreds and hundreds of businesses" P.O.

Box addresses... An illuminist sculpture depicting the greek gods Hercules, Minerva and

Mercury adorns Grand Central Station. .

Vanderbilt Hall is located inside Grand Central Station:,353165/33/record.html . Vanderbilt was a freemason and

illuminati member. scroll to bottom - "The origin of the Vanderbilt fortune is an obscure

mystery. It was close to 1 billion $ in 1924." .


This writer has discovered what appears to be a link to the number 625 and the Pythagoras

Mystery Tablet. .

The Port Authority of New York owned the Twin Towers that fell. The lease, not ownership

was held by Silverstein. The Port Authority also owns the Bus Terminal for the city. "world's

busiest bus terminal" . The address is


Further if you were to multiply the number 10163 , which is the , again 7th spot where 666

appears in Pi, you end up with the number: 6768558 . Go to insert 10163 x 666

to reach that result. The National Cathedral of the USA , located in the masonic built city of

Washington , D.C. is 676 feet tall. This is interesting since the 7 spot on Pi when multiplied with

the Beast Number replaces a 7 for a 6 as the answer and happens to coincidentally be the height

of the Gargoyle covered National Cathedral. .

As noted in the article, President Theodore Roosevelt laid the Foundation Stone. He also was a

freemason. / .

He was in fact "a passionate freemason" and the Albert Pike statue in Washington, D.C. was

produced 39 days into his Presidence when he became such after the illuminati murder of

President McKinley. scroll down 40% .

Shard Tower - London -- Tallest Building in Europe:

The Shard Tower , near or next to the London Bridge has previously been linked to evil in

glass , steel and stone. .

The Shard Tower will be 1016 feet in height. Tallest building in Europe. Add 3 inches or .3

inches etc...and you have another satanic appearing "coincidence" with the glistening glass

shard , an evil crystalline beacon for the infernal legions. .


The next time you take a bus or train into NYC , keep in mind that you are riding the highway

to hell. Time to get off. Time to cancel the ticket. Time to tell the Freemason railroad engineers

to take a hike and sit on the top of their shard of glass in London. Do the math. Count the sheer

volume of coincidences. What is happening is not normal. What is happening can be stopped if

and only if enough of us wake up before we arrive at the bus and train depot in hades , complete

with greek god statues. Choice is yours......for me , I'll hitch-hike or walk. Easier on the soul if not

the soles.

Pi 666 joins World Council of Religious Leaders and Empire State Building

There are those that suspect that the skyscraper concept itself is linked to the Tower of Babel

which God himself destroyed. There are others that suspect that the movement to join all

religions together under the roof of the United Nations is the beginning of the One World

Religion, which joined with the One World Government will usher in the rule of the vile entity

known as the antichrist.

This article provides the reader with numerological information that provides further proof

that this may be true. The mystical number Pi is a so-called irrational number. The numerical

sequence 666 appears at various points. including 4435 and 5403. This will provide the key to

unlocking the secret that binds The Empire State Building and The World Council of Religious

Leaders to the beast number - - 666.


1. The number 666 appears in Pi at various locations, since the number has , so far , proven to

be infinite, the actual number of 666 locations is presently unknowable. Some of the locations

pertinent to this article are: 4435 and 5403. See: scroll down 75% . For a more complete list

see: .

2. The World Council of Religious Leaders is located in the Empire State Building in Suite # 5403. / .

3. The Sears Tower in zip code 60606 is 443.5 meters tall - scroll down 50%.

4. "The Empire State Building is just over 443 meters tall. That includes the 62 meter tall

lightning rod on top. There are one hundred three floors." .

Odd how both major USA Skyscrapers link to 4435 , where 666 appears in Pi. The 103 floors is

The number 13. Other articles describe the height of the Empire State Building with additions at

exactly 443.5 meters. "after antenna modifications in the early 1990s, 443.5 M)..." scroll down

90% or google / dogpile

Empire State Building 443.5 meters -- . The antenna modifications to achieve the exact height

would have taken place as the preparation began in the 1990s to set up the World Council of

Religious leaders. Sears Tower at 4435 Pi 666 in zip code 60606 - Coincidence? World Council

of Religious Leaders Headquarters in Suite 5403 = Pi 666 in a building modified to be exactly

4435 Pi 666 appearance , which happens to be the preceding adjacent Pi 666 number - also a

coincidence? Dear Reader...if you believe this is coincidence, then it must be respectfully asked:



The Empire that the Empire State Building refers to is the Empire of the Beast 666. The

building houses the actual Headquarters of the One World Religion prototype. Do the math, let

he who hath understanding ... - begin to understand.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

666 Discovered in New York Times Building and Three Gorges Dam

It is amazing how easily discernible the illuminati footprint is when one spends a brief amount

of time searching for it. One wonders why it is not disclosed , discussed or disseminated to the

masses at large. Then one comes across information that indicates that the mainstream media

is an active , in fact , key component of the Beast System being set-up page by page on the TV

screen and the front page of the daily news. That is what this article wishes to expose:


1. The ancient greeks had a unit of measure known as the Stade. It is approximately 185

meters in length. .

2. The previous link notes that there were three types of Stade or greek foot measurements.

One type is the so-called attic. It would correspond to 176.4 meters, as noted in the previous

link. The number 1764 happens to be the first four digits of the sine of 666. Go to insert - sine 666 - and see resulting number.

3. 184.9 meters is 606.6 feet. So, for all extent and purposes - - 185 meters is 666 : This was

the length of the racecourse at Olympia. scroll down to word stadia: /

4. The Earth happens to allegedly be 216,000 stade in circumference. scroll down 55% and scroll down 40% also scroll

down 20% .

5. 216,000 is 60 x 60 x 60 or 666. This happens to be basically the zip code of the Sears Tower . The 216 is code

for the antichrist in the Left Behind Series: .

6. The new NEW YORK TIMES Headquarters in NY, NY is 185 meters tall or 666. scroll down

to number 10. .

7. The massive THREE GORGES DAM in China is 185 meters tall or 666. scroll down 20% .

8. The SPACE NEEDLE in Seattle, Washington is 185 meters tall or 666.,Seattle,Washington.html .

9. The AIG TOWER in Hong Kong is 185 meters tall or 666.

It has 36 stories. 36 is code for 666. .

AIG likes 666 addresses as well -,1301,54-1-154,00.html and

scroll to near bottom- .

more coincidence???

10. The Euromast in Rotterdam, the world's largest seaport is 185 meters tall or 666. .

11. The EXXON BUILDING in HOUSTON, TEXAS is 185 meters or 666. It was the tallest

building west of the Mississippi river in the 1960s. .


It is interesting to note that the ancient greek measuring system has noted that the earth's

circumference was 666 and that the unit of measurement was also based on 666. Is this

true? Or just Gnosticism which preaches that the devil is the ruler of the Earth trying to create

its own "logic" which now is copied by illuminist elites?

The Beast system is growing . This is now a sustained phenomenon that is gathering in both

strength and speed. The question is - can it be stopped - ? The answer to that is up to the reader

and his or her determination to "Seek The Truth, and it Shall Set You Free". Free means just

that , not happy, not hopeful, not rich or poor.....just Free. While you are at it, feel free to put

your latest copy of the NYTimes to good use , at the bottom of your birdcage. The droppings

tend to scatter widely when they fall from an altitude of 185 meters.

Antichrist Numbers 216 x 616 x 666 link to Tallest Man-made Tower

Additional investigation and so-called 'tweaking' the numbers related to evil in the pseudo

science of numerology, used by the illuminati almost never fails to find odd "coincidences" . The

present matter involves the multiplication of three now commonly used "Numbers of the Beast"

or the so-called antichrist. They happen to be as noted in the title, 216, 616, 666 - .

The digits which were discovered for the answer then linked the altitude of the world's tallest

bridge to the Renaissance skyscraper in Dallas, once tallest building in that city and skyscrapers

In China .

When the number 886 is added to itself or 886 + 886 = 1772. The altitude of the Ostankina

Tower in Russia, the tallest man-made structure in the world. Clearly , this is similar to the

Tower of Babel if only in passing. How odd that it happens to be this number combination.......

The reader must decide if this growing number of links is real or memorex,

conspiracy or coincidence. If it is not coincidence, then it is evidence of the looming global Beast

System , growing unseen like a cancer or hidden poison. The reader must then decide what

to do about it.


1. The number 216 is linked to the antichrist: .

2. The number 616 is , according to some scholars, the 'real' number of the beast:

3. 666 is the Number of the Great Beast of Revelations. This does not require verification.

4. The multiplication of these three numbers is found by going to , then insert -

216 x 616 x 666 = -. The answer is google is - 88 615 236 .

Let us look at the first three digits as in either feet or meters for the altitude of a building or

structure for investigation and analysis: 886.

886 :

5. The Renaissance Tower was once the tallest building, now second tallest building in Dallas.

Dallas, of course is on the 33rd parallel, in the Freemason created nation and now State of Texas.

The Renaissance Tower was built by HOK architects.

6. The french have recently dedicated the world's tallest bridge at 886 feet. It was built by a

french company to a design by Lord Foster. .

7. The twin Cullinan Towers in the PRC or People's Republic of China are both 886 feet tall. The

towers are named after the Cullinan Diamond , the largest in the world, found in 1905. The two

largest polished gems from the Cullinan diamond are now mounted on the Sceptre and Cross of

the Imperial State Crown in the British crown jewels. . This is interesting since the chinese

consider 888 to be a very , very lucky number... . 8 is the luckiest number and the chinese like three digit numbers.

The six is considered by itself to be less lucky. Why not just add two more feet to the building

named after the largest diamond found on earth, obviously a VERY lucky find???

8. Further, the diamond angle is strenghtened because the diamond shape is on the top of the

previously mentioned Renaissance Tower: Five mini towers with lighted diamonds. . A coincidence?

9. The Illuminati Diamond is an ambigram of the four elements of magick: Air, Earth , Fire , Water -

See depiction of Illuminati Diamond: / .

In Dan Brown's novel Angels and Demons , it has to do with the ritual slaying of a Pope .

10. The orbit of Saturn around the sun is 886 million miles. . Scroll down 90%.

11. What this means is that the Orbit of Saturn Coincides with the multiplication of 3 666 linked

numbers. Saturn is linked by some occultists to Satan: / * This writer believes
Mars a likelier malefic candidate but the decision is up to the reader**

12. Cell Towers are linked to a growing mind control apparatus across the USA and Canada.

An article on "Siting Cellular Towers:What You Need To Know/What You Need To Do

by the National League of Cities has as it's ISBN Number - 1-866152-36-5 *** The exact

numbers , in exact order as the same three satanic numbers multiplied together. Go to insert - 886,152,36 - . The Author is Collaboration. It was published in 1997.

13 Cell Towers used for or disguised for other technologies for Mind Control: / / concealed Cell Towers are big business - .

14. 886 + 886 = 1772. The number of feet of the tallest structure made by humans in the world,

until 2003** . The Ostankina Tower. This record was once held

of course, by the Tower of Babel , which G-d destroyed.


It appears that the interlaced network of illuminati control spreads wherever the system

controlled by or involved with new high technology systems goes. This may be further evidence

or coincidence. The reader must, as always, decide. On an odd note, the planet Saturn takes

59 years to revolve twice around the sun , or the amount of its orbit doubled like the Ostankina

Tower's height. This coincides with an ancient greek idea of a 59 year cycle for a calendar linked

to Oenopides and Philolaus a pythagorean mathematician. .

The time it takes Saturn to orbit once around the sun is 29.5 years. .

The Ostankino Tower burned in the Year 2000. .

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hidden 666 links Oral Roberts to Russia Tower

The illuminati cancer is spreading its virus-like tentacles across our planet. No place is immune

from the evil. The only chance to stop it is by being aware of its existence. As had been stated

by others, the devil's most powerful weapon is the widespread belief in his non-existence. This

article and others like it , hope to challenge and change that ignorance into a counter-weapon for

good in service to G-d.

This particular article regards a coded 666 numerology that links Oral Roberts , who claimed to

have physically wrestled with the demon in his bathroom, and the proposed Russia Tower, the

tallest building in that country , if and when, completed.


1. Oral Roberts University is now mired in a financial scandal involving his son's alleged misuse

of school funds. There are unproven allegations regarding his wife and under-age males. and also -

the allegations speak of $1 Billion a year being "funneled" through the school. .

2. The number 216 is code for the vile abomination known as the antichrist. scroll to bottom and .

3. 216 + 216 + 216 = 648. * 6 + 4 + 8 = 18. * 18 is 6+6+6. The number 648 is in essence saying

666! 666! 666! - - it is a thrice repeated satanic chant .

4. Oral Roberts had a dream or revelation in which a 900 foot tall Jesus told him to build a

hospital to cure cancer. This vision of Jesus allegedly had him standing over Oral Robert's

City of Faith hospital (yet to be completed or built). .

5. The walls of the City of G-d , The New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation are , some say 216 feet high and others 216 feet thick - scroll down 70% .

6. The Height of the City of Faith Hospital was 648 feet . When completed it was the tallest

building in Tulsa, Oklahoma. . Therefore, one

could say that illuminist Oral Roberts established 666 as ruling over Tulsa in secret.

The building is a thrice repeated satanic chant in steel , glass and concrete.

7. There is no need for secrecy anymore since now, the tallest building in Tulsa, designed by

the same architect as the WTC Twin Towers is exactly 666 feet need for codes. . 203 meters as stated in

the link is 666 feet. It is also THE NUMBER 23.

8. Russia has had a tortured history since the days of Yaroslav the Wise in the 10th century

A.D. Mongol invasions and Teutonic Knights attacks and then Hitler coinciding with the bloody

Communist Revolution , Stalin , WWII , WWI and then Afghanistan. Probably 50 million killed

since the 1905 Russo-Japanese war which they lost. This , does not include the fact that the

USSR was the first country to legalize abortion in 1920 and the average white russian woman is

more likely to have an abortion than deliver a baby. That goes hand in glove with a massive

white slavery operation that trafficks russian women to all corners of the globe. Russia is dying.

It is ruled by KGB operative Vladimir Putin, a member of the most evil group to walk the earth

if one judges by number of corpses created through violence.

9. The plan for the Russia Tower was for 648 Meters until security and anti-terror concerns

caused a scaling back of the tower. and the

architect was or is to be Lord Foster. .

Lord Foster and 648.

Lord Foster and 919 ( a metaphor for 666) see - and 919 is 616 with

upside down 9s. Turning 9s upside down or using the number 999 as code for 666 is a tool used

by satanists. and Al Gore 999 666 .

Since we can allude to 919 being 616 it is odd to note that some believe the real number of the

Great Beast of Revelations is 616. .

This will mean 666 over the vast Oil fields of Russia....


Lord Foster and 1764 (Sine of 666 - the antichrist is "The Man of Sin". Sin is the abbreviation in

mathematics for Sine...could the antichrist be the Man of SINE ? ) go to and

enter - sine 666 -. The first four digits are 1764. This is the altitude that Lord Foster proposed

for the altitude for the replacement Twin Towers design for the destroyed WTC complex. scroll

to bottom - . A lot of coincidence, don't you think?


The Beast System is being built brick by bloody brick - all around us, hidden in plain sight

while the masses watch soap operas, drink beer and wonder when Britney Spears will have

another photo taken of her without panties. It is this ignorance and the desire to say-it-ain't-so

that allows the illuminati to continue forward. When people awaken, they no longer believe the

lies. That is the first step. The next step is up to you........

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sine 666 links WTC to Nile River and Memphis Pyramid

The Sine is a mathematical formula linked to the Circle. The Sine curve formula. .

Research was conducted into the sine of 666 and this is what has been discovered to date:

1. The sine of 666 is found by going to , then insert sine 666 . The answer is

-0.0176416458. The first four digits are as noted 1764.

2. There is a connection to the number 1764 and the World Trade Center in NYC , now rubble.

The famous suspected illuminist architect Lord Foster had a proposal for a replacement twin

towers that would be, of course, 1764 feet. No one could figure out why he would not simply

make it 1776 feet tall - a mere difference of 12 feet that would coincide with the birth year of the

USA. .

3. In Goro Adachi's Time Rivers' Theory , key points on the Nile are matched up with the

Mississippi River. The Nile is linked to 17.64 degree N. .

4. The Nile River is a code written by a higher intelligence. The Nile has a city named Memphis

as does the Mississippi. .

5. Some believe the pyramid in Memphis , Tennessee is linked to the illuminati: .

6. The City of Memphis, Egypt is linked almost exactly to 666 cubed - .


The rivers of time keep flowing. The evidence keeps growing that much of the USA is designed

to make it a New Atlantis based on freemasonry based beliefs which originate in ancient Egypt.

666 Panes of Glass Myth proven true at Louvre Museum Pyramid

For those that have seen the movie The Davinci Code may recall that the Louvre Museum in

Paris , France and its I.M. Pei designed glass pyramid played a central role in the movie. The

story revolves around the idea that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children with

her. The offspring allegedly intermarried with the Frankish barbarian nobility and formed the

Merovingian Dynasty.

See : a) Davinci Code Louvre Pyramid -

b) c) See photo .

The Myth regarding Louvre Pyramid containing 666 Panes of glass:

This has been proven false or better said "false". The pyramid has 612 panes of glass. If the area

which includes the door had instead been covered by glass panes there would then be 684 panes. .

The area would have been covered by 72 panes of glass...


612 panes is 6 + 12 or 6 + (6+6). This totals 18. There are eighteen letters in sixhundredsixtysix.

72 is the degree of angles in the magickal pentagram and King Solomon used 72 evil spirits to

build his temple. / .

The mystical number Pi has the number 666 appear in space 6840: .

Zero has no value in western numerology so 6840 is 684. Also another way to say it is 684.0 -

Zero = zero .

* This is interesting because I.M.Pei - or - Pi ? built the Louvre Pyramid. The missing 72 panes

is a door or in spanish puerta , portuguese and italian porta - - - a PORTAL.

The doorway is , to use a pun on words - a Pi Hole. In american english a Pie Hole is slang for a

mouth. I.M. Pei is saying I AM PI . The number PI contains 666 at slot 6840. There are 684

panes of glass if one includes THE PORTAL of 72 missing panes that allows for an opening or

gateway into the museum. A pathway into 666 or a portal to hell. pie hole and pi hole is the mouth of the beast 666.....

The Dome of the Rock was begun on top of the Temple Mount of Jerusalem in the Year 684. .

The Dome of the Rock sits over a Rock on the site of the Temple of Solomon ruins. The actual

rock is at an altitude of 2440 feet. 2440 is another numerical location where 666 appears in Pi. .

The previous link also notes that the Great Beast / Antichrist will rule the world from a rebuilt

Temple of Solomon . The number of the beast is as you know 666.

The Number 216 is numerical code for 666. 6x6x6 = 216.

If you add 216 + 216 + 216 = 648. The same numbers in different order.

648 is 666 - 18. The same 18 of 6+6+6 and eighteen word sixhundredsixtysix.

Further: 6 + 4 + 8 = 18. Same analysis as above = same 666 result.


The rumor or myth that the I AM PI designed Louvre Pyramid had 666 panes of glass was

incorrect technically but right on point in symbolic meaning. The DaVinci code is further proven

to be an illuminati psyops campaign. It is not Pi in the Sky. Do the math ... it's all in the numbers.

Humanity must get its head out of its collective Pie Hole if we are to stand a chance against the

illuminati elites and the inhuman entities that stand behind them in the shadow.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

666 Appearance at Pi 2440 links Dome of the Rock to Temptation of Christ

Events are accelerating. Time is short. This writer has discovered a direct link between pi and

the temptation of Jesus Christ by satan as noted in the bible. This may provide the reader with

additional evidence that the advanced illuminati numerology using pi, phi, e and square root is

based on design , not coincidence. The reader , as always, must decide his or her own truth.


NUMBER 2440:

1. The Year 2440 was a famous "underground" book written in the late 1700s that spoke of

a technologically advanced society in existence on the planet Earth in that year. It was a work of

fiction but was deemed so revolutionary that it was banned by authorities at the time.

It nonetheless became the #1 'hit' for revolutionary readers of the time. It described a

Utopia of sorts. and the future

described a society that "worships science" .

The book was a "Forbidden" bestseller: .

2. The original Illuminati were Scientists: .

3. The Beast 666 Number does not first appear in the mythical number Pi until decimal 2440

Scroll down 80% / See number 22: .

4. The Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt for the 666 antichrist to appear inside it therefrom

to rule the world. "He will rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, where the muslim Dome

of the Rock now stands..." - scroll down 25%.

5. The Top of the Temple is where satan took Jesus to tempt him into the path of evil, thereby

in the Christian view , destroying his mission of crucifixion and resurrection. The Son of God , in

Christian ideology was asked to worship lucifer as God, not his own father, God Himself. The

ultimate crucifixon for G-d himself and the revenge of satan for his eternal damnation. Christ

refused and the rest is , as they say....history. See artwork depicting this: .

The Second Temptation: .

*** The Altitude of the Rock over which stands the muslim dome or the Dome of the Rock is at

the altitude 2440 Feet Above Sea Level. Scroll down 30% .


...Dear Reader...more coincidence? Or is there something to this bizarre, advance illuminati

mathematics? This you must decide for yourself. If the decision is conspiracy rather than

coincidence, then it could be said that the evil that is gathering about us can still be stopped.

This writer is a mere messenger. The real question is what are YOU going to do with the

information now that you have it??? Crawling under a no longer an option.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Square Root Phi x Pi x e proves King James Orthodox Bible is Masonic Fraud

The illuminati do everthing they can to pervert the truth and blend fact with fiction and lies

with truth. There has been much controversy for many years about the veracity , accuracy and

ultimately - legitimacy of the King James Bible. This writer believes that the utilization of

advanced masonic mathematics may tend to prove that the Book is of Illuminist and not Divine

origin. The evidence will be made available and as always, the reader must decide.


1. Background on belief that King James bible is a fraud or concoction. Reader must do own

research and analysis: / .

2. The square root is used by Freemasons: .

3. Phi or the Golden Proportion / Divine Proportion is used by Freemasons: and .

4. Pi link to the Occult: .

5. The euler number and music as an occult indoctrination method: and / .

6. Sir Francis Bacon wrote the King James Bible and he was an occultist: .

7. The Ortodox King James Bible is 1086 pages in length: google King James Bible 1086 pages or .

Google The Following:

Square Root Phi x Pi x e -

The answer will be 108.627097 . 1086

CONCLUSION: It appears that although the Orthodox Church is against Freemasonry - ...

that their has been a penetration , an infiltration of the evil in the Holy Book itself. Coincidence

or Conspiracy, the reader must decide. See also / scroll down 50% / .

This variant of the Bible is linked of course, to the UK , Headquarters of the Illuminati and the

ancient home of Sir Francis Bacon. Thomas Nelson Publishers creates the book. .

There are links to the Rockefeller empire and Thomas Nelson. .

There also may be a Mark of the Devil on the New KJV of the Bible. .

Further , Evidence may be the masonic created city of Phoenix , Arizona - see: and

the altitude of Phoenix: 1086 Feet - . More Coincidence?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Square Root Book of Mormon linked to Illuminati Number 23

An interesting numerological connection has been established between the Book of Mormon

and The Number 23 phenomenon. Past suspicions of illuminati involvement or background with

both the 23 and LDS (Latter-Day Saints) movements / phenomena have been noted in the past.

As always, it is up to the reader to decide. The purpose of this article is to expose the link that

has been discovered.


Illuminati and Number 23:

1. 2 divided by 3 is .666 -

2. Movie with name The Number 23.

3. "The myth of 23 is believed to the Mormon Church". .

Mormon / Latter Day Saints and the Illuminati:

4. The 13 bloodlines and the Mormon Leadership-

5. . Video on mormonism

being part of the 'pagan invasion' and 'temple of doom'.

6. Freemasonry and Masonic background of Mormon "founding fathers" .

The Number 23 and The Mormon / Latter Day Saints:

7. Joseph Smith, Jr. - Founder of the Mormon Church was born on December 23rd.,_jr. .

8. From the previous link one can see his depiction. He looks like Lam , the entity summoned

by Aleister Crowley and or one of the strange oriental/high cheekboned MIBs or Men in Black. and .

9. Joseph Smith assumed the Aaronic and Melchizidek Priesthoods at age 23: .

10. The latest leader of the Mormon Church was born on June 23. .

11. Brigham Young University was established on October 23, 1875 -

12. 23 weddings were performed on the same day at the LDS temple in Salt Lake City as the

funeral for their leader. .


This writer has been using what can only be described as an analytical tool of advanced

illuminati numerology using pi, phi, e, the Pythagoras mystery tablet and e or the euler number.

This is what has been found regarding the "bible" of the LDS - The Book of Mormon which is

531 pages long. .

13. The square root of 531 is THE NUMBER 23:

Go to - insert : Square Root 531 - hit search. The answer is: 23.0434372 .

14. Roughly speaking then Twenty Three 23s is the page length of the book. Further if one

adds the numbers that come up in the google search one gets the following:

23 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 7 + 2 = 46. 46 of course, is the sum of 23 + 23 or Two 23s .

Two 23s can be said as To Twenty Three or Towards TWENTY THREE .

15. The Number 23 is linked to the Law of Fives - 2 + 3 = 5. Mitt Romney has 5 sons and they

are "Five Brothers". . Five Men were responsible for the

establishment of communications with evil entities that created The Illuminati. .


The Book of Mormon is simply another chapter in the book of Illuminati propaganda. Or it may

be just coincidence. The reader must decide.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pi x Phi x e links Jin Mao and Petronas Towers to Pythagoras Tablet

The illuminati love nothing more than showing off how "clever" they are. Their machinations of

evil provide them with a great thrill if they can "hide in plain sight". The illuminati and the

entities that they serve, appear to utilize a numerological based science , known to most of us as

magic or magick. The purpose of this article and similar ones by this writer is to expose this

evil, to the extent of his limited abilities, for the reader. The Truth , as Jesus said, will set you

Free. It will also horrify you once you begin to get even a glimmer of understanding of the vast

and powerful nature of the adversary. However, this is true - in the end we win - they lose.

The current article deals with a recently discovered connection between the irrational

numbers, pi , phi -the Golden Ratio, and e -the euler number, and the Jin Mao Tower , tallest

building in China AND the numbers on the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet and the Petronas

Towers in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

These towers and the skyscraper model in general are merely wanna-be replicas of the Tower

of Babel. Man or men in the League of Evil known as the Illuminati that, like Nimrod. would try

to "become like unto G-d" by reaching for the Heavens themselves. An architectural ritual

portraying their master lucifer's attempt to pierce the sky and "take heaven by storm".

That attempt is the purpose of this article to assist in the continuance of that failure.


1. pi , phi and e are so-called irrational numbers in mathematical theory. Allegedly they were

discovered by Hippasus, a student of Pythagoras. This went against Pythagoras' theory and

belief that all numbers had perfect values and Hippasus was murdered by drowning for his

unfortunate discovery. .

2. Using a formula discovered or revealed to this writer in other articles one goes to , then inserts the following: pi x phi x e = . The answer is the following:

pi x the golden ratio x e = 13.8175802

3. Using the same formula one then seeks patterns with the first four or so numbers. This can

be lines of Latitude or Longitude. This can be height -either meters or feet. It can be an

address or other matters alone or in combination with the same number.

4. The Jin Mao Tower is the tallest building in China. (at least until late 2007) .

5. It happens to "coincidentally" be 1,381 feet or the same numbers as the multiplication of

the three irrational numbers first four digits. As a side note, Pythagoras did not believe in

coincidence either. / / .

6. The Tower is in fact a mystical spear of satan piercing heaven in 3-D. Look at photo for proof

- an illuminist structure if there ever was one. .

7. Satan used a spear as his weapon in the War in Heaven. It is the preferred weapon of his

fallen legions. .

8. The Petronas Towers have previously been linked to the Illuminati: and

both buildings have 88 floors. .

9. 88 is nazi or neo-nazi slang / code for Heil Hitler. Scroll to bottom .

10. Hitler was associated with the Swastika. Buddha has been associated with the Swastika. It is

an eastern symbol used or misused by the nazis. Buddha Swastika = .

11. In China, there is an 88 meter Buddha statue made of Bronze, largest in the world. and 88 sacred places.

12. Scroll to bottom for 88 financial instituions funding research by nazis into 88 oriental thought.

There is a very dark link between left hand path eastern spiritual practices and the nazis. .

Clearly there is a numerology aspect to having 88 floors in Petronas and Jin Mao - then why not

for the height in feet of 1381 being the sum of the multiplication of pi, phi and e?

13. The Petronas Towers are 452 meters in height. They have an 8 pointed star in their design. /

14. This writer accidentally discovered a connection between the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet

and the number 452. The number appears to be linked with a portal or portals between Heaven

and Hell. .

15. "When viewed in plan, the towers appear as two overlapping squares-interlocking heaven

and earth, to create an eight pointed star..." . Interlocking Heaven and Earth

means to this writer... a portal. Someone else appears to have discovered the 452 number in the

tablet prior to this writer.

16. The 8 pointed Star is a symbol of the Knights of Malta. . google eight pointed star knights malta.

17. Some believe the Knights of Malta are linked to the Illuminati: scroll down to Knights of

Malta. .


The true nature of the spears of evil is now exposed. Pythagoras was wrong about irrational

numbers, they did exist. He was correct about Coincidence does not exist. These

numerical connections....are by design.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pi x Phi x 666 = Sydney Olympic Stadium Latitude

The illuminati, like the roman caesars and their human-sacrifice rituals known as the circus

and gladiator contests, love sports. This year we will be treated to a spectacle in the People's

Republic of China known as the 2008 Olympics. It is , perhaps , a good time to look at the occult

aspects of the Olympic Games before Beijing 2008 opens for business.

An interesting aspect of this phenomenon has been noted involving the Sydney Games. It also

speaks volumes regarding the selection of the location of Sydney itself as the largest city for

Australia during the masonic conquest and aboriginal holocaust of the Land Down Under.

The Evidence:

1. Pi is a number of mystical significance: and .

2. Phi is a number of mystical significance - the Golden Ratio: / / and scroll

to bottom: .

3. The number 666 needs no background but some will be provided for purposes of verification .

The calculation: Go to insert - pi x phi x 666 = - the answer will be

3385.41366. Try it yourself. Then , using the technique developed previously by this writer,

3385 becomes 33.85 Latitude or Longitude.

4. The latitude for the Sydney Olympic Park is 33.85 S . .

5. Go to and insert - sydney australia freemason - . There are quite a few

masonic listings that will become immediately available. The Freemasons love the number

33. Is it a coincidence that Sydney is located where it is? Is it a coincidence that the first four

numbers of the multiplication of phi, pi and 666 are the same as the latitude for Sydney and the

Olympic Park. This , particularly so, when the Olympics are of greek origin and the ancient

greek mathematicians are who provided us with pi and phi?


This is a coincidence of course. Except...well...another oddity emerges....

Canberra is the Capital of Australia. You have to fly a long way to get there from here. You can

land at it's airport, of course. The latitude is 35.19 S . or google latitude 35.19 Canberra.

35 X 19.05 = 666.75

The number 19.5 is linked to the Illuminati and Cydonia plain on Mars. and .

The Land Down Under was dedicated to the infernal entities of the Underworld. Sad to say, but

it's ...all in the numbers... -

Friday, February 1, 2008

Scientology Numerology links Pythagoras to 33rd Parallel

This writer has discovered some interesting numerological coincidences pertaining to the COS

or Church of Scientology. The reader must determine if the connections are based on design or

simply happenstance. No illegality is alleged. No insults are intended. The information may or

may not have a basis that is intentional or accidental. The Reader be the Judge.

A. The Number 22/7 is symbolic of the babylonian mathematical term known as Pi. and .

B. The address for Scientology Headquarters in New York City is: . 227 West 46th Street.

C. The City of Phoenix , Arizona is on the 33rd parallel. The City of Hemet , California is also on

the 33rd parallel. Phoenix: .

Hemet , California has the highest death rate for troops in Iraq of any other California town.,_California .

D. Scientology was born in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a 33rd parallel phenomenon. .

E. Scientology has a major compound in Hemet, California. This is the location where the

"return" of L. Ron Hubbard is expected.,0,2963052.story?coll=la-home-headlines / .

Born on the 33rd parallel leads to Reborn on the 33rd parallel. ...

F. The number 216 is a metaphor for 666 The Number of the Beast. Why? Because it is

6x6x6 = 216. See also: .

G. The Church of Scientology in Taiwan has a 216 address: .

H. The Headquarters of the Church of Scientology are in Clearwater , Florida. There is a new

facility in Largo, Florida as well. Go to and insert - scientology clearwater - and

then click on search. The reader may be amazed at the number of COS locations in the Tampa

Bay area. The Wiki link on Clearwater even has a major portion dedicated to the Scientology

phenomenon in that city.,_Florida . scroll to bottom.

I. The latitude of Clearwater, Florida is: 27.94 N .

J. 27.94 x Phi or the Golden Ratio , a mystical number is: 45.2078696. Go to

insert - 27.94 x phi - then hit search. Obviously , the first three numbers are 452 .

K. 452 is linked to Time / Space Portal numerology associated with the Pythagoras Mystery

Tablet. .

L. But there is more: If one multiplies 216 x 613 x 625 = 82,755,000 . Go to

insert the formula 216 x 613 x 625 = - and that will be the answer for verification. The 216 as

noted previously is code for 666, the 613 is linked to the Commandments of the Torah of the

jews and 625 is again a number linked to the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet. see: 613 Torah - and

625 Pythagoras at - .

M. It just so happens that the line of LONGITUDE 82.75 runs through Clearwater , Florida : .

N. A major Scientology complex is located in Trementina, New Mexico. The latitude is N. .

If one multiplies 35.31 x 28.56 the answer is 1008.4536. This is interesting because the number

1008 is linked to the idea of reincarnation , an avatar and the Phoenix - the name of the city in

which Scientology was "born" so to speak. . .

In hinduism, God has 1008 names. . There

is also the 1008 petaled Lotus of Hinduism as well. . Further, a 1008 foot tower is planned for

illuminati-riddled London, UK.,008ft+tower+planned+for+City/ .

O. The real 666 is said by some to be 616: This as stated on the National Post newspaper of Canada.

P. The address for Scientology in the early years in 33rd parallel Phoenix was 616. .

*link posted for address coincidence only*. No allegations of improper, unethical, illegal or

immoral conduct are made against Church of Scientology. They have a right to practice their

faith under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. *

Q. Vision Literacy Centers is associated with L.Ron Hubbard. The address is 215 (one shy of 216). .

Hubbard's Applied Scholastics International has 215 programs: .

R. The local Scientology Church in a city in Ohio is at a 215 address: .

S. The massive new Scientology Super Power center in Clearwater , Florida is at a 215 address. .

T. The theme of a Stairway to Heaven or Portal to Heaven is linked to 215 . The famous stairway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil leads to

St. Teresa's Convent. and . She was from Heaven.

U. The masonic Washington Monument in the USA capital has 889 steps leading to "heaven" .

oddly, the Super Power building in Clearwater will have 889 rooms . .

The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall or 6,660 inches in height. 666 - .

Could it be that the Stairway to Heaven really leads to Hell?

V. Tilden , Nebraska is located at latitude 42.047 N. It is the Birthplace of Hubbard. . .

There is the Cult of 42 and

The Cult of 47 .


Could this be coincidence? Pythagoras did not believe in coincidence but the reader must make

up his or her mind. This article is written to do research into numerology. It is not to promote or

to attack or insult scientology or any other faith. No allegations of impropriety are raised against

scientology or anyone. Regarding L.Ron Hubbard and Numerology it is allegedly said that:

"creator of Scientology was more interested in numerology than any other aspect of magic" scroll

to bottom - . Link used solely for quoted item* and

using links does not imply agreement with criticism of scientology by this writer.

If L. Ron Hubbard did return...this writer would like to know if the above material was part of a

code or not? In the meanwhile, maybe someone could ask Tom Cruise. The previously noted

Super Power site will have 447 windows and 42 bathrooms...more coincidence? The mystery

surrounded Merovingian Dynasty began in the year 447. .