Sunday, November 20, 2011

Israel to strike Iran on Three Kings January 6, 2012

The end is near. The long-predicted nuclear war in the Mid-East will begin early next year.

The date is easily predictable once the reasons are understood. The Iran bomb is coming. Iran

will strike first with 4 nukes if allowed to go unchallenged. This will be the end for the Zionist

entity. Therefore, it must strike first. Time is running out. Here is the reasoning: November and

December is the Holiday season in the USA. A lot of economic activitiy takes place at this time

and at no other time of the year. Many Zionists own businesses that prosper or depend for their

survival on sales at this time. The winter time hampers Russian troop movements and that

nation is an ally of Iran. The winter time hampers Taliban movements and makes it difficult for

that group to pin down US troops in Afghanistan which borders Iran. North Korea is frozen then

and always has acute food shortages made worse by the dead of winter. A loss of oil now means

people starve AND freeze. Obama knows that the strike will take the Republicans and their

turkeys and primary elections off of the television screens...maybe for good. The astrology of

an attack then is good. Mars, the g-d of war goes retrograde at the end of January until mid-

April. A quick attack in early January followed by a tortoise-like defense posture for the counter

attack serves Israel well. Hit first. Then call for Peace and hunker down. Mars will be in Virgo

for an extended period of time. Virgo is the Ruling Astrological sign of Israel. War War War in

the air until June of 2012. Iran is the Ram. It is ruled by Aries - the ruler of which is Mars.

When Mars is retrograde it favors the defender. It disfavors the aggressor. A retrograde Mars

is not good for Iran UNLESS it is in a defensive posture. Therefore, predicting the war itself and

who will win or lose is easy this time. Whoever strikes first - in Early January and then goes on

the defensive will likely see victory by June. Attack in January. Defend from late January until

mid-April. Then attack again until June. Victory in July. The war will come. It is inevitable and

it will start soon. This writer has provided both sides with the formula for victory. Which one

will use it? Further, Why January 6? It is the so-called Three Kings day. Persians bearing gifts

for a Jewish King or Messiah. The symbolism is inescapable. Buy gold now. Sell on February 1.

Good Luck. Stock up on Food and Water unless you want to be taken for a fool depending on the

Gubbermint to save you like those poor people in the New Orleans Superdome during Katrina.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paterno Sandusky Masonic Coincidence Exposed

The following masonic coincidence linking the child abuse scandal at Penn State with the

masonic order of the Illuminati has been noted. This may be pure coincidence or not. The reader

must decide, as always if the link is evidence of impropriety or happenstance.

Coach Sandusky has been abusing boys using his position in Penn State as an enabling device: .

There is a town in Ohio name Sandusky that is designed in the fashion of a Masonic compass/G: and .

In the masonic movie series with Nicholas Cage named NATIONAL TREASURE , there was an

Inspector Sadusky played by Harvey Keitel. He wore a masonic insignia ring in the movie. . Clearly, this was a play on the name of the town
in Ohio.

Joe Paterno has received a Masonic Humanitarian Award. .

Please, do not forget, the masonic link in the recent slaughter of children in Norway: .

Coach Sandusky formed a "charity" called the Second Mile. From here he preyed on boys. It just

so happens that "Another Eastern Star book, The Second Mile, understates the impact of the

hexagram when it says, "...the six pointed star is a very ancient symbol and one of the most

powerful." . See his charity at

Then there is the question of what his wife Dottie or Dorothy might have known about this as

well as his adopted children. . The Judge

that let Sandusky out of custody without bond is linked to Second Mile - .


"Inquiring Minds are asking..." is Dorothy Sandusky a member of the female masonic order

named the Eastern Star? Coach Sandusky called his wife Sarge, saying she was in charge of the

house. Could she in fact be in charge of much more? and .

Another Coincidence...? This just scratches the surface. The ultimate ramifications of the Story

will be buried. They always are. The truth would expose the global networks of evil. The use of

children for evil rituals of the elite. Christ said "You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless

you are as a young child". The rituals are designed to prevent innocent children from being

innocent - from entering Heaven. The ultimate Evil. Involvement in this filth brings power to

those willing to sell their soul. To give themselves to hell in exchange for temporal riches, power

and glory...the all important fame and fortune which AMERIKKKA worships. The lid has been

pried open to reveal the bowels of the underworld over which the SHEEPLE sleepwalk. The

sheeple wander around with EYES WIDE SHUT. They see...but they do not watch. Trust no one.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

National Restaurant Association Santorum Illegals

As a result of the research into the NRA link to undocumented migrants known also as illegal

aliens and Herman 'Hurricane' Cain, this writer found something unusual and unexpected. It

will be the topic of this brief article. Mr. Cain was CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

He was hit with sexual harrassment allegations which are now news story number one in the

USA. The National Restaurant Association has as members, obviously, food industry members

and as the name implies, restaurants-primarily. It has supported efforts to make it easier for

its members to hire and to continue to hire what the law labels - Illegal Aliens. Foreigners, who

are in the USA without the authority of the Government or working without permission or in

many cases both. Often with false documents, forged documents, rented documents and so on.

See: . The interesting issue on this link is the

list of top recipients of campaign cash by the NRA. The number one - EL NUMERO UNO -

recipient of Green Gravy known as US Dollars from this group is Rick Santorum - a Republican

Presidential candidate. Scroll down the link to near bottom. Rick Santorum is another hypocrite

who bashes illegals while taking money from a lobby group that forms a large platform for their

employment. Without that employment - they would not come here and therefore not be here

illegally. and - Restaurants may hire up to

17% of the illegal aliens that work in the USA. That would number in the hundreds of thousands

possibly touching on a million workers. . The Republicans can't

win on this one. Their Party turned as blind an eye as did the Democrats. Democrats wanted

bodies to bolster their voter base. Republican Business interests wanted bodies to work as cheap

labor and semi-slaves. Add Rick Santorum to the list of Imposters - another puppet in the show.

National Restaurant Association Illegal Alien Cain

Herman Cain has a bigger problem than the sexual allegations from the past that hound dog

his run for the Black House. There is an issue which raises such crass and vile hypocrisy that

one has to question how and why it has not been raised in the Nationa Media. By now, anyone

that follows this topic knows that Herman Cain was the CEO of the National Restaurant

Association. . Herman Cain has been very,

very hard on illegal aliens crossing into the USA. Most of them come here looking for work. He

suggested as a "joke" putting up an electric fence along the border. .

He was the CEO of the NRA in the late 1990s. This is precisely the time frame when the tidal

wave of undocumented migrants began entering the USA from Mexico to find work. 1996-99

was his tenure at NRA. .

The OFFICIAL position of the NRA has been in favor of illegal immigrants working in the USA.

In fact, restaurants are a huge source of employment for people that are here illegally. You know

this yourself. How many times recently have you gone out to eat and the waiter or waitress or

person working behind the counter can barely speak English? Is this hypocrisy of the worst type

or what? . The lies...The lies...when will they

finally stop? When will you realize that it is all just one big illuminati puppet show?

Michelle Obama link to Herman Cain Harrasment

The source of problems for Herman Cain regarding past allegations and settlements of sexual

harrasment may be First Lady Michelle Obama. President Obama would be hard pressed to

come up with a viable strategy to confront an opponent that is "more black" than he is. This

would be true. In fact, Obama momma is white. Obama has no more experience growing up as

an African-American than Dubya Bush. He was born in Hawaii. He grew up in Indonesia. His

father and family members are in Kenya from which few black slaves that came to America have

ancestry and therefore descendants. Obama would have faced a major problem. Cain could say

things other candidates could not. Obama could not respond. Is he really black? No one even

knows where he was born or what religion he really practices (besides illuminati luciferianism).

Suddenly, a rising Hurricane named Herman - is stopped in his tracks. The direction of the

storm has veered off into the deep waters of the Atlantic. It will soon pose no threat to the

Obama interests. A connection has been found to the National Restaurants Association and

Michelle Obama. She praised the organization. She gave a speech there a little over a year ago.

An article posted by Dawn Sweeney on the National Restaurant Association blog on September,

13, 2010 notes details on the speech. Google Michelle Obama National Restaurant Association or go to

Michelle Obama has long been known to be linked to the Illuminati . She in fact is Obama's

handler. The wife part is a mere cover. .

The Hurricane will dissipate. The only true leader must be a killer. Not a harrasser. It will come

down to Obama and his drones or Perry and his texecutions. An outside chance goes to Romney

and the secret LDS army that stands behind him in the shadows. The 'cain never had a chance.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dean Ing Predicted Romney Huntsman LDS 2012

A new religious dictatorship is about to rise in the world. It was predicted by speculative fiction

writer Dean Ing. He wrote several novels roughly 25 to 30 years ago in which a post-apocalyptic

America is led by a Mormon / Latter Day Saints dictatorship. Professor Ing notes that the LDS

cadres are well led, well supplied, make survivalism a creed and follow the call of unified and

effective leadership. They do not drink , smoke , swear , use drugs and have many children ,

which is something that among white women globally is unusual. They are capitalist. They have

money. They are well-armed. They are based in Utah far from the soon to be flooded coasts.

The new Area 51 is in their State. When the apocalypse arrives it will fall to their control. and the Mormon Political Conquest Council of

Fifty authorized a project to secure Mormon nuclear weapons in Australia.,4,78mormon.htm .

A religious group that believes Jesus and Lucifer are brothers will gain control of alien / ET

technology from the new Area 51 in their back yard and have nukes. All they need is a false

flag armageddon - which they will be best suite to survive. See novels which highlight the

predictions of Dean Ing - and .

In 2012, the Republican ticket will have two Mormons on it. Romney and Huntsman. They will

start the war against Iran. The Russians and Chinese will be drawn in. An LDS dictatorship will

rise from the ashes. It will unveil ET technology. It will be organized and have food. It will

demand conversion to their faith. They are, after all, descendants of the tribe of Dan, .

Jon Huntsman was ambassador the Red China. He was sent there to prepare for the arrival of a

vast Chinese army wearing the blue helmets of the UN. The occupying force for those areas of

the USA that pose armed resistance to the LDS dictatorship. Be ready. The White House will

never again see a "normal" Christian as its resident again (if it ever has). Are you ready? You

better be - 'cuz , THE SAINTS ARE MARCHIN' IN and it looks like the Goosestep.

Bangkok flooded for Sins - End Times Warning 2012

The past is a predictor of the future. In the Old Testament everyone has heard of the Great

Flood and that most cultures have a story or legend of the massive destructive flood, unlike any

ever seen before or since. . The legends indicate that the

flooding was a result of massive misconduct by the human species - a collective punishment for

failure to listen to WORD OF G-D. .

Bangkok is the World Capital of Sin. .

Bangkok is now under water. The city of 12 million is basically underwater. The evil is being

washed away. Yet again, it is a harbinger of things to come. The reminder from the ancient past

is a wake up call for the punishment by fire - to begin on December 21, 2012. The Mayan End of

Times. The time when the calendar literally stops. See flood - and .

Mayan Calendar ends - .

The Illuminati prepare to assume total global control. The have little time. The pressure on all

resistance elements will be severe. Hold the line. Resist bravely. Soon, very soon, there will be,

as noted in the Book of Revelations - A NEW HEAVEN - A NEW EARTH - A NEW JERUSALEM

Have faith. Do what you can to prepare. Continue the Struggle.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seventy Sons of God link to Ra Pyramid Angle

The number 70 appears to link the concept of the Seventy Sons of God or sons of Asherah, a

semitic pagan deity, with the maximum angle a pyramid's sides should be before the power of

the pyramid becomes negative and distorted. Whether this is coincidence or not is unknown at

present. and .

Channeling of an entity known as Ra indicates that the maximum degree angle for a pyramid

should not exceed 70 degrees. Anything more and it becomes negative energy creation and

distortion. The following article notes that the pyramid casino hotel complex in Las Vegas ,

Nevada has a 78 degree angle and is a place of negative energy. and it should be noted that the very evil exhibit

called BODIES has moved to the Luxor Pyramid. and this exhibit has

already been linked to the Illuminati. and see also the Titanic exhibit

which is ongoing in the pyramid as well. . The

sinking of the Titanic was also linked to the Illuminati. .

78 is 13 x 6. 6 x 13 could also be 613 or the number of laws in the Torah. .

See Ra teachings (veracity unknown) - .

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Illuminati Pillsbury links Herman Cain to Kofi Annan

The illuminati create caricatures. Black politicians are now in vogue. The NWO allowed Obama,

a Kenyan that is ineligible to be the President of the USA, into the White House. He was a left-

wing puppet. Now, comes Herman Cain, he bears the Mark of Cain, upside down 9-9-9 is 666.

Prior to either of them reaching or aspiring to reach the pinnacle of illuminati puppet power,

there was Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations. He was pure illuminati bred.

Masonic links going back to his father and his father's employer Unilever. See: .

Pillsbury is Illuminati - links to Skull and Bones: and .

Pillsbury is linked to Kofi Annan:

Pillsbury is linked to Herman Cain: .

Herman Cain is member of a Fraternity whose symbol is replete with Illuminati symbols. . .

CONCLUSION: The illuminati rule the Western World. No one rises to the top without their

evil blessing and approval. The Mark of Cain. AMABO the Kenyan. Kofi Freemason Annan. The

old boss...looks a lot like the new boss- as the rock group The Who used to sing. Whistle along, it

is the marching song of NWO Fascism as it goose steps on the road to the Apocalypse.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Texecutioner Rick Perry link to alleged Zionist Cult

There are billboards in certain sad parts of the USA that show a picture of George W. Bush and

say "miss me yet"? The answer is "no" dubya... You should never have been allowed into the

White House, even to scrub the toilets used by the tourists. However, there are those that wish

to replay and relive the disaster known as the Dubya Era. Their chance for this to happen is with

the election of Governor Rick Perry of Texas. A fellow Texecutioner that followed on the heels of

Bush into the Governor's mansion in Texas.

Close links have been noted to a Zionist power player in the USA. Irwin Katsoff. He is known

as Rick Perry's Rabbi. .

Mr. Irwin Katsoff has ties to an ultra-orthodox Jewish group which some describe as a cult. This

writer is not fit to determine what is or is not a cult. This writer merely provides the information

to the reader that is publicly available. Aish HaTorah and also www.timesonline.couk/tol/life_and_style/article507241.ece .

The Baptist preacher that supports Perry and spoke out against Romney because of his faith

in the Mormonoid religion, needs to ...just maybe.... take a closer look at Rick Perry. Tell me who

you are with and I will tell you who you are. Right?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Romney Believes Jesus and Lucifer are Brothers

This is not slander. This is not libel. This is a core belief of the Mormon faith / religion / cult.

What this group really is depends, of course, on the reader. Like they say in France, one man's

fish is another man's poison. Recently, a Baptist preacher that supports the Dubya Bush clone

known as Governor Perry, another Texecutioner from TEXXXASS, said the obvious...Mormons

are not Christians. This is true. They do not believe in the crucifixion. They do not believe in the

Resurrection. Without this, Jesus is just another nice guy. With this belief, they are akin to Islam

that holds Jesus in some esteem as a minor prophet, but do not believe in the Crucifixion or

Resurrection either. Moslems are honest. They do not claim or pretend to be Christians unlike

Romney and the Mormonites.

SEE: .

Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. Romeny is a mormon in good standing

and therefore that is what he believes as well. and This clearly - repeat - clearly goes

against and contradicts the CHRISTIAN BELIEF that Jesus is the only begotten Son of G-D. See .

This is just the start of numerous unusual (when compared to real Christianity) beliefs of the

Mormonic Cult. Not one in twenty American citizens would feel comfortable having a leader that

had these beliefs in the White House. If one were to expose the top 100 odd beliefs of mormon

ideology and ask Romney if he believed that and he was held to answer "yes" or "no" in a true

manner - he would never be elected to any office in this Country outside of Utah or a few next-

door States with large mormonite clusters of population. He has the Right to believe what he

wants but it is the Right of the American People to know the CORE VALUE BELIEFS of the man

that will inhabit the Masonic Temple known as THE WHITE they not?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Virginia Punished by G-D with Earthquake and Irene

The State of Virginia is being punished by the Lord for being a longstanding outpost of the evil

Illuminati. The background of the State is steeped in service to the New World Order, including

being the headquarters of the CIA. See background of evil: "The masonic temple at Alexandria,

Virginia is a hotbed center in the Washington D.C. area for the Illuminati scholarship and

teaching." . Also, The United States of America is an asset

of the Illuminati Virginia Company. . The University of Virginia, is a

long known site of illuminati operations. scroll down 80% .

A UFO was seen over Hurricane Irene. It was a "chariot of the gods" sending the punishment to

Virginia. .

The rare earthquake in Virginia happened on August 23 which of course is THE NUMBER 23.

The date is 8-23. The number 8 is 2 x 2 x 2 or 2 to the 3rd power or again a number 23.

The Anna Nuclear power plant in Mineral, Virginia was the target of the earthquake. That story

has been suppressed by the muzzled press. .

This is the beginning not the end. The time to repent is now. The charioteers flying in their

ultra-dimensional , hyperspace quantum physics craft are tired of our nonsense. Like the

chinese say, the gods don't like it when humans make too much "noise". We are making a lot of

noise as a species in the last century. Spilling blood. Consorting with reptilians and demons. The

time to change and repent is now or we are doomed. How many warnings do we need?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama names Yale Illuminati as China ambassador

President Obama follows in the footsteps of his NWO predecessors that we call Presidents, to

assist the rise of Red China. The huge nation was a backward giant with people on bicycles and

whose military electronics were still at the vacuum tube level just twenty years ago. The entire

"rise of China" phenomenon has been made-in-the-USA. Kissinger had Nixon open the door.

Then Nixon got the boot. After that every US President has allowed vast amounts of money and

dual-use military and civilian technology to go to the Red Giant. It reached a high point of what

can only be described as treason under Bill Clinton. See: and .

As everyone knows, Hilary Clinton, now USA Secretary of State has her own corrupt links to

Red China. She is in control of US foreign policy. She nearly became the Democrat nominee and

would now have been President but for the unlikely election of the Lion King from Kenya. LKK. and .

Gary Locke, the new nominee for USA Ambassador to China is a Yale graduate. Yale is the

home of The infamous Skull and Bones secret society and it was instrumental in the rise of

Mao Tse Tung in China. Mao, in fact, began his writings on property owned by Yale University.

Scroll down 75% at or google Yale

Mao China. See also: and

It is unknown and or undisclosed if Gary Locke is a member of Skull and Bones. . The group stopped

keeping public records of its membership lists a few decades ago. No one knows who the new

breed are. No one asks... Gary Locke is a member of the Illuminati and an agent of influence for

China. In fact, he was born there. He will emerge as a USA Presidential or Vice Presidential

candidate some day. His foreign birth is now irrelevant. Obama has shown that. See: .

The takeover is near. The job is nearly complete. The sheeple in the USA will only realize that

something is wrong when the sky fills with black helicopters with blue-helmeted chinese troops.

Prepare while you can. Resistance is not futile. It is a duty mandated by G-D.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea Party Default aimed at stopping Rise of China

The Tea Party is deep cover Patriot network psyop. This is typical of those "color" revolutions

that happen all over the world linked to the CIA and George Soros. The Tea Party has no leader,

no headquarters, no real structure. It is an amorphous model based on the autonomous cell,

leaderless resistance, which extreme right radicals in the Patriot movement of the USA use.

The goal is not to balance the budget. The goal is to default on the debt. Plain and Simple. They

want default. That means no more loans which means no more debt and the debt that exists is

knocked out. What is also knocked out is Red China and the less importantly, the hostile oil

States which depend on the USA consumption of oil to fill their coffers with money to then use

against the USA. If the USA economy falls. The oil economies of Iran , Saudi Arabia , Russia

and Venezuela fall as well. Cuba lives off of Venezuelan money now and it will collapse. China

will collapse into revolution when its urban masses face no jobs, no food and no hope. The USA

will survive. We have food. We have nukes. No can come and collect the debt by force - not yet.

The fascist patriot network behind this process is concerned about the sale of the USA to

Red China in secret by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - a fire sale. Her husband Bill Clinton

also known as Slick Willy, gave China the tools and technology to become a Super Power. He

committed treason. A coup attempt was squashed by violence. The Tea Party is going to force

a default to save us from slavery to Red China. The more debt- the more we cede power to them

-until we have to give them Alaska , Hawaii, Guam , Puerto Rico in payment. Until we have to

withdraw from Japan and Korea. Until we bow to the Red Mandarins as trembling lackeys.

The Tea Party will spare us from this although the cost will be steep. The Tea Party will replace

Red Slavery with the Black slavery of Fascism. A Cabal of Shadows to rule us rather than the

Maoists. Freedom of Choice. That is what you may call it. Be prepared for the rise of evil. Pray

for deliverance. Be prepared to go underground. Store food and water NOW. Get silver coins and

Mexican and Canadian currency if you are near the borders. Be prepared for martial law. Good

Luck and God Speed to all who resist the rise of the illuminati.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Default Crisis is Staged and Planned by Banksters

There is a fake battle going on right now. The left and Obama blame the Tea Party kooks for

the crisis and inability to raise the debt limit. In fact, they are both playing out a script. They are

both playing roles in a drama to create an "excuse" or "crisis" to default on the debt on purpose.

The USA owes 14.3 Trillion. The USA has 5% of the World's population. We owe more money

than the global net worth of the entire planet and the rest of the 95% of our sad species. The

debt will be NEVER BE PAID. We will never pay the debt. We will never pay the interest on the

debt. NEVER. The answer is hyperinflation which would destroy the economy. The other

answer is eternal slavery to an unpayable debt like a pakistani mud brick maker that gets more

in debt to his "employer" each passing day. The more he works...the deeper into the hole due to

payments for room and board and so forth. It is a scam. It is not workable. It is doomed to fail.

The only way out is war. Dangerous. We could lose or get hurt here in the homeland real bad.

We could cut spending to the bone and still never pay the debt and risk revolution. We could

declare National Bankruptcy and then we would be admitting we have gone bust.


We go bankrupt without saying that is what we are doing. All of the creditors will be sitting

around the table with Obama to negotiate what they are IN FACT going to get paid. If they do

not cut a deal - they do not get paid a penny. The debtor, the USA is back in the driver's seat

and no one will loan us money for decades which means we must balance the budget and live

without borrowing and within our means. No one can force us to pay. We have food and nukes.

Some countries have nukes but no food - like North Korea. Other countries have food but no

nukes - like Argentina. We have both. No one can collect. No one can seize Alaska or Hawaii as

payment. All the creditors can do is come to some deal or get nothing and then collapse since

they will not survive not getting paid. This is a way to get rid of China and the Muslim oil States.

A BRILLIANT PLAN - Bravo Obama and Tea kooks ! Your service to the banksters will be well

paid. 2-3 years from now, the USA will have a clean balance sheet. Those foolish enough to have

loaned the US Government money will be in the poorhouse. This is what is being played out now.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pi Neptune links Biker Mormon Lake Murder Suicide

It is obvious that a massive global illuminist linked blood sacrifice linked to water, ruled by

Neptune/Poseidon, in mythical beliefs, occurred on the July 22, 2011. A previous article noted

that there is a link between the numerology of 7-22, which in Europe is 22-7. This coincides with

Pi, which can be described as 22/7. July 22 also happens to be celebrated as St. Mary Magdalene

Day in the Catholic and other Christian Churches. She of course is famous as the bride of Jesus

and mother of his child or children, according to the semi-fictional DaVinci Code movie and book.

The murder of 92, now 93 people by the wingnut from Norway on the same day included the

bulk of the killing taking place on an island with youth being slaughtered in the water. The death

toll is now at 93 - a number linked with Thelema, The "religion" of Great Beast / Black magician

Aleister Crowley. See: and Thelema 93 at .

On the same fateful day, in Mormon Lake, Arizona, more deaths near water by gunfire. See: .

Water is a critical element in psychic power ritual work of many kinds both good and evil. .

See also Neptune role in death: and Neptune

just entered its ruling sign of Pisces in April of 2011. It is starting to make its presence known. .

Pisces is also the sign that rules over victims. In this case, victims associated with water or liquid

as with the Mormon Lake biker that was drunk and killed others and then himself. Drunk=drink

or liquid or water of some sort. Fire water as the Native Americans used to call it. .

Expect new developments in Naval technology and warfare whose ultimate goal is to kill people

and that OUT OF THE ETERNAL SEA HE RISES - just like the Norway killer shooting youth

like ducks in a barrel. . Expect more news

of a dramatic kind having to do with the element of water. 4/5 of the Earth is water as is water

the main component of blood. Stay tuned...more killer whales headed to shore. Good luck!.

See also: www.scoreboard-canada.htm/babylon-625pythagoras.htm and .

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pi and DaVinci Code link to Norway Mass Murder

The illuminati do everything by the numbers. They are by the book. A book that is steeped in

hyper-dimensional mathematics. Recent tragic events in Oslo, Norway and lake Utoya, Norway,

are no exception. They need more blood spilled. They are desperately trying to open a stargate

to hell. They have a time table. On July 22, 2011, horror was unleashed in Norway. .

A man with an "interest" in Freemasonry and right-wing politics , Anders Behring Breivik, is

said to have detonated a bomb in Oslo and then attacked a youth group on an island in Lake

Utoya, Norway.

7-22 is also 22-7 in Europe or 22/7 which is an ancient way of writing or describing Pi. .

July 22 is also Mary Magdalene Day - which is featured as the bride of Jesus in the DaVinci

Code, fictional or "fictional" novel and movies. .

See photo of Behring Breivik in full masonic regalia. .

The 92 dead = 9/II or a metaphor for 9/11 false flag attacks by zionists in disguise as arabs.

CONCLUSION: Leo Zagami warned us of the presence of Freemason illuminati elements in

Norway but no one listened. Now, a terrible price has been paid. .

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Execution of Mexican National 7-7-11 link to 666

Texas continues to be the human sacrifice disguised as Justice and legal "execution" Capital of

the world. Governor Rick Perry needed a human sacrifice to assist him in his bid for psychic

power to make it into the White House. A House drenched in the blood of men that must kill and

shed blood in homage to the Dark Powers to reside within its haunted walls.



(Execution of Humberto Leal Garcia)

2. It is exactly 666 days from 9/9/09. Illuminists use 999 as a disguised 666. .

3. Texas has been prime human sacrifice / so-called legal execution ground for some time. The

satanic Bush family engaged in unprecedented blood sacrifice between the brothers while one

was Governor of Texas and the other in Florida. Governor Perry was the second in command

for Dubya in Texas. He now steps into the death shoes of the dunce that ruined the economy of

the world. .

4. This is part of the 33 rd parallel human sacrifice for psychic power phenomenon which

included the death of Osama Bin Laden on Walpurgis Night which was announced on Beltane.

See: a)

b) . The 33rd parallel runs through Pakistan.

5. Obama get his occult 33rd parallel Osama sacrifice and Rick Perry responds. One of the two

will be our next President. IF Perry kills two more, he will have achieved the power of threes.

He will win a stay at The Black House. A stay there immediately begins to age the resident and

occupant of the Presidency. You have all seen it with your own said it must be "stress"

but you were ... wrong.

6. Expect Obama to respond with another high level "terrorist" kill. Expect it to happen on an

Occult holiday of one kind or another. Perry will respond in kind. Whoever kills more on the

33rd parallel - on Occult holidays - will win in November 2012. Rick Perry has set the record

for executions of any Governor in modern history if not all history in the USA.

Perry has indirect links to the CIA, Neo-Confederates and The Nazi 4t Reich. .

For additional references see - Perry or Obama? Only blood

will tell. Further, 7 x 7 x 11 = 539. The skyscraper known as 14 Wall Street is 539 feet tall. It is

topped with a pyramid. . "Instantly a standard

bearer in the downtown skyline, 14 Wall Street went on to become a widely recognised symbol

of Wall Street and American Capitalism". See further connection Secret Society Capitalism and

the illuminati. . Connection or Coincidence? You


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Noah's Ark rest spot Mt. Ararat linked to 666 Sudan

Southwestern anti-Illuminati resistance activities have resumed. It was necessary to go deep

underground to avoid a sweep by hunter-killer NWO squads that recently passed through the

Arizona-Mexico border region. Fortunately, a mole within the evil organization tipped off the

underground. None were killed - - or worse...taken alive.

Recent numerological information reveals a link between Mt. Ararat in modern Turkey, the

mythical resting place of Noah's Ark and the number 666. Investigation has revealed this odd

link or connection. It hints that actor George Clooney is involved in trying to save the messiah

child - soon to be born in South Sudan from extinction and genocide. There is a desperate race

going on since the antichrist is being born into a masonic family. Location - still unknown.

1. Noah's Ark and Mt. Ararat =


3. The Golden Ratio appears in Noah's Ark, the Bible and 666.

4. 666 inches = 16.9164 meters. Go to and insert formula to verify.

5. Washington Monument is 555 feet tall or 16916 cm in height. .

6. Mt. Ararat is 16,916 feet tall. Scroll down 30%. .

7. There is a Masonic Degree called the Royal Ark Mariner. Rudyard Kipling who wrote of the
"White man's burden" attained it in 1887. .

8. The sea must have seemed eternal to Noah as he waited for those rains to subside and the

flood waters to receded before he landed at Mt. Ararat. Mt. Ararat rose from this eternal sea

and gave Noah, the first freemason, safe haven. .


CONCLUSION: The antichrist will be a Freemason. George Clooney was born on May6, 1961

which is 16,916 in reverse. . He is trying

to stop the Genocide of Christians in South Sudan. Clooney South Sudan. The

Sudan in the 1800s had a muslim messiah. He was the son of a boatbuilder. . COINCIDENCE? Really...?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

SuperMoon on Purim link to NATO attack on Libya

The illuminati seem to be bound to act out in a manner that is based on a magickal theory or

hyperdimensional physics link to Numerology. The best recent example of this is the attack on

Libya. It began on March 19. 8 years to the day that the USA under Dubya The Bush attacked

Saddam's Baathist led Iraq. Coincidence? Unlikely...The March 19 date is an occult holiday. This

particular year, it happened to be a "Super Moon". More coincidence? Not possible. Further,

Libya is a country through which the dreaded 33rd parallel runs. This is a known line of masonic

psychic energy that is powered-up by blood sacrifice. This is additional evidence that the USA is

led by a masonic illuminati cult that engages in blood sacrifice in accordance with astrological and

numerological principles and laws. SEE:

1. Attack Date on Iraq and Libya - 8 years apart: .

2. March 19 is an occult holiday - Purim/Ostara: .

3. SuperMoon on March 19, 2011: Also described as an extreme supermoon - .

4. Blood sacrifice-drenched 33rd Parallel: .

The star noted on the chart in the previous link on 4 is the asteroid Theodora. .

5. Japan was hit by a massive earthquake - then Tsunami - then Nuclear disaster. It is a nation

through which the 33rd parallel runs through as well. Everyone is aware of the connection with

the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan and the number 33, sacred to freemasons. .

CONCLUSION: Libya was attacked in accordance with Occult principles -the better to ensure

success and victory - to take over its oil, because Qaddhafi had the Red Chinese in his country

working on over 50 major projects and because he refused to join the Pentagon led AFRICOM

or Africa Command. Next is Syria. This kicks the russians, iranians and chicoms out of the

mare nostrum of the Romans - "our sea". It now becomes, in the near future mare obaman -

obama's sea. Remember he is an antichrist prototype and in the Book of Revelations it says very

clearly "Out of the eternal sea he rises..." .

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zionists and Wahabis attack Christian saving Syria

This writer would begin by saying that he despises the regime in Syria. The bombing of the

marines in Lebanon in 1983 is an event never forgotten...or forgiven. It's allies the ayatollah

regime in Iran , Hezbollah and Hamas are evil. That is what they are ... a four-letter word that

describes them perfectly. BUT... The Baath Party regimes had one highly important benefit to

their credit - they were secular. They protected Christians. Look at what has happened in Iraq to

the Christian minority: "Iraqi Christian are actually worse off as a result of our intervention there" .

Many of the Iraqi Christians have fled to Syria, where the Baath regime run by Bashir Assad, an

Alawite sect muslim, runs a facscist secular government in which members refer to themselves

as "comrade", like in the USSR. . The Syrian regime is now

targeted by widespread unrest that will likely lead to revolution and overthrow if unchecked.

Where will the Christians go then? What we are witnessing is the mass expulsion of ancient

Christian communities from the entire middle east while the USA and secular post-Christian

EU controlled Europe do nothing or cause the circumstances to happen and do nothing to stop

the pogroms and slaughter that follow. Could this be benign neglect...or something else? Dubya,

the mental degenerate that stole the 2000 USA presidential election and "became President" is

a member of a satanic cult known as the Skull and Bones Society in Yale. .

As to Obama, who as the USA's first Kenyan-born President, is a heterodox or religious hybrid.

He has a muslim father and step-father. His paternal grandfather was a pagan voodoo witch

doctor. His mother-in-law practices santeria or witchcraft in the White House. He has attended

a muslim school in Indonesia. He has attended a Catholic school in Indonesia. He is now a quasi

protestant who never goes to Church on Sunday - a first for a US President. Who is this guy...

really? He is morphing into a clone of George W. Bush. This proves suspicions that he was a

plant or false-flag Manchurian Candidate President from day one. .

The EU is linked to the rise of the World Government ruled by the feared Antichrist. The EU

symbol is the Woman riding on the back of a beast. scroll down for pictures on link.

Gone is the Europe or America that protected Christians or their right to worship and survival.


1. Israel - The Zionist entity: Destroying the Assad regime in Syria means the beginning of the

end for Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. They will be cut-off from money, supplies,

weapons and so forth. Hezbollah is set to fight looking south. It will be surrounded by hostile

Sunnis, which form the majority in Syria. The Druze and Christians are no friends of theirs either

and they will be choked-off, the wiped out. Israel will lose its only immediate military threat on

its borders. The zionists could care less if this means the expulsion or genocide of Christians.

2. The Wahabi Corrupt oil-igarchy of Saudi-run Arabia: What they will achieve is a Sunni-

fundamentalist controlled Syria. This has been a dream for a long time. The Muslim brotherhood

government that will follow will first kill the alawites in revenge. Then focus on the Christian and

Druze minorities. With Syrian and Iranian influence nullified in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, BOTH

ISRAEL/ZIONISTS and SAUDI/WAHABIS have a common enemy and at least temporary

common goals. They are secret allies. That is a fact. The demonstrations that are happening in

security apparatus run Syria, can only be happening as a result of a joint effort by Israel , Saudi

Arabia, USA and EU intelligence outfits. Take that to the Bank. That is a fact.

3. When you combine the joint financial impact of the Zionist Lobby and the Arab Oil Lobby on

the US Government - with both working in unison - there is nothing more powerful in the halls

of power and corruption in Washington, D.C. The lobbying juggernaut is beyond comprehension,

unequaled and unprecedented. It cannot be stopped. It cannot be opposed. Every cockroach

politician in D.C. will sell out the Christian interest in the Middle East, even while they go to mass

on today's date - EASTER SUNDAY.


The Baath regime in Damascus needs to wrap itself in the flag of "Protector of Christians". It

needs to spend a lot of that money it earned in the Lebanese drug trade to hire more...not guns...

but lobbyists, journalists, TV preachers, media advertisements and so forth. It needs to get

some famous Hollywood faces to act as spokespersons. It needs to target the Christian Zionist

groups in the USA that are pro-Israel with the message. We are the only shield left in the region

that protects your brothers and sisters in Christ. We go down. They go down. More propaganda

needs to be shown of resettlement assistance for Christians. The zionist media will not show this

on USA TV - the Baathists need to find a way to do it and the way is MONEY. Start spending it.

As to the black-turbaned evil doers running Iran - Hamas - Hezbollah, don't you fools realize

that the Christians are the key to your salvation (no pun intended)? And... I tell you this on

Easter Sunday - He is Risen - of all days to tell you. Immediately begin acting nice to Christians.

Stop the repression. Start advertising this with your oil money and blood money that you have

stored up in Zionist controlled banks in Switzerland and elsewhere. All of you have "rainy day"

funds, don't you? Well, as they say's pouring rain outside...time to start spending that

hoard of dollars, Euros and Gold.

I give you this advice, not to help you, but to help my brothers and sisters in Christ. As the

odd-marriage of Wahabis and Zionists has a common interest in destroying the Baath regime of


Happy Easter - He is Risen. He will come again to Judge the living and the dead. He is coming

very soon. Have a nice day. Time is short. Assad will fall in weeks if you sit there counting euros.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pi links Canton Spider Walk to 9/11 Matrix Attacks

Pi is a communication tool or method through which the "Masters of the Universe" converse with human beings that are initiated into the sacred mysteries. These can include those that use the knowledge for Good and those that misuse it for Evil. It is a language not based on words but on Numbers. This is connected to the love of numbers by the Freemasons and Pythagoras and his number based school or religious cult. It is derived from ancient Egypt were their Supreme Creator deity PTAH was called The Great Architect. Architecture is about mathematics. A new connection has been discovered using this paradigm. It links the passage of time as noted on your household clock and the movie The Matrix. Follow the Chain: 1. What is the most common communication device using numbers that most people in the western world have? A clock or a watch. These items have magical qualities and reveal secrets. Here is how - While looking at the time yesterday, this author noted the following. 10:28 a.m. is 628 minutes after midnight which is 2 x 314 minutes after midnight. 314 is a metaphor for Pi as Pi is 3.14.... 2. Half of 1028 is 514. The number 314 seconds is noted in the dialogue of the Matrix movie. This means 5 Minutes and 14 seconds or 514 which is half of 1028 which is 628 minutes into the day which is "twice Pi" or 314 x 2. 3. The longest stairway in the world is the Canton Spider Walk. It has, as you have guessed, 1028 steps. . If you look at the website it depicts a spiral, twirling its way up a pointed tower or spike. A stairway to heaven, if you wish. It is a curvy or feminine tower, to offset the phalic symbolism of most skyscrapers or towers. It held the record of the tallest completed tower in the world briefly. . "Our lives are like a spider's web... no two paths are the same, just like no two spider webs are alike... all spun into a web of interconnecting destinies..." . 4. Turquoise is the national stone of Tibet, an ancient land with mystical connotations. "most pieces contain MATRIX veins" ... the spider-web matrix of the Tibetan material has a design unequaled by turquoise from any other part of the world." . 5. Tibetan sorcerers helped the Third Reich gain power. . The North Tower of the WTC collapsed by internally placed explosives by the Illuminati at 10:28 a.m. . This is additional evidence that the bogus, false-flag attack on the WTC on 9/11 was a masonic mega-ritual. The illuminati are part of global neo-nazi / fascist network whose name in German is Die Spinne or The Spider. The spinner. The weaver of lies. ODESSA - the network that helped the Third Reich Occult evil enter America and turn it into AMERIKKKA. Scroll down 75% . The Illuminati spider web ensnares us all. With knowledge comes power. The power to resist and burn the web down to the ground ... to ashes. Time to start...before the clock ticks down to the new holocaust - the new apocalypse which awaits us all.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

11:11 Phenomenon linked to Royal Wedding Date

It appears that the British Royal family has picked a date for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton that has occult connotations. April 29, 2011. This is linked to the 11:11 phenomenon. See: . As noted in the previous link, the phenomenon is associated with the Mayan End Times 2012. How is it linked? 4-29-2011 or 4-29-11 = 4 which is 2 + 2 which in roman numerals is II + II or eleven. Then 29 which is 2 + 9 = 11. Then of course the year ending in 11 and or 2011 which again would be 2011 or II 11. There is, of course, a link between the ILLUMINATI and the Eleven Eleven phenomenon.;XdoXZZtqXRA.html and it notes the 13 illuminati bloodlines. Prince William is, of course, of the Illuminati / Dragon / ET bloodline: So is his future wife. What Happens Next? She will become pregnant in the spring of 2012. The child will be born on 12-21-2012. He is what THEY have been waiting for. See also: and also .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fukushima Radiation to wipe out San Francisco

The reactor complex at Fukushima is in the exact same latitude of the city of San Francisco.

Our Lady of Akita warned of a great disaster coming. Interestingly enough her shrine is near

the reactor complex. SEE:,+CA and .

Our Lady of Akita: .

San Francisco is a city of sin. A divine wind will head out across the Pacific and cleanse the

city. It will become like Sodom and Gomorrah - a wasteland of salt and rocks. It is time to repent

for the sodomite capital of the planet. However, like Lot's wife - they will not listen. They will not

learn....they will not survive.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Orleans voodoo links Katrina to Japan Tsunami

Revenge, as they say is a dish "that should be eaten cold". The voodoo babaloas and santeros,

as they call their priests and priestesses have waited for revenge for several years on the

Japanese Yakuza attack on New Orleans during the Katrina Hurricane. Weather warfare is the

biggest dark secret kept from mankind by the illuminati elites. Their sometimes competing

factions and groups, do not let the masses...the sheeple, know that the weather is now under

their control and not the control of Nature. Mother Nature is in fact, now their unwilling slave.

1. See update on Weather Warfare: and

2. See background of Yakuza link to Katrina Hurricane:

3. This EARTHQUAKE WAS PREDICTED last year as a sign of the return of Jesus Christ.

4. The Voodoo community of New Orleans took a direct hit. Now, they hit back. .

5. It is important to note that the Haiti Earthquake stopped mysteriously at the border with

the nation of Santo Domingo. There was a link to that Earthquake and Voodoo.


The game is not over. The reactors will blow on the Full Moon on or about March 19, 2011. they say in the Army "is a b***h". The next question is how will the Yakuza

counterattack? This writer predicts a devastating mega-hurricane hitting Miami and Cuba, the

new centers of Voodoo in North America, after the fall of New Orleans. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mubarak is Dead - Murdered for his Billions by NWO

This article is an opinion. It is based on a logical inference from the minimally available facts.

1. There were rumors that the Shah of Iran was overthrown because he refused to pay Jimmy
Carter vast sums of money to be given the needed support to stay in power.

2. Suddenly, 32 years to the day later, Mubarak, The Pharoah of Egypt, gets overthrown. He is worth 70 billion US dollars.

3. He reportedly went to Sharm El Sheikh after agreeing to step down. This is a lie. He was an old man that said "I have a Ph.d in stubborness". He was 82 years old. Why run out with his tail between his legs like a dog?

4. A google executive becomes the leader of the Lotus Revolution - one of many color and flower revolutions created in Langley, Virginia. Google has close ties to "The Agency". None of this is ever reported on the internet or USA news.

5. Mubarak, according to the same liars that foment illuminati zionist propaganda called The News, in the USA, now wants to "Die in Egypt". The problem is...he is already dead. He did not step down. They killed him. He is the NEW NORIEGA. The USA cannot ever afford to have him hanging around in a Villa on the Riviera writing his memoirs, any more than they could afford to have Noriega doing so. Noriega went to France...Mubarak went to the Grave. .

This is announced on 2-16-11. 216 is 6x6x6. Maybe ... they should build a new pyramid for him.


Mubarak got old and weak. He got taken down by a transnational criminal organization whose leadership is zionist but extends across many groups all interested in getting his money safely stored in zionist banks in Europe and elsewhere.

This also tells all of the other scum and so-called Leaders of the World that at the end of the day, those that control their wealth - control them. Play the game or die and watch it get picked at by vultures. All leaders - Left / Right - Muslim or Secular or Catholic or Communist have loot stored away in Europe. All of them, without exception. The Bankers now are openly showing "we control your money - so we control you".

The real story is the birth of a new cottage industry - Shakedown the Tyrants. Brought to you by the same Bankers that ruined the USA and destroyed the world economy just two years ago and GOT RICHER FOR DOING IT. This is the Truth. You will not read it anywhere else but here. Have pleasant dreams. Dreams with little dollars symbols with wings...flying away. That was Hosni Mubarak's last vision...last wet dream.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pythagoras string theory linked to The Dark Rift

Pythagoras has been called the Father of String Theory. . This writer
noted a connection between Pythagoras so-called Mystery Numbers and the number 625. .

The number 256 is associated with voodoo deities and computer programming, and the I ching. and .

This writer noticed when looking at the time on a clock that 6:25 (The Pythagoras linked number) was also 25 minutes after 6 p.m or 256. The two numbers are the same or mirror images of each other.

A Pythagorean semitone has the number 256 in prominent view. 256/243. .

2.56 x 6.25 = 16 16 squared = 256 25 x 25 = 625

The key numbers here are 16 and 25. 16 = 2x2x2x2 and 25 = 5x5

2 to the 4th power and 5 squared form the basis for the ideology or theory of strings and voodoo.

16 x 25 = 400. The word "Fear" appears exactly 400 times in the Bible. .

The Mayans placed importance in 400 orbits of Saturn. . Saturn is linked to Fear. .

400 Mayan solar years is 144,000 days, a number prominent in the Book of Revelations. See- Apocalypse 2012 - A scientific investigation into civilization's end By Lawrence E. Joseph.

WE HAVE BEEN WARNED: We are about to enter The Dark Rift. The question remains as to

how or if we will emerge. . The Factor of

20 is The Fear Factor.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Momentum Building for Jade Revolution in Red China

The recent events in Egypt are indicative of what lies both behind the scenes as well as what

one can expect for the future. The Lotus Revolution in Egypt follows the Jasmine Revolution in

Tunisia. Coincidence? Spontaneous events that emerge from nowhere? Crowds just form, no

visible leadership. High technology communications form the core of the structure, timing and

activities of the activists. A body that is like an amoeba with no head or visible structure. Similar

revolutions formed in Serbia , the Ukraine , Iran , Algeria and so forth. Those were color coded in

name. There have been so many that the "Agency" ran out of colors and now is using flowers or

plants. It is interesting also that Islam prohibits the use of human and animal forms in art or

elsewhere but allows flowers - which both Jasmine and Lotus adhere to.

Why is this happening now? Likely scenario:

The arabs are getting very queasy with the US dollar. They may be flirting with a new currency

or basket of currencies or mixture including Gold to sell their oil. This would be devastating to

the Dollar and to the very survival of the USA as a Superpower. Saddam Hussein tried to change

to Euros and he was hanged for it and lived to see his two sons and one grandson slaughtered

when they could easily have been captured alive. These bogus revolutions are a signal to the

arabs that the USA is still in charge. That the price of oil needs to stay steady or come down a bit

and that heads of leaders will roll if anyone tries to buck the "Buck". This is also a reminder to

all leaders in that part of the world that they are hated by the masses they rule over and that

with a bit of help they could end up strung up by the heels like Mussolini and his mistress were

or meet the Guillotine like the French aristocracy did.

This is a signal to Iran , Venezuela and others that the USA created and rules over the high-tech

gadget filled world of the present and future and that once in - there is no out and no going back.

This ultimately leads to the mega-revolution in the making: The Jade Revolution in China. The

other pupil in this lesson game plan is China. They are watching. Their leaders have a great

resemblance to the arab monarchs, pharoahs and black turbaned-head "religious" leaders of the

Gulf region and Africa. China is being told - keep the dollar. Raise the value of your currency.

And above all keep pretending to buy the Treasury bonds that we are pretending to sell you.

Keep pretending that we are solvent and will someday pay you back - or else. That is the real

story you are not hearing or seeing on CNN. You see...the debt of trillions is unpayable. It may

total 70 trillion dollars with derivatives. More is owed by the USA's 5% percent of the human

species than the net debt and net assets and Global Gross Domestic Product of the entire history

of the planet and economics down to the caveman times. That is fact. What we have now is the

endgame and the illuminati zionist ruled USA is pulling back no punches in a desperate gamble

and struggle to survive and stay on top. No nation, good or evil , large or small is safe. Neither

are individuals, bank accounts , realty --- nothing. They will take it all if they can. Wall Street is

now Dodge City and the gunslingers are showing their wares. What China does will be interesting

to see. The arabs street may bow towards Mecca but their leaders now know the price of failure

to bow towards Wall Street. A sad world we live in. Stay tuned. More flowers on the way.

EVIDENCE OF TRUTH: This writer said South Korea would be forced to sign a Free Trade deal

and they were. Watch China raise the value of its currency very soon. Watch the price of oil

drop when Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States raise production. Who is next on the list? Sudan.

This is a warning to War Criminal Bashir that he needs to let the oil-rich south secede - or else.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ObamaCare Saved by 666 Safeway Massacre

The question now being asked is - Was he Mind Controlled? The answer is unknown. Here is

what is now from a stand point of mathematical certainty. The first call in to 9-1-1 was at 10:12

a.m. local time. SEE: . This call likely would

have come in very soon in time from the time the shots began. Why? The sheer number of

people would mean that a large number of cell phones would be available. Someone would call

rapidly once the fireworks began. The call had to come after the shooting, so the shooting had to

be shortly before 10:12 a.m. Let us say 10:11 a.m. What does that mean numerologically and

chronologically? 10 o'clock is 600 minutes after midnight. Ten more minutes is 600 seconds and

and one more minute after that is 60 seconds. 60060060. In numerology, there is no such thing

as zero. Therefore it is 666. Coincidence? You decide. One more thing, is that Loughner went to

Marana School District for High School. Marana , Arizona happens to be the site of the biggest

CIA airfield in the world during the Vietnam war era. It has ostensibly been sold but access to

the site is still severely restricted. Maybe it was just a paper sale, as they say? SEE: and scroll to near bottom on next link .

There are those that believe that there is an underground facility there that specializes in

mind control experiments. .

CONCLUSION: Who knows the truth? The truth no longer exists. We live in an irreal land.

Nothing is real. Nothing is unreal. It is a blend of the two. The goal is to keep the public unable

to distinguish anything from nothing from everything. A mental blob. Glued to the pundits on

the TV set blathering their endless left vs. right gun debate and who is to blame. It is a fraud.

...and then ... a real Coca Cola Classic moment: The Taxidriver who drove him there and walked

into the Safeway store with him to get change. Do you really believe a cabbie doesn't have

change for a twenty dollar bill? Remember the movie Taxi Driver? The "Hero" was a taxi cab

driver who fantasized about shooting people with a gun. It starred Robert De Niro. Coincidence?'_to_me%3F . Then you have to look at Safeway Stores.

Simply google and enter Safeway Store shooting. The sheer number of violent

shootings and killings at these stores is unbelievable. Try it. You will be shocked. Coincidence?

Further, the CEO of Safeway stores is Steven Burd. He is the genius behind the Obama Health

Care plan. He may be a member of the Illuminati. He is the founder of the Coalition to Advance

HealthCare Reform. Big into the H1N1 vaccine ... and more. or google Steven Burd Illuminati.

Obama's Health Care law...was headed for the ashtray as the new Republican led Congress

was ready to attack it first order of business. Suddenly, the killings happen and the whole agenda

for Congress changes and the vote on this issue is taken off the table. SEE: scroll to near bottom . and

This is incredible. Yet you have seen it happen with your own eyes. ObamaCare saved by the

massacre. At a Store whose CEO is a the intellectual architect of ObamaCare. By a stooge taken

to the store by a TAXI DRIVER and a killing that happened at 60060060 numerologically.

On a street named ORACLE. A killing that killed a child born on 9/11. This is too much to be just

happenstance, wouldn't you agree? Stay tuned. More weirdness from this Desert heading your


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords shot in Tucson - NWO at work

This is as they say "breaking news". Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and many others have

been gunned down at a Safeway grocery store in Tucson, Arizona. There have been several

shootings here in Arizona which always happen recently before a major upcoming vote. One, of

a rancher, happened just before the passage of SB 1070 and the other more recent one, just

before Congress narrowly shot down the Dream Act. There is an upcoming vote in the Arizona

Legislature to deprive the children of illegal aliens US citizenship even if they are born here. This

likely violates International , Constitutional and Human Rights laws and treaties but in this State

it does not matter. A previous article highlighted some of the odd links of Representative

Giffords. See: .

Stay Posted...the story is just beginning. Watch for the legislature to now quickly use this to

deprive newborn babies of citizenship and turn them into stateless individuals. Other ethnic

groups will be targeted as the illuminati system goes into survival mode after the bankster

caused collapse of Wall Street in 2008 continues to cause tidal wave ripple effects throughout

the world. Look for a Lee Harvey Oswald patsy to be arrested soon. You know the drill.