Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pi Neptune links Biker Mormon Lake Murder Suicide

It is obvious that a massive global illuminist linked blood sacrifice linked to water, ruled by

Neptune/Poseidon, in mythical beliefs, occurred on the July 22, 2011. A previous article noted

that there is a link between the numerology of 7-22, which in Europe is 22-7. This coincides with

Pi, which can be described as 22/7. July 22 also happens to be celebrated as St. Mary Magdalene

Day in the Catholic and other Christian Churches. She of course is famous as the bride of Jesus

and mother of his child or children, according to the semi-fictional DaVinci Code movie and book.

The murder of 92, now 93 people by the wingnut from Norway on the same day included the

bulk of the killing taking place on an island with youth being slaughtered in the water. The death

toll is now at 93 - a number linked with Thelema, The "religion" of Great Beast / Black magician

Aleister Crowley. See: and Thelema 93 at .

On the same fateful day, in Mormon Lake, Arizona, more deaths near water by gunfire. See: .

Water is a critical element in psychic power ritual work of many kinds both good and evil. .

See also Neptune role in death: and Neptune

just entered its ruling sign of Pisces in April of 2011. It is starting to make its presence known. .

Pisces is also the sign that rules over victims. In this case, victims associated with water or liquid

as with the Mormon Lake biker that was drunk and killed others and then himself. Drunk=drink

or liquid or water of some sort. Fire water as the Native Americans used to call it. .

Expect new developments in Naval technology and warfare whose ultimate goal is to kill people

and that OUT OF THE ETERNAL SEA HE RISES - just like the Norway killer shooting youth

like ducks in a barrel. . Expect more news

of a dramatic kind having to do with the element of water. 4/5 of the Earth is water as is water

the main component of blood. Stay tuned...more killer whales headed to shore. Good luck!.

See also: www.scoreboard-canada.htm/babylon-625pythagoras.htm and .


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