Sunday, November 29, 2009

V for Vendetta and 2012 link to Ft. Hood Holocaust

Not surprisingly , for those who keep up with today's tragic events, the Illuminati were behind

the massacre of soldiers by a brainwashed MK-Ultra muslim assassin at Ft. Hood on November

5 , 2009. You say - "Prove it". I say - read the following and see if you can look in the mirror and

with a straight face still say "coincidences".

1. 13 Dead and 31 injured. The unlucky number forward and backward.

2. The attack began at 1:30 p.m which is -coincidentally - 1330 hours military time. In fact, the

exact time the attack happened was 13:31 hours GMT. "At approximately 1330 hours today" . The attack was clearly ongoing at full blast at 1331 hours.

3. Ft. Hood , Texas is -coincidentally - located at - you guessed it! 31.13 Latitude N. .

Now , please stop there and think. Can this be a "joke" , can this be "real" , but above all , can

this be coincidence? But there is yet more.

4. The Mayan calendar lists the Start of the current age as the Year 1331 B.C. The current age

ends on 12-21-2012 . " The cycle of 13 Baktuns begins in the year 1331 B.C. ..."

5. 1331 is the 4th row in Pascal's Triangle which has been linked to 666. scroll down 30%.

6. November 5 , in an ordinary year , is the 309th day of the year. 309 is 3 x 103. If we take

the zero out of 309 (zero has no value in numerology) we have 39 which is 3 x 13 or the unlucky

number tripled. 313 is a palindromic number. It is the same forward or backwards. When added

to another palindromic number 353 , it adds up to 666. In the occult , the number 9 is a cover

for 6. Thus , 999 is a metaphor for 666. If we make 309 into 306 , then we have the number

that in ancient Sumer was the symbol for the upside down pentagram. Take out the zero and

you have 36 - a number closely associated with 666. Verification: and also and .

7. However , the date November 5 is much more than that. It is the day in which the Guy

Fawkes Gunpowder plot is celebrated in Great Britain. He tried to blow up Parliament. He

was further memorialized in the hit movie V for Vendetta. This movie has been linked to the

Illuminati. and also illuminati links at and .

8. The killer at Fort Hood also went to Virginia Tech. There are suspicions that this college is

near a secret underground mind control facility. and .

9. Numerological connection to Mayan Apocalypse 2012:

By looking at a date/time online calculator , this writer was able to determine that if one does not

count November 5 , 2009 and December 21 , 2012 , but does count all the days in between , it

amounts to a total of 163 weeks. This could also be said to be 1141 Days. .

10. The Number 163 is allegedly the "coolest" number and is linked to Barack Obama , 666

and President George H.W. Bush. .

11. If you add 613 days to November 5 , 2009 the date is July 11 , 2011. Or 7-11-11 or 11-7-11

The Bombay India Train blasts took place on July 11 or 7-11 04 11-7. The number 613 is linked

to Zionism , since that is the number of laws in the Torah. If you add 616 to the November 5

date , you have July 14 or Bastille Day. Some say 616 is the real number of the Beast.

12. The Date of 11-7-11 turned into 11711 has an exact placement in the first ten thousand

digits of the Golden Ratio. .

The other way the date can be written is 71111. This number sequence falls within the first

10,000 digits of the square root of 2 - an irrational number.

If you add 666 days to November 5 , 2009 you end up with September 2, 2011. The 245th day

of the year (in Ordinary years). . This is the alleged

number of steps in the Temple of the Sun , in Teotihuacan , Mexico City , where vast human

sacrifice occured to appease reptilian deities under the aztecs. There is also a link to the Euler

Constant of .577 since 5 x 7 x 7 = 245 . .

13. The numbers behind the Square root of 2 figure in the 9/11 attacks. .


On the day of the V for Vendetta Gunpowder Plot , a mind-controlled killer unleashes death

by remote control. This happens at latitude 31.13. The time is 1331 hours. The dead are 13 and

the wounded are 31. This is all verifiable. Then there is the connection to Virginia Tech and the

multifaceted accompanied numerology that you have seen and can replicate. Can you still look

yourself in the mirror and parrot "it's just a coincidence"? Or have you finally seen the light?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

666 Pascal Triangle link Michael Jordan to Gatorade

Odd connections seem to arise out of nowhere when dealing with illuminati numerology. Things

can be ascribed to coincidence...but sometimes it just seem too coincidental to be that. This brief

article describes one such relatively minor development. The reader must determine its value or

whether it is just happenstance.

1. Michael Jordan , the now retired superstar of basketball wore the Number 23 in the NBA.

The number 23 has been linked to the illuminati. and .

2. Gatorade has a commercial relationship with Michael Jordan. .

3. Gatorade is owned by Pepsi. .

4. There are those who believe that Pepsi is an Illuminati company. and also .

5. Pascal's Triangle has been linked to 666 : and also .

6. The central line in the triangle or two dimensional pyramid is 14641. Gatorade made a

multi-colored mosaic of Michael Jordan and his number 23 uniform with 14641 bottles of


and . or google 14641

bottles at .


Again , this is the mystery of the illuminati numerology. Can this number of bottles really be a

grand coincidence? If not , then what does it mean? Who thinks up such things and why?

This is for the reader to determine.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coolest Number links Obama to George H W Bush

It is amazing that the "coincidences" linked to the numerology behind Illuminati control of our

society seem to have no end. Our Presidents , lately at least , all have weird connections. Obama

is linked to Voodoo. George Dubya Bush to Skull and Bones. His father , George H.W. Bush is

also linked to Skull and Bones. Bill Clinton was a DeMolay youth Freemason and so on.

Previous evidence has linked Obama to being a suspected by some Proto-antichrist : also and or .

Previous evidence has linked George H.W. Bush to being a suspected by some Proto-antichrist: or and

Skull and Bones Bush at .

The Number 163 is one of the most unusual numbers there are. It has been called "The

Coolest Number" by some: and also .


Obama has extensive links to the Number 163 - This number has links to 666: and also .

President George H.W. Bush was born on June 12. This could also be said to be 6-12. If you

reverse 6-12 , you get 216 which is 6 x 6 x 6. .


It just so happens that June 12 or 612 or 216 reversed is the 163 rd Day of an Ordinary Year. .

Obama was born on the 216th day of the year ... more coincidence? Or actual evidence of the

role that 6 x 6 x 6 plays in the lives of these suspected Illuminati that rule our lives? . You Decide.......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pi and 666 link Obama to Imaginary Quadratic Field

There are many that believe that the 9/11 false flag attacks were a neo-masonic mega-ritual.

The purpose may have been to open a wormhole or stargate. The purpose may have been

massive bloodletting , fear and pain be released to feed 4th dimensional reptilialian entities. That

is unknown to this writer. Additional evidence continues to surface bit by bit from the illuminati

netherworld of evil.

1. Pi - 3 leads to a string of 3 sixes in a row or 666 at various locations. The exact number is

not known since Pi appears , so far , to be infinite. .

2. The seventh location where this occurs is at number 10163 - .

3. The Zip Code 10163 is right in the heart of NYC. Simply enter the number - 10163.

The approximate center of this zip code is 78 Chambers Street. Near the Brooklyn Bridge. .

4. When you google mapquest for the zip code, you notice that the main freeway that cuts

throught the island of Manhattan is numbered 495.,zipcode,10163.cfm / .

5. 495 is a Kaprekar Number that has been linked to the Illuminati. .

6. 10163 inches equals 258.1402 meters. simply go to and insert 10163

inches for the answer. It just so happens that the square root of 666 begins with 25.8 , a fractal

of 258. See: .

7. 101 x 63 = 6363 which happens to be an apocalyptic power an evil number mathematically

speaking. .

8. If you reverse the number 10163 you have 36101 which is a zip code for Montgomery ,

Alabama.,-AL_36101.html .

9. Montgomery , Alabama was the first Capital of the Confederate States of America. Its

location has been linked to the Teotihuacan , Aztec human sacrifice complex near Mexico City. .

10. 361 is 19 squared or 19 x 19. The reverse of this number as in the NYC zip code linked to

pi and 666 is 163. "The number 163 is very important in number theory, since d = 163 is the

largest number such that the IMAGINARY QUADRATIC FIELD has class number..." and "163 , the Monster and Number Theory" also for those who wish to see what the Monster is - and

The number 163 is an approximation for both Pi and e (The Euler Constant) .


Scroll down 60% and you will find information that allegedly links Barack Obama to the

number 163 and 666. .

More evidence that the election of Barack Obama to the masonic White House was a vast

Hyper-dimensional event...or just coincidence? You must decide. The next election is in 2012.

Time is short....The feathered serpent is about to return.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teotihuacan Unit links Solar Matrix to Confederacy

There is a volume of evidence that indicates that the southern USA slavery States known as

Confederacy of the Confederate States of America had links to the Occult and Freemasonry.

See: and .

Freemasons worship the Sun:

The Aztecs formed the Capital of their empire at Teotihuacan. Modern day, Mexico City.

They had slaves. They worshipped the Sun. and also .

The First Confederate Capital was Montgomery , Alabama. The longitude of Montgomery

is 86.4 W. .

The Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan is 864 so-called Teotihuacan Units. .


The Confederate Capital was only briefly in Montgomery. It then moved to Richmond ,

Virginia. It was sort of a brand or baptism. The Confederacy was born there. Then moved on.

The Klan founded by Uber-Freemason Albert Pike, has been described as "Neo-Aztec". .

Could it be that the location chosen for the Birth of the Confederacy was based on illuminati

numerology? The reader must decide. However, one more bit of evidence must be considered.

Our system of numbering days , weeks , feet , yards is based on what has been called the

Anglo-Babylonian system. .

864 feet just "coincidentally" happens to be 10368 inches. The number 10368 happens to

coincide directly with the Solar Matrix (again The Sun or a Solar connection) and also .

216 is the number of the antichrist in the semifictional Left Behind Series. Why? Because it is

the total of 6 x 6 x 6. 216 divided directly into 864 a total of 4 times exactly. The numbers 666

and 864 figure prominently in the concept of The New Jerusalem. .

The concept of The New Jerusalem was important for Albert Pike: .

Again...Coincidence? You decide.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tallest Church in the world linked to 666 in Base 11

The Illuminati love Chicago. It is the home of 666 Obama and 666 Hillary Clinton. See : and .

It has the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in zip code 60606. It's O'Hare Airport is at 666 feet

elevation and even the name of the State is weird Illinois = Illuminois or Illuminati. On and On.

Chicago also boasts the tallest Church or Temple of sorts , in the world. The Chicago Temple.

See: . It is 556 feet tall. See also (there is a reference to 558 feet tall but most

references cite the height at 556). The firm that made the Gothic Church, Holabird and Root

also built , years ago the Chicago Masonic Temple which for a while was the tallest building in

the world. It burnt to the ground decades ago. and .

In Base 11 , the number 666 is expressed as 556. . How can it

just be , that the tallest Church in the world in 60606 linked Chicago , just happens to be 556

feet tall? Still in doubt? Coincidence? The reader must decide.

Al Qaeda Thoth 363 Birthday link to Left Behind 216

Everyone forgets these days or is not allowed to remember that the terrorist organization

known as Al Qaeda was created , funded and trained by the three letter Intelligence Agency

foremost in the USA. That is forgotten. That is gradually being erased from the brainwashed

minds of the sheeple in America and elsewhere.

Previous writings by this writer have shown a link between the so-called "Birthday" of AQ

and the ancient egyptian moon god - Thoth. .

The gist of the previous article is that December 29 , the "birthday" happens to be the 363rd

day of the year. The number 363 happens to be asssociated with Thoth , the god of the moon

among many things , the crescent moon being symbolic of Islam. Thoth is also the god of magic

and for purposes of the present article - time...

The way in which we measure time is based on what has been called the Anglo-Babylonian

measurement system. The day does not have 24 has been divided into that. All of

these measurements we use today stem from the black magick Babylon-the-fallen culture. That

is fact. .

The Left Behind , semi-fictional series about the END TIMES , feature an antichrist that used

the number 216 to mimick 666. This because 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. See: .

Again, Thoth is the god of TIME. Also , the deity that rules over measurements - in particular

for this matter, how we MEASURE TIME. SEE: scroll down 40% and .

This writer awoke the other morning at 3:36 a.m. He began to wonder why at this time. Then

it dawned on him. This is actually the 36th minute of the 3rd hour of the day or 363. The Thoth

number. IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT 3:36 a.m. is the 216th minute of the day or

as you know 6 minutes x 6 minutes times 6 minutes.

AL QAEDA was born on December 29 , the 363rd day of the year. Day 666. Coincidence or

Illuminati conspiracy? The reader must decide.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beltway Sniper Execution Date link to Pi exposed

The Illuminati are fond of blood rituals based on a numerological science or technology that is

at present , beyond our understanding. It is believed that there must be real psychic power or

energy created or released as a result of this since it makes no sense to do this otherwise. This

article hopes to expose yet another bit of evidence to bolster this hypothesis.

The execution date in Virginia for John Allen Muhammed, the so-called Beltway Sniper has

been set for November 10, 2009. A link with this date an Pi , the irrational , infinite , mystical

number has been noted. Pi deals with the Circle. The Washington D.C. Beltway is a circle linked

to a Kaprekar number.


1. and also

"(1) The Beltway Sniper fired exactly 13 shots, the pattern of which formed a ritual pentagram

on the ground " .


2. .


3. November 10 Execution Date. This date happens

to be the 314th day of the Year in an Ordinary , not Leap , Year. 2009 is an Ordinary Year. See: .

4. The most common abbreviation or symbol for Pi is 3.14 , which coincides with the day of

the year in which the Beltway Sniper is set to die. and .

"another favourite day to observe pi is November 10 (The 314th day of the year)..." .

Coincidence or blood ritual? The reader must decide.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Winchester Ruger Remington Nato link to 666 guns

The West was won with blood , bullets and brutality. Nothing exemplifies this more than the

gun culture of AMERIKKKA. Without a few devilishly clever individuals making efficient rifles,

pistols and other firearms, American society as we know it would never have existed. The

natives were numerous and fighting on their own soil against invaders that had supply lines that

were very thin...and very long. But , the rifle changed all that.

The Winchester name is synonymous with firearms. The 30.30 Rifle is legendary as a powerful

killing machine. See: .

The widow of the Winchester fortune believed she had to keep adding rooms to her San Jose,

California mansion to fend off the souls of the men her family's Winchester rifles and guns had

killed. .

In base 6 , the number for 666 is 3030. .

Ruger , another famous firearm brand has as its symbol a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes. .

The Ruger 556 is a military style assault rifle. In Base 11 , 666 is 556. . . The Standard NATO ammunition is also 5.56 x 45 mm in size. .

Then there is the Remington .223 cartridge. .

We all know , of course , that "666 is a 223 gonal number" .

PopStar Madonna Birthday Numerology link to 666

Madonna , the popstar sensation , took the music world by storm years ago with her album

"like a virgin". Since then she has done everything to blaspheme Jesus Christ and his mother ,

known as the Virgin Mary to Christians and Catholics. She is in essence , behavior , philosophy

and spiritual energy , not like a virgin at all but more like a mini-Great Whore of Babylon.

See Background for Madonna / Female Antichrist - GWBabylon:

1. and also and .

2. Madonna was born on August 16 or 8 - 16. This could also be reversed as done in Europe,

and we would have 16-8. We therefore have the numbers 816 and 168. .

3. The number 816 is the sum of the proper divisors of 666. .

4. The number 168 is linked to 666 because in Buddhism "the total number of hells is 168." .

5. The 168 number and disaster at .

6. The 168th day of the Year in a Leap Year is June 16. This is 6-16 or 616. The number 616

is considered by some to be the "real" number of the beast, not 666. and 616 = 666 at .


Madonna is a retrograde , qlippothic soul born into this world to add "glamour" and "sexiness"

to evil. To make a mockery of that which many consider holy. The numbers do not lie. The

illuminati seem bound to follow a numerical process or code. The key is to decipher it. Then ,

armed with knowledge , to expose and defeat them.