Monday, September 28, 2009

Transformers movie linked to Tower of Babel

This writer believes that much of the movies , television shows and advertising coming out of

the illuminist cesspool known as HOLLYWOOD contains hidden messages and codes. The

purpose behind it is a form of sophisticated brainwashing of the minds of the masses - clueless

as they chew the popcorn/cud- like sheeple are trained to do.

Many movies contain clues that can be discovered and the answer or meaning is usually not to

difficult to ascertain. The movie Transformers , based on toys made by HASBRO , is not an

exception to the rule. In this movie , the hero tries to sell a pair of eyeglasses on ebay. The

number of the item is 21153. SEE: .

In the movie, giant autobots or autonomous robots are searching for the eyeglasses because

their crystal lenses contain the location information for a cube that unleashes enormous energy.

The robots are TOWERING in their size. See also: or google Transformers ebay item

The Tower of Babel is 694 feet tall according to the Third Apocalypse of Baruch. This can be

also measured as 463 cubits. . See also and .

The Nephilim or in English, THE FALLEN, are linked to the Tower of Babel. and . .


The name of the second Transformers movie is TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen. . Can this all be

again a coincidence - The Tower of Babel and Towering Autobots. Ebay item 21153 and 694

feet being the height of the Tower of Babel which is 211.53 meters? . Then the choice of the title for the second movie, Revenge

of the Fallen - i.e.; the Nephilim? To call this happenstance is to strain or break the chain of

credulity. Then why do this? Why insert these numbers and their meanings in "kids" movies?

You must decide why... but think clearly, there is little room for error and to fall is fatal.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

256 Voodoo gods created modern Computer Era

There are a series of odd coincidences that have to do with zip codes. One of them of course is

the well known Sears (now Willis) Tower being in zip code 60606. While conducting research

into the number 256 , the number used in computer programming and the number of shades of

grey recognizable by the human eye, this writer discovered another odd link.

See Background: a) Sears Tower 666 - ; b) "256 paths of Elegua and these correspond to the 256 Oduin of the Ifa

Corpus. (Interestingly the human eye can distinguish between 256 shades of grey" -scroll down to Elegua section.

1. 256 x 256 = 65536

2. 65536 happens to be the number of charts available in Geomancy. scroll down halfway - .

3. The number 256 features prominently in Computer Programming. September 13 in

Ordinary years or the 12th in a Leap year is called Computer Programmers day. Computers

are based on the binary mathematical system. This is a base 2 system in which all numbers are

zero or one. The base 2 system comes from and has long been widely applied in sub-saharan

Africa. "Partly inspired by the geomantic technique, Gottfried Leibniz , a German mathematician

developed the binary code theory, which later was the base for Boolean algebra and modern

computers." scroll down 90% .

4. Leibniz may have been a Rosicrucian : "By the end of the seventeenth century many

prominent men (among them the german philosopher Leibniz) were identified with the

Rosicrucians." Scroll down 50% .

5. See: "Cosmic Geomancy: A Rosicrucian Viewpoint .

6. The Binary system thought of by Leibniz led to the first computers and it comes from the

bongo drum beating heart of jungle-filled Africa. Then , the language of the Computer world is

associated around the number 256, which happens to be the number of gods in the Voodoo or

Ifa pantheon. Can this be coincidence?

7. Then we get to Zip Code 65536 , which happens to be for Lebanon, Missouri. This town had

a resort built around its famous supernatural Magnetic Water. There also happens to be exactly

65536 "different charts in Western geomancy" .

8. As noted in the previous wiki link, the 65536 number is used by Motorola. That company is

allegedly building the implantable 666 chip. .

9. The symbol of Motorola is Bat Wings... a symbol associated with the powers of darkness. .

10. Lebanon , Missouri and Magnetic Water at zip code 65536 = .

11. Feng Shui is a form of geomancy. In Chinese it means WIND and WATER. .

Again, the connection cannot be coincidence by any stretch of logic or mathematical reasoning.


The modern computer era is based on the Voudon religion of west Africa. It is based in fact on

magick and sorcery. The dawning Age of 666 would not be possible without this geomancy ,

binary system and 256 heathen gods. These are the deities the modern world worships. Hidden

in plain sight. Typical of Illuminati strategy. Leibniz was a member of the Illuminati. /
and -caution with this link - and he had a
lifelong interest in Alchemy - .

Read your screen and weep ... or scream.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaprekar 6174 and 142857 link Exodus to Pollux

A hidden code or message has been discovered that connects various unusual numbers to the

biblical Exodus of jews from Egypt to the Promised land and the star Pollux. While coincidence is

a possibility and a shield for the illuminati to hide behind, it seems remote under these facts.

There appears to be an astrological component to the biblical passage or Commandment that

forbids the worship of "false gods" and the Constellation Gemini and its brightest star -Pollux.

See the facts and decide for yourself:

1. Kaprekar Number 6174:
"It is the name of a numerical puzzle guaranteed to spark wonder and amazement..." .

2. 142857 is the smallest cyclical number and was used by the ancient Hebrews for the

calculation of Pi. .

3. If you divide 142857 by 6174 , the answer in the google calculator is = 23.138484

The first four digits are 23.13 (obviously) for the answer.

4. Pollux is the brightest star in the constellation Gemini. It is associated with the number

23.13. See: . scroll down nearly 50%.

This article discusses the alignment of fixed stars near the ecliptic and a propensity for violence

and or being a serial killer. Pollux 23.13 degrees Cancer.

5. The Biblical Passage 23:13 is associated with the biblical prohibition and sanction against

worshipping or even using the name of false gods. .

6. There are those that deny that the Exodus ever took place in fact. They note the complete

absence of archaeological evidence or records. The following article describes the life of Moses

as a Solar Myth and links the constellation Gemini to the Ten Commandments and the worship

of false gods as noted in the israelite worship of the golden calf. Scroll down to Gemin section.


Moses Sithole was the worst serial killer in South African history .

The biblical Moses has been said to be a "mass murderer" ... Moses killed 3000 Israelites that

worshipped the golden calf." .

See also: and .


It is difficult to believe that The number 23.13 links Pollux and Serial Killers to an Old

Testament passage about not mentioning the name of false gods and then on to Gemini being

linked to the passages about the golden calf and the killing of its worshippers en masse as a

coincidence , is it not? It is unfortunate that we do not have a birth astrology chart for Moses.

Would Pollux be at 23.13 degrees of the ecliptic in Cancer???

Sunday, September 20, 2009

USA is Riding the 256 Byte Barack Lightning Horse

The modern era is based on the computer. Very little gets done these days without one. The

existence of computers makes modern war possible as well as providing opportunities to connect

to the world never dreamed of before. The number 256 figures prominently in this scenario.

As the reader will see, the number 256 has other more sinister meanings and is linked to Voodoo

and hindu magickal practices. The number also coincides with a numerology for Barak Obama

that denotes Lightning. Coincidence or ancient conspiracy is left up to the reader to decide.

1. Computers and the number 256:

The concept of a 256 degree circle figures prominently in programming.

The 256th day of the year is called Computer Programmers Day. 2 to the power of 8 = 256.

"a byte can have 256 possible values" . Official Holiday in Russia - .

2. The 256th day of the Year is September 13 (September 12 on Leap Years). This then gives

a number of 9-13 or simply 913. This number has been associated with President Barack Obama

by some numerologists. "Strong's Greek word # 913 is BARAK which means lightning" The

name of Muhammed's first horse was BURAQ. .

4. The voodo priests call a person possessed by one of their Loas or deities to be a HORSE.

They believe Fidel Castro is now THE HORSE for their entities to dictate power to the island. .

Barack Hussein Obama is then the horse for lightning or the lightning horse. The only voodoo

god that lives in the sky and is responsible for lightning is their war god Chango. Barack is his

earthly vehicle or surrogate. .

or google Shango or Chango Lightning Horse. What are the odds that President Obama would

have a name that embodies both lightning and a horse, both symbolic of Shango? It is hard to

label this coincidence when he has long been openly associated with Voodoo. .

5. There are "the 256 deities of the Ifa pantheon of Voodoo or Voudon" .

6. A 256 degree circle would have 64 degree "right" angles: See "Alternative Units" .

7. There are 64 Yogini statues in a rare open air Hindu temple in India. The Yogini (female) or

Yogi (male) are emblematic of practicioners of a form of Yoga that seeks to embue its users with

supernatural powers. "built on a circular ground plan quite unlike all other temples that are

square or complex versions of it." See Photo= .


If you put it together you have: A 256 degree circle. Each degree on the circle is dedicated to

one of the Voodo's 256 loas. The 256 degree circle used in computer programming would have

64 degree right angles. There is a hindu temple that is circular - a rarity for them - and has 64

yogini or female deity statues placed around it - representing the right angles of the 256 degree

circle. The 256 day of the year is linked to Computer Programming and the number 913 which

happens to equate to Barack , which is the greek word for lightning. The greek god that fired

thunderbolts was Zeus. He lived in the heavens. Buraq is the name of Muhammed's horse. The

voodoo deity Shango or Xango or Chango rides a white horse , lives in the sky and like Zeus ,

hurls thunderbolts. This is proof that President Obama is a "horse" for pagan deities.

He is the LIGHTNING HORSE of Trojan origin , that has made its way into the White House

gates. See Lightning Horse depiction: .

Woe be unto us... unless we turn to the light of the Holy Spirit and embrace it , before it is too too


Saturday, September 19, 2009

13 Circles Fruit of Life links Pi to Mayan 2012

The messages keep getting stronger. They keep getting clearer. The wheat shall be separated

from the chaff on December 21, 2012. Whatever it is that is will hit with Hurricane

force and leave only the Pure-in-Spirit standing in its wake.

1. The Number 2951 figures prominently in calculations of the Magnetic Pole Shift thought by

some to occur on 2012. This combines both egyptian and mayan numerology. It can be seen on

pages 132 and 133 of the book , The Orion Prophecy: Will The World Be Destroyed in 2012 by

Patrick Geryl . See detailed information on how to survive 2012 at .

2. Further research showed that 2951 has as factors , the unlucky 13 and 227 which can be a

metaphor of Pi. , 13 at and Pi 22/7 at .

3. This writer then thought that 13 and Pi having to do with circles , what could come up when

looking at 13 Circles. The answer is THE FRUIT OF LIFE , which forms a Star of David , also

known as a Hexagram. .

4. "The Fruit of Life , is the Holy of Holies of Sacred Geometry" .


A NEW FORM OF ENERGY COMES OUR WAY... that is true but will it be for good or evil?

That is the question over 6 Billion of us will find out....soon.....very soon. .

RockStar Energy Drink links Satan to Family Values

One curiosity that recently came to this writer's attention was the link between the popular

RockStar Energy Drink and Conservative Radio Personality Michael Savage , who transmits his

show from San Francisco , California. This was odd because RockStar Energy drink is a company

started by his son and which does its bottling and such in Las Vegas - Sin City.

While at the Mall , here in the Illuminati-Occupation Zone in the Southwest USA, this writer

stepped into a Hot Topix clothing store. It has ghoulish and at times satanic and nearly always

occult-laden clothing items for todays purposely misguided "Urban Youth". While there he saw

a billboard or advertisement that displayed the upcoming MAYHEM FESTIVAL sponsored by

none other than RockStar Energy Drink. This writer decided to investigate ... this is what he

found. It should be noted that none of the forthcoming information should indicate that anything

illegal, immoral, improper is being done by either RockStar Energy Drink , Michael Savage or

anyone else mentioned in this writing. It just seemed very odd that a Conservative, family

values-oriented radio host would or could have a blood link to a company that promotes

music that is covertly or overtly or questionably Occult - Supernatural - AntiChristian and

possibly Satanic in nature. This connection needed to be brought to THE LIGHT by the HOLY

SPIRIT. You be the judge if this is just business - or something else.


1. "Dr. Michael Savage is a multimedia icon in the conservative movement..."

2. "Savage created the phrase "Compassionate Conservative" in 1994..." .

3. "America's angriest , most vicious conservative radio host..." .


4. Alleged connection to Savage Family (formerly Weiner was his last name) . *!*! This writer is NOT calling for a Boycott of the drink or anything

5. More info on the alleged connection and photos. The reader is responsible for verifying all

factual or "factual" information in any article cited in this article. Writer not responsible for nor

avowing accuracy of citations. . It

should be noted that Dr. Savage speaks out against Fascism or what he views as such on his

radio show.

6. It should be noted that Dr. Savage has no direct connection or official connection to

RockStar and that RockStar had disavowed a connection to him and donated money to LGBT

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender causes. Allegedly his son is the CEO and Dr. Savage's wife

sits or sat on the Board. This does not mean Dr. Savage is in control or that there is a hidden

connection , illegality or impropriety. They are ,however, his wife and son. The core of THE

FAMILY and the basis of so-called FAMILY VALUES. Correct???

MAYHEM FESTIVAL (allegedly promoted by RockStar Energy Drink)

7. Slayer and Marily Manson headlined the recently ended 2009 tour. Also at the top of the

pile was Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth.



a) Slayer - read lyrics of their song THE ANTICHRIST: and there is much more: / /

b) Marilyn Manson - "Hopefully, I'll be remembered as the person who brought an end to

Christianity..." scroll down 50% .

c) Cannibal Corpse - 666 information and more on this band:

d) "only a band as talented, unique, and hard-working as Behemoth can pull these diametric

sounds into an originally unholy singularity that engulfs the listener in a pure aural hell." .
See drawing -


e) Twilight vampire store clothes.

f) Harry Potter stuff -

g) Hot Topic sponsored one of the 3 stages in which the THIRTEEN bands played. The show

opened on the Hot Topic stage with "death metal band White Chapel." .

h) "WhiteChapel bring to the extreme death metal table plenty of aggression and evil." .

The Whitechapel district of London is where Jack The Ripper did his killings...

This is where your kids buy their clothes at the Mall. This is the music they hear. This is clear-as-

a-bell promotion of Family Values... Mafia "family" values. The values of evil - death -The Devil.


He is considered by some to be the "lone voice of decency and traditional family values in the

media..." and "Mr. Savage is a conservative populist, who

believes in small government, low taxes and family values." scroll down 60% .


It is a question... only a question... please don't shoot the messenger.

How can Michael Savage - Weiner promote Conservative , Traditional , American FAMILY

VALUES on his radio network while his family promotes the music and lyrics of the bands that

perform at the RockStar Energy drink Mayhem Concerts? If you sponsor something you are

indirectly promoting it. That is fact. That is why many major companies will drop stars or

athletes from advertising their product if they get in trouble. There is a connection between one

and the other. No sponsor = No concerts. No venue to promote the cacophony orchestras of hell.

The millions of conservative (and other) listeners of the Michael Savage Radio Program , might

be interested in an explanation. To wit, Dr. Savage has no connection to RockStar. His family

members have their own mind and right to pursue their own personal interests. No one is

accused by this writer to be doing anything improper , illegal or immoral. It merely can be said

that when this writer saw this connection - he was shocked and perplexed. There seems to be

a contradiction of terms between mutually hostile values. Beyond that nothing more is said.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clubbed Thumb exposes Megan Fox as Reptilian

The latest movie sensation out of the Illuminati spin doctor brainwashing machine known as

Hollywood is Jennifer's Body. It stars the sexy starlet Megan Fox. This young lady would appear

to be a living dream, a perfect physical specimen , to be adored by men for her beauty.

But.... there is more to this story.

1. Megan Fox and Jennifer's Body: See Megan's body - tattoos and all...

2. Movies: Jennifer's Body at

3. Megan Fox has an imperfection known as Clubbed Thumbs - .

4. A shapeshifter always leaves behind a clue, usually an imperfection that indicates he or she

is not really what he appears to be. "In many old English folktales, the devil could take any form,

but couldn't disguise his clubfoot/cloven hoof" .

5. Megan Fox portrays a blood sucking vampire-like demon in the movie. In real as opposed to

film reel , life. Reptilians feed on our blood. The concept of THE FOX and shapeshifting is well

known. / / and .


The Illuminati hide in plain sight. A shapeshifting bloodsucker portrays a shapeshifting

bloodsucker ... talk about realistic portrayals or life imitates art...They laugh at us while we pay

to watch that which is visible but unseen. They control much more than a "body" , they control

your mind.

Illuminati 503 links Hells Gate to Mayan 2012 Skulls

Verizon is a telecommunications company linked to the NWO - New World Order. Scroll down

50% - "In THE SHADOW FACTORY, he sheds light in the secret rooms of Verizon and AT&T,

and shows the NSA to be a very poor custodian of the nation's security." .

See more on alleged vast illegal wiretapping program:

Oddly enough, Verizon is the company most trusted with your privacy. See article number 8 in

immediately previous link.

1. In the movie Angels & Demons , Tom Hanks states that the Illuminati use the number 503.

In the movie Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Harrison Ford is seen getting ONBOARD Train

number 503. .

2. 503 x 4 = 2012 , the year the Mayans believe the world will end or the present age will end

which may mean the same thing. If you multiply 503 times 5 you get 2515. If you double that

you get 5030 which is a play on 503. In other words, 503 is code for 2012. The number that is

of importance to the Illuminati is 2012.

3. Verizon has a New York Office at a 5030 address.

4. The Nineveh Constant is linked to Illuminati Phenomena. A number associated with it is

2268. Verizon has a New York office at a 2268 address. . Nineveh Constant .

5. There is a "503 day variable" in the Mayan end time date of December 12, 2012. .

6. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is 503 meters long. It was modeled after the HELL'S GATE

Bridge in NYC. It has the tallest arch of any structure in the world. The arch is an important

symbol of the Freemasons , a minor league team of the Illuminati. .


The concept of Hell's Gate and a train is to be found in Indiana. This is odd since INDIANA

Jones boards the Illuminati 503 numbered train in The movie The Kingdom of the Crystal

Skull. . The Crystal skull in the real-life Paris and London Museums

were carved from Brazilian Crystal. scroll down to near bottom. . The Hell's Gate ghost portal

described in the ighost link is near Brazil, Indiana. .

In Brazil, the illuminati made Swine flu killed 503 people. .

The 2012 phenomena is of vast importance to the Illuminati. Is it real or a hoax created by them

like the bogus swine flu? The answer is unknown but to the is irrelevant if they were

killed by a real epidemic or a manufactured it not?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nineveh Constant found in Masonic Manitoba Bison

This brief article merely highlights a minor discovery in the masonic Manitoba Legislature

building. Much has been written about the obvious , if not overpowering, masonic influence in

the design and architecture of this Provincial government building. This article discusses a

hidden clue that until now has remained hidden in plain sight.


1. Architecture as a form of masonic initiation.

2. You can tour The Hermetic Code there.

3. or google Manitoba Masonic legislature for more.


4. The Nineveh Constant is a number / ratio / numerical alignment - code or sequence found

in the ruins of the city of Nineveh , modern day Iraq. The number 2268 figures prominently in

this issue. See: / / This number has previously come up in the

leaning Tower of Pisa. and

the birthplace of the nazi movement. .


5. See color photos of Bison in the
masonic temple disguised as the Manitoba Legislature Building.

The Weight of each one is 2,268 kilograms. In another context, this could be coincidence. In this

building filled with masonic codes, the likelihood of the weight being an accident is close to zero.

CONCLUSION: If you add 2268 + 2268 =4536. The number 4536 figures prominently in

determining the square footage of the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA. and see book formula in: The Great Pyramid of Giza: measuring length , area, volume, and angles by Janey Levy.

A new discovery. The two Bison represent the area of the Great Pyramid. 756 x 756...The top

line of the answer is 4536. In other words, the top of the Pyramid of the equation. To reach the

top of the stairwell , one must pass the two astral guardians of the threshold represented by

the two bison. The Nineveh Constant multiplied by Two leads to The Area size of the Great

Pyramid when the two sides of 756 feet are multiplied as well. Each side of the Great Pyramid

is a metaphor for The Nineveh Constant. If you multiply 2268 x 2268 , you get an answer that

begins with 5143. The 51.43 degree angle has been linked to the New Jerusalem and is the

360 degree Babylon-based circle divide by 7. . More on 51.43 and Crystal Growth at 51.43 degrees and scroll down 50% for more 51.43 degrees at .

The intelligence it takes to devise this system is not human. Anyone who believes apes evolved

into humans who then secretly devised this logic and architecture for no known reason...are

mad. The truth is that these designs come from something Superhuman. Good or Evil ....that is

the question the reader must ask - and answer.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford rides Illuminati Train

Many of today's top stars in the movies , television and music are linked to the occult and to

the supernatural. Let us just look at a few... very few ... examples. Tom Cruise - / The Beatles / The Rolling

Stones and KISS .

Madonna / Britney Spears / Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton - .

The latter three even signed together to play The Witches of Eastwick: .

This article focuses on occult links that tie Harrison Ford aka Indiana Jones to the Illuminati

via Tom Hanks and the movie Angels & Demons. In the movie Angels & Demons the character

played by Tom Hanks, speaks of the number 503 being mysteriously linked to the Illuminati. and there is also a

link to so-called Devil's Night. .


1. There was speculation that the charcter Dr. Harford, played by Tom Cruise in the movie,

Eyes Wide Shut , directed by Stanley Kubrick was in fact a metaphor for the real life Harrison

Ford. In this movie , Dr. Harford stumbles across a satanic ritual orgy. Scroll down to TRIVIA .

2. Indiana Jones movies , starring Harrison Ford , have been partially filmed at a UK masonic

school. Both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade. .

3. Stars that have played besides Harrison Ford on the Indiana Jones movies have met odd

and tragic events. River Phoenix , who played a young Indiana Jones , died of a drug overdose

in The Viper Room on Halloween.

4. Shia Lebouef , who starred in the more recent Crystal Skull installment had a terrrible

car accident that crushed his LEFT HAND.,20216629,00.html .

5. It is interesting that a movie about Crystal Skull should be filmed in part at Yale University,

the home of the most infamous secret society on earth - The Skull and Bones Society. .

6. You must see the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to verify the

following information. At close range and for an extended period of time, one can see Harrison

Ford , stepping on a train in this movie. The number of the train is 503.


one of them. What are the odds that this movie comes out in 2008 and has "Dr. Harford"

stepping on train 503 and then along comes Tom Hanks in Angels & Demons saying that the

number 503 is sacred to the illuminati being coincidence?


The real Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the Mayan Empire. .

The Mayan Calendar has become all the rage since it holds that "The End of the World" is

about to arrive in 2012. .

503 X 4 = 2012

Teen Occult Novels hidden 666 Numerology exposed

Many modern stories , book and movies that are geared to youth seem to have an occult part

or element to them. Often this is the entirety of the theme. The idea that the Supernatural or

occult world is "cool" is pervasive throughout modern media and movies. This writer found a

blog that (seemingly) unwittingly brought this to his attention and led to this article.

PREMISE: The numbers associated with the supernatural books linked to the occult geared

towards today's urban / modern youth is not an "accident" or coincidental in nature.

THE BLOG: "So how do you determine what length is appropriate for your book? ...Book pages

x lines on a full page x 9 = number of words... To simplify this further - a standard mass market

paperback has around 36 lines of text per page making your formula: Number of pages x 36 x9 " .


1. Twilight (Book 1) number of pages = 544 and number of words = 176256 words.

The premise of Twilight is well known now. A teenaged female falls in love with a "good" male

vampire. This of course presents the idea that a vampire - can be good. Much like saying that

the devil can be "good". Having sex with a vampire or kissing and so forth can be fun too. .

The number 544 is associated with 666:

Fritz Springmeier gave us this information encoded in the number of pages in his book exposing

the Illuminati: Scroll down 70% .

The number 176256 expressed as a fraction is 176/256. This equals 11/16 or 22/32 - see: .

1116 feet per second , happens to be The Speed of Sound and the Height where one of the planes

hit one of the Twin Towers on 9/11. The worst train / school bus wreck has this number as well. / Speed of Sound / Twin Towers "Are we really to believe near free-fall acceleration
through 1,116 feet of structural steel is possible?" Scroll to near bottom - .

The first three numbers 176 are linked to the longest psalm in the Bible and the Torah. .

The last three 256, are linked to the number of voodoo gods believed to exist in that faith. . Scroll down halfway.

The word number combines The Speed of Sound, The Torah and Bible , Disasters that are man

made like 9/11 and the Bus-Train wreck and Voodoo deities. The page number links to 666.

Still not convinced? Try 22/32 or 2232 . The number of steps in The illuminati fortress known

as The Sears Tower is 2232. It is in zip code 60606 and The address 223 is implicit in the 22/32

and also linked to 666. See:

and . Is that also coincidence?

2. Harry Potter (Book 7) is 784 pages long according to the blog that started this article -

Further in the article a little bit , it is noted that another occult teen book named Totally

Fabulous by Michelle Radford happens to "coincidentally" be 82944 words long. The numbers

784 and 82944 (accompanied only by the number 1) happen to be linked to The God Particle. .

The God Particle has been linked to Pi : .

The book Totally Fabulous by Michelle Radford is AGAIN about a young person that discovers

how to use magical or occult powers. . Mind Control and off to "ESP boot camp" and all...

The Cover design for the Harry Potter book CHAMBER OF SECRETS was designed by , you

guessed it - Michelle Radford. More Coincidence ? .

GUESS WHAT ? The book Totally Fabulous happens to be 256 pages long. .

GUESS WHAT? The publisher for Totally Fabulous happens to be Harper Collins -

GUESS WHAT? HarperCollins is the publisher of the Satanic Bible:

As noted in the previous link there are connections to the US military and Fox News network.

FOX News is really a metaphor for 666 News :


The number 256 will be the topic of an upcoming article. It all comes full circle. 256 , by the

way is linked to Pi. The evil brainwashing is ongoing. It is enough to keep you awake at night

wondering what the kids are reading... only don't need to wonder. "Ancient Egyptians

wrote Pi as 256/81..." .