Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wesley Snipes to Jail while Marc Rich Pardoned

Actor Wesley Snipes is going to prison for three years for tax related charges. This in spite of

the fact that he has paid over 30 million dollars in taxes and his ultimate tax liability was about

285 thousand dollars. It begs the question how someone can be sent to prison for that long for

something like this. The biggest known tax cheat in U.S. history was Marc Rich. He cheated

mega-millions out of the IRS while shipping illegally iranian oil that was then under a US

embargo due to the hostage crisis at the US Embassy. It begs the question, again ... WHY and

HOW could this happen. Marc Rich was pardoned by President Bill Clinton. He was a zionist and

suspected member of the Illuminati. Wesley Snipes angered the Illuminati with his films based

on the character by the name BLADE. He as that character fought against a hidden vampire

aristocracy that secretly preyed and ruled in secret over mankind. That is identical and a hidden

metaphor for the 13 Illuminati bloodline families that rule over the world. He was talking of

making a 4th BLADE movie. That was the final straw. He had to be put away. Being Black did

not help him while Marc Rich - a zionist - had control over "The System", as we all see on a near

daily basis. I would ask that this article be a petition to Kenyan President of the USA Obama

to consider an immediate pardon of Wesley Snipes. This will not happen. Obama takes his cues

if not orders from people like Marc Rich and other members of the Cabal. Nonetheless, This

writer will ask for the pardon. It is only a world of injustice.

SEE: and Marc Rich and and the 13 bloodlines of
the illuminati at also 13 vampire clans at .

Please contact The Dark Lord Amabo and ask for Blade to be pardoned. He paid millions into the

system and look at what he got...pretty much like the rest of us , but more so...right?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Madoff Son "Suicided" by the Illuminati

Bernie Madoff was far more than a con artist. He was involved in much more than stealing

funds from gullible zionist billionaires. He was an integral link in the BLACK MONEY networks

that the illuminati use to fund their projects with the ultimate goal of taking over the world and

allowing the antichrist to arrive and control the Earth.

SEE: .

Some suspect the money went to Israel. The place where the antichrist must have his Temple of

Doom built to rule the Earth. .

and Temple of Evil being rebuilt in Israel: .

They say Madoff's son committed suicide. Well , the truth is he was suicided. They killed him

and made it look like a suicide or he was told that if he did not do it - his child and so forth would

get "whacked". This is how they do it. This is how it leaves no trace and wraps everything up

real nice and simple. .

There is a whole rash of "suicides" associated with Madoff. Really? Kind of sounds like how all

the JFK witnesses that saw a man on the grassy knoll, gradually, all died one-by-one an

untimely death. More Coincidence...right? and .


1. Rebuilding the Temple when they can.

2. Associate Banksters crash the US economy and lower the price of every piece of Real Estate

in the USA - then bottom-feed when it all hits bottom during a Depression.

3. Then sell the whole Country to Red China investors for yet another profit.

This is our future - unless the infiltration/infestation is halted. But who will do that in the US

Government? The answer is nobody. It is too late. If anyone tried...they would "commit suicide".

Monday, December 6, 2010

Petition to Stop Human Embryo Bar Coding tests

The illuminati are servants of satan. They hate mankind since their master boils in envy at

the thought that we - humans - not Lucifer - are created in G-D's image and that he sent his

son to bleed and die for us on the cross. They hate children and unborn children, the most

innocent of creatures in particular, they have a special disregard for. This writer has run across

something on the internet that is even more vile (I hope that is good grammar) than the article

that preceeded this one dealing with ressurected cows for human consumption.

The UAB or spanish-acronym for Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Autonomous

University of Barcelona) in Spain has proudly announced that it has successfully implanted

bar codes in mouse embryos. SEE: .

The Bar Code has been repeatedly linked to 666. It is the source precursor to the Mark of the

Beast. . The Mark of the Beast

is essentially a Devil Bar Code that a human must, according to scripture "accept". The poor

forming humans that will be subjected to this atrocity do not have the chance to reject the evil.

They do not have the chance to know Christ and hear and heed his message or that of any

religion that would reject human Bar Coding, whatever it might be. The Devil must be desperate

and now needs to RFID humans at the embryo stage. They cannot speak for themselves but ,

guess what? You can speak for them. Please contact anyone that you think can help to stop

this blight and ask, beg them... if necessary to fight this evil. To Blacklist UAB and

anyone who funds the school or the program until they purge this filth from their institution.

The time to act is now...before it is too late for even one human being in the formative stage.

Be a voice for the voiceless. Do something today. Write. Speak. Send an email chain. Make a

Difference by taking a stand against this scheme. That is all I have to say. The rest is up to you.