Monday, December 6, 2010

Petition to Stop Human Embryo Bar Coding tests

The illuminati are servants of satan. They hate mankind since their master boils in envy at

the thought that we - humans - not Lucifer - are created in G-D's image and that he sent his

son to bleed and die for us on the cross. They hate children and unborn children, the most

innocent of creatures in particular, they have a special disregard for. This writer has run across

something on the internet that is even more vile (I hope that is good grammar) than the article

that preceeded this one dealing with ressurected cows for human consumption.

The UAB or spanish-acronym for Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Autonomous

University of Barcelona) in Spain has proudly announced that it has successfully implanted

bar codes in mouse embryos. SEE: .

The Bar Code has been repeatedly linked to 666. It is the source precursor to the Mark of the

Beast. . The Mark of the Beast

is essentially a Devil Bar Code that a human must, according to scripture "accept". The poor

forming humans that will be subjected to this atrocity do not have the chance to reject the evil.

They do not have the chance to know Christ and hear and heed his message or that of any

religion that would reject human Bar Coding, whatever it might be. The Devil must be desperate

and now needs to RFID humans at the embryo stage. They cannot speak for themselves but ,

guess what? You can speak for them. Please contact anyone that you think can help to stop

this blight and ask, beg them... if necessary to fight this evil. To Blacklist UAB and

anyone who funds the school or the program until they purge this filth from their institution.

The time to act is now...before it is too late for even one human being in the formative stage.

Be a voice for the voiceless. Do something today. Write. Speak. Send an email chain. Make a

Difference by taking a stand against this scheme. That is all I have to say. The rest is up to you.

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