Monday, May 26, 2008

Chicago Spire links Elven Heptagram with 666 Pi appearance

The Illuminati drive to conquer the planet for the infernal hierarchies that they serve

continues unabated. The City of Chicago is a major illuminist headquarters, possibly their top

outpost in the USA. There are plans to build a super-tall Spire Tower in the windy city. The

signs all point in the same direction as their Sears Tower - ... straight to Hell.

The reader as always determines what is the Truth or "Truth" ... it is as in the X-Files , Out

There, in the former stomping ground of Al Capone.



1. Chicago role as illuminist outpost: or google terms.

2. Skyscrapers as retro-Babylon Towers: . -

3. The seven pointed star or Heptagram is linked to the occult. It is called the Elven Star. and the Elven Star

with seven points has been linked to "The Seven Sisters" or stars of the Pleiades system as well .

4. It has also been called The Seal or Star of Babalon by Aleister Crowley and the OTO. .

Babalon is the Scarlet Woman who rides the Beast and is the Gateway in the astral plane to the

so-called "City of Pyramids" for the Black Magick Adept. Babalon is of course - Babylon - where

the first skyscraper was built. .

5. A seven-sided structure is associated with Wesleyan University's secret society network. . This society was formed in

Connecticut, very close in time to the founding of the Skull and Bones Society in Yale in the

1830s. . No one there knows what they really do.

6. The Tallest Building in the USA may some day be based on the seven-pointed star as well.

The Calatrava Tower or Chicago Spire is a seven-sided building. and .

7. Each floor rotates 2.44 degrees. It is 609.6 meters , if you turn the 9 upsided down it is of

course , 666 in code. It turns 360 degrees. 360 is 36, since zero has no value in numerology.

36 is linked to 666 = / .

2.44 is actually 2.440 and coincidentally 2440 - is

where the first string of three sixes or 666 first appears in Pi.

Can all of this be happenstance and chance? You reader, must decide.

8. In Feng Shui, spike like or arrow like points are to be avoided. The object or person at the

other end of the point is subjected to hostile energy. The Spire points to Heaven. It is an affront

to God himself, by the entity behind 666 itself, the devil. .


The seven sided structure is a massive magickal complex. It has its bases in Rosicrucianism and

the Thelema Relgion of Aleister Crowley . and scroll to bottom .

Oddly, St. Peter's Square in Rome has seven sides. scroll

down 25%. A seven sided medallion is also associated with the Cubic Stone of the Freemasons

and Rosicrucians, again - scroll to bottom. .

9/11 London Eye Aligns with Nazi star Aldebaran on Queen's Birthday

The intricacy of the illuminati networks in aligning their symbolic structures to ley lines of the

Earth and the planets in the heavens is almost beyond comprehension. Clearly, many massive

engineering, architectural and geopolitical developments appear to be controlled by a "hidden

hand" while the masses of humans ignorantly go about their business like happy cattle unaware

of the pending slaughter.

This particular article happens to be associated with the discovery by this writer of an article

on United Airlines Hemispheres magazine on page 112. The title of the section was the stars and

it was written by Kathryn L. Silverton. There was an illustration of the zodiac sign Taurus

drawn by Nik Schulz that showed the Constellation Taurus in alignment with the London Eye

ferris wheel - a known Illuminist symbol - looking West from London on April 21, 2008 at

9:30p.m. See and . The date of the magazine was May 2008.

The following link shows the actual illustration: The largest star in Taurus is the eye or 'eye' of

the Taurean Bull shown clearly on the left. As noted it aligns with the eye or 'eye' of the ferris

wheel. .

That large eye star is Aldebaran. known to the ancient hebrews as the "Eye of God" and to the

mystic Nazis as the home planet of the Aryan Race and the "supermen" . Scroll down 20% and

"The Vril magic eye is a mythical nazi espionage and reconaissance device..." scroll down 80% .

See Hebrews -eye of G-d at: . It may

also be noted that the declination of Aldebaran as seen prominently on the previous link is 16.18

degrees. Oddly, 1.618 is the beginning number sequence for PHI or The Divine Ratio or God's

Ratio. .

The time the illustration in the Hemispheres article is 9:30 p.m. which happens to be of

course, the number 93 of the Thelema religion formed by Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed

Great Beast 666. .

April 21, when the alignment occurs is the birthday of the suspected reptilian Queen of

England. .

Queen of England = Reptilian info at: .


For those that believe in coincidence please note the following:

The article in the magazine is on page 112. April 21 is the 111th day of the year EXCEPT on Leap

Years , of which 2008 -when the illustration was taken -would make it the 112th day of the year,

coinciding exactly with the page odd, don't you think? Further, therefore on

April 20 of 2008 , due to it being a leap year it would be the 111th day of the year instead of

number 110. April 20th is Adolf Hitler's Birthday, the worshipper of the Aldebaran-based

"Supermen" , whose star aligns on his Day of Birth with the Illuminati Eye of London ferris

wheel. . The number 111 is heavily

linked to the 9/11 attacks: / / .

Another bizarre coincidence is that United Airlines, that publishes the Hemispheres magazine

had its aircraft Flight 93 , be the one that crashed or was shot down in the Pennsylvania field.

Again, the Illuminati Eye aligns at 9:30pm and United Flight 93 linked to the 9/11 Attacks with

its 11 and 111 numerology association. Article published on page 112 on the leap year day as noted. . Otherwise , April 21 would be

Day 111 on a regular Year. Dear Reader: What is your definition of coincidence? These intricate

workings simply CANNOT be controlled or managed by something that is HUMAN, can they?

Then what could it be? The Supermen, The Reptilians? The Devil? You reader must decide.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Request Vatican Excommunicate USA Supreme Court Justices favoring Death Penalty

The USA is one of the world capitals of what the late Pope John Paul II called, The Culture of

Death. Many nations have the death penalty, particularly communist or muslim countries.

Other countries do not have the death penalty but have legalized abortion such as in most of

Europe. In Latin America, at least officially, there is no death penalty anywhere but communist

Cuba and again except for Cuba, few places where abortion is available legally.

Few countries have the death penalty and abortion outside of the few remaining communist

states such as North Korea , China, Cuba, and so forth. The USA joins that list. The USA has

also allowed for assisted suicide to go forward , late term abortions and stem cell research.

Now there is legalized homosexual marriage in two States, including the giant - California.

There is also now legalized torture , except it is called something else and pre-emptive war

to include even pre-emptive nuclear war against countries that are not at war with the USA and

have no logical or even irrational plans to attack or invade the USA - ever.

In this background we have the rubbish being presented to the World that the USA is

A Nation of laws

This Nation of Laws has a three-branch form of government with the unelected Judicial

Branch, comprised entirely of lawyers being coequal with the Congress and Presidency.

This branch is led by 9 lawyers-judges known as Justices of the United States Supreme Court.

The Chief Justice, now John Roberts, an epileptic, is theoretically the Constitutional equivalent

of the President of the United States of America.

a Five beats Four system of ruling on cases and issues means that 5 Supreme Court Justices

can decide Life or Death, whether a man can marry another man or whether waterboarding is

really torture. THE LAW OF FIVES is of course THE LAW of the ILLUMINATI.

It just so happens that currently 5 of the 9 are Catholics. Yet ---somehow the agenda of

abortion, late term abortion, waterboarding, forbidding a moment of prayer in schools or public

events, no Christmas displays in public, and ---The continuation of the death penalty- go on

without end. All of the above and much more are against the doctrinal teachings of the Catholic

Church and the Popes, past and present , consider many of these acts to be EVIL and against

Church doctrine in the extreme.

It just so happens that of the 5 Catholic Justices, 4 are suspected of ties to Opus Dei, a far-right

cult/ organization / cell / subculture and so forth within the Church itself. This cult or group

has as its major doctrinal plank ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE TO THE POPE. Go figure ???

Meanwhile, all of these 5 Catholic Justices are Republican appointees or party members.

Catholic members of Congress who favor abortion, also called a woman's right to choose , are

subjected to being excommunicated simply for holding those beliefs even though they may not

have ever had an abortion or paid for one or advised someone to get one. Most of the Catholic

congressmen threatened with excommunication - a grave act condemning one to Hell - if left

as is - are Democrats. There appears to be discrimination in which murder of the unborn is

grounds for excommunication and murder of the condemned is ignored.


Please sign in the comments section your name and a Statement in favor of both the aiders

and accomplices to murder of either the unborn or the condemned be excommunicated at once.

Please respectfully direct your petition to Pope Benedict XVI. Please no insults. Just a request.

This will then be emailed to him when it reaches 777 signers. This to show that evil under the

bogus RULE OF LAW in the USA is really still just evil, and should be condemned without taking

politcal sides or engaging in hypocrisy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pi 666 links Fire Island Wicca to USA Heartline

Additional investigation into the illuminati ley line and numerology network has exposed a

connection between the appearance of a string of three 6s or 666 in Pi and the birth of modern

Wicca on Fire Island , New York and the Topeka, the capital of Kansas in the so-called Heartline

of the USA. Previous articles have shown that the Heartline of the USA appears to be dedicated

to the war god planet Mars and now that link is expanded to a direct connection to Pi 666.

1. Background : The number 37 - extensive links to 666 at / .

There is even a link to 60606, which happens to be the zip code for the Sears Tower, the tallest

building currently in the USA. .

2. The reverse of 37 is of course 73.

3. "when including the initial 3 before the decimal point (of Pi), i.e. the whole series of pi's

digits" --The sum of a sequence of three sixes first appears in pi at 2441 - 2442 - 2443- - "The

sum of these is 7326 or 11 x 666." .

11 x 666 is the same as 666 x 11 , of course.

4. The longitude for Fire Island , New York is - you guessed it - 73.26 at The Coast Guard

station on Great South Bay. or google

Fire Island longitude 73.26.

5. The zip code 66611 leads to Topeka , Kansas, the Heartland and in palmistry Heartline of

America. There is a connection to Cydonia plain in Mars. .

6. Fire Island has unique beaches which face south which allow for a unique viewing of the sun.

This is one of the reasons why it became the "birthplace of Wicca" in modern times in the USA.

"Southwest Suffolk County is sacred to Witches" - it is also where Amityville as in The movie

Amityville Horror was based. There is a town named Babylon. .

7. Amityville horror house may be a portal or gateway to hell or the infernal dimensions. .

The latitude line which runs through portions of Suffolk County also appears linked to evil. .


There is a beliefe that a "gay Messiah" will appear in Fire Island. Could this be the antichrist?

whose gender preference is never known....There is never a mention of the entity having a

wife or child......could he emerge from a Portal to Hell located in Fire Island? We shall see. .

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

666 code links Singapore skyscrapers to Cryptonomicon

The illuminati appear to be compelled to use numbers or numerology to mark their works.

At times , the evil numbers such as 666 , need to be "masked" or hidden in a form of code.

This article hopes to expose another mask - the number 918.

Looking at 918 itself: 9 is 3+3+3 and 18 is 6+6+6 or 3+3+3+3+3+3. This is also in effect 9 3s

or 93 , the number of the Thelema cult of Aleister Crowley, the 666 and the Rothschild 333 all

in one.

Further: 666 + 216 + 36 = 918. The 216 is Left Behind series code for the antichrist because it

is 6x6x6. 36 becomes 666 when all the numbers from 1 to 36 are added together and of course

36 is 6x6 or 66, the number of the reverse sephiroth Qlippoth.


216 Left Behind:

36 and 666: .

93 Thelema: .

Rothschild 333: .

66 Qlippoth:


Singapore is a masonic created entity:

"masonic founding fathers of Singapore" .

The Cryptonomicon is the the title of a book that has to do with high technology and the

breaking of the enigma code by the allies in WWII. This led to victory by the allies because the

german U-boats could be discovered. Without this the war would have been lost. The book, is

a work of fiction. It is 918 pages long - a hidden code, perhaps in the page number?

See: .


If we do not break the illuminati code , we like the WWII allies will lose the war against them.

Knowledge is power. This is especially so when one shines a light on that which hides in the dark

shadows of the number code of the New World Order and the evil intelligences it serves.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

23.5 x Golden Ratio links Thomas Jefferson Monticello to Poussin Code

The mansion built by illuminati member and founding father of the United States of America,

Thomas Jefferson, has now been linked to occult numerology. It is tied into the DaVinci Code

artist Nicholas Poussin and his enigmatic 23.5 degree angle depicted in paintings encoding

veiled references to the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the existence of their

bloodline. Monticello, which means little mountain in italian is also tied into the Golden Ratio

and the occult number 39 which is 13 x 3, also a reference to the illuminati membership.

This may present a hidden , but now clear, link between illuminist Thomas Jefferson and

the Holy Grail bloodline theory. Where that could lead to is present.


1. Thomas Jefferson was a suspected member of the Weishaupt led Bavarian illuminati: scroll

down 30% and .

2. Monticello was designed as a copy of a Roman villa in Nimes , France. "it was to be the first

building in the modern world directly based on an antique temple." .

3. Nicholas Poussin was a painter that is linked to the DaVinci Code and the 23.5 degree angle

appears in many of his paintings. scroll down 30% .

4. Poussin was associated with the Roman villa at Nimes. "Poussin also found a special

relationship between architecture and the human body. On his return to France, Poussin visited

Nimes (as Thomas Jefferson would 150 years later) to admire its Roman Temple, the so-called

Maison Carree.",9171,981923-4,00.html .

5. The golden ration or Phi has been linked to human beauty:

6. 23.5 x phi = 38.0237987 or 38.02. Go to enter - 23.5 x phi = -.

7. Monticello is located at latitude 38.0 , a very close approximation to 38.02. .

The longitude is noted as 78.27 W in the previous link.

8. 78 is 39 x 2. 39 is 13 x 3 or the illuminati 13 tripled. The number 27 is 3x3x3 or 333 a

number long noted for the occult associations or 9x3 which is 93, the number of Aleister Crowley

and his Thelema cult. see: 39 = 13 x 3 illuminati . 333 is the number

of the dweller in the abyss, Choronzon and 93 Thelema at .


It appears that Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is really not a design based on an "antique

temple" - - it is one. A pagan illuminist temple in the heart of Virginia...the Virgin. The roman

villa at Nimes visited by both Poussin , suspected Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, and

Thomas Jefferson had the concept of beautiful girls imbedded in it as symbols of columns - scroll

down 40% . Clearly, Monticello was placed where it

was due to sacred geometry - the 23.5 of the Bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene linked to the golden

ratio, called the Divine Ratio or a code embedded by God himself in the creation of Nature - .

Monticello is where the illuminati meet the DaVinci Code - that is no longer a code nor a secret.

Illuminati Numerology links IRS to Fallen Angels

The illuminati work through a series of codes and numbers that can be used to 1) expose them

and 2) disrupt their activites and networks. This article hopes to further expose the workings of

their secret activities based on recently discovered material:

I.R.S link to 666:

1. The IRS is a tax collection agency whose headquarters are located at a 1111 address in

Washington, D.C. .

2. The Knight Templars were tax collectors in the middle ages - scroll down 60% .

3. The Knight Templars were founded in 1111 A.D. - .

4. scroll down 55% for Knight Templar 9 knights banded together on 1111 for link to the 33

degrees of terrorism- .

5. The IRS new headquarters complex has "a strange masonic theme" scroll down 20% and .

6. Using architectural based ideas and symbols one gets to the following:

1111 feet equal 337 meters: This is an approximation: scroll down 90%.

7. The number of fallen angels is approximated to be at least 33,700,000 - scroll down 45% .

8. At least 33,700,000 is a good approximation for 33,800,000 since the "at least" wording of

Book of Revelations 12:4 makes the approximation a higher one, not a lower one. If one goes to

google at and inserts 1111 feet = - one comes up with 338 as the

approximate number of meters.

9. Someone else has either figured this out or is using it. The worst form of spyware is called

fallen angel 338 - .

10. The Sky Harbor Airport in the city of Phoenix, Arizona is at an altitude of 337 meters. . scroll to near bottom.

11. Phoenix is a 100% masonic created city located at decimal latitude 33.33 N. Would this odd

altitude then be a coincidence? and President Grant,

a 33rd degree freemason talked of moving the US capital there - scroll down 55% .


The 1111 = 338 links the Fallen Angels to the Knight Templars ,former tax collectors, to the

modern day IRS, the present tax collectors. This also shows that anyway or approximation one

looks at be it 33,800,000 or at least 33,700,000 - the number of fallen angels begins with , of

course, the masonic 33 - another coincidence?

9/11 is hidden 666 exposes Abu Nidal terrorist as Zionist agent

The illuminati as noted in other articles appear to rely heavily on numbers and numerology in

their workings. It is unknown by this writer whether this is a marker , an inside joke , a means

of how clever they are and how stupid we are of if it is a necessary Mark-of-the-Beast callsign.

It has been noticed recently that many of the famous air incidents of terror and so forth of the

past have had hidden numerological component that leads to 666. This article provides another:

Background of satanic numerology in Aircraft related matters (non-exhaustive):

1. Condor Concorde 216 which is 6x6x6 at .

2. Egypt Air flight 990: 990 is 660 when the 9s become 6s. 66 is the number of the shards or

evil energies of the reverse sephiroth of the Kabbalah known as the Qlippoth. Egypt Air 990

crashed on a satanic holidy of Halloween, October 31, in the year 1999 or 1666 if again the

9s become 6s. The fatalities were 217, if you include the suicide pilot. There otherwise would be

216 innocent victims or again, 6x6x6. The passengers were 203 in number. The number 23 and

in measurements 203 meters is 666 feet. The crew was 14. If one takes out the suicide pilot,

again, the unlucky 13. .

3. Mutiny of passengers on Flight 613 prevented a possible other air incident. 613 is the

number of the laws brought down from Mt. Sinai by Moses. .

613 as illuminati / zionist code: .

4. Flight 216 checked by US federal agents at Dulles for terror link: .

5. Same numbers inversed leads to the Alaska Air flight crash. The airlines only one. .

6. And of course, 9/11 at: *(new analysis)* 911 - turn the 9 upside down and one has 611.

611 needs 55 to make 666. 55 feet = 660 inches or 66 the number of the Qlippoth - yet again.

61166 = 66. How? (6x1x1) + 660 = 666. 9/11 is code for 666 - you saw it here first.

The Present Matter:

7. Abu Nidal was a master terrorist. The Osama Bin Laden of the 70s and 80s decade. - .

8. Some believe he was a zionist deep-penetration tool: .

9. Saddam Hussein was funding suicide bombers in Israel. He allegedly had Abu Nidal killed

while he was in Baghdad. Maybe the discovery of his zionist links was the cause - it is unknown. .

10. Abu Nidal rose to fame or infamy due to the events of Flight 648:


6x6x6 = 216 - - - 216 + 216 +216 = 648 ... more coincidence?