Sunday, May 11, 2008

9/11 is hidden 666 exposes Abu Nidal terrorist as Zionist agent

The illuminati as noted in other articles appear to rely heavily on numbers and numerology in

their workings. It is unknown by this writer whether this is a marker , an inside joke , a means

of how clever they are and how stupid we are of if it is a necessary Mark-of-the-Beast callsign.

It has been noticed recently that many of the famous air incidents of terror and so forth of the

past have had hidden numerological component that leads to 666. This article provides another:

Background of satanic numerology in Aircraft related matters (non-exhaustive):

1. Condor Concorde 216 which is 6x6x6 at .

2. Egypt Air flight 990: 990 is 660 when the 9s become 6s. 66 is the number of the shards or

evil energies of the reverse sephiroth of the Kabbalah known as the Qlippoth. Egypt Air 990

crashed on a satanic holidy of Halloween, October 31, in the year 1999 or 1666 if again the

9s become 6s. The fatalities were 217, if you include the suicide pilot. There otherwise would be

216 innocent victims or again, 6x6x6. The passengers were 203 in number. The number 23 and

in measurements 203 meters is 666 feet. The crew was 14. If one takes out the suicide pilot,

again, the unlucky 13. .

3. Mutiny of passengers on Flight 613 prevented a possible other air incident. 613 is the

number of the laws brought down from Mt. Sinai by Moses. .

613 as illuminati / zionist code: .

4. Flight 216 checked by US federal agents at Dulles for terror link: .

5. Same numbers inversed leads to the Alaska Air flight crash. The airlines only one. .

6. And of course, 9/11 at: *(new analysis)* 911 - turn the 9 upside down and one has 611.

611 needs 55 to make 666. 55 feet = 660 inches or 66 the number of the Qlippoth - yet again.

61166 = 66. How? (6x1x1) + 660 = 666. 9/11 is code for 666 - you saw it here first.

The Present Matter:

7. Abu Nidal was a master terrorist. The Osama Bin Laden of the 70s and 80s decade. - .

8. Some believe he was a zionist deep-penetration tool: .

9. Saddam Hussein was funding suicide bombers in Israel. He allegedly had Abu Nidal killed

while he was in Baghdad. Maybe the discovery of his zionist links was the cause - it is unknown. .

10. Abu Nidal rose to fame or infamy due to the events of Flight 648:


6x6x6 = 216 - - - 216 + 216 +216 = 648 ... more coincidence?

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