Saturday, April 26, 2008

Number 52 links illuminati Milton Keynes Satanic Rock to Great Pyramid

If this writer has discovered one thing in researching the exterior workings of the illuminati is

their fascination with numbers. They appear to form the backbone or basis of everything they

do. This makes sense, since their goal , the establishment of the antichrist world government , is

closely linked to the Number 666.

Therefore, let he who hath understanding receive the following information:

1. The Number 52 is linked to the Great Pyramid and masonic and templar symbolism. 52 is

the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid. and .

2. The City of Milton Keynes has been linked to the Rothschild Illuminist dynasty. .

3. Milton Keynes is the home of Marshall Amplification. The company linked to the necessary

speaker systems to broadcast rock music to brainwash youth. .

4. Marshall now has speakers named after a member of the premiere satanic rock band -

Slayer. . .

5. Slayer = Evil at and see

video at and listen at your own spititual risk - not

recommended at .

6. Marshall began operations in Bletchley Park , Milton Keynes on 6/66 , scroll to bottom - .

7. Bletchley , Milton Keynes is at EXACTLY 52 Degrees N. Latitude. Therefore, the illuminati

city links the Great Pyramid and the DaVinci Code art of Poussin to Marshall Amplification and

Slayer - see for yourself. .

See Poussin art 52 degree angle , scroll to very bottom =


At a minimum, the selection of Milton Keynes location appears linked to Templar and

Illuminati beliefs as well. It is not just the objects in a given area or their design - it is the

place itself also. Macabre Music for the Masses - Made in Milton Keynes - how fitting.

Rock Music after all is said to be linked to the Illuminati Tavistock Institute so this should come

as no surprise. and .


Z_Thackaray said...

Yes I have got to say, that Milton Keynes certainly has Illuminati connections. After all, I can't think of anyone who isn't a "destroyer of worlds" who would want to live there anyway ...

God bless you and your website!

Sally said...

There's a great book exposing all this called 'mysterious Milton keynes'

susane said...

Indeed, this achievement is a real wonder, thank you for this article in any case.

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