Monday, April 19, 2010

Lost series 108 hidden link to Coolest Number

The weird TV series " Lost " has its own internal form of numerology. Apparently, the number

108 is prevalent in the show. The reason for this is unknown. SEE: .

The series has the passengers of fictional Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crash land in the waters

off of a mysterious pacific island. The place seems to exude mysterious energy and strange

phenomena. The number of the Flight has not been looked at much , until this article.

The number 108 in and of itself has enormous mystical significance , particularly in Eastern

religions such as buddhism and hinduism. and also .

The number 163 is considered by some to be the "coolest number" in mathematics. and .

5 x 163 = 815. The Law of Fives multiplied by the Coolest Number is the number of the

ill-fated flight that begins the strange series with hidden turns and meanings.

The Number 815 is noted in the Bible as the years a pre-Great Flood patriarch named Enos

lived after he had his first son , Kenan , at age 90. This is linked to the Mayan Baktun cycle. .

The unit of weight measure 815 stones is the equivalent of 5175 kilograms. The largest

Nubian pyramid in the Sudan is located at Nuri. Scroll down to pyramids of Nuri. . It is 51.75 meters square.


Is the number of the Oceanic Flight a Titanic Coincidence or something more? Only the reader can decide. Stay tuned for the next episode of Lost - soon the answer will be revealed.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tea Party Creation linked to Rothschild Illuminati

The Tea Party movement is a fraud and a front created by the intelligence apparatus that

serves as the main social control mechanism of the brainwashed sheeple. Do any of you out there

reading this really believe that a "spontaneous" movement just appeared out of nowhere? It has

no leader , no history , no "face" , the fundraising is nebulous. The leadership is unknown and

so spread out that the term is meaningless. The original Tea Party in Boston was a false flag

operation created by American Freemasons to start a war between the British Monarchy and

the native tribes. Both sides would weaken themselves and then the revolutionaries would rise

up , throw out the British and seize "cleared" Indian lands in the Ohio Valley and beyond.

Likewise , the current "Tea Party" movement is a psyops or spyops. An illuminati propaganda

font or front that pretends to oppose Obama. He is a CIA asset as well. His father was too. The

whole thing is based on the Hegelian dialectic that the illuminists love to engage in. It is their

form of Puppet Theatre. Let us look at facts on the creation of this "movement" , not just words

or argument.

1. When did this "officially" start or begin? CNBC Business News Network Editor , Rick

Santelli. .

2. What is the background of Rick Santelli prior to going live on CNBC? Sanwa Securities and

Drexel Burnham Lambert. See: .

3. Odd things have happened at Sanwa Securities in the past. This in no way implies that Mr.

Santelli was involved or responsible for any wrongdoing whatsoever. Chicago branch of Sanwa

Bank. Chicago is where Mr. Obama and Mr. Santelli worked and played. Scroll to near bottom: and "these merger partners , especially Sanwa, had been scandal
tainted up to the neck." .

4. Odd things have happened at Drexel Burnham Lambert in the past. This in no way implies

that Mr. Santelli was involved or responsible for any wrongdoing whatsoever. and The NAME ... THE NAME

behind Drexel Burnham Lambert is ROTHSCHILD. The premier Illluminati bloodline on our

evil infested planet. .

5. CNBC is owned by NBC Universal. . It is headquartered

in Rockefeller Plaza in New York. Where else , right? .

6. NBC Universal is 80% owned by GE or General Electric and 20% by Vivendi. See previous link.

7. In 2009 , Forbes magazine listed GE as the world's largest company. .

8. To show you what a fraud all of this is, the CEO of GE , which owns CNBC , whose Santelli

began or assisted in the beginning of the Tea Party bowel movement , is a top advisor to Obama. .

9. GE and the Illuminati. .

10. CNBC is "drenched" in Illuminati symbolism. .


GE , in essence , has Obama as its servant and errand boy. Does it make sense to believe that

the Tea Party movement that largely opposes Obama would be created under their watch? Not

really. Another lie. Another psyop. Another disgrace masquearading as Truth on the media. and

or just google the words Obama GE.

I Ching links Las Vegas Luxor Pyramid to 666

The Illuminati create massive Pyramids as machines of psychic power. There is something

about the pyramid shape that when aligned correctly with the stars and the Earth is known to

create unusual phenomena. SEE: and also .

There are three "True" Pyramids of large size in the USA. One is in Tennessee , the other in

Long Beach , California and the Luxor Casino Hotel in Las Vegas , Nevada. This article focuses

on a discovery related to the Luxor Pyramid in Las Vegas.

The I Ching is an ancient chinese method of fortune telling , future prediction and divination.

SEE: and also .

The I Ching is comprised of 64 x 6 = 384 Hexagram figures. .

Thus , the number 646 comes up in this odd numerological equation. The I ching is also linked

by some to the massive Giza Pyramid complex. Scroll down 50% . .

*The Las Vegas Luxor Pyramid is designed with the number 646 as a basic structural feature. .

The formula 64 x 6 comes up with the sum of 384. This particular number is connected to the

so-called Number of the Beast - 666. See: "666 is the length of a vesica , whose width is 384. " and .


There are plenty of theories about the occult nature and background of Ancient Egypt and its

Pyramids. Now , it appears that the same might be true about the Las Vegas Luxor Pyramid.

Feeling Lucky? Maybe you should try 6 at the Roulette Table. Or again...more coincidence?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pi links longest Eclipse to Osho Pune India Pyramid

The coincidence of esoteric numerology can really only be described as synchronicities that can

be noticed by our human minds in the vast computer program / hologram known as 'reality'.

This writer noted an odd connection between pi , the mytsical irrational and likely infinite

number , a solar eclipse and the modern day city of pyramids in Pune , India. What this could

mean or lead to is unknown. Speculation may lead to the theory that the eclipse was "powering

up" the black pyramids rising in the heartland of Hinduism. The reader must decide.

1. Pi can be symbolized by the fraction 22/7 :

2. The longest duration eclipse (albeit partial) covered Pune , India. It was 227 minutes long. .

3. The Great Pyramid at Giza plateau , Egypt has been linked to the pi number or concept: and .

4. Black Pyramids are being built all over Pune , India. The idea came from the Bhagwan

Rajneesh (who in his later years called himself 'Osho'). and .

5. Sexual concerns dogged the Bhagwan / Osho / and his neo-Sanyassins: . As did numerous scandals

and controversies. However , he had and has many admirers and followers around the world. .


For those of you planning on studying the teachings of Osho. His book library is available online

and has been expanded. To 227 books. Did he choose Pune as the pyramid city due to the eclipse

and Pi? Did he see the future and chose that location to power up his ideology? Only the reader

can decide. .

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Venus links Phoenix Tower to Naval Observatory

The Freemasons that run America had once dreamed of turning Phoenix , Arizona into the

Capital of the USA. This may sound insane , particularly since this happened in the days before

Air Conditioning was invented or conceived of , it shows the tenacity upon which they pursue

their goal of world domination through Black Magick.

There have been many articles published about the masonic influence in the creation of

Phoenix in "The Valley of the Sun" and on the 33rd parallel. There is a distinct connection

between this belief system and the planet Venus. There is a connection between Venus and

the mythical Phoenix bird. See: and also "She is symbolized as a

phoenix rising and is known as the eye goddess. As Venus, she is symbolized by a shell and a

pentagram. .

1. The Sidereal Day of Venus is 243 Earth days in length. Scroll to near bottom. .

2. Two Sidereal days would thus be 486 Earth days. The Number 486. The ESA or European

Space Agency is sending a craft to study Venus for 2 Sidereal Venus days. Scroll to near bottom. or google Venus Express ESA 486 Sidereal Day.

3. Chase Bank is a Rockefeller outfit whose logo is allegedly a Swastika. .

4. "There is a swastika embedded in the Hebrew Talisman of Venus, with this and the other

six Talismans compiled circa 600 B.C.E. The original swastika looked right-to-left and stood for

the utmost purity , happiness and good fortune. It was ascribed to Venus because she represents

absolute purity of mind and body, which is why the Pentacle is also associated with Venus and

became a symbol of healthiness." .

5. The Chase Tower is the tallest building in Phoenix and the State of Arizona. . It is 486 feet tall.

6. Arizona is the Copper State. "The Copper State- Producing more copper than any other

state in the union , the Copper State is an apt nickname for Arizona. This nickname is reinforced

by the copper star that is at the center of the Arizona State Flag." .

7. Copper is the metal sacred to Venus. .

8. The previous netstate link on number 6 , indicated that Arizona is also known as the

Valentine State. It was admitted into the Union on February 14, 1912. The link shows that

Oregon was also admitted on this day becoming the 33rd State. A number linked to the masonic

33rd degree.

9. Valentine's Day is symbolized by a little cherub shooting a love arrow at a male and female

couple. A symbol of romance , sex and intimacy. All matters linked to Venus. The love goddess.

Cupid , as we all know is the name of the little Valentine's cherub. He is a son of Venus. . See: .

2-14 is Valentines Day. This is the same as 2 - (2 x 7) or 2/27 which is a symbol for Pi. On the

day Arizona was born into the Union , the numbers would be 21412. A Palindromic number - it is

the same forwards and backwards. Zip Code 21412 matches Annapolis , Maryland. This is the

State Capital of Maryland. Annapolis is the City of Anna. In the State of Mary - the Virgin. Also,

Annapolis is in Anne Arundel County , Maryland. All Women's names.,zipcode,21412.cfm . The Capital of the

USA is Washington , District of Columbia - a masonic goddess , carved from two States both

named after Women. Virginia and Maryland. The Virgin Mary. Folks , can all this be coincidence

and if it is not, then who is behind this manipulation and synchronicity that spans centuries???


The United States Naval Academy and Naval Observatory are located in Annapolis , MD. The

observatory was involved in a detailed analysis and obsevation of the transit of Venus. Reasons

...unknown. . We are living in a dreamworld. Reality is

right in front of us but we watch "news" on our mind control televisions and laugh along with the

canned noise on sitcoms. We guzzle our Budweiser , pay our credit card debt to Chase and

blissfully swallow our Prozac. Meanwhile , the illuminati plot the takeover of our world hidden,

yet in plain sight. Awake o Dreamers... While you still can. Oh... Did I forget? The Naval

Observatory is the official home of the USA Vice President. See link to Flagstaff , Arizona. .

The Seal of the USN Observatory features Urania , a goddess , obviously linked to Uranus.

Uranus is the ruler of the Astrological sign Aquarius. Arizona was admitted into the Union on

February 14 , which means it was born in Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius. More happenstance? . There is a

deep link between Urania and Venus in ancient mythology. .

Annapolis. = St. Anne was the mother of the Virgin Mary. Anne Arundel could sound like Annu.

Babylonian Annu symbols pervade USA power structure. . Could

the name really be ANNUpolis ? Phoenix is in the Valley of the Sun. The ancient city of Annu is

linked to RA , the sun god and heliopolis , the City of the Sun. . Is this the outward use of Christian names and

personages disguising Masonic Evil? You be the Judge.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

666 Ritz-Carlton Tower Proposed for Vancouver

The illuminati continue to build a mind-controlled slave state. Architecture is not just building

design but a form of psychic brainwashing for the masses. The numbers , according to the

illuminist overlords , have power in and of themselves. This writer has come to believe that is

likely true. This writer continues to attempt to expose their designs when possible. So that those

with unhived minds will see with eyes wide open not wide shut.

A new tower complex is being designed in Vancouver. It will be located on the 1133 to 1153

block of W. Georgia Street. It will contain a Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences. .

1. The number 1133 is of course a play on the illuminati number 11 and the masonic 33rd

degree. .

2. The number 1153 is a bit more veiled... a bit more encoded. The height of a Vesica Piscis of

1153 feet would have a width of 666 feet. Scroll to near bottom. .

3. Not a good number for heights. . You

can watch this on video google flight 1153 and scroll down to Video Results.


Is it just numbers or is it numerology magick? The Bible , after all has a Book of Numbers. Do

the math. Get to the bottom line. Before... They cancel your Flight.