Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pythagora's Comma x Phi links Moses to Zoroaster

Is it possible that the Priory of Sion preceeded the alleged Marriage of Jesus and Mary

Magdalene? Is it possible that the secret society network at the heart of the fictional or possibly

fictional DaVinci Code movie and book is far more ancient than the presently told story? If so,

what could be its roots and how far back do they go?

The present article explores that possibility. The research has indicated a link that may

explain the 1.64 ratio in DaVinci's Madonna on the Rocks painting (of which there were two

versions). Many have thought that it was a close approximation to the Golden Ratio. They are

correct....but there is more.


The previous article by this writer indicates a link to the 1.64 and the square root of e , The

Euler Number (not to be confused with the Euler-Mascheroni Constant).


The number for this is 1.0136... It is prevalent in music. and "We are entering here into regions of

thought difficult for the Western mind to grasp, but the possibility seems to be that it is by the

phenomenon of Pythagoras' comma that the very nature of our lives within the realm of

mortality is arranged." .

The musical code of the symphony known as Human Life itself.


The number begins with 1.618.... See: and .


The Golden Ratio is found in the Pentagram and Pentagon:

The Pentagram was the secret symbol used by Pythagoras and his followers: .

** If you go to and insert 1.0136 x Phi , the answer is: 1.64003925 .


The sound of music and the Divine Ratio all in one. The 1.64 ratio in the DaVinci painting

Madonna on the Rocks includes, the Euler Number, The Golden Ratio and the Pythagoras

Comma in one ratio. This links The Pentagram and Pythagoras to DaVinci's controversial

painting which was considered heretical at the time. St. John's Feast Day is June 24. It coincides

with the Pagan holiday of Midsummer. Thus, 6-24. .

Pythagoras is linked to the number 625. .

Pythagoras studied under the priests of Zoroaster. It is said that St. John The Baptist was

influenced by Zoroaster's cult and that Zoroaster also baptized people. scroll down 60% and .

JUNE 13 is the 164th DAY OF THE YEAR. . This

corresponds to the 1.64 ratio. June 13 is 6-13. There are 613 laws in the Torah. .

Zoroaster , received his commandments from G-d , on a Mountain. This is similar to Moses

receiving the laws of the Torah from Mount Sinai. Are they one and the same...or a reincarnation

of each other? The answer is unknown...but the link is clear. The Priory of Sion is much older

than the timeframe of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It may be the bloodline of Zoroaster and

Moses , not just King David. The search for the answer....continues.

Monday, February 23, 2009

JFK 1036 Days in Office is Code for 666

A new thread of evidence exposes the death of JFK as more than just a murder or a political

assassination of the highest order. Previous evidence has shown that the killing was an illuminati

ritual murder. The purpose -- to offer up the soul of the American "King" to the Solar Deity, Baal

worshipped by Freemasons.


1. / and the Federal Reserve Bank angle also .

2. Kennedy Death as a "King-Kill Mega Ritual": .

3. Kennedy Death as a Stargate Mega Ritual. * Please note that our Sun is a Star. This is not

thought of oftentimes. Scroll down 50% . The

previous link discusses the death of a Sun King.


1366560 at . Also Maya and Kemi

Numbers 136080 and 103680. Note in particular the 1036 number** .


"... The higher one's position...the more blood was expected..." .


JFK ruled as the King of America for ...... 1036 days ...... and there is a link between

the length of days that Kennedy was in Office and President Obama. .

The Solar Constant of 1.36 has as a fractal 1036. Further 10 x 36 = 360 as in the number of

degrees in a circle. 1 x 36 = 36 a number associated with 666. 1 + 36 = 37, the largest prime

number divisible into 666. and "The magic square of the

sun has the curious property that if all the numbers between 1 and 36 are added together the

total is 666. .

GET IT? 1 and 36 as in 1036 1 + 0 + 36 is the same as "1 and 36".

JFK was allowed to live 1036 days in office. His death was planned to end that day probably

upon his nomination as President. 1036 days in office really means 666 days in Hell.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Colgan Flight 3407 links 9/11 widow to 666 Mohammad Atta

The Illuminati do not play games. They give orders. They are obeyed or there are drastic and

violent consequences. 9/11 was their false flag mega-ritual. The family members of the attacks

were supposed to quickly take Government money. They were then required to sign off on

suing anybody and then the entire matter could be swept under the rug.

One 9/11 widow did not agree. She did not accept the deal. She said "My silence cannot be

bought." Now she joins her deceased husband... in the silence of the grave.

There is something about the Crash of Flight 3407 that did not seem correct to this writer.

The coincidence of a woman , made a widow by a plane crashing into a building on 9/11 , then

dying in a plane crash herself when her plane flew VERTICALLY STRAIGHT DOWN into one

house is - - - unbelievable.

See Background on Beverly Eckert: .

The Flight Number of the downed plane was 3407. This number is numerologically speaking

an "evil" number and an "apocalyptic power". .

The Airline that was involved in this crash - Colgan Air - has another fascinating connection

to 9/11. It happened to fly , box cutters and all possibly, 2 of the 9/11 Hijackers from Boston

to "where they connected to the airplane that they crashed into the World Trade Center" and

killed Ms. Eckert's husband. This of course, if you believe the official version of the events.

scroll to bottom: . Pinnacle owns Colgan.

Colgan is based in Manassas , Virginia. There is a lot of interesting activity in going on in that

City. / and scroll to near bottom and

See additional mention of Colgan Air and the 9/11 attacks lawsuit.


Who is the most famous passenger of all time for Colgan Air ? Mohammad Atta, the leader of

the fabled 9/11 hijackers. . Can this

really be coincidence? You reader must decide.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Square root 12 links Mayan 2012 to Book of Daniel

The Giza Pyramid complex appears to have a connection to the number 12. It begins with the

square root of 12 and from there reaches all the 2012. It may be a form of

generating spiritual energy by creating a vast harmonic of a certain number frequency. This

type of mathematical resonance and design is illustrative of the hyperdimensional physics used

by the illuminati and adepts of likely atlantean technology.


1. The square root of 12 is 3.46410162. Go to and insert square root 12.

2. The number of 1,260 days is prevalent in various theories about the End Times in the

Book of Daniel or the Book of Revelations. As you can see , this passage by Daniel is linked to

a Pi symbol 22/7 that is frequently encountered into research into this topic. Daniel 7:22,27.

It is 722 and 227 or 72227. A Palindromic number made from a Pi symbol. and .

3. The number 3.464 divides into 1,260 a total of 363.741339 times. for

calculation. The number 363 is associated with the egyptian deity Thoth. and .

4. The 346th day of the Year (ordinary , not leap year) is December 12. The twelfth day of the

twelfth month. .

5. On December 12, 2012 , the numerology will be 12-12-12. This is 36, a number associated

with 666. It is 9 days from 12-21-12, the date associated with the mayan end time calendar.

9 x 24 = 216 hours. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216

The square root of 12 then coincidentally points to a date that associates 666 with the Mayan

Calendar date thought by many to be the end of the world. The countdown will begin exactly

216 hours before The prophesied timeframe. Thoth is associated with the Judgment of the Dead and .

Then there are the 12 pyramids of Thoth... and Thoth

gave us the 12 hours of night and 12 hours of day. .

The 24 hours of the day times 60, for 60 minutes per hour would be 1,440 minutes. 12 squared

or 12 times 12 = 144. The number 144 figures prominently in The End Times numerology and

the stones of the Great Pyramid.

and .


The End Times begins on 12-12-12. They end on 12-21-12.

Cydonia 3333 exposes Euler Number link to 9/11

A Science Fiction comedy movie of a few years ago was named "Mars Attacks". Maybe it was

not all fiction... . This writer has found evidence (as have

many others) of numerological links to the 9/11 attacks that indicate it was a Masonic Mega-

Ritual of almost unbelievable scope. Separate articles have also noted that the number 3333

seemed to be associated with business entities having it as an address AND other offices or sites

with addresses of 666. This has been linked to the Cydonia region of Mars. See: .

See also: "As we have noted before, engineer and probabilities expert Mary Anne Weaver has

pointed out that one of the basic trigonometric functions of a circumscribed tetrahedron, the sine

of 19.471 -- the key "circumscribed tetrahedral angle" at Cydonia --is .3333. That in of itself

would be merely 'interesting' if it were the only mathematical link between 19.5 and 33, bu there

is another, more significant link. ... So it makes complete sense then that a secret society, with an

ancient knowledge of Hyperdimensional Physics at the core of its high mysteries, would choose

the 33rd level as its symbolic highest level of enlightenment. Most observers would never figure

it out. At least not before we got a good look at Cydonia. " .


The Euler Number begins with .577.... This should not be confused with the Euler Constant,

which is different. The number 577 comes up repeatedly in the Pentagon false flag attack of that

fateful day. .

This article provides a new bit of information to the numerological puzzle known as 9/11.

What is the Square Root of 3333? Go to and insert - square root 3333 - .

The answer begins with 577. 57.7321401 in fact. Another coincidence? If the .577 number

sequence associated with the Euler number is accepted as verifiable fact, then it links to 3333,

which is linked to the 19.5 degree angle associated with the destroyed Nephilim civilization on

Cydonia plain, Mars.

Further, there is a 3333 link to "The spirit of Mars" , the 2012 Mayan belief in the return of

Kukulkan, the feathered serpent that flies through the sky and is associated with The End of the

World as we know it. .

5 x 7 x 7 = 245. The number of steps in the Temple of the Sun...Teotihuacan, modern day

Mexico City. Where human sacrifices were made to the feathered serpent. Coincidence or was

the 9/11 attack a massive human sacrifice ritual to the wargod Samael, the Spirit of Mars? .

Their pyramid of the moon has that many steps as well. .


The deeper it gets the more light is shed. Can we stop them? Stay tuned....

Start of the Crusades links Davinci Code to Cydonia

The bizarre nature of Illuminati mathematics, phyics and numerology seems to be behind or at

least associated with many major world events. This brief article merely highlights a discovery

that appears to link The date of the Speech given by Pope Urban to begin the Crusades against

Islam in the year 1095 with the mystical , irrational number Pi and the Hyperdimensional

stargate which many believe exists on Cydonia plain, on the fiery red planet, Mars.

Again, too many coincidences for comfort , but the reader must decide if it coincidence or


1. Pope Urban II gave what many believe to be the most important speech in the Middle Ages

when he called for a war against the muslims which he called , in english , a Crusade. The latin

word for Cross is Cruz. This is where the name comes from. The speech was given in the french

city of Claremont, on November 27, 1095 AD. .

2. 11 - 27 - 1095 Numerology explained:

This writer just finished an article noting a link between Easter Island and The Cydonia Region

of Mars. Easter Island, midway between Tahiti and Chile is located at 27. Latitude S and 109.5

Longitude W. When the two numbers are multipled, the sum is nearly the same numbers for the

latitude of the Pyramid at Giza. 27 - 1095.

dated February 15, 2009.

November is Eleven or 11. In numerology that would be 1 + 1 = 2 , to get it to a single digit form.

2 27 can be 22/7 or a symbol for Pi. Therefore, the 11-27 could be 227 ... 22/7. .

What this hints at then is that the speech was timed to link Pi , the location of Easter Island and

the Cydonia tetrahedral - hyperdimensional physics which revolve around the number 19.5

which is numerically speaking the same as 109.5. (Zero has no value).

2. This speech led to several hundred years of War. In ancient mythology , the planet associated

with the Roman war god ... is Mars. "He is also the tutelary god of the city of Rome" .

The Pope , of course , rules over the Church from the City of Rome.

3. If you multiply Pi x 1095 , the answer is 3440. ... Go to and insert the

numbers for proof. The number 3440 is linked to the so-called Lucifer Project , which some

believed was an attempt by NASA to turn Jupiter into a second Sun in our Solar System.

"The 3,440 neutrons per gram per seconds of Pu-238 (highly radioactive explosive plutonium) are the real reason for concern." scroll down 30% .

4. The purpose of turning Jupiter into a second Sun was ostensibly to make Mars an inhabitable

planet ... again. Scroll down 50% "it would be planned by NASA to speed terreforming of Mars" .

5. The project could never have happened if Pope Urban II had not given his speech and started

the Crusades as well as the contact with Byzantine and Muslim civilization by Western Europe

which ultimately led to today's space travel and the creation of Pu-238.

Therefore, A speech by a Pope which rules over a city founded by Romulus , son of the War

god Mars, numerologically links to the Cydonia plain of Mars and leads to an attempt to bring

back the prospect of life to Mars, the planet that hosted the Nephilim / fallen angel civilization.

6. The First President of Israel , Chaim Weizmann was born on 11-27. This is interesting since

the Crusades were fought over control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

7. In his speech , starting the Crusades, Pope Urban II stated "That land... was given by God

into the power of the Children of Israel. " . What are the

odds that the First President of Israel was born on the day that this speech - which ultimately

led to the creation of modern Israel - was given, is a coincidence?

8. Another important person born on 11-27 is Caroline Kennedy, daughter of former President

Kennedy. In fact it is 11-27-1957. Almost the same numbers as The date of Urban' speech and

her year of birth begins with the cydonia hyperdimensional angle of 19.5. .

9. Caroline Kennedy descends from the Bloodline of the Irish Kings and the Illuminati. and .

10. The Irish may be descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

and .

11. President Barack Obama is a stalking horse for the Kennedy clan.

See also the other Kennedy Obama Connection: .

12. Some believe that the rise of Obama may be linked to the desire by the Vatican to control

Jerusalem. "First you have to realize that for centuries The Vatican has attempted to obtain

control of Jerusalem, which started with the Crusades." . .

13. The previous Haaretz link indicates that the Vatican and Israel will engage in a land swap in

which the Vatican will control the Room of the Last Supper. This is interesting. The painting by

Leonardo Davinci of The Last Supper was central to the ideas behind the book and movie The

Davinci Code. Jesus and Mary Magdalene had descendants. They would be members of the

Royal Davidic Line , from King David of the Old Testament. .

As noted in the previous link - The Room of the Last Supper is said to be in a building built

above King David's Tomb. How coincidental. This could be a perfect opportunity for digging to

see if a Royal Tomb can be found. From there , the DNA testing of possible descendants can begin. .


This may begin to fit in perfectly if one accepts the possibility that the illuminati bloodline could

be of Martian origin. .

Could it be that the real Davinci Code is the DNA of KING DAVID himself? The name Da Vinci

means Da or in spanish DE , which means 'from'. Vinci , is Latin for conqueror. FROM or OF THE


The antichrist is described as "a conqueror" .

The bloodline of the conqueror or antichrist is one possibility as the true meaning of "the code".

The links to strange places on Earth and Mars...seem connected to future events. We shall see.

King David ... of the Davidic line-based Davinci Code...was a conqueror.

If there was a Code in the name Davinci has now been broken.

19.5 Fractal links Jesus to Easter Island and Cydonia

The intricacy and vast scope of the nephilim culture stretches from a small island in the South

Pacific to the Cydonia region of Mars. The link is based on a form of numerology that appears to

indicate that numbers and their arrangement have intrinisic power.

An example of this could be that if you have a lock , and the combination is 1-2-3-4, you can

open it by using the code. This could allow you to gain entrance to a treasure house or block

access by thieves to your bicycle if they do not know the code. The present article has found a

possible link between Easter Island , home of the strange giant head statues and Cydonia region

of Mars where remnants of a Nephilim (fallen angel) civilization are to be found.

1. The 19.5 degree angle is prevalent in the Cydonia Region of Mars. "THE MARTIAN
MESSAGE , In particular, the 'tetrahedral constant' 19.5 was found encoded everywhere in
the region of Cydonia..." .

also / "Cydonia geometry and the 19.5 degrees tetrahedron relevance..." at .

2. A fractal of 19.5 degree angle is a 109.5 degree angle.

3. In western numerology, based largely on the Kabbalah , which itself stems from Babylonian
magickal practices learned by the jews during their captivity and enslavement millenia ago,
ZERO has no value. .

4. Therefore, numerologically speaking, 109.5 and 19.5 are THE SAME.

5. Easter Island is the home of giant heads , strange in shape. No one seems to know what or

who they are or what put them on the island. See: and .

6. It just so happens that Easter Island happens to be "coincidentally" located on 109.5 degrees

Longitude W. (The latitude is 27. S as well) . And also : .

7. The 109.5 degree angle itself also is to be found in Cydonia structures. Scroll down 70% .

8. *** POSSIBLE NEW DISCOVERY*** If one multiples 27 x 109.5 , the answer is 2956.5 .

This is very close to the latitude of the Great Pyramid of Giza at 29.58 N latitude. and .

Since the size of Easter Island is about 10 x 15 miles it would seem likely that a line of latitude

would intersect with a line of Longitude on the island , whose multiplication would give the

exact Latitude of the Great Pyramid and the exact Longitude of Alexandria , Egypt , the Gnostic

Mystery School center of ancient times. Could this be coincidence?

9. Further, The "strange value of 109.5 degrees" can be derived geometrically and it is

associated with a "tetrahedral angle" .

10. Water ... in the form of Ice , has its two Hydrogen atoms circle each other at a 109.5 degree

angle. "Water is Alive. Hexagonal structured water is healthier to drink. A snow flake is. ... water

that comes from snowpacks, has long been known as the healthiest water in the world. It is

what we call "living water" ." .

11. Jesus Christ has been called "The Living Water" / / .

12. The Tetrahedral angle of Cydonia is associated with a "Hyperdimensional Star Gate or

Hyperdimensional Physics" . and scroll

down 45% .

13. Jesus Christ said "I am the Gate" ... could he have been referring to a Stargate? That only

through him , could that other dimension known as 'Heaven' be reached. / "I am the Gate for the sheep" .

14. The Illuminati refer to the masses of humanity as Sheeple. A cross between Sheep and

Could Jesus have been saying that he was the salvation for the Human Sheep that have been led
to destruction by the infernal hierarchies and their earthly servants... the illuminati?

15. The Year 2015 will be The Year of The Sheep in chinese lore. Could it be that Jesus will

return then to lead his "sheep" to Heaven? .

16. All known life forms (currently) are based on the Carbon molecule. / "It is present in all known lifeforms" and .

17. Carbon molecule arranged at 109.5 degree angle because "This is the maximum distance the atoms can be placed away from each other. If you change any of the angles, some of the atoms will be closer together and will experience steric repulsions. By placing the atoms 109.5 degrees apart, you minimize the steric repulsions and free energy."

The 109.5 degree angle puts atoms at the maximum distance away from each other AND ODDLY ENOUGH - Easter Island is the furthest inhabited place from any other place on Earth.
It is surrounded by "The living water" of the Pacific Ocean. and .

CONCLUSION: The Hyperdimensional Stargate of Cydonia is linked to Easter Island by

numerology. This same numerology forms the very basis for life itself, arranged in a 109.5

degree tetrahedral structure in The Living Water of Ice and Snow. Without this degree of

separation , at which repulsive energies balance each other, the symmetry of Life would be

impossible. Then there is the fact that Hydrogen forms the basic fuel of the Sun itself. The Sun

is a Star and stars give us our light. "Stars are primarily made of hydrogen"

Jesus... besides being called The Living Water is also known as The Light of the World. .

Can all of this be by chance or is it by design? The reader must determine this.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

666 North Korea Nuke test linked to Solar Constant

The illuminati use classical occult theory in much of their planning and actions. This is the same

in both East and West, Socialist or Capitalist or any other veneer they hide behind. The global

conflict one reads about fades at the very top of the hierarchy of hell as they simply view pitting

one side against the other as part of their three-dimensional Hegelian Dialectical plan.

One of the trademarks of their works is to be found in numerology. Times , dates , addresses ,

lines of latitude and longitude , the heights of buildings , their angles and assorted mathematical

structures often are derived at for use in symbolic magic. This may seem trivial in our 3-D

world but has (in their belief system) great power on the astral plane. As in occult lore "as above

so below".

Aleister Crowley, the Black Magician superstar , once described Magick as "The power to

cause changes in the material plane in accordance with the will". Kim Jong Il, the leader of

North Korea, is trying to set up a nuclear program as best he can. It appears to have a

numerological logic. See if the following is coincidence or the craft.

1. North Korea nuclear test took place at 1:36 GMT. The following link indicates a link to 666 - .

2. The number 1.36 is linked to the Solar Constant and the so-called Mayan Companion

Number - .

3. The core temperature of the sun (nuclear fusion energy compared to nuclear fission energy

in a bomb) is about 13.6 MK. Scroll down 50% .

4. The Number 216 is associated with the 666 of the antichrist. 6x6x6.

5. The Number 19.5 degree angle is linked to the hyperdimensional physics of the Mars

Cydonia plain. . See also .

6. 216 divided by 19.5 = 11.07... Go to insert - 216 divided by 19.5 - .

7. Ray Tomes has found that many economic cycles are pure harmonics of the Sun's rotation,

its solar rotation period at the equator of 25.8 days and of the Sunspot cycle of 11.07 years. The

Sunspot cycle is the cycle in the Sun's activity that decreases and increases in cycles to culminate

to solar maximum every 11.07 years. .

8. The square root of 666 begins with 25.8. Go to and insert - square root 666

9. Kim Jong Il official vehicle license plates have 216 on them to honor his birthday. .


Is this numerical chance or numerology? Is it superstition or real power? The reader must


Monday, February 2, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder serves the Illuminati

The Senate has just confirmed Eric Holder, Esq. as the Attorney General of the USA. His choice

was not without controversy. However , due to his deep links and longstanding service to the

satanic bloodlines of the illuminati and the dark hierarchies they serve...there was never any

doubt about his selection.


1. Eric Holder took part in the pardon of Arch-Mossad Agent Marc Rich. The biggest tax cheat

in USA pardoned...when how many have been jailed and ruined for far less? Not only that but

Mr. Rich made the money trading oil to the mullahs of Iran holding US hostages. .

2. Eric Holder was a partner in the law firm of Covington and Burling. Some believe that the

law firm represents the illuminati elites. scroll down 50%. "William Putnam Bundy..." .

3. Covington Burling has a 333 address office. This number is believed to be part of the 333

555 Network. Silicon Valley - . For more information on the Network that

appears to use those numbers as an identifier , code or corporate "mark of the beast" see: and .

4. Oddly, enough, Mark Rich is connected to the 333 555 network. .


Where will AG Eric Holder's main office be now that he is the leader of the Federal prosecutors

of the USA? At a 555 address. It is 555 4th Street , Washington , D.C.. There is also another

office with the 555 address , in New Mexico. . Eric Holder

defended lawsuits against the families of victims of terrorists. (For Chiquita Banana). The firm

represented Halliburton. Both Chiquita Banana and Halliburton are 333 and 555 krewed.

See: . Chiquita 333 at and Halliburton 555 at .

Dear Reader....Don't these numbers really add up to........ 666 ?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mayan 2012 linked to Return of 666 Blue Sun

The numbers of the illuminati are a code. The numbers themselves have power. The sequence

and arrangement of the numbers have real power as well. Imagine the following scenario: You

need a code to open a Safety Deposit Box containing an antidote for a disease which will kill you

if not taken and the Deposit Box contains One Million USD in cash. It is all yours for the taking if

you can open the box. You know the code is 123456. You open the box and you live and become

rich. You do not open the box because you do not know the code and you die an agonizing death,

penniless while desperately clawing at the box ... which stays shut as the light dims from your

eyes. DO THOSE NUMBERS HAVE REAL POWER OR NOT? You be the judge.....


This theory is now widely known. A few links will be provided for reference. and also See ticking Countdown Clock: .

1. 12 x 21 x 12 (for December 21, 2012) = 3024

2. The Perimeter of the Great Pyramid is 3024 feet in length. See: and .

3. The number 3024 has a connection through the 360 degrees of a circle to the Nineveh

Constant Number 2268. Scroll down 80% .

4. There is a connection to Stonehenge Circles and 3024. Scroll down 80% .

5. There is a Connection to the Nazca Lines in Peru and 3024. The following link indicates this

by scrolling down 60%. Prior to reaching that it discusses that 2 x 3024 = 6048. This happens

to be "One minute of earth equatorial arc".. "6048 x 60 = 1 degree of arc and 1 degree times 360

= the entire distance around the world at the equator".

6. The Number 6048 could also be 648 since zero has no value in numberology or the kabbala.

648 is a number associated with 666. 648 + 18 (6+6+6) = 666. Further , there appears to be a

link with 648 and 666 in the Koran or Quran Code. scroll down 50% .

7. If you double the original date numbers 12-21-12 you get 24-42-24. If you multiply those you

end up with 24192. This makes sense once one doubles the 3024 to get 6048 as done above.

If you divide 24192 by 666 , the answer is 36.3243243....

8. The latitude of Nineveh is 36.3 N. Scroll down to near bottom. .

This is the ancient city , now ruins , where we get the previously mentioned Nineveh Constant.

9. The Number 363 is associated with the ancient egyptian god Thoth. and .

The three numbers to the right of the decimal point 36.324 happen to be half of 648.

... ... what can all of this be? Coincidence? Further, the square root of 24192 , mentioned before,

is 155.53777. The angle 155.5 degrees is linked to the 2 sets of Queens pyramids and the Return

of Illiantia and "The Great Cycle of Cataclysm". .


Illiantia sure sounds a lot like ILLUMINATI, does it not? And Quetzalcoatl / Kukulkan is

supposed to return on December 21, 2012. To make things even worse.... Illiantia is a Blue Sun

associated with, of course, the number of the beast....666. .

Time to put on your sun screen - The future looks so bright.... I gotta wear shades.... Time to

buy and stock up on Blue Blockers , don't you think? .