Wednesday, February 4, 2009

666 North Korea Nuke test linked to Solar Constant

The illuminati use classical occult theory in much of their planning and actions. This is the same

in both East and West, Socialist or Capitalist or any other veneer they hide behind. The global

conflict one reads about fades at the very top of the hierarchy of hell as they simply view pitting

one side against the other as part of their three-dimensional Hegelian Dialectical plan.

One of the trademarks of their works is to be found in numerology. Times , dates , addresses ,

lines of latitude and longitude , the heights of buildings , their angles and assorted mathematical

structures often are derived at for use in symbolic magic. This may seem trivial in our 3-D

world but has (in their belief system) great power on the astral plane. As in occult lore "as above

so below".

Aleister Crowley, the Black Magician superstar , once described Magick as "The power to

cause changes in the material plane in accordance with the will". Kim Jong Il, the leader of

North Korea, is trying to set up a nuclear program as best he can. It appears to have a

numerological logic. See if the following is coincidence or the craft.

1. North Korea nuclear test took place at 1:36 GMT. The following link indicates a link to 666 - .

2. The number 1.36 is linked to the Solar Constant and the so-called Mayan Companion

Number - .

3. The core temperature of the sun (nuclear fusion energy compared to nuclear fission energy

in a bomb) is about 13.6 MK. Scroll down 50% .

4. The Number 216 is associated with the 666 of the antichrist. 6x6x6.

5. The Number 19.5 degree angle is linked to the hyperdimensional physics of the Mars

Cydonia plain. . See also .

6. 216 divided by 19.5 = 11.07... Go to insert - 216 divided by 19.5 - .

7. Ray Tomes has found that many economic cycles are pure harmonics of the Sun's rotation,

its solar rotation period at the equator of 25.8 days and of the Sunspot cycle of 11.07 years. The

Sunspot cycle is the cycle in the Sun's activity that decreases and increases in cycles to culminate

to solar maximum every 11.07 years. .

8. The square root of 666 begins with 25.8. Go to and insert - square root 666

9. Kim Jong Il official vehicle license plates have 216 on them to honor his birthday. .


Is this numerical chance or numerology? Is it superstition or real power? The reader must


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I really enjoy reding your posts as I learn a lot from them. I also broaden my thinking as far as what I can use and do with things.