Sunday, February 15, 2009

19.5 Fractal links Jesus to Easter Island and Cydonia

The intricacy and vast scope of the nephilim culture stretches from a small island in the South

Pacific to the Cydonia region of Mars. The link is based on a form of numerology that appears to

indicate that numbers and their arrangement have intrinisic power.

An example of this could be that if you have a lock , and the combination is 1-2-3-4, you can

open it by using the code. This could allow you to gain entrance to a treasure house or block

access by thieves to your bicycle if they do not know the code. The present article has found a

possible link between Easter Island , home of the strange giant head statues and Cydonia region

of Mars where remnants of a Nephilim (fallen angel) civilization are to be found.

1. The 19.5 degree angle is prevalent in the Cydonia Region of Mars. "THE MARTIAN
MESSAGE , In particular, the 'tetrahedral constant' 19.5 was found encoded everywhere in
the region of Cydonia..." .

also / "Cydonia geometry and the 19.5 degrees tetrahedron relevance..." at .

2. A fractal of 19.5 degree angle is a 109.5 degree angle.

3. In western numerology, based largely on the Kabbalah , which itself stems from Babylonian
magickal practices learned by the jews during their captivity and enslavement millenia ago,
ZERO has no value. .

4. Therefore, numerologically speaking, 109.5 and 19.5 are THE SAME.

5. Easter Island is the home of giant heads , strange in shape. No one seems to know what or

who they are or what put them on the island. See: and .

6. It just so happens that Easter Island happens to be "coincidentally" located on 109.5 degrees

Longitude W. (The latitude is 27. S as well) . And also : .

7. The 109.5 degree angle itself also is to be found in Cydonia structures. Scroll down 70% .

8. *** POSSIBLE NEW DISCOVERY*** If one multiples 27 x 109.5 , the answer is 2956.5 .

This is very close to the latitude of the Great Pyramid of Giza at 29.58 N latitude. and .

Since the size of Easter Island is about 10 x 15 miles it would seem likely that a line of latitude

would intersect with a line of Longitude on the island , whose multiplication would give the

exact Latitude of the Great Pyramid and the exact Longitude of Alexandria , Egypt , the Gnostic

Mystery School center of ancient times. Could this be coincidence?

9. Further, The "strange value of 109.5 degrees" can be derived geometrically and it is

associated with a "tetrahedral angle" .

10. Water ... in the form of Ice , has its two Hydrogen atoms circle each other at a 109.5 degree

angle. "Water is Alive. Hexagonal structured water is healthier to drink. A snow flake is. ... water

that comes from snowpacks, has long been known as the healthiest water in the world. It is

what we call "living water" ." .

11. Jesus Christ has been called "The Living Water" / / .

12. The Tetrahedral angle of Cydonia is associated with a "Hyperdimensional Star Gate or

Hyperdimensional Physics" . and scroll

down 45% .

13. Jesus Christ said "I am the Gate" ... could he have been referring to a Stargate? That only

through him , could that other dimension known as 'Heaven' be reached. / "I am the Gate for the sheep" .

14. The Illuminati refer to the masses of humanity as Sheeple. A cross between Sheep and

Could Jesus have been saying that he was the salvation for the Human Sheep that have been led
to destruction by the infernal hierarchies and their earthly servants... the illuminati?

15. The Year 2015 will be The Year of The Sheep in chinese lore. Could it be that Jesus will

return then to lead his "sheep" to Heaven? .

16. All known life forms (currently) are based on the Carbon molecule. / "It is present in all known lifeforms" and .

17. Carbon molecule arranged at 109.5 degree angle because "This is the maximum distance the atoms can be placed away from each other. If you change any of the angles, some of the atoms will be closer together and will experience steric repulsions. By placing the atoms 109.5 degrees apart, you minimize the steric repulsions and free energy."

The 109.5 degree angle puts atoms at the maximum distance away from each other AND ODDLY ENOUGH - Easter Island is the furthest inhabited place from any other place on Earth.
It is surrounded by "The living water" of the Pacific Ocean. and .

CONCLUSION: The Hyperdimensional Stargate of Cydonia is linked to Easter Island by

numerology. This same numerology forms the very basis for life itself, arranged in a 109.5

degree tetrahedral structure in The Living Water of Ice and Snow. Without this degree of

separation , at which repulsive energies balance each other, the symmetry of Life would be

impossible. Then there is the fact that Hydrogen forms the basic fuel of the Sun itself. The Sun

is a Star and stars give us our light. "Stars are primarily made of hydrogen"

Jesus... besides being called The Living Water is also known as The Light of the World. .

Can all of this be by chance or is it by design? The reader must determine this.


Wynne said...

Is it not strange that such monuments exist not only on Earth, but Mars as well? Well of COURSE it is "Strange", not just strange, but damned IMPROBABLE!
Here is my suggestion and my OWN method for Singularity research of hyper-dimensional hexagonal "anomalies". Use Google Earth if you don't have the tens of thousand of $ it would take to fly to these places, and type in the 19.5 (and you MIGHT want to check the 19.7) latitude (east/west?...latitude?) and then type in the Longitudinal degrees (North South), you will have to search 4 them as I have yet to calculate just WHERE they are, and then just zoom in. This research is amazing, and the things that we will inevitably find are going to be phenomenal!
Coincidently...check out the date of this post. january 21,2010, which when put into numerological terms is 1,2,1,2,1 as zero has no numeric value other than putting a number on a higher decave. Example: 10 is the second decave of 1
A decave is merely a higher resonation of a number less than 23. EVERY number above 22 is merely a number less than 23 that has had 9 added to it any given number of times. For that matter, there are SOME numbers below 23 that are decaves of the 9 ROOT numbers 1-9. This evolution and involution of numbers 1-22 will prove to be ESSENTIAL in this research as you will find.

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