Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jeb Bush visit to Obama link to FEMA Gulag camps

Many have been wondering what the reason may be for the semi-secret visits by George Bush

Sr. and his son Jeb Bush to the White House to visit President Obama in uncalendered and

undisclosed time frames. .

What possible connection could Jeb Bush and Obama have in common? The answer sadly for

the future of this Republic - soon to become a RepubliKKK - appears to be FEMA Concentration

Camps. It just so happens, that of all the people in the world, that our Kenyan born President

could have picked to run FEMA, Obama chose Jeb Bush's Florida disaster/emergency man --

Craig Fugate. . He was appointed in 2001, just after

the 9/11 false flag attacks presided over by the brother of the man that appointed him. The

issue of FEMA gulag style concentration camps is rising due to the passage this year of the

Defense Authorization Act, which currently, right now, declares the USA to be a "battlefield"

and authorizes the military to detain without any legal rights, indefinitely, just about anyone.

The persons detained have to be held somewhere...therefore, the camps become a necessity and

they are now "legal". Check out Government contract HSEFEHQ-10-R-0027 at at

See also: and the bidding process has started- .

Jeb Bush's grandfather was a banker for the Nazis. His father headed the CIA that has helped

establish coups in many countries where then detainees were herded into camps and vanished.

Jeb's brother, known as Dubya used former East bloc, Soviet era detention and torture camps

during the war on terror, established Guantanamo (which Obama has allowed to remain open)

and reinvented Abu Ghraib. This is a conspiracy fact. There is no theory in this known history.

Jeb now operates a for-private disaster management/response firm that has links to Seacor

and who better than Jeb...since his brother, the Dubya was in global disaster creation business. scroll down 50% .

Now, all that is needed is for the Green Light to be given to unleash the floodgates of a Green

River of cold hard cash. The concept is already in play. Prisoners by the thousands as well as a

large army of illegal aliens pass the time and provide slave labor in a profitable gulag of private

prisons. There is a flaw to this. You need laws to lock them up. They have to be released some

day and you need to find replacements. The economy is weak. The illegals are staying home



This is anarcho-capitalism at work. Satan's favorite economic model since the demise of the

more honest African slave trade. The day comes when the black helicopters filled with blue

helmets with a white UN logo appear over our skies. That will be that last thing many see as the

hood is pulled over their face and they are dragged off to never-never land. SIEG HEIL! kiss

our collective posterior "goodbye"... Time to go under. Time to prepare. Pray for deliverance.

Operation Green River ... coming a community just like yours.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Penn State Scandal link to Campus Secret 666

Everyone that has studied the Illuminati elites knows that the defilement of youth is one of

the key goals of the satanic hierarchy that rules the global, secret and intrinsically evil network.

The Penn State Scandal...with its neo-masonic suspected links is one rare peek into this group

and the horrors it is responsible for in the dark, while hiding in plain sight. See: .

There are 15984 hours in 666 Days.,+2011/to/Dec+3,2012 .

The Penn State campus is 15984 acres. Do you really believe this is by accident? and .

One of the rarest books of freemasonry is located in the Penn State Library. . The rituals in the locker room were to ignite its
raw, sick power.

The Masons use all sorts of trickery in design. Clearly, the numerology behind the number of

acres on the campus would be one of them. .

The abuse was a ritual. It went on for a long time. What is Penn State most famous for? The

very football program at the core of the scandal. The abuse gave Penn State evil power. The

school became famous and Paterno an idolic icon at the top. understand...fear that

which hides in plains sight and masquerades as good, while secretly serving darkness.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bain Capital link to Illuminati Star Wars 13 squared

Bain Capital is the headquarters of Romney's ride to riches. Some say it has ruined or spoiled the

jobs and industries that employed many american workers. Interestingly enough, the word Bane

which sounds just like Bain - means to ruin or spoil. Bain is headquartered in Boston in the Star

Wars resembling R2-D2 Building. The address is 111. See: and R2-D2 was the robot in the Star Wars movie series. The building is 169 meters tall. The number 169

happens to be 13 x 13 or 13 squared. The number 13 features prominently in many occult beliefs

and stands for "Hence every occurrence of the number thirteen, and likewise of every multiple
of it, stamps that with which it stands in connection with rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption, disintegration, revolution, or some kindred idea... . Think also of the

original 13 States of the Great Masonic Experiment known as America. 169 is 13 - 13s. A great

amount of occult power is noted here. .

The number 11 and the number 111 have links to the Illuminati: "after September 11, there are 111 days
left in the year".

Also 111 is a Qabbalistic Number: It is the same forward and backward, upside down and not
and if you place it in front of a mirror it is the same as if you see it straightforward.

The Star Wars movie series was linked to illuminati propaganda. .

The Masonic Agenda continues uninterrupted. A spin-off from mainstream masonry, the LDS,

will now go mainstream and put a leader in the White House. The secret rituals, the crazy ideas,
the twelve ruling so-called Apostles...will now take control of the Federal Government. The new

Area 51, which houses ET-created Star Wars-like weapons and technologies is now in Utah. .

The END is NEAR. South Carolina must rebel against the machine. They must again revolt or

the machine will prove to be unstoppable. Next Stop - Washington, D.C.

Romney Father Illegally Ran for USA President 1968

As further evidence that the campaign for President by Mitt Romney is in fact a secret plan to

place the USA under the direct control, authority and ownership of the Latter Day Saints, (LDS)

also known as the Mormons, it must be known that the father of Mitt ran for President in 1968.

George Romney (Mitt's father) was born in Mexico. The Naturalization Act of 1795 requires the

Office holder of the Presidency to be a "natural born" citizen. This has been held to mean birth

in the USA, be it a State or Territory or Possession of the United States of America. While, the

excuse was made that an earlier law, from 1790, allowed for George Romney to run, that law

was repealed by the 1795 Naturalization Act. Therefore, to this day, no one knows how George

Romney was able to run for the Republican Nomination for President of the USA Legally...
see:,_1968 . Further,

George Romney was given many of Nelson Rockefeller's top people...including Illuminati sage,

Henry Kissinger to advise him. (see previous link). How could this happen? How is it that Henry

Kissinger begins by advising Romney and then goes on to advise his nomination opponent and

later disgraced President Richard M. Nixon? The Mormons deepest rituals and secrets are only

known to themselves. Do we really know who and what we are putting in power? See: and . .

The Mormon Church Corporation appears to be owned by the Rothschild Family. .

President Romney will worship at a Temple that is festooned with satanic upside down pentagrams and will share with the Rothschild-created Zionist Entity known as Israel a love for the Babylonian Hexagram or Star of David. See Also Israel Supreme Court Building photos: .

Romney will repay the Mormon debt to the House of Rothschild in American blood for Israel. . Like Father-Like Son. The Apple of Satan in the Garden of Eden,
Does not Fall far from the Tree.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney is entitled to Mexican Citizenship

The USA is going from a kenyan born , grandson of a witch doctor , that carries a hindu

monkey deity amulet with him - Barack Obama to future President Mitt Romney who is an LDS

mormon, whose father was born in Mexico. Barack bowed to Mecca at a Madrassa in Djakarta.

Barack also attended Catholic school whose leader is the Pope in the Vatican. (what religion is he?)

Mitt Romney and his ancestors bow and tithe ten percent of their income to the network of

so-called Apostles in Salt Lake City. Did you know that Mitt's father was born in Mexico? This

is not just some cute news. This has implications. Real implications. According to current law

in the United States of Mexico, Mitt Romney is entitled to Mexican Citizenship since his father

was born in that country and by the law of every nation on Earth was a Mexican citizen. There

is no known record that his father renounced Mexican citizenship when he returned to the USA.

There is no record that his father BECAME A US CITIZEN WHEN THE FAMILY CAME TO

THE USA. The articles say that Mitt's paternal grandparents were US citizens but where is the

all-important proof? It appears his ancestors renounced the USA due to the polygamy issue and

that they left with no intention to return. In fact, they left before Utah became a State of the

Union. If Mitt's paternal grandparents were not US citizens (being white does not make them

that nor does speaking English - otherwise every Australian or Canadian or New Zealander

would be American) then their son , Mitt's Dad would not be a US citizen and could not claim

US citizenship by birth - but he would claim Mexican citizenship. This explains WHY Mitt sends

USA jobs overseas and shuts down companies here. He is a plant. An infiltrator. He could commit

a crime here, flee to Mexico, claim citizenship through his father and not be subject to

extradition due to that country's asylum laws for its citizens. Nothing could be done about it. He

can buy property there and own it - not just rent it- something only Mexicans can do there.

He will try to implement the waning plan to create a North American Union and the Amero


CONCLUSION AND QUESTION? Obama was born in Kenya. John McCain was born in Panama.

Mitt Romney is a de facto Mexican Citizen. DOES AMERICA WANT ANOTHER FOREIGNER

IN THE WHITE HOUSE? It appears that the Romneys are Americans when it suits them and

not Americans when it suits them. Their real allegiance is to the mysterious apostle leaders of

the LDS in Salt Lake City and their neo-masonic alleged cult. ARE WE GOING TO LET THIS

HAPPEN AGAIN? Two Presidents in a row that do not go to Church? That do not believe in

Jesus as Savior? This issue must be investigated before it is too late. Before evil triumphs again.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sirius Dogon and Isis link to Occult Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga plays the role of Isis, the ancient egyptian goddess, in the video Alejandro . .

Lady Gaga was discovered by a Senegalese descent artist named AKON. .

AKON is from the DOGON People in Senegal and surrounding african countries. His father is Mor Dogo Thiam. .

The DOGON people are famous the world over for their unique customs and beliefs and in

particular their affinity to the Dog Star Sirius. .

The Dog Star - Sirius - is linked closely to the ancient egyptian goddess ISIS: and and scroll to bottom - .

Lady Gaga is the earthly vessel of Isis. She is the Dog Star. She is a divine (word starts with the second letter of the alphabet). She is possessed by an african goddess. Not discovered by AKON but possessed by the ancient diety of the star-linked goddess. Bringing Paganism to America and the world. Another sign that the world is in for a dramatic change. Pray for strength. The day draws near.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Genie Black Magick links Saddam to Ahmedinejad

The role of Genies in the politics and warfare of war in the Mid-East has been downplayed and

kept a secret as are all aspects of psychic warfare which countries and their leaders, large or

small, use on a constant basis. Everyone who speaks of this is labeled "crazy" but the fact is that

magick and the use of occult powers, intelligences and entities by Politicians is global and very

widespread. See: Military Occult Complex: . The use of Genies in

Middle Eastern Magick ritual is well known. It is an ancient practice and it continues to the

present day in spite of the rise of totalitarian Islam and any other philosophy at play in the area. .

Saddam used Genies or hired those that knew how to summon and control them: See article on Saddam is Indestructible Because of His Magic Powers, Iraqis Say - - .

Ahmedinejad is said to be surrounded by friends or advisors that summon Genies or Djinn, See: Ahmedinejad Cohorts Accused of Conjuring Djinn .

Belief in Djinns is widespread in the Gaza Strip and The most powerful leader of the Jews in their supposed
Promised Land was King Solomon - He had control over Djinns more so than any other human
being ever has - before or since - his ancient times. .

maybe....your answer will pop out. 3 wishes....choose wisely.

Numerology links Kim Jong Un to Great Beast 666

The Supreme Leader of North Korea passed away recently. His numerology showed him to be

a "mini-me" of the antichrist. He mercilessly persecuted anyone that believed in G-D and in fact,

made himself out to be a "god". This is an obvious precursor to the Antichrist of the World, who

will reign over the earth, in the future (if we do nothing and let him). Man becoming G-D is the

numerology to be found in 666. See: and links to Fidel Castro who has extensive ties to VOODOO - .

Kim Jong Un likes to ride horses - pale horses like his father: Death, as we know, rides a pale

horse. and Kim Jong Un's mother called him the

MORNING STAR KING at birth. His date of birth therefore must be January 8, 1984 : .

In Numerology it would be (in most of the world outside of the USA) 8-1-84 Day/month/year.

The product of 8184 or 8 x 1 x 8 x 4 = 256. . This is the number of voodoo deities

in that pagan belief system. see also : For more information see illuminati networks exposed on Further information at .

The Morning Star is linked to Lucifer. . Kim Jong Un is said

to have studied computer science in North Korea. The 256th day of the Year is September 13,

which is known as International Computer Day since the number 256 features prominently in

the advent of the computer. .

CONCLUSION AND QUESTION: Will Kim Jong Un be the one that unleashes the Beast on

Mankind. Will he be the one that forces mankind to worship a "Graven Image of the Beast" that

speaks, which many believe will be a Supercomputer with independent thought???? We shall see . Stay tuned...