Saturday, July 25, 2009

Merovingian Link to Utah State Star Dubhe exposed

Many believe that the founder of the Mormon religion , Joseph Smith , was of Merovingian

ancestry. A new clue has been unearthed or better said un-sky-ed that may add evidence to

bolster that theory. The State Star of Utah , the mormonic home base, is Dubhe , in the

Constellation Ursa Majoris or THE GREAT BEAR. The Bear , of course is a symbol of the

Merovingian Dynasty.


1. Joseph Smith was of suspected Merovingian heritage: .

2. The symbol of the Merovingians was the Bear. One of the Brightest stars in the constellation

Ursa Majoris is Dubhe or The Bear. .

3. The State Star of Utah (This writer up until now did not know there was such a thing for

the various States of the USA) is Dubhe. "Orange-hued Dubhe was selected as the centennial

star because its light takes 100 years to reach Earth (588 trillion mile distance)."

4. 588 trillion mile distance of light or "Illumination" from this star to reach the earth happens

to coincide with the 588 pages of the Book of Mormon. .

5. The second smallest cyclic number begins its 16 digits with 0588... Scroll down 45% : .

6. The Star Dubhe is linked to the Big Dipper which is also known as the Ox cart.

7. The Merovingian Kings were said to move around their territory via an Ox Cart. .

8. The constellation Ursa Major has connections to Nashville and certain illuminati structures

in that city built on a massive Indian graveyard. .

9. The mormons get their name from the angel Meroni or Moroni. Supposedly, this being gave

the location of the golden tablets which formed the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith. It is

believed by some that "these tablets were housed in Nashville at one time". Go to

and insert - nashville angel moroni tablet housed - .


While this does not prove the Merovingian link to Joseph Smith and Mormonism , it adds

further credence to the hypothesis. More research must be done to have a definitive answer.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ayn Rand Anthem 7-2521 link Pi 142857 to Neptune

Many believe that Ayn Rand's book ATLAS SHRUGGED was in fact a Rothschild-inspired

"blueprint" for Illuminati World Government. See:

The previous link shows the book cover which contains an architectural image of Atlas which will

be noteworth further in this article.

Ayn Rand also wrote a book titled ANTHEM in which in this future fascist total control society,

the hero or protagonist is named Equality 7-2521. . As

further background, there are links between Ayn Rand and occult numerology: .

This particular article focuses on the link between Equality 7-2521 , Neptune , its moon Nereid

an illuminati architect and the Rockefeller Center.

WHAT IS Equality 7-2521?

1. If you multiply 7 x 25 x 21 , the answer is 3675. The synodic period for the planet Neptune

is 367.5 days . .

2. The Planet Neptune is the planet linked to mysticism , secret societies and the Illuminati. .

3. 2521 divided by 7 equals or the answer begins with 360.14...

4. Nereid is one of the moons of Neptune. Its Revolution Period is 360.14 days. .

What are the odds that coincidence explains this odd numerical link to Neptune and one of its

moons to this 7-2521 number? It is also interesting to note that 360 is the number of degrees in

a circle. What about the remainder of the number after the decimal point? You may not believe

this but it AS WELL is a mystical number and it is linked to "Jewish mysticism" and a metaphor,

as always...for Pi - . More coincidence?

In fact 142857 has been called a magical number - see video .

5. If we google Ayn Rand Nereid , we come across the following article. . Rene

Paul Chambellan is a famous art deco style architect and or sculptor.

** It just so happens that his Art Deco style is identical to the cover of ATLAS SHRUGGED , as

you can see on the previous link. The architect is also linked of course, to the statues of Nereids

and the sea god Neptune located at the Illuminati power place known as The Rockefeller Center.

Sculptures are also noted at the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale. This library refuses to allow

allegedly outside researchers to look into its voluminous materials on the Yale Skull and Bones

Society. .

All of this can be viewed in the previous link if not seen already. The name Chambellan is also

of interest. It is very similar to SHAMBALLAN or Shamballa , the mythical underworld whose

entrance may lie in Tibet. Scroll down 20% for an example:


Coincidence Don't , as they say , Cut It. This is illuminati numerological sorcery at work. We live

in a "reality" immersed in their values , drowning in Neptune's sea of deception all around us,

yet we still fail to draw in the gasp of air .... , the word made flesh - The Truth.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Illuminati Philospher Ayn Rand linked to 666 and 33

The famous author Ayn Rand , wrote the epic book ATLAS SHRUGGED. It is considered by

many to be a masterpiece / blueprint for the plan for an Illuminati World Takeover. This brief

article highlights some additional information which shows a numerological link between Ayn

Rand and the 555 Brotherhood and the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry.


1. Ayn Rand and the Illuminati: Google terms or see: Ayn Rand as the mistress of Phillip

Rothschild.;action=display;threadid=13875 . also .

2. The 555 Brotherhood or 555 as a metaphor for 666: See and .

3. The Number 33 as sacred to the Freemasons: . This is well known and documented.


4. Where else would the AYN RAND CENTER FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES be except at a

555 numbered address? or and insert Ayn Rand 555. Also = .

5. When was Ayn Rand born? February 2, 1905. What is the numerology behind this? Well, to

begin with February 2 is the 33rd DAY of the year. The Year 1905 is of course very similar to

the 19.5 Cydonia / Nephilim angle. See: In an ordinary year there would be 332 days left and in

a Leap Year there would be 333 days left. . The

number 333 is associated with the occult and the illuminati. Google 333 Illuminati. Further,

the previous wiki article on Ayn Rand noted that she died on March 6, 1982.

3 x 6 x 8 x 2 = 288 which is a number with significant occult significance and twice 144 , a

number with links to 666. and and (19.5 and 333 info).

144 / 288 info and 666 at: and .


Ayn Rand was the incarnation of a retrograde atlantean or nephilim bloodline soul. Her purpose

on our Earth was to deliver the Rothschild inspired blueprint for human enslavement in a total-

control slave system run by the Illuminati for their superhuman infernal masters. The numbers

don't lie...Add them up if you dare.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4/11 Masonic Numerology of Saddam Statue Falling

There appears to be growing evidence that the execution of Saddam Hussein was a masonic

King Kill Ritual similar to the one in which they sacrificed JFK. (See JFK ritual execution info at : and ).

The following link provides information related to the deposed Saddam Hussein , former Iraq

President / Dictator. (See: ).

This article hopes to provide the reader with additional evidence regarding the masonic nature

of the Iraq War in General and the toppling and execution of Saddam Hussein specifically.


1. The Iraq War II broke out to "coincide" with an occult holiday. See: and also .

2. The statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled on April 11, 2003. This would be exactly 33

days after the George W. Bush appeared on Israeli television giving Saddam Hussein the final

ultimatum to go into exile and surrender. . As the article

notes, the time was 3:15 a.m. . This would be 195 minutes into the day which coincides with the

19.5 Cydonia Angle. This is symbolic of the mathematical symbol Pi , since 3:14 a.m. would be

similar to the 3.14 ratio with which Pi begins. The 19.5 degree angle is an approximation , the

actual angle is 19.47 - which more closely corresponds to Pi. See: and .

Further, 3:15 a.m. is another way of saying 15 minutes after 3:00 a.m. This leads to 153 , a

number linked to the Bible and 666. Scroll down to near bottom: . Also , " The first 153 decimal

digits of the Glaisher-Kinklein constant sum to 666." . In other words the timing of the

deadline on Israeli TV by Skull and Bones member Dubya Bush was immersed in hidden 666


3. April 11 happens to be the Birthday of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. He

was born of course , in Chicago , the City which has the Sears Tower in postal Zip Code 60606. .

4. The address from which ALLEGEDLY Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from in Dallas was

number 411. scroll to bottom. The 6th Floor... where else, right?

5. The number of days it took to begin the official hearings and inquiry into the 9/11 attacks

by Congress was 411 days from 9/11. .

6. The Deadline to Saddam Hussein occurred on the Jewish holiday of Purim. .

33 days later - - a number holy to Freemasons -- The Statue Fell , broadcast across the globe.

7. April 11 is 4 - 11. It is also in many countries 11 - 4. The number of Suras in the Koran is

114. The number 114 is linked to 666. Scroll down 20% .

8. 411 x PHI or the Golden Ratio begins with 665. insert 411 phi and hit the

search button. Some believe the actual number of the Beast was or could have been 665. and .


The taking down of the Statue of Saddam in Baghdad was a pre-human sacrifice ritual to

prepare for the masonic human sacrifice of Saddam Hussein. April 11 has the Sun in Taurus.

Saddam Hussein was a Taurus. His death was a Tauroctony. .