Saturday, July 11, 2009

Illuminati Philospher Ayn Rand linked to 666 and 33

The famous author Ayn Rand , wrote the epic book ATLAS SHRUGGED. It is considered by

many to be a masterpiece / blueprint for the plan for an Illuminati World Takeover. This brief

article highlights some additional information which shows a numerological link between Ayn

Rand and the 555 Brotherhood and the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry.


1. Ayn Rand and the Illuminati: Google terms or see: Ayn Rand as the mistress of Phillip

Rothschild.;action=display;threadid=13875 . also .

2. The 555 Brotherhood or 555 as a metaphor for 666: See and .

3. The Number 33 as sacred to the Freemasons: . This is well known and documented.


4. Where else would the AYN RAND CENTER FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES be except at a

555 numbered address? or and insert Ayn Rand 555. Also = .

5. When was Ayn Rand born? February 2, 1905. What is the numerology behind this? Well, to

begin with February 2 is the 33rd DAY of the year. The Year 1905 is of course very similar to

the 19.5 Cydonia / Nephilim angle. See: In an ordinary year there would be 332 days left and in

a Leap Year there would be 333 days left. . The

number 333 is associated with the occult and the illuminati. Google 333 Illuminati. Further,

the previous wiki article on Ayn Rand noted that she died on March 6, 1982.

3 x 6 x 8 x 2 = 288 which is a number with significant occult significance and twice 144 , a

number with links to 666. and and (19.5 and 333 info).

144 / 288 info and 666 at: and .


Ayn Rand was the incarnation of a retrograde atlantean or nephilim bloodline soul. Her purpose

on our Earth was to deliver the Rothschild inspired blueprint for human enslavement in a total-

control slave system run by the Illuminati for their superhuman infernal masters. The numbers

don't lie...Add them up if you dare.

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