Thursday, April 28, 2011

SuperMoon on Purim link to NATO attack on Libya

The illuminati seem to be bound to act out in a manner that is based on a magickal theory or

hyperdimensional physics link to Numerology. The best recent example of this is the attack on

Libya. It began on March 19. 8 years to the day that the USA under Dubya The Bush attacked

Saddam's Baathist led Iraq. Coincidence? Unlikely...The March 19 date is an occult holiday. This

particular year, it happened to be a "Super Moon". More coincidence? Not possible. Further,

Libya is a country through which the dreaded 33rd parallel runs. This is a known line of masonic

psychic energy that is powered-up by blood sacrifice. This is additional evidence that the USA is

led by a masonic illuminati cult that engages in blood sacrifice in accordance with astrological and

numerological principles and laws. SEE:

1. Attack Date on Iraq and Libya - 8 years apart: .

2. March 19 is an occult holiday - Purim/Ostara: .

3. SuperMoon on March 19, 2011: Also described as an extreme supermoon - .

4. Blood sacrifice-drenched 33rd Parallel: .

The star noted on the chart in the previous link on 4 is the asteroid Theodora. .

5. Japan was hit by a massive earthquake - then Tsunami - then Nuclear disaster. It is a nation

through which the 33rd parallel runs through as well. Everyone is aware of the connection with

the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan and the number 33, sacred to freemasons. .

CONCLUSION: Libya was attacked in accordance with Occult principles -the better to ensure

success and victory - to take over its oil, because Qaddhafi had the Red Chinese in his country

working on over 50 major projects and because he refused to join the Pentagon led AFRICOM

or Africa Command. Next is Syria. This kicks the russians, iranians and chicoms out of the

mare nostrum of the Romans - "our sea". It now becomes, in the near future mare obaman -

obama's sea. Remember he is an antichrist prototype and in the Book of Revelations it says very

clearly "Out of the eternal sea he rises..." .

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zionists and Wahabis attack Christian saving Syria

This writer would begin by saying that he despises the regime in Syria. The bombing of the

marines in Lebanon in 1983 is an event never forgotten...or forgiven. It's allies the ayatollah

regime in Iran , Hezbollah and Hamas are evil. That is what they are ... a four-letter word that

describes them perfectly. BUT... The Baath Party regimes had one highly important benefit to

their credit - they were secular. They protected Christians. Look at what has happened in Iraq to

the Christian minority: "Iraqi Christian are actually worse off as a result of our intervention there" .

Many of the Iraqi Christians have fled to Syria, where the Baath regime run by Bashir Assad, an

Alawite sect muslim, runs a facscist secular government in which members refer to themselves

as "comrade", like in the USSR. . The Syrian regime is now

targeted by widespread unrest that will likely lead to revolution and overthrow if unchecked.

Where will the Christians go then? What we are witnessing is the mass expulsion of ancient

Christian communities from the entire middle east while the USA and secular post-Christian

EU controlled Europe do nothing or cause the circumstances to happen and do nothing to stop

the pogroms and slaughter that follow. Could this be benign neglect...or something else? Dubya,

the mental degenerate that stole the 2000 USA presidential election and "became President" is

a member of a satanic cult known as the Skull and Bones Society in Yale. .

As to Obama, who as the USA's first Kenyan-born President, is a heterodox or religious hybrid.

He has a muslim father and step-father. His paternal grandfather was a pagan voodoo witch

doctor. His mother-in-law practices santeria or witchcraft in the White House. He has attended

a muslim school in Indonesia. He has attended a Catholic school in Indonesia. He is now a quasi

protestant who never goes to Church on Sunday - a first for a US President. Who is this guy...

really? He is morphing into a clone of George W. Bush. This proves suspicions that he was a

plant or false-flag Manchurian Candidate President from day one. .

The EU is linked to the rise of the World Government ruled by the feared Antichrist. The EU

symbol is the Woman riding on the back of a beast. scroll down for pictures on link.

Gone is the Europe or America that protected Christians or their right to worship and survival.


1. Israel - The Zionist entity: Destroying the Assad regime in Syria means the beginning of the

end for Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. They will be cut-off from money, supplies,

weapons and so forth. Hezbollah is set to fight looking south. It will be surrounded by hostile

Sunnis, which form the majority in Syria. The Druze and Christians are no friends of theirs either

and they will be choked-off, the wiped out. Israel will lose its only immediate military threat on

its borders. The zionists could care less if this means the expulsion or genocide of Christians.

2. The Wahabi Corrupt oil-igarchy of Saudi-run Arabia: What they will achieve is a Sunni-

fundamentalist controlled Syria. This has been a dream for a long time. The Muslim brotherhood

government that will follow will first kill the alawites in revenge. Then focus on the Christian and

Druze minorities. With Syrian and Iranian influence nullified in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, BOTH

ISRAEL/ZIONISTS and SAUDI/WAHABIS have a common enemy and at least temporary

common goals. They are secret allies. That is a fact. The demonstrations that are happening in

security apparatus run Syria, can only be happening as a result of a joint effort by Israel , Saudi

Arabia, USA and EU intelligence outfits. Take that to the Bank. That is a fact.

3. When you combine the joint financial impact of the Zionist Lobby and the Arab Oil Lobby on

the US Government - with both working in unison - there is nothing more powerful in the halls

of power and corruption in Washington, D.C. The lobbying juggernaut is beyond comprehension,

unequaled and unprecedented. It cannot be stopped. It cannot be opposed. Every cockroach

politician in D.C. will sell out the Christian interest in the Middle East, even while they go to mass

on today's date - EASTER SUNDAY.


The Baath regime in Damascus needs to wrap itself in the flag of "Protector of Christians". It

needs to spend a lot of that money it earned in the Lebanese drug trade to hire more...not guns...

but lobbyists, journalists, TV preachers, media advertisements and so forth. It needs to get

some famous Hollywood faces to act as spokespersons. It needs to target the Christian Zionist

groups in the USA that are pro-Israel with the message. We are the only shield left in the region

that protects your brothers and sisters in Christ. We go down. They go down. More propaganda

needs to be shown of resettlement assistance for Christians. The zionist media will not show this

on USA TV - the Baathists need to find a way to do it and the way is MONEY. Start spending it.

As to the black-turbaned evil doers running Iran - Hamas - Hezbollah, don't you fools realize

that the Christians are the key to your salvation (no pun intended)? And... I tell you this on

Easter Sunday - He is Risen - of all days to tell you. Immediately begin acting nice to Christians.

Stop the repression. Start advertising this with your oil money and blood money that you have

stored up in Zionist controlled banks in Switzerland and elsewhere. All of you have "rainy day"

funds, don't you? Well, as they say's pouring rain outside...time to start spending that

hoard of dollars, Euros and Gold.

I give you this advice, not to help you, but to help my brothers and sisters in Christ. As the

odd-marriage of Wahabis and Zionists has a common interest in destroying the Baath regime of


Happy Easter - He is Risen. He will come again to Judge the living and the dead. He is coming

very soon. Have a nice day. Time is short. Assad will fall in weeks if you sit there counting euros.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pi links Canton Spider Walk to 9/11 Matrix Attacks

Pi is a communication tool or method through which the "Masters of the Universe" converse with human beings that are initiated into the sacred mysteries. These can include those that use the knowledge for Good and those that misuse it for Evil. It is a language not based on words but on Numbers. This is connected to the love of numbers by the Freemasons and Pythagoras and his number based school or religious cult. It is derived from ancient Egypt were their Supreme Creator deity PTAH was called The Great Architect. Architecture is about mathematics. A new connection has been discovered using this paradigm. It links the passage of time as noted on your household clock and the movie The Matrix. Follow the Chain: 1. What is the most common communication device using numbers that most people in the western world have? A clock or a watch. These items have magical qualities and reveal secrets. Here is how - While looking at the time yesterday, this author noted the following. 10:28 a.m. is 628 minutes after midnight which is 2 x 314 minutes after midnight. 314 is a metaphor for Pi as Pi is 3.14.... 2. Half of 1028 is 514. The number 314 seconds is noted in the dialogue of the Matrix movie. This means 5 Minutes and 14 seconds or 514 which is half of 1028 which is 628 minutes into the day which is "twice Pi" or 314 x 2. 3. The longest stairway in the world is the Canton Spider Walk. It has, as you have guessed, 1028 steps. . If you look at the website it depicts a spiral, twirling its way up a pointed tower or spike. A stairway to heaven, if you wish. It is a curvy or feminine tower, to offset the phalic symbolism of most skyscrapers or towers. It held the record of the tallest completed tower in the world briefly. . "Our lives are like a spider's web... no two paths are the same, just like no two spider webs are alike... all spun into a web of interconnecting destinies..." . 4. Turquoise is the national stone of Tibet, an ancient land with mystical connotations. "most pieces contain MATRIX veins" ... the spider-web matrix of the Tibetan material has a design unequaled by turquoise from any other part of the world." . 5. Tibetan sorcerers helped the Third Reich gain power. . The North Tower of the WTC collapsed by internally placed explosives by the Illuminati at 10:28 a.m. . This is additional evidence that the bogus, false-flag attack on the WTC on 9/11 was a masonic mega-ritual. The illuminati are part of global neo-nazi / fascist network whose name in German is Die Spinne or The Spider. The spinner. The weaver of lies. ODESSA - the network that helped the Third Reich Occult evil enter America and turn it into AMERIKKKA. Scroll down 75% . The Illuminati spider web ensnares us all. With knowledge comes power. The power to resist and burn the web down to the ground ... to ashes. Time to start...before the clock ticks down to the new holocaust - the new apocalypse which awaits us all.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

11:11 Phenomenon linked to Royal Wedding Date

It appears that the British Royal family has picked a date for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton that has occult connotations. April 29, 2011. This is linked to the 11:11 phenomenon. See: . As noted in the previous link, the phenomenon is associated with the Mayan End Times 2012. How is it linked? 4-29-2011 or 4-29-11 = 4 which is 2 + 2 which in roman numerals is II + II or eleven. Then 29 which is 2 + 9 = 11. Then of course the year ending in 11 and or 2011 which again would be 2011 or II 11. There is, of course, a link between the ILLUMINATI and the Eleven Eleven phenomenon.;XdoXZZtqXRA.html and it notes the 13 illuminati bloodlines. Prince William is, of course, of the Illuminati / Dragon / ET bloodline: So is his future wife. What Happens Next? She will become pregnant in the spring of 2012. The child will be born on 12-21-2012. He is what THEY have been waiting for. See also: and also .