Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pi links Canton Spider Walk to 9/11 Matrix Attacks

Pi is a communication tool or method through which the "Masters of the Universe" converse with human beings that are initiated into the sacred mysteries. These can include those that use the knowledge for Good and those that misuse it for Evil. It is a language not based on words but on Numbers. This is connected to the love of numbers by the Freemasons and Pythagoras and his number based school or religious cult. It is derived from ancient Egypt were their Supreme Creator deity PTAH was called The Great Architect. Architecture is about mathematics. A new connection has been discovered using this paradigm. It links the passage of time as noted on your household clock and the movie The Matrix. Follow the Chain: 1. What is the most common communication device using numbers that most people in the western world have? A clock or a watch. These items have magical qualities and reveal secrets. Here is how - While looking at the time yesterday, this author noted the following. 10:28 a.m. is 628 minutes after midnight which is 2 x 314 minutes after midnight. 314 is a metaphor for Pi as Pi is 3.14.... 2. Half of 1028 is 514. The number 314 seconds is noted in the dialogue of the Matrix movie. This means 5 Minutes and 14 seconds or 514 which is half of 1028 which is 628 minutes into the day which is "twice Pi" or 314 x 2. 3. The longest stairway in the world is the Canton Spider Walk. It has, as you have guessed, 1028 steps. . If you look at the website it depicts a spiral, twirling its way up a pointed tower or spike. A stairway to heaven, if you wish. It is a curvy or feminine tower, to offset the phalic symbolism of most skyscrapers or towers. It held the record of the tallest completed tower in the world briefly. . "Our lives are like a spider's web... no two paths are the same, just like no two spider webs are alike... all spun into a web of interconnecting destinies..." . 4. Turquoise is the national stone of Tibet, an ancient land with mystical connotations. "most pieces contain MATRIX veins" ... the spider-web matrix of the Tibetan material has a design unequaled by turquoise from any other part of the world." . 5. Tibetan sorcerers helped the Third Reich gain power. . The North Tower of the WTC collapsed by internally placed explosives by the Illuminati at 10:28 a.m. . This is additional evidence that the bogus, false-flag attack on the WTC on 9/11 was a masonic mega-ritual. The illuminati are part of global neo-nazi / fascist network whose name in German is Die Spinne or The Spider. The spinner. The weaver of lies. ODESSA - the network that helped the Third Reich Occult evil enter America and turn it into AMERIKKKA. Scroll down 75% . The Illuminati spider web ensnares us all. With knowledge comes power. The power to resist and burn the web down to the ground ... to ashes. Time to start...before the clock ticks down to the new holocaust - the new apocalypse which awaits us all.


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dawnatilla said...

"....due to the fact that numbers are important to freemasons" actually, friend, numbers are important because EVERYTHING is a number.