Thursday, April 28, 2011

SuperMoon on Purim link to NATO attack on Libya

The illuminati seem to be bound to act out in a manner that is based on a magickal theory or

hyperdimensional physics link to Numerology. The best recent example of this is the attack on

Libya. It began on March 19. 8 years to the day that the USA under Dubya The Bush attacked

Saddam's Baathist led Iraq. Coincidence? Unlikely...The March 19 date is an occult holiday. This

particular year, it happened to be a "Super Moon". More coincidence? Not possible. Further,

Libya is a country through which the dreaded 33rd parallel runs. This is a known line of masonic

psychic energy that is powered-up by blood sacrifice. This is additional evidence that the USA is

led by a masonic illuminati cult that engages in blood sacrifice in accordance with astrological and

numerological principles and laws. SEE:

1. Attack Date on Iraq and Libya - 8 years apart: .

2. March 19 is an occult holiday - Purim/Ostara: .

3. SuperMoon on March 19, 2011: Also described as an extreme supermoon - .

4. Blood sacrifice-drenched 33rd Parallel: .

The star noted on the chart in the previous link on 4 is the asteroid Theodora. .

5. Japan was hit by a massive earthquake - then Tsunami - then Nuclear disaster. It is a nation

through which the 33rd parallel runs through as well. Everyone is aware of the connection with

the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan and the number 33, sacred to freemasons. .

CONCLUSION: Libya was attacked in accordance with Occult principles -the better to ensure

success and victory - to take over its oil, because Qaddhafi had the Red Chinese in his country

working on over 50 major projects and because he refused to join the Pentagon led AFRICOM

or Africa Command. Next is Syria. This kicks the russians, iranians and chicoms out of the

mare nostrum of the Romans - "our sea". It now becomes, in the near future mare obaman -

obama's sea. Remember he is an antichrist prototype and in the Book of Revelations it says very

clearly "Out of the eternal sea he rises..." .


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