Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mubarak is Dead - Murdered for his Billions by NWO

This article is an opinion. It is based on a logical inference from the minimally available facts.

1. There were rumors that the Shah of Iran was overthrown because he refused to pay Jimmy
Carter vast sums of money to be given the needed support to stay in power.

2. Suddenly, 32 years to the day later, Mubarak, The Pharoah of Egypt, gets overthrown. He is worth 70 billion US dollars.

3. He reportedly went to Sharm El Sheikh after agreeing to step down. This is a lie. He was an old man that said "I have a Ph.d in stubborness". He was 82 years old. Why run out with his tail between his legs like a dog?

4. A google executive becomes the leader of the Lotus Revolution - one of many color and flower revolutions created in Langley, Virginia. Google has close ties to "The Agency". None of this is ever reported on the internet or USA news.

5. Mubarak, according to the same liars that foment illuminati zionist propaganda called The News, in the USA, now wants to "Die in Egypt". The problem is...he is already dead. He did not step down. They killed him. He is the NEW NORIEGA. The USA cannot ever afford to have him hanging around in a Villa on the Riviera writing his memoirs, any more than they could afford to have Noriega doing so. Noriega went to France...Mubarak went to the Grave. .

This is announced on 2-16-11. 216 is 6x6x6. Maybe ... they should build a new pyramid for him.


Mubarak got old and weak. He got taken down by a transnational criminal organization whose leadership is zionist but extends across many groups all interested in getting his money safely stored in zionist banks in Europe and elsewhere.

This also tells all of the other scum and so-called Leaders of the World that at the end of the day, those that control their wealth - control them. Play the game or die and watch it get picked at by vultures. All leaders - Left / Right - Muslim or Secular or Catholic or Communist have loot stored away in Europe. All of them, without exception. The Bankers now are openly showing "we control your money - so we control you".

The real story is the birth of a new cottage industry - Shakedown the Tyrants. Brought to you by the same Bankers that ruined the USA and destroyed the world economy just two years ago and GOT RICHER FOR DOING IT. This is the Truth. You will not read it anywhere else but here. Have pleasant dreams. Dreams with little dollars symbols with wings...flying away. That was Hosni Mubarak's last vision...last wet dream.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pythagoras string theory linked to The Dark Rift

Pythagoras has been called the Father of String Theory. . This writer
noted a connection between Pythagoras so-called Mystery Numbers and the number 625. .

The number 256 is associated with voodoo deities and computer programming, and the I ching. and .

This writer noticed when looking at the time on a clock that 6:25 (The Pythagoras linked number) was also 25 minutes after 6 p.m or 256. The two numbers are the same or mirror images of each other.

A Pythagorean semitone has the number 256 in prominent view. 256/243. .

2.56 x 6.25 = 16 16 squared = 256 25 x 25 = 625

The key numbers here are 16 and 25. 16 = 2x2x2x2 and 25 = 5x5

2 to the 4th power and 5 squared form the basis for the ideology or theory of strings and voodoo.

16 x 25 = 400. The word "Fear" appears exactly 400 times in the Bible. .

The Mayans placed importance in 400 orbits of Saturn. . Saturn is linked to Fear. .

400 Mayan solar years is 144,000 days, a number prominent in the Book of Revelations. See- Apocalypse 2012 - A scientific investigation into civilization's end By Lawrence E. Joseph.

WE HAVE BEEN WARNED: We are about to enter The Dark Rift. The question remains as to

how or if we will emerge. . The Factor of

20 is The Fear Factor.