Saturday, January 31, 2009

Square root e links Mecca to Madonna on the Rocks

It is becoming ever more clear that much of what the masses are told is 'reality' is in fact a vast

superstructure of lies , psyops and cradle-to-grave brainwashing. We appear to be living in some

sort of computer program, hologram or flesh-and-blood version of The Matrix movie.

The Illuminati control this reality. They create wars , genocide and mayhem to generate fear,

hate and other negative energies upon which their beyond-3-dimensional infernal masters feed.

This blog is dedicated to exposing this lie. It is dedicated to the words of Jesus when he said

Seek the Truth.....and it shall set you Free

1. The Euler Number or e (not to be confused with the Euler-Mascheroni Constant).

e is the base of natural logarithms. It is a famous irrational number. Possibly infinite in scope. .

2. The controversial 2 paintings by Leonardo Davinci known as the Madonna on the Rocks.

Leonardo had his first version rejected because it was deemed blasphemous in that it showed

John The Baptist in a greater position than Jesus. and scroll to bottom , also - .

3. The Knight Templars and others were suspected of Blasphemy because it was alleged that

they worshipped John The Baptist as the true Messiah. . This was also

known as the Johannite Conspiracy. .

4. The ratio 1.64 appears in the first version of The Madonna of the Rocks. This is close to the

so-called Divine Ratio of 1.618 or 1.62. Scroll down 50% and .

5. If you go to and insert - Square Root e -. The answer is : 1.648...

Therefore, the square root of an irrational number and natural logarithm discovered hundreds

of years after Leonardo, happens to be embedded into a controversial Gnostic painting by him.

Could this be coincidence? Further, the number 648 + 18 = 666. 18 is 6+6+6. The number 648

also has other links to 666. Scroll down 50%. . This allegedly is

in the Koran. Euler wrote a book about the phases of the Moon which is linked to Mecca a city of

the religion of the crescent moon. and .


There appear to be links between the Johannites and the illuminati. No suprise here. What is of

interest is that Leonardo Davinci may have known about the Euler Number before Euler is said

to have discovered it, much less been born. This would be news. The reader must determine if

it is a numerical conspiracy or just numbers at random. . ...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Antichrist Obama rides The Great Cadillac Beast

In a world in which , increasingly , science fiction novels and suspense thrillers seem more

normal and mundane than 'the real world', this writer was shocked to read the following news.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama went for a ride in their brand new limo. The

name of this car is ... THE BEAST.

This is startling when you think of the fact that Obama as an antichrist-like figure has been a

topic of much speculation in multi-faceted political and philosophical circles. Even as a "joke", this

would not seem "to fly" well, or ride well for that matter.

This also brings along speculation about the semi-fictional Left Behind series storyline in which

the antichrist uses a Condor airliner numbered 216 (6x6x6) to fly across the globe. Further, the

use of the word "Beast" on a car is reminiscent of the the 216 numbered license plates used by

the north korean "deity" Kim Jong-Il, in commemoration of his Birthday, February , 16.

Whether this is a joke....or a chilling prequel of a future ride to hell for the USA... is yet to be

determined by the Lords of Karma.


1. Obama as an antichrist figure. The Obama campaign is well aware

of this phenomenon and accused the McCain campaign of taking part in it. More the reason to

find it incredible that he would allow his personal limo to be called THE BEAST.,8599,1830590,00.html .

2. Cadillac Presidential limo for Obama is called the beast. See photo: and .

3. Left Behind Series Condor 216: and .

The follow-up plane to the Condor is the Phoenix 216 (as in rising from the ashes).

4. Barack Obama was born on latitude 21.6 N , out of the eternal sea he rises (Hawaii is

surrounded by the Pacific and like a Phoenix .... it rises from the fires and ashes of volcanic

activitiy. . Scroll down 50%... he is born

on the 216th day of the Year. . Coincidences?

5. Let us assume that President Obama was NOT BORN in Hawaii, but was born in Kenya.

The line of latitude 2.16 and The line of Longitude 2.16 BOTH appear to run through Kenya...

how odd... any way you slice it...the 666 metaphor rises up. . Therefore somewhere in

that nations both lines must cross.......More Coincidence?

6. The Khmer Rouge killing machine called its rise to power YEAR ZERO. Its leader, later

known as Pol Pot called himself Brother Number One. and

Year Zero at . African American men

are often called or call themselves "Brothers" and as Oprah said, Obama is "The One". The

Equator or latitude Zero runs through Kenya. The Lions Club of Kisumu Kenya has a monument

to the Equator in Kenya. . To satanists,

their fabled counter-messiah, the Antichrist is called THE ONE. Note all the 0's 0r Zeros in this

theme. More Coincidence? .

7. Kim Jong Ill and Evil License plates:

and .


Fidel Castro is the "Horse" that is mounted or ridden or possessed by the voodoo loas. Kim

Jong Il is a 'deity' in North Korea and he rides his Pale Horse of death and famine to his people.

Obama..... he does not fall behind in this cloven hoof race. He rides his Beast .... like The Great

Whore of Babylon rides on hers. Every

Wh--e needs her pimp and Obama can say "pimp my ride"...with pride.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

333 555 Cult links Chief Justice Roberts to Obama and Harry Reid

Chief Justice John Roberts , whose epilepsy was hidden when seeking confirmation , and Barry

Soetoro , also known as Barack Obama , whose Birth Certificate was hidden while seeking the US

Presidency, are Brothers. They are members of the 555 Cult or the Brotherhood of Bormann.

The illuminati stamp-of-approval is imbued heavily on both of them. They both already

engaged in the first cover-up of the new regime. The second , secret, swearing-in Ceremony that

took place in the masonic designed White House , closed to the public. No one even knows what

Bible he really swore on....the satanic bible , perhaps?

This particular article here notes the presence of the 555 numerology that surrounds Obama,

the leader of the Executive Branch of Government, Chief Justice Roberts, the leader of the

Judicial Branch of office and Harry Reid, the leader of the Legislative Branch of Government.


It is a hidden way of saying or writing 666 - the number of the beast. Proof: The Washington

Monument is 555 feet tall or 6,660 inches. / .

1. President Barack Obama and 555: His address while in the Senate was 555. .

The law firm in which he met his wife Michelle, Sidley Austin has at least two 555 addresses: .

His wife , Michelle Obama , has another connection to a 555 addressed firm. .

2. Chief Justice John Roberts previous law firm also has a 555 address. .

3. Senator Harry Reid is the leader of the Senate. His office address in Las Vegas, Nevada is of

course, 333. The other odd number in the 555 and 333 network. The other Nevada Senator has

his address at 555 and THE GOVERNOR of the State has his at a separate 555 address. Is this

normal? Can anyone really say this is a coincidence? .

4. 333 divided by 555 is .6 and 555 divided by 333 is 1.66666667. How interesting....


Chief Justice John Roberts is married to another lawyer. She is Jane Sullivan Roberts. She is

linked to Opus Dei. So is the Chief Justice. .

GUESS WHAT??? Jane Sullivan Roberts works at a law firm that also has multiple 555 address

locations. and . .

Harry Reid is a Mormon which many consider to be a cult. Opus Dei is considered a cult. Obama

is an unknown. He has gone to a muslim madrassa. He has attended Catholic school. He has

been a member of the controversial Church run by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. What he is

appears to be a religious chameleon. This 555 krewe RUNS ALL THREE BRANCHES OF THE

US GOVERNMENT. Do the math ... 555 = 666.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cydonia Square Root 2 connects 666 to 9/11 Attack

The real plotters of the 9/11 attacks were not muslim terrorists. They were likely, Black Magic

Adepts that had reached the level of Ipsissimus. This being the highest (or lowest , if you wish)

rung on the left hand path "Stairway to Hell". The numerology behind the attacks is so intricate

that a more rational theory may conclude that the ultimate intelligences behind the attacks were

in fact, superhuman. No other conclusion can be reached once you ... "do the math".


1. The Square Root of 2 is an infinite, irrational number. .

Go to and insert - square root 2 - .

2. The North - South and East - West Diagonal lines distance in the design of Masonic Capital

Washington D.C. approximates the numbers of the square root of 2 multiplied ten times. Scroll

down one inch at .

14.142 miles and square root of 2 begins with 1.4142. .

3. Previous articles have noted that the Euler Number , also irrational and infinite appears to

be linked to the attacks on the Pentagon building. and .

4. The ancient hindu / indian mathematician Baudhayana (born about 800b.c.) came up with

a formula that simply put , closely approximates a fractional value for the square root of 2. This

being 577/408. . Oddly, as you may have seen,

.577 is the number at which the Euler Constant begins.

5. What about 408? 408 + 258 = 666. Add it yourself to verify. What is the square root of the

number of the beast 666? Go to insert - square root 666 - . The answer is

25.8069758. Obviously, it begins with 25.8 and rounded off it would remain that. So therefore,

the Euler Constant divided by a number that is linked to the square root of 666 is approximately

the square root of 2. This connects Washington D.C.'s size and The euler constant appearance in

the Pentagon and 9/11 to 666. Further: The 25th Parallel has been linked to evil psychic events

called "vile vortices". .

These vortices or vortexes may be wormholes to an "evil parallel dimension" .
CAUTION _ CAUTION in viewing previous link !!

6. The latitude of Cydonia , Mars where the likely remnants of a proto-illuminati / nephilim

civilization once stood are at 40.8 degrees latitude , which roughly coincides with the latitude of

NYC where the twin towers were demolished, Madrid of the 3/11 attacks and the spot on the

Pennsylvania field where Flight 93 crashed, was shot down or whatever really did happen to it. . Scroll down on previous link 60%.

40th parallel and odd events at: .


Can all of this again be ascribed to "coincidence" or do the numbers, continually getting added

to, leave no option but to consider this a superhuman conspiracy. The reader must.....decide.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mayan bad luck 58 links Bardo to Great Pyramid

The strange numerological roots to the matrix / paradigm known as "reality" as imposed on us

by the Illuminati is as intricate as it is amazing. This article exposes a link between the Mayan

'bad luck' number 58, Bardo (an area of the Tibetan afterlife), The Giza Pyramid and the NWO

tool of the illuminati known as The Council on Foreign Relations.

The presence of coincidence...or conspiracy... is , as always , up to the reader to decide.

1. 58 was a number associated with bad luck or bad omens by the Mayans and their oracles.

"The number 58 was commonly associated with misfortune in many civilizations native to either
Central America or Southern America. Due to their beliefs in the original 58 sins. The number
came to symbolize curses and ill-luck. Aztec oracles supposedly stumbled across the number
an unnaturally high number of times before disaster fell. ...the oracle of Moctezuma II, who
allegedly counted 58 pieces of gold scattered before a sacrificial pit the day before the arrival of
Cortes." scroll to bottom. .

The previous link also notes that the number 58 is a "noncotient" number. "However, the sum
of the totient function for the first thirteen integers is 58."

This shows a link between 58 and the unlucky 13. Futher 5 + 8 is 13. This writer determined

that the square root of 58 shows a numerical link to the Great Pyramid. insert

square root 58. The answer begins with 7.61. 761 feet at the base of the sides. / .

Further, the area in which the Great Pyramid lies is about 13 acres. .

2. Bardo is an "area" for lack of a better world, associated with the Tibetan buddhist / animist

concept of the After Life. There are supposedly 58 wrathful deities ruling over Bardo.

"Once the subtle consciousness has left body it then enters into the Bardo and during the next

49 days will encounter the 100 peaceful and wrathful deities. Specifically, there are 58 wrathful

and 42 peaceful deities that one will encounter." .

3. Link between Bardo and The Great Pyramid: scroll down 50% .

"Initiation in the great Pyramid were in actuality very similar to the 3 day bardo experience we
all face upon death of our physical body. The experiences we will have seem totally real, although what we are experiencing is just the meeting of our own dream pictures."

4. The Great Pyramid and 58: The latitude of The Great Pyramid is 29.58 degrees N.

Interestingly 29 is half of 58. So what we have is 1/2 58 and 1/100 58 is the latitude numeral

equation. What this could mean is unknown. If one adds together 29 + 58 , one gets 87. This is

considered an unlucky score in Australian cricket (the devil's number) "thought to originate from
the fact that 87 is 13 runs short of a century , equivalent a Nelson's, Double-Nelson's etc (111, 222 etc) in English cricket." .

5. The address for the Headquarters of the Illuminati front agency known as The Council on

Foreign Relations is # 58. . The CFR has a

major role to play in the Pyramid of Manipulation. .

In fact , they are "the Top of the Pyramid"


The bad luck number, for all of humanity , comes from the aztecs, who sacrificed people on

the TOP of their PYRAMIDs. Isn't it odd , that some things never change. Do the math. It adds

up to the same thing. Evil then + Evil now ... is still evil. If you go to and insert

5/8, the answer is .625. The number 625 is linked to the mega-mathematician Pythagoras. .

His belief was ... " All is Number". It looks like he was correct, does it not? Still do not believe?

Try multiplying 5 x 8 and you get 40. The jews wandered for 40 years in the desert during the

Exodus. Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert. When Noah had his ark... it rained for 40 days

and 40 nights. Bad Luck , wouldn't you agree?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama Train Ride exposes him as a Freemason

President-elect Obama is signaling to the cognoscenti of the world that he is with the illuminati

to the bone. He is taking a historic train ride to the inauguration which copies that taken by

President Abraham Lincoln. The train ride is 137 miles long. .

1. The height of the Great Pyramid in Giza is 137 meters . .

2. Noah's Ark was 137 meters long. .

3. Psalm 137 has to do with Babylon and the Temple of Solomon - where G-D dwelt. .

4. 137 is linked to the number of the beast 666: . This has to do with the

hard hexagon entropy constant. A hexagon is the only form that will fit inside a six pointed

star or pentagram. .

CONCLUSION: What is the only organization that unites: Babylon, The Great Pyramid, 666,

The Temple of Solomon , the Star of David and Noah's Ark? ... Freemasonry. If you do not

believe it go to and insert - Freemason --- and each one of the above terms in

the conclusion. Obama is signaling to those in the Know...He is the One or at least One of them --

The Illuminati. The Black Lodge of necromancers that rules the modern world.

Illuminati Torch of Life links Pi and World Serpent

It is believed that through the use of numerology it may be possible to discern some future

events linked to the illuminati effort to create a One World Government controlled by the

antichrist. The numerology in this article involves Pi, the irrational mystical infinite number,

the number 2268 which is linked to the Nineveh Constant and PHI or The Golden Ration.

Background on Pi -

Background on Nineveh Constant 2268 -

Background on Golden Ratio -


1. The hell upside down 1134 number sequence first appears in Pi starting at position 758 - .

2. The Great Pyramid of Giza , when first built , had sides of 758 feet. and .

Does this mean that the base of the pyramid is Hell?

3. The Nineveh Constant 2268 number sequence first appears in Pi at position 964. .

2268 is double 1134. The Height of the pyramid is about 482 feet which doubled is 964. .

Could this be Coincidence?

1/2 Pi x 1/2 phi (golden ratio) x 2268 = 111.543828. Go to and insert formula.

The angle between the east- west line and the line from the obelisk to the north-eastern corner

of Khufu's Pyramid is 111.54 degrees..." .

A common fraction for Pi is 22/7. The number sequence 227 appears at 484 digits into Pi .

This is again very close to the height of the Giza Pyramid of 482 feet when built. Some believe

the Great Pyramid may have been as much as 484 feet high. .

Another odd coincidence in number sequences between these mystical numbers and the

pyramids ? Perhaps. The Reader must decide.

4. Another fraction for Pi is 355/113 see: .

5. If one inserts the number sequence 355113 into the Pi calculator one gets a large number

that begins with 1352. .

6. It turns out that the number 13.52 has deep mystical significance. .

It is "The number symbol of our Temporal World" scroll down half way on previous link. This is

associated with a Circle. Like Pi. It is also associated with the Norse Galdrastafr or Torch of Life

"its outer circle is symbolic of the world serpent" See article above. For more on the Torch of

Life see: .


The Torch is the symbol of the illuminati. Enlightment by the dark light of the fires of hell.

1134 hell four-squares the Great Pyramid. "The Torch of Life was born 108 days after the

Rising of Sirius over the Giza Plateau..." see previous link , scroll down 30%. More coincidence?

Law of Sea Treaty links CIA Panetta to Moonies

Recent news has indicated that President Obama will appoint Leon Panetta as his CIA chief.

Part of Mr. Panetta's background has been to push for the Senate ratification and passage of the

so called LOST or Law of Sea Treaty , which would basically give control of the world's oceans

to the corrupt, evil bureacracy known as the United Nations.

The UN is currently run by a suspected Moonie and the Reverend Sun Myung Moon has a title

bestowing upon himself the name King of the Oceans. Reverend Moon considers himself to be

the Messiah and has come to Earth to finish the failed mission of Jesus Christ. He is frequently

seen breaking crosses and members of Congress have attended his Coronation Ceremony in

Washington , D.C.

The LOST connection to Leon Panetta needs to be explored fully before he is given the power

at CIA to blackmail those Senators who still oppose the treaty. LOST along with the push for a

North American Union between Canada, The USA and Mexico, and the pressure to have the

USA sign the Kyoto Protocol of the Global Warming / Greenhouse Emissions bogus science

treaty will be the three nails on the cross wiping out what little sovereignty is left. This will pave

the way for Global Government and the rise of the Antichrist-led New World Order.

1. Leon Panetta at CIA - .

2. Law of Sea Treaty Destroys Sovereignty: "Key elements" of "World Government" and see video .

3. Leon Panetta link to Law of Sea Treaty (more than minimal to say the least) - He has " a

passion for the world's oceans."

The Panetta-led Pews Oceans Commission is dedicated to signing LOST. .

One of the founders of the Pews Trust that pays for the Commission was a member of a secret

society similar to Yale Skull and Bones that operates behind a veil of always. . See Section on "Beyond Cornell" in the previous

link indicating that Quill and Dagger members include Paul Wolfowitz , Stephen Hadley and

other neocon members of the Bush Administration. The Pew trusts fund the illuminati "British

American Project". scroll down 50% . Pew and "American

Fascism" .

"It is not an organization that can be expected to protect the liberty of the masses of the

american public" scroll

down 80%.

4. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon has extensive financial interests in the seafood business

and is described as The King of the Oceans.,0,3736876.story and also .

5. Alleged Moonie influence at the United Nations.


We are going to lose every bit of our freedom - unless we resist the evil every inch of the

way. Here is the Definition of Sovereignty. Read it while it still exists. .

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kraft Cheese SEC Mary Schapiro invested with Madoff

The entire Madoff affair is a sordid cesspool into the murky bowels of zionist tentacles which

have ensnared the USA into slavery. It is becoming ever more apparent that Freedom is no

longer even a fantasy until the yoke of Israel is cast off by this brainwashed nation.

1. The highest law enforcement officer in the USA , Attorney General Mukasey has to recuse

himself from the biggest fraud in history, The Madoff Ponzi Scheme of 50 Billion US Dollars . . This is because his

son works for Bracewell Giuliani which helps defend Madoff.

Rudi Giuliani of course was America's toughest "crimefighter" while supposedly under his nose

Mossad Madoff did his swindles. Giuliani was Mayor of NYC in the 1990s. .

Madoff and his Khazarian Krewe began operations since at least 1989. By that year his firm was

handling 5 percent of the volume on the NYSE. . Crimefighter Rudi was too

busy putting black pickpockets away to look into real crime.

2. The current leader of the SEC, the toothless, ball-less "watchdog" of the stock exchanges in

the USA and its top lawyer were lawyers in a law firm that was the biggest tenant in the

Lipstick Building where Madoff laundered paper.

3. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff comes from the same firm

as well. Chertoff's father and grandfather taught at Yeshiva University where Madoff and

disgraced GMAC former chairman Merkin sat on the Board. .

Chertoff probably rode up the elevator to work rubbing shoulders with Madoff. .

4. Now, we have a new head of SEC Mary L. Schapiro. She sat on the board of Kraft Cheese

which invested money with Madoff. .

Kraft Madoff ties:,7&big=true or google Kraft Madoff.

Kraft family lost hundreds of millions investing with M. .

5. She hired one of his sons as well. Scroll down 60% .

6. The Judge that keeps Madoff out on bail is a zionist as well.... .

See more on Katz at .


The Members of the Hive will circle the wagons and protect themselves. Madoff will walk or

he will die or pretend to die of "heart failure". How long .... AMERICA... will you put up with it?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cerberus Merkin and Mossad Madoff are Reptilians

The arab proverb that states: "Evil People...Know Each Other", seems well suited to the links

between various Zionist interests that somehow happen to occur "coincidentally". Previously, it

has been noted that the present leader of the Securities and Exhange Commission Cox and his

top lawyer for the agency both came from a law firm that officed , as they say , or shared an

office building with the Madoff Ponzi Scheme krewe.

See: .

It just so happens that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff also hails from

the same law firm. "George W. Bush has drawn lobbying partners from the ranks of Latham &

Watkins to fill top Federal Agency posts in EPA, DHS, IRS, FCC, Interior and SEC." .

The latest news is that the Chairman of GMAC , which was just thrown a lifeline worth billions

by the Fed is also tainted in the scandal. .

"All this means that the GM and Chrysler bailouts are directly aiding Madoff's pals." scroll down

40% . J. Ezra Merkin , the former chairman of GMAC is also an

investor in Cerberus, the company that owns the lion's share of Chrysler. Cerberus is led by

former Treasury Secretary John Snow who tried to give the USA ports away to Dubai and had

himself sold his CSX to Dubai earlier. .

Cerberus is a three headed demon dog that guards the gates of Hades or Hell. .

Oddly ... Coincidentally, of course... Chrysler vehicle and logos are filled with satanic symbolism

and there is even a prototype car named the Demon. .

Pentagon / Pentagram symbols:

Dodge Ram: .

Mobs in Russia burn the cars rather than drive them... .

No joke either, DHS Secretary Chertoff's last name in russian means "Son of the Devil" . .

Can all of these names and so forth just be "coincidence"?

Both Merkin and Madoff are linked to Zionist Yeshiva University in NYC. Yeshiva has lost

money to the Madoff scam, yet does not sue Merkin. scroll down 75%. .

Some allege that Yeshiva is now controlled by the New World Order Council on Foreign

Relations. .

The current leader of Yeshiva University is Richard Joel , the first non rabbi to hold the office

and a former youth leader of Hillel , the youth wing of B'nai B'rith . scroll down 70%.

B'nai B'rith is a Masonic Lodge. .

B'nai B'rith is a tool of British Royal Family Imperialism. "arms of british intelligence agencies

and secret societies..." .

The British Royal Family are suspected Reptilian entities: / .

The Illuminati use as one of their symbols The Torch. B'nai B'rith uses a Torch and so does

Yeshiva University since Richard Joel became leader. and

Alleged evangelist Billy Graham also received a torch from B B at . "Joel ... immediately went about revamping

YU according to his NWO-CFR vision. Replacing the old YU symbol with a torch (of illumination) .


A demonic cult is at the roots of the Mossad Madoff scandal. The key players in protecting the

USA from financial predators like him, appear instead to be playing on his side. All of these

verifiable connections become difficult to ignore. The Madoff scandal has the sulphurous stench

of the Illuminati all around it. Who will go to jail? No one. The Zionist intel agencies control

America. Slip-ups like this will get buried....just like anyone that gets in the way.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CIA Leon Panetta and the Illuminati Denver Airport

People are wondering why Leon Panetta is being nominated as the new head of the CIA. They

are spreading the disinformation that he has no background in espionage and or intelligence

work. This is nonsense. He is a player in this field. Panetta was a major force in creating the

suspected reptilian - illuminati Denver International Airport. There is no way he could be

krewed up with that mega-NWO base and simply be a newcomer to the effort to create a

Global Government under elite control.


1. Creepy murals, masonic architects , swastika airfields and suspected massive underground

base. / / and

2. Scroll down 15% "Watched Panetta very closely during the workup to the new Denver
International Airport and as much as I disagreed with everything he did I was certainly
impressed with his mastery of the system and how easily he forced various agencies involved
to dance to his tune. He's not one of my favorites, DIA is a horror, but if you want someone
to whip an agency into shape Leon is your guy - he reads people like a book and has no scruples
when it comes to getting what he wants."

3. While Leon Panetta is accused of being a false Catholic for his views on abortion , gay rights

and so forth, he was somehow selected to be on the review board of the US Conference of

Catholic Bishops to monitor matters with the child molestation scandal. .

4. The Board has links to the Knights of Malta. scroll to bottom. .

5. Leon Panetta co-chairs a Commission on Ocean Policy with retired Admiral James D. Watkins ... who happens to be a Knight of Malta. .

6. Admiral Watkins is listed in the wiki list of "Masonic Politicians" .

7. Leon Panetta's successor , Congressman Sam Farr is an adherent of Agenda 21, a soviet

style makeover of the USA based on "sustainable development" .Farr replaced Panetta in Congress . .

8. Sam Farr is associated with the New Age Esalen Institute. scroll down 50%,284097.shtml .

9. Esalen and the CIA =
Knights of Malta and CIA = .
Denver Airport and CIA = / .


Leon Panetta is not a greenhorn. He has been working for the illuminati for years. His choice
as CIA chief, for those who see through the smokescreen should come as no suprise.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pi links Lara Croft Tomb Raider to The Matrix

In the USA you cannot go anywhere to try and buy food in major grocery store chains without

seeing photos and stories of the latest nonsense and rumor about Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and

Jennifer Anniston. These past-their-prime actor and actresses are constant brainwashing fodder

for the masses. It is made to seem that their lives are of some ... importance... as opposed to the

Mossad Madoff ripoff of tens of billions of dollars or Neocon wars overseas that have bankrupted
this country and led to false flag terror in America.

This brief article shows that all three of these individuals have ties to entities or activities

linked to the Occult.

1. Angelina Jolie and the Illuminati: .

2. Brad Pitt and the Illuminati: .

3. With Jennifer Anniston, the information is much less well known and this article may

bring it forward for the first time in clear meaning. "Jennifer had her first taste of acting at age

11 when she joined the 'Rudolf Steiner' School's drama club. It was also at the 'Rudolf Steiner'

School that she developed her passion for art." .

4. What is The Rudolf Steiner School? To begin with, it is closely associated with the Occult.

Scroll to bottom at and .

5. "Waldorf education (also known as Steiner or Steiner Waldorf education)..."

6. "Public Schools Teaching Occult Religion?

...What is Anthroposophy? "The Waldorf Teacher's Survival Guide" is designated by the
Sacramento City Unified School District as one of its resource materials for "training or
instruction in Waldorf teaching methods or Waldorf curriculum" World Net Daily obtained a
copy of the 67-page pamphlet, published in 1992 and written by Eugene Schwartz, head of the
Waldorf teacher training program at Sunbridge Colledge in Spring Valley, N.Y. The "Guide" says,
on page 54: "Most of that which contributes to our work as teachers, preparation work
artistic work , even meditative work, is under the guardianship of LUCIFER. We can
become great teachers under his supervision, for he is responsible for much that
has blossomed in the unfolding of civilization and culture in the past." .

Yes... responsible for slavery, torture, war, and on and on under the name of reason and


Jon Voight became famous as an actor by playing a male prostitute in the Movie Midnight

Cowboy for which he received an academy award nomination in 1969. He plays a role as a

freemason or freemason descendant in the Movie National Treasure and in the sequel as well. .

In the Tomb Raider movie series Angelina Jolie plays a , well, tomb raider whose father was a

member of "The Illuminati". Her father in the movie is her father in real life. .

In real life Angelina Jolie wanted to be a Funeral Director when she was an adolescent. .

A wannbe Funeral Director grows up to be a -- tomb raider. In the movie The Matrix Reloaded

Keanu Reeves character Neo battles twins. .

In real life , Angelina Jolie has twins through artificial means. .

The word Croft is very close to the word Craft, a term used to describe Freemasonry as The

Craft. In the movie an astrological conjunction of great importance is to take place on May 15.

See previous link. May 15 is 5-15 which is allegedly is a metaphor for Pi, the irrational infinite

number , that is used for the actual opening date of the movie The Matrix, starring Keanu

Reeves. In The Matrix , Neo only has 314 seconds to enter into "The Source". This is a

reference to Pi 3.14. see

also . 314 seconds is Five

minutes and 14 seconds. The early view of a hit movie usually occurs the night before its

grand opening, this would have been May 14. Scroll down 90% and indeed it was,

therefore, The movie opened on a secret Pi metaphor day.

The number 515 represents the incarnation of one of the people of the Trinity. .

In the Movie the Matrix, the principal female character is Trinity. .

As has been noted in other articles Neo is "The One". The incarnation of one of the people of the

Trinity, perhaps? A messiah or savior type figure. The number 515 is used by the writer Dante

as the number for a Saviour. . Why

this number is used is not known. It is possible that the two movies may hold the key, so to

speak. In Tomb Raider, the May 15 or 5-15 astrological conjunction allows for the control of

certain keys which allow the possessor to control time itself. In the Matrix, Neo's birth on that

date, signals the arrival of the saviour of a humanity stuck in a red pill dream getting sucked of

energy by ETs.

Noah's Ark was 515 feet long. Noah saved the world by allowing its animals and plants to begin

repopulating anew. . The Birthday of Buddha is May 15. .

It is possible that these movies herald the arrival of the so-called masonic christ or antichrist.

see video: and .


The forces of evil control Hollywood. The Matrix is not a movie, it is the world in which we live,

a world created by Illuminist elites serving a hierarchy of non-human entities that seek to

enslave mankind forever. In this the matrix has a point. The captured humans have the juice

sucked out of them while in a dream state and in the "real world" we humans have our blood and

life force sucked out of us by vampiric reptilian entities that feed on our fear , hate and violence.

Life imitates Art. The living Dead imitate the living.

Behold a Pale Horse links Kim Jong-IL to Castro

On New Years Day 2009, The Castro brothers Raul and Fidel celebrated FIFTY YEARS in

Power. This amount of time on the Throne of Authority is almost unprecedented in human

history for any ruler , good ... or evil. Many believe that Fidel has sold his soul to the voodoo

deities in exchange for power. He has survived hundreds of assassination attempts and is the

only Latin American Leader to have defeated a USA linked invasion. He became the President

of Cuba on February 16. 2-16. The Number 216 is of course, 6 x 6 x 6. This has been noted

previously by this writer. .

His blood brother in evil, the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il was born on February 16.

The same 2-16 or 216 or 6x6x6 = 666 numerology applies and has been also previously noted

by this writer. . One was born on the 666

Date , while the other was born into power on that day.

New information has now arisen regarding the day February 16 or 2-16 = 216 = 666. It also

is the 47th day of the year. This for an ordinary , not leap year. .

Also, North Korea reports that "General Secretary Kim Jong Il has been registered as a SPA

candidate at constituency No. 666 ..." scroll to bottom - .

The number 47 has been linked to the occult: .

See also: 4 + 7 = 11. It is linked to the "Eleveners" phenomena. .

666 to the 47th power , when one adds the total of the digits , the sum is 666. There is only one

other number that has this feature and it is 51. Scroll down 85% .

As noted in the previous link , Obama was born on the 216th day of the Year. Look for a major

"opening" or "Detente" or "thaw in relations" between the Incoming Obama regime and the

reptilian leaders of North Korea and Cuba. This will be because as the arabs say "evil people....

know each other." They serve the same Infernal Hierarchies. They have the same ultimate goal.

There is something curious about the number of days left in an ordinary year, after February 16,

being 318. 3oo + (6+6+6=18). The number 318 appears in the Old Testament as being the

number of servants of Abraham that do battle against the Babylonian Kings and defeat them in

spite of the odds. . This could be

a way of saying The 666 vs. The 318 or The 11 (4+7) against The 12 (3+1+8). The number

11 has been associated with evil and the illuminati. . The number 12 also has odd links .

The number 300 is linked to the Committee of 300 and the Illuminati. The 300 are also known

as 'The Olympians' as in the greek gods of Mount Olympus. .

The Committee of 300 combined with 6+6+6 = 318.

The height of the Great Pyramid is 318 Greek Cubits and this also is linked to Helios or the

Solar Deity or Sun god. . The tallest

Pyramid in the world is in North Korea. Scroll down see photo at: .

Fidel Castro has discovered a "Mayan Atlantis" with pyramid structures offshore in his island's

territorial waters. There has been a global news blackout on this since 2002. .

Another interesting discovery for the month of February is that the 51st day of the Year for

ordinary years is February 20. This number as previously noted is the only one besides 47 to

have its digits equal 666 when one does the equation 666 ^ 50th Power. In an ordinary year

this then leaves 314 days to go in the year. The number 3.14 is a common abbreviation for the

mystical , infinite , irrational number Pi. . Another number or

fraction associated with this is 22/7 as noted in the previous link. 2-27 could also be February

27th. The Roman Festival of Mars was celebrated on First Equirria 2-27 and Second Equirria

0n 3-14. Coincidence both numbers are obvious Pi symbols. .

The Roman Festival of Equirria, like the word Equus or Equine , has to do with horses. Oddly,

Fidel Castro became "The Horse" for the Voodoo Santeros of Cuba. This literally means The One

Who is being Mounted (Possessed) by the Orishas or Deities of African voodoo.

and insert Fidel Castro Horses or see book The Secret Fidel Castro: Deconstructing the Symbol,

by Servando Gonzales, 2002. The voodoo war god Chango is a great horseman. scroll to bottom.

...There is a connection to Horses to Dear Leader Kim Jong Il as well you guessed...

"Kim Jong Il is an avid equestrian, and has even appeared in a TV movie atop a snow-white
horse.(All horses belonging to the Kim family are white.) .

KGB Russian Dictator Putin gives Kim 3 -all white- Horses for his Birthday. 216...again. .

See videos of "Dear Leader" on horseback.
and .

Both Cuba and North Korea have suffered from hunger and in the case of North Korea outright

famine under their leaders. Cuba has had food rationing for the longest period of time of any

country in history. There has been every evil afoot and ahoof under the control of these two

evil horses and the infernal entities that "ride" or possess their bodies.


And I looked, and behold a pale horse:
and his name that sat on him was DEATH,
and Hell followed with him.
And Power was given unto them over the
fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword,
and with HUNGER, and with death,
and with the beasts of the earth.
Revelation 6:8 see depiction / .

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pentagon Memorial links Choronzon 333 to Euler

For those who believe that the attacks of 9/11 were not linked to the Occult, the evidence that

they were continues to grow. Coincidence, as a simple mathematical exercise, becomes ever

weaker an "explanation". This article provides additional numerical evidence that adds to

previous material on other articles by this writer.


1. The numerology of the Euler Constant .577 is replete throughout the Pentagon. There is also

a connection to the London attacks of 7-7-5 and the tallest building in Mecca 775 Feet tall. Euler

wrote a book on the phases of the moon which was 775 pages long and the crescent moon is the

symbol of Islam, based in Mecca , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .


2. The plane struck the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. EST.

3. See photos of Pentagon 9/11 Memorial: / / .

WHAT IS 9:37?

4. 9 x 37 = 333. This number is associated with the demon Choronzon. It has been used

extensively by the Illuminati. / and scroll down

20% .

5. What is 9? 3x3x3 as in the previous 333. Also 3x3 or the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry .

The NINE is also linked to a group of Superhuman beings of an unknown nature: Scroll to near

bottom - .

6 What is 37? A number linked to 666. 37 x 18 is 666. 37 x (6+6+6) = 666. It is the largest

prime number divisible into 666. .


7. The Euler Constant is .577 . It is an infinite irrational number like PHI or Pi. From midnight

until 9:00a.m. there are 60 minutes to the hour. Multiplied by 9 hours it is 540 minutes. If you

add 37 to 540 , You have -coincidentally- 577 Minutes. The numbers of the Euler Constant

noted previously as having a link to the Pentagon and London attacks.

8. The number of dead in the attack is said to be 184. 18 x 4 = 72. There are 72 degrees in a

Pentagram. There are 540 degrees in the interior angles of a Pentagram.

72 Degrees and Pentagram: .

1+8+3 = 13. The number of the witches coven. More coincidences?

9. The number sequence 577 appears four times in the first 1,000 digits of Pi. .

First place at 454 : 2 x 227 is 454. Pi is also known as 22/7 - .

Second place at 612: The number 612 is associated with Mecca, The Kabbalah and the Apothem

of the Great Pyramid of Giza. . There

are allegedly 612 formulas in a Bible based code. .

Third place at 837: The number 837 is 3x3x3x31. . This

could be 333 x 31 or the 13 in reverse. Another way is 2 x 37 x 2 x 2 or 23722. If one reverses

this one gets 22732. Again we have 22/7 and the number 32. Further, the number 8 x the

number 37 is the same as the number 37 x the number 8. The number 378 has extensive links

to Mayan architecture. .

More coincidence?

Fourth place at 993: 3 x 331 = 993. Again the 333 and the 31. Reversed at 1333 or the 13th of

the witches and the Freemason 33. Coincidentally, 9 x 93 = 837 or the previous number noting

the 3rd place where 577 appears as sequence in pi. The number 9 is implicit in the 9/11 attacks

and Flight 93 crashed into the field in Pennsylvania. The crescent like memorial for Flight 93

is reminscent of the crescent moon , again, note Euler's 775 page book on the phases of the

moon and The Flight 93 memorial is "oriented towards Mecca" .


The only group in the western world that utilizes mecca / muslim symbolism is the Shriners.

They are freemasons. Could this be a clue as to who or what is behind the attacks? Scroll down

90% . Shriners and crescent moon .

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Numerology Predicts False Flag 2009 Terror Attack

One thing appears to be certain, whomever is TRULY behind the phenomenon of Terrorism

is a believer, user and expert in numerology. The attacks virtually always appear to be linked to

some form of number, dates, numerology and so forth. The Year 2009 is of grave note because

the numbers of the year are similar to 9/11. By viewing the numbers it is this writer's hope to

prevent attacks or at least to prove the premise of numerology as an adjunct of "terrorism".


1. 9/11 - - .

2. Madrid 3/11 /7-7 London and 7-11 Madrid: .

Year 2009 A.D. - The Numerology of 2009 Illuminati Terror - See the Past = Know the Future:

A. The number 2009 is in fact 29 without the zeros which have no numerological value. Then,

The number 29 is 92 in reverse. As noted, 29 is II 9 and the reverse is 9 II or 9/11.

B. Likely dates would combine the day , month and possibly number of the day out of the

365 days of an Ordinary (not Leap) Year.

Examples: January 29, 2009. The 29th day of the Year 2009. It will also be 9 days after Barak

Obama becomes USA President. The date = 1-29-2009. 12929 or in Europe 29-1-2009 29129.

9 days is 24 hours times 9 - 216 hours. 216 is Left Behind Series code for the antichrist 6x6x6 =

216. See: and see number of

pages of book calling Left Behind Series an Antichrist indoctrination. Scroll to bottom .

9 Days after Obama is inaugurated - to the minute of the hour - is Prediction 1. 216 hours from the swearing in Ceremony or 666 on "9-11". 1(January) 29(II 9) Year 2009(II 9).

Prediction 2: February 9, 2009 would be 2-9 / 2-9 or in reverse code 9/11 - 9/11. 2929 in a

word. February 9 is the 40th day of the year. The number 40 is always associated with some

form of Trial or Tribulation. It rained for 40 days and nights when Noah fled in his ark. Jesus

fasted for 40 days in Nights in the desert before Satan's temptations. Turning 40 means the

beginning of old age. In fact, "Death begins at 40" . The Jews wandered through the

Desert for 40 years before reaching "The land of milk and honey". scroll down 50% .

Trials and Tribulations are tests. Vice President Joe Biden said publicly that within 6 months of

being in office President Obama would be tested by some manufactured crisis. 4 or 5 scenarios

Biden said were foreseeable. . 6 months? Or first 216 hours?

Prediction 3. This may seem obvious but February 16 or 2-16 or 6x6x6. This would combine the

666 , the Year 29 or 9/11 and it would be the 47th day of the Year which would coincide with

Obama's current age, the number 666 and The 47 cult. See also 47 = 4+7 = 11 and 216 is 2+1+6

equals 9. The II 9 or 9/11. See 47 cult: and See the link

between The number 47 and 666 at .


These are just examples. This writer has no knowledge of any terror nor any psychic powers.

This can be said. There will be a link between any major attack and numerology. The three

examples noted are simply a matter of analogy and analysis. The real question is who is really

behind the evil and why they use numerology. That is unknown to this writer.