Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pi links 666 to Masonic 33rd Degree and Thoth

Pi appears to be a literal key to unlocking the secrets of the Illuminists and their plan for total

global enslavement. It is more than a curiosity and a math gee-whiz object. Pi contains the way

to decipher the meaning of their symbols and strategy. Here is a new discovery.

The string of three sixes or 666 appears (among other places) in Pi at digit number 33,363.

This happens to be the 29th place where 666 appears in sequence in Pi.

1. This happens to coincide with the Masonic 33rd parallel. .

2. Also , of course, the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry.

3. The Number 363 is associated with the ancient egyptian deity - Thoth. .

4. Thoth is associated with Freemasonry. Scroll to near bottom. .


In roman numerals, the number 29 could be IIIX , which would appear to be 13. 9/11 in

Europe would be 11/9 for the date of the attacks. The Roman numeral for 2 is II. Therefore ,

II 9 would be 29 , a link to 9/11. The 23rd position in Pi where a string of three sixes appears is

at digits number 29,666. This links together THE NUMBER 23 and 29 and 666.

See also Number 23 Phenomenon. . More Coincidence? The

number 92 is linked to AL QAEDA. This of course is 29 reversed. .

Al Qaeda was "born" on the 29th of December (see previous link) which happens to be in an

Ordinary Year, the 363rd day of the year. The number of Thoth see above. More Coincidence?

Chinese Pi day links 2012 and Year of the Dragon

There is increasing evidence that a numerical code holds the secrets of the future that the

elite leadership of the illuminati uses to manipulate or daily reality. Many of these numbers,

across time , distance and cultures appear to be interlinked.

This article looks at the interwoven thread between Pi , the irrational infinite mystical number;

The return of Kukulkan / Quetzalcoatl , the feathered serpent of the Mayan in 2012 and the

Chinese Year of the Dragon. Whether it is fact or coincidence is ... as always up to the reader.


1. Pi -

2. Kukulkan / Quetalcoatl return on December 21, 2012 -

3. 355/113 is a symbol for Pi -

4. The Chinese invented or found the 355/113 approximation and the day could be celebrated

on the 355th day of the Year a 1:13 a.m. or p.m. . Scroll down to near bottom.

5. The 355th Day of the Year is December 21 in Ordinary Years. .

6. Quetzlacoatl has been described as a Dragon.

7. 2012 is the chinese Year of the Dragon. .


Pi is about the Circle and as it is said, all things ... come full circle. We will meet our destiny

on that day. One our species must face in order to rid ourselves of the yoke of slavery of the

the Illuminati and the hellish legions they serve.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

9/11 Firefighter Deaths 777 Numerology Explained

There is an increasing amount of evidence that indicates the 9/11 Attacks were an Illuminati

Mega-Ritual. The purpose of this is suspected to be the opening of a wormhole or stargate via

mass human sacrifice. The tragic 9/11 Firefighter deaths were an intimate part of this plan.

This article exposes in detail the numerology behind this evil.

1. 343 Firefighters died at the WTC on 9/11. and /

2. Attacks in London carry occultic signature 777. / / .

3. 7cubed or 7 x 7 x 7 = 343. insert - 7 cubed - . 777 = 343 Firefighters.

4. 343 x Pi , the mystical , irrational infinite numer is 1077.56628 . Go to

insert the previous formula.

5. 1077 feet is the height of the masonic Chrysler Building. .

6. 666 - The Number of the Beast - multiplied by PHI or The Golden Ratio happens to

coincidentally , also be 1077.61064. insert 666 x Phi in .

What this means is that The number 1077 combines 666, 777 (343), Pi and PHI. Could this be


7. Further, as everyone knows , the Firefighters died at the WTC Twin Towers in a doomed

rescue attempt. If you scroll down 50% on the following link you will see that the numerology

of North Tower is 343 and the numerolgy of South Tower is 343. .

343 Firefighters died on Twin Towers with numerical values of 343 each. More coincidence?

The 343 numerical value is a code for 777 which links the attacks to the London Tube blasts.

8. The Number 1077 is in fact 177. Why? Because in numerology zero does not have any value

and therefore the number is looked at as if it was not there at all.

9. 177 is the height in feet of the largest Pyramid in the world. It is dedicated to the Aztec deity

Quetzalcoatl (also known as Kukulkan) who is according to Mayan cosmology, scheduled to

return on December 21, 2012. See: .

10. If you reverse 177 you get 771. This number is the height of the Illuminati One Canada

Place in Canary Wharf, London. That number is 235 meters which is a metaphor for the

mystical 23.5 angle shown in many medieval paintings. It is capped with a black pyramid. and .

11. If you add 177 + 771 you get 948. 9 x 4 x 8 = 288. This number has great mystical

significance. The Height of the Great Pyramid is 288 cubits. The length of the Sphinx is 144

cubits which is half of 288. scroll down 30% on previous link.

12. The 56 Aubrey Circles around the Stonehenge Monument are aligned around a 288 foot

diameter circle. Scroll down to near bottom. .

13. 3 x 4 x 3 = 36. This is a number long associated with 666. .


The 777 link to the firefighter deaths is no coincidence. Neither is it to the London attacks.

These terrorist events are staged. They are scripted. By those who serve evil and would be our

masters. Resistance is a human right.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Emporis coincidence links 666 Sphinx to Obama

While doing research on unrelated issues, this writer stumbled across a coincidence of sorts

with the Emporis website. Emporis is an entity dedicated to architecture , in particular buildings

that we would typically call Skyscrapers. See: and also .

The Emporis number for the famous Great Sphinx monument on Giza Plateau is 251748. See - .

The Height of the monument is listed as 20 meters or 66 feet.

1. The number of the Beast is 666: .

2. Some say the height of the Great Sphinx is 66.6 feet: Scroll down 40% "It is no coincidence

that the height of the 'beast' that faces the rising sun that is the sphinx is 66.6 feet high, or 6

times the sunspot cycle length of 11.1 years." .

3. The Great Sphinx is to some a link to the Astrological sign LEO. .

4. Obama is a Leo. Scorpio is his rising sign. .

5. Scroll down to near bottom for Kenya National Crest with Lions. .

6. Obama was born on a day linked to 666: .

He is the Lion of Africa. The Man-Lion whose arrival was encoded in stone in a monument we

know as The Great Sphinx.

7. The number 378 had great significance to the Mayan religious practice. .


If you multiply 378 x 666 , the answer is 251748. The exact emporis number for the Great

Sphinx. Coincidence or Warning? Obama will be President in 2012 when Kukulkan Quetzalcoatl

returns on 12-21-12. Could all this just be happening or did the Illuminati design this outcome

millenia ago? The reader must make his or her own decision. We know who the Man Lion is...

but who will be the Fiery flying Quetzal Snake of the Mayans? Stay tuned. Only about 1300 or

so days until we find out.

1111 Phenomenon links 2012 to Baghdad Ziggurat

The illuminati mathematics encompasses a form code that when deciphered proves the saying

by Pythagoras that "all is number". This number based scheme comprises what we in our

ignorance call "reality". In fact, it is a hyperdimensional hologram controlled by evil entities who

never sleep and are constantly working to keep humanity enslaved in their service.

They prey and feed on our passions, hatred, and above all blood-letting. They feed on us. We

are their cattle, their food , their sheeple. The first step to putting them on a diet is to cease to

believe in their lies. To cease to play their game and that of "the system" which they control.

This article hopes to accomplish that goal of liberation - one bit of truth at a time.


1. This numerical puzzle begins by multiplying 1111 x 1111 for a sum of 1234321. This forms a

pyramid with steps or a Ziggurat, like the temples of the Aztecs , Maya and Babylonians.
See: 3 3
2 2
1 1

2. See photos of stepped-pyramids for Mayas, Aztecs, Babylonians. /,_Chichen_Itza

and even Science Fiction uses this them - .

3. The 1111 Phenomenon is linked to the Masonic Mega-Ritual known as the 9/11 Attacks.

4. When you multiply the sum of 1111 x 1111 which 1234321 you get the following:

1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 144.

5. The 144th day of the Year is when the Aztecs begin their mythic journey from Aztlan to

found their capital in Tenotihuacan, modern day Mexico City. The number 144 is associated

with the Great Pyramid of Giza . It is 12 x 12 or 12 squared. (May 24 Aztlan ) (Giza and 144 = ).

6. In Europe and other parts of the world besides the USA, May 24 would be 24-5, the 24th

day of the 5th month. 245. 5 x 7 x 7 = 245. This is interesting because .577 is the Euler

Constant. It is heavily associated in the numerology of the attack on the pentagon. .

Further, there are 245 steps in the Aztec Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico City. Can all this be happenstance? /

7. The number 12 when squared is 144. When cubed is 1728 which is linked to the Cydonia

Region of Mars. . The number 1728 links

The Pyramid of Giza to the Aubrey Circle. . The Great Pyramid

perimeter value was 1728 Royal Cubits.

8. 144 Squared is 20,736. This is the number of dimensions in our Hyperdimensional , not

Universe , but Multiverse.

In fact, the multiverse is in fact one Universe of 144 x 144 dimensions. .

In this way it can be seen that 1111 is really - - 12.

9. The square root of 1111 is 33.3316666. Go to and insert square root 1111 .

10. The line of latitude 33.33 is located 2012 miles from the Equator. .

11. The Year 2012 is when Kukulkan whose 1111 linked ziggurat pyramid temples are linked,

returns to Earth. December 21, 2012. .


Where will the fiery flying serpent land? Just to the west of Baghdad at an ancient well

preserved Ziggurat that lies there. Baghdad is located at 33.33 N. Latitude . The ziggurat is a few

miles to the west. This explains the "need" of the masonic Bush/Cheney regime in controlling

this real estate. See:,_Iraq) .

The Landing Point Ziggurat at : see photo
and .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boxing Day Tsunami linked to Kukulkan Flood Myth

The Boxing Day Tsunami on December 26, 2004 was no natural occurrence. It was likely

caused by Weather Warfare technology utilized by the Illuminati elite to wreak havoc for their

own purposes while labeling as "crazy" anyone who investigates this.

The present article provides information on a link between the Tsunami and the Myth of

Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan deity whose fabled return is expected on 12-21-2012.







December 26 is known throughout much of the english-speaking world , except the USA as

Boxing Day. It is linked to the Occult Encyclopedia known as The Golden Bough. "Boxing Day

was the day when the wren , the king of birds, was captured and put in a box and introduced to

each household in the village when he would be asked for a successful year and a good harvest.

See Frazer's Golden Bough." .

4. The Illuminati University of William and Mary College has a Secret Society known as The

Wren Society. No one knows who its members are. In fact, it was at William and Mary College / that the first secret society

was born. The evil spread throughout the USA. Skull and Bones came decades later.

PHI BETA KAPPA. President Obama is a member. .

"Some North American iluminist orders that have betrayed to Bavarian Illuminati....are the

student brotherhood Phi-Beta-Kappa, founded on 1776 by students of William & Mary College ,

in Williamsburg, Virginia..." .

See next link for extensive information on Secret Society formation at William and Mary:

5. Wren Society at William and Mary College: and

scroll down to Secret Societies at .

6. The Wren Society was named after Sir Christopher Wren. He was the Illuminati architect

that redesigned London after the Great Fire of 1666. and .

7. According to the Mayan legend, The Quetzal or Kukul is THE KING OF THE BIRDS.

and .

8. Quetzal is the word linked to Quetzalcoatl and Kukul is the word linked to Kukulkan. The

Fiery flying Serpent deity that is to return to the Earth on December 21, 2012. and .

The word is Quetzal for the bird and Coatl for snake. A Snake Bird. Kukulkan is the Mayan word

and Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec word. They stand for the same entity.

9. Kukulkan is associated with a GREAT FLOOD MYTH. He travels to the underworld after

a flood had destroyed mankind and essentially restarts the human race. Scroll down 70% .

10. December 26, 2004 was The 361st day of the Year since 2004 was a leap year. In a

ordinary year it would be day 360 as in the 360 degrees of the Circle. In a leap year it is day

361 which happens to be 19 squared. The number 19 of course is prevalent in the 9/11 attacks.


The Boxing Day Tsunami was a reenactment of the Mayan Great Flood Epic in homage to the

imminent return of Kukulkan.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gulf Cartel and Santa Muerte link Biden and Bush

There is growing evidence , easily visible to those who are not willfully blind, that the USA is

controlled by an Illuminati cult. It hides behind a "laugh curtain" that rises any time the Truth is

discussed in a rational way. The most powerful weapon the so-called Devil has is the disbelief in

his existence.

The following article provides linkage between a ruthless drug gang in Mexico, known as the

Gulf Cartel and its close association with the suspected satanic cult known as "Saint Death" or in

spanish "La Santa Muerte" and the Bush and Biden clans. This is not conspiracy theory. Review

the evidence yourself.


This Mexican organized crime syndicate has its roots in bootlegging booze / alcohol into the

USA through smuggling routes in northern Mexico. .

See also: / .


The image is that of a skeleton dressed in clothing similar to that worn by the Virgin of

Guadalupe, the Catholic patroness of Mexico for the past 500 years. / /,8599,1671984,00.html / .


"...they were taken there by members of the Gulf Cartel and they were executed at the Santa
Muerte shrine. ... I believe it was an offering to Santa Muerte at the same time." .

ELEVEN DECAPITATED BODIES - "Police say they acknowledged belonging to the Zetas, a
group of hit men tied to the Gulf Cartel. The suspects have not yet been charged." .

STANFORD FINANCIAL alleged links to GULF CARTEL: and also .

BIDEN FAMILY employment with a subsidiary of STANFORD:

This particular link shows that Biden's son runs AMTRAK.,1881353 / Multiple stories on the Biden Crime

Family links to Stanford. .





Do the math.... Tell me who you're with and I'll tell you who you are. Birds or Bats of a feather

tend to flock together. The Bush and Biden families have common values ... links to a human

sacrifice drug dealing network that worships the devil. The Devil's own .... indeed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kabbalah meaning of word Illuminati Exposed

In viewing the trailer to the upcoming movie Angels & Demons , starring Tom Hanks as a

sequel to the DaVinci Code, this writer had an idea. The movie uses anagrams , in particular the

one of the word Illuminati spelled backwards, which spells IT ANIMUL LI . This writer then got

the idea of searching for a numerological clue in the word ILLUMINATI itself. This is what was

discovered using Kabbalah numbering order:

SEE Trailer: :

I=9 The number total for the word is - 48. If the numbers are multiplied the amount is

equal to 787,320. This number is a positive integer and an even number. It is divisible by 216,

which is the number of the antichrist in the Left Behind series. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. see - .

In numerology, the number zero has no value or no pun intended zero value. Therefore, the

number is also 78732 which happens COINCIDENTALLY to be the Zip Code for Austin, Texas. or google number with word AUSTIN.

Austin , Texas has numerous links with the Illuminati and was named and founded by

Freemasons. .

If one divideds 787320 by 216 (code for 666) one gets 3645. This is a reference to the number

of days in the Year 364.5. This is also linked to a so-called "Heaven Frequency" , scroll down

30% . 48 x 216 which is 10368.

This may be linked to a "quantum event... separated by 10368 years of time..." in which the

orbital precession or perihelion advance may reverse itself. . 1 3 6 8 each to the 3rd

power is a fractal of the baseline of the Great Pyramid. . 1036 is linked to the JFK assassination as well since it is the number of days he was in Office.

The Ra value for the Balmer Constant of the Great Pyramid is 364.5


The number 787320 divided by 364.5 = 2160. This is the YEAR 2160. When the 5th Claw

Empire of China begins to Rule. This is

when the Chinese Antichrist will emerge. .