Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kabbalah meaning of word Illuminati Exposed

In viewing the trailer to the upcoming movie Angels & Demons , starring Tom Hanks as a

sequel to the DaVinci Code, this writer had an idea. The movie uses anagrams , in particular the

one of the word Illuminati spelled backwards, which spells IT ANIMUL LI . This writer then got

the idea of searching for a numerological clue in the word ILLUMINATI itself. This is what was

discovered using Kabbalah numbering order:

SEE Trailer: :

I=9 The number total for the word is - 48. If the numbers are multiplied the amount is

equal to 787,320. This number is a positive integer and an even number. It is divisible by 216,

which is the number of the antichrist in the Left Behind series. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. see - .

In numerology, the number zero has no value or no pun intended zero value. Therefore, the

number is also 78732 which happens COINCIDENTALLY to be the Zip Code for Austin, Texas. or google number with word AUSTIN.

Austin , Texas has numerous links with the Illuminati and was named and founded by

Freemasons. .

If one divideds 787320 by 216 (code for 666) one gets 3645. This is a reference to the number

of days in the Year 364.5. This is also linked to a so-called "Heaven Frequency" , scroll down

30% . 48 x 216 which is 10368.

This may be linked to a "quantum event... separated by 10368 years of time..." in which the

orbital precession or perihelion advance may reverse itself. . 1 3 6 8 each to the 3rd

power is a fractal of the baseline of the Great Pyramid. . 1036 is linked to the JFK assassination as well since it is the number of days he was in Office.

The Ra value for the Balmer Constant of the Great Pyramid is 364.5


The number 787320 divided by 364.5 = 2160. This is the YEAR 2160. When the 5th Claw

Empire of China begins to Rule. This is

when the Chinese Antichrist will emerge. .

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