Sunday, March 15, 2009

1111 Phenomenon links 2012 to Baghdad Ziggurat

The illuminati mathematics encompasses a form code that when deciphered proves the saying

by Pythagoras that "all is number". This number based scheme comprises what we in our

ignorance call "reality". In fact, it is a hyperdimensional hologram controlled by evil entities who

never sleep and are constantly working to keep humanity enslaved in their service.

They prey and feed on our passions, hatred, and above all blood-letting. They feed on us. We

are their cattle, their food , their sheeple. The first step to putting them on a diet is to cease to

believe in their lies. To cease to play their game and that of "the system" which they control.

This article hopes to accomplish that goal of liberation - one bit of truth at a time.


1. This numerical puzzle begins by multiplying 1111 x 1111 for a sum of 1234321. This forms a

pyramid with steps or a Ziggurat, like the temples of the Aztecs , Maya and Babylonians.
See: 3 3
2 2
1 1

2. See photos of stepped-pyramids for Mayas, Aztecs, Babylonians. /,_Chichen_Itza

and even Science Fiction uses this them - .

3. The 1111 Phenomenon is linked to the Masonic Mega-Ritual known as the 9/11 Attacks.

4. When you multiply the sum of 1111 x 1111 which 1234321 you get the following:

1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 144.

5. The 144th day of the Year is when the Aztecs begin their mythic journey from Aztlan to

found their capital in Tenotihuacan, modern day Mexico City. The number 144 is associated

with the Great Pyramid of Giza . It is 12 x 12 or 12 squared. (May 24 Aztlan ) (Giza and 144 = ).

6. In Europe and other parts of the world besides the USA, May 24 would be 24-5, the 24th

day of the 5th month. 245. 5 x 7 x 7 = 245. This is interesting because .577 is the Euler

Constant. It is heavily associated in the numerology of the attack on the pentagon. .

Further, there are 245 steps in the Aztec Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico City. Can all this be happenstance? /

7. The number 12 when squared is 144. When cubed is 1728 which is linked to the Cydonia

Region of Mars. . The number 1728 links

The Pyramid of Giza to the Aubrey Circle. . The Great Pyramid

perimeter value was 1728 Royal Cubits.

8. 144 Squared is 20,736. This is the number of dimensions in our Hyperdimensional , not

Universe , but Multiverse.

In fact, the multiverse is in fact one Universe of 144 x 144 dimensions. .

In this way it can be seen that 1111 is really - - 12.

9. The square root of 1111 is 33.3316666. Go to and insert square root 1111 .

10. The line of latitude 33.33 is located 2012 miles from the Equator. .

11. The Year 2012 is when Kukulkan whose 1111 linked ziggurat pyramid temples are linked,

returns to Earth. December 21, 2012. .


Where will the fiery flying serpent land? Just to the west of Baghdad at an ancient well

preserved Ziggurat that lies there. Baghdad is located at 33.33 N. Latitude . The ziggurat is a few

miles to the west. This explains the "need" of the masonic Bush/Cheney regime in controlling

this real estate. See:,_Iraq) .

The Landing Point Ziggurat at : see photo
and .


Quantum Anomaly said...

Nice numerology work!
I will investigate the 1111 connection.

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