Sunday, March 15, 2009

Emporis coincidence links 666 Sphinx to Obama

While doing research on unrelated issues, this writer stumbled across a coincidence of sorts

with the Emporis website. Emporis is an entity dedicated to architecture , in particular buildings

that we would typically call Skyscrapers. See: and also .

The Emporis number for the famous Great Sphinx monument on Giza Plateau is 251748. See - .

The Height of the monument is listed as 20 meters or 66 feet.

1. The number of the Beast is 666: .

2. Some say the height of the Great Sphinx is 66.6 feet: Scroll down 40% "It is no coincidence

that the height of the 'beast' that faces the rising sun that is the sphinx is 66.6 feet high, or 6

times the sunspot cycle length of 11.1 years." .

3. The Great Sphinx is to some a link to the Astrological sign LEO. .

4. Obama is a Leo. Scorpio is his rising sign. .

5. Scroll down to near bottom for Kenya National Crest with Lions. .

6. Obama was born on a day linked to 666: .

He is the Lion of Africa. The Man-Lion whose arrival was encoded in stone in a monument we

know as The Great Sphinx.

7. The number 378 had great significance to the Mayan religious practice. .


If you multiply 378 x 666 , the answer is 251748. The exact emporis number for the Great

Sphinx. Coincidence or Warning? Obama will be President in 2012 when Kukulkan Quetzalcoatl

returns on 12-21-12. Could all this just be happening or did the Illuminati design this outcome

millenia ago? The reader must make his or her own decision. We know who the Man Lion is...

but who will be the Fiery flying Quetzal Snake of the Mayans? Stay tuned. Only about 1300 or

so days until we find out.


Trevour Loudoon said...

Obama is the antichrist for these reasons aside from whether he is the great sphinx or not.

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