Sunday, November 20, 2011

Israel to strike Iran on Three Kings January 6, 2012

The end is near. The long-predicted nuclear war in the Mid-East will begin early next year.

The date is easily predictable once the reasons are understood. The Iran bomb is coming. Iran

will strike first with 4 nukes if allowed to go unchallenged. This will be the end for the Zionist

entity. Therefore, it must strike first. Time is running out. Here is the reasoning: November and

December is the Holiday season in the USA. A lot of economic activitiy takes place at this time

and at no other time of the year. Many Zionists own businesses that prosper or depend for their

survival on sales at this time. The winter time hampers Russian troop movements and that

nation is an ally of Iran. The winter time hampers Taliban movements and makes it difficult for

that group to pin down US troops in Afghanistan which borders Iran. North Korea is frozen then

and always has acute food shortages made worse by the dead of winter. A loss of oil now means

people starve AND freeze. Obama knows that the strike will take the Republicans and their

turkeys and primary elections off of the television screens...maybe for good. The astrology of

an attack then is good. Mars, the g-d of war goes retrograde at the end of January until mid-

April. A quick attack in early January followed by a tortoise-like defense posture for the counter

attack serves Israel well. Hit first. Then call for Peace and hunker down. Mars will be in Virgo

for an extended period of time. Virgo is the Ruling Astrological sign of Israel. War War War in

the air until June of 2012. Iran is the Ram. It is ruled by Aries - the ruler of which is Mars.

When Mars is retrograde it favors the defender. It disfavors the aggressor. A retrograde Mars

is not good for Iran UNLESS it is in a defensive posture. Therefore, predicting the war itself and

who will win or lose is easy this time. Whoever strikes first - in Early January and then goes on

the defensive will likely see victory by June. Attack in January. Defend from late January until

mid-April. Then attack again until June. Victory in July. The war will come. It is inevitable and

it will start soon. This writer has provided both sides with the formula for victory. Which one

will use it? Further, Why January 6? It is the so-called Three Kings day. Persians bearing gifts

for a Jewish King or Messiah. The symbolism is inescapable. Buy gold now. Sell on February 1.

Good Luck. Stock up on Food and Water unless you want to be taken for a fool depending on the

Gubbermint to save you like those poor people in the New Orleans Superdome during Katrina.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paterno Sandusky Masonic Coincidence Exposed

The following masonic coincidence linking the child abuse scandal at Penn State with the

masonic order of the Illuminati has been noted. This may be pure coincidence or not. The reader

must decide, as always if the link is evidence of impropriety or happenstance.

Coach Sandusky has been abusing boys using his position in Penn State as an enabling device: .

There is a town in Ohio name Sandusky that is designed in the fashion of a Masonic compass/G: and .

In the masonic movie series with Nicholas Cage named NATIONAL TREASURE , there was an

Inspector Sadusky played by Harvey Keitel. He wore a masonic insignia ring in the movie. . Clearly, this was a play on the name of the town
in Ohio.

Joe Paterno has received a Masonic Humanitarian Award. .

Please, do not forget, the masonic link in the recent slaughter of children in Norway: .

Coach Sandusky formed a "charity" called the Second Mile. From here he preyed on boys. It just

so happens that "Another Eastern Star book, The Second Mile, understates the impact of the

hexagram when it says, "...the six pointed star is a very ancient symbol and one of the most

powerful." . See his charity at

Then there is the question of what his wife Dottie or Dorothy might have known about this as

well as his adopted children. . The Judge

that let Sandusky out of custody without bond is linked to Second Mile - .


"Inquiring Minds are asking..." is Dorothy Sandusky a member of the female masonic order

named the Eastern Star? Coach Sandusky called his wife Sarge, saying she was in charge of the

house. Could she in fact be in charge of much more? and .

Another Coincidence...? This just scratches the surface. The ultimate ramifications of the Story

will be buried. They always are. The truth would expose the global networks of evil. The use of

children for evil rituals of the elite. Christ said "You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless

you are as a young child". The rituals are designed to prevent innocent children from being

innocent - from entering Heaven. The ultimate Evil. Involvement in this filth brings power to

those willing to sell their soul. To give themselves to hell in exchange for temporal riches, power

and glory...the all important fame and fortune which AMERIKKKA worships. The lid has been

pried open to reveal the bowels of the underworld over which the SHEEPLE sleepwalk. The

sheeple wander around with EYES WIDE SHUT. They see...but they do not watch. Trust no one.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

National Restaurant Association Santorum Illegals

As a result of the research into the NRA link to undocumented migrants known also as illegal

aliens and Herman 'Hurricane' Cain, this writer found something unusual and unexpected. It

will be the topic of this brief article. Mr. Cain was CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

He was hit with sexual harrassment allegations which are now news story number one in the

USA. The National Restaurant Association has as members, obviously, food industry members

and as the name implies, restaurants-primarily. It has supported efforts to make it easier for

its members to hire and to continue to hire what the law labels - Illegal Aliens. Foreigners, who

are in the USA without the authority of the Government or working without permission or in

many cases both. Often with false documents, forged documents, rented documents and so on.

See: . The interesting issue on this link is the

list of top recipients of campaign cash by the NRA. The number one - EL NUMERO UNO -

recipient of Green Gravy known as US Dollars from this group is Rick Santorum - a Republican

Presidential candidate. Scroll down the link to near bottom. Rick Santorum is another hypocrite

who bashes illegals while taking money from a lobby group that forms a large platform for their

employment. Without that employment - they would not come here and therefore not be here

illegally. and - Restaurants may hire up to

17% of the illegal aliens that work in the USA. That would number in the hundreds of thousands

possibly touching on a million workers. . The Republicans can't

win on this one. Their Party turned as blind an eye as did the Democrats. Democrats wanted

bodies to bolster their voter base. Republican Business interests wanted bodies to work as cheap

labor and semi-slaves. Add Rick Santorum to the list of Imposters - another puppet in the show.

National Restaurant Association Illegal Alien Cain

Herman Cain has a bigger problem than the sexual allegations from the past that hound dog

his run for the Black House. There is an issue which raises such crass and vile hypocrisy that

one has to question how and why it has not been raised in the Nationa Media. By now, anyone

that follows this topic knows that Herman Cain was the CEO of the National Restaurant

Association. . Herman Cain has been very,

very hard on illegal aliens crossing into the USA. Most of them come here looking for work. He

suggested as a "joke" putting up an electric fence along the border. .

He was the CEO of the NRA in the late 1990s. This is precisely the time frame when the tidal

wave of undocumented migrants began entering the USA from Mexico to find work. 1996-99

was his tenure at NRA. .

The OFFICIAL position of the NRA has been in favor of illegal immigrants working in the USA.

In fact, restaurants are a huge source of employment for people that are here illegally. You know

this yourself. How many times recently have you gone out to eat and the waiter or waitress or

person working behind the counter can barely speak English? Is this hypocrisy of the worst type

or what? . The lies...The lies...when will they

finally stop? When will you realize that it is all just one big illuminati puppet show?

Michelle Obama link to Herman Cain Harrasment

The source of problems for Herman Cain regarding past allegations and settlements of sexual

harrasment may be First Lady Michelle Obama. President Obama would be hard pressed to

come up with a viable strategy to confront an opponent that is "more black" than he is. This

would be true. In fact, Obama momma is white. Obama has no more experience growing up as

an African-American than Dubya Bush. He was born in Hawaii. He grew up in Indonesia. His

father and family members are in Kenya from which few black slaves that came to America have

ancestry and therefore descendants. Obama would have faced a major problem. Cain could say

things other candidates could not. Obama could not respond. Is he really black? No one even

knows where he was born or what religion he really practices (besides illuminati luciferianism).

Suddenly, a rising Hurricane named Herman - is stopped in his tracks. The direction of the

storm has veered off into the deep waters of the Atlantic. It will soon pose no threat to the

Obama interests. A connection has been found to the National Restaurants Association and

Michelle Obama. She praised the organization. She gave a speech there a little over a year ago.

An article posted by Dawn Sweeney on the National Restaurant Association blog on September,

13, 2010 notes details on the speech. Google Michelle Obama National Restaurant Association or go to

Michelle Obama has long been known to be linked to the Illuminati . She in fact is Obama's

handler. The wife part is a mere cover. .

The Hurricane will dissipate. The only true leader must be a killer. Not a harrasser. It will come

down to Obama and his drones or Perry and his texecutions. An outside chance goes to Romney

and the secret LDS army that stands behind him in the shadows. The 'cain never had a chance.