Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paterno Sandusky Masonic Coincidence Exposed

The following masonic coincidence linking the child abuse scandal at Penn State with the

masonic order of the Illuminati has been noted. This may be pure coincidence or not. The reader

must decide, as always if the link is evidence of impropriety or happenstance.

Coach Sandusky has been abusing boys using his position in Penn State as an enabling device: .

There is a town in Ohio name Sandusky that is designed in the fashion of a Masonic compass/G: and .

In the masonic movie series with Nicholas Cage named NATIONAL TREASURE , there was an

Inspector Sadusky played by Harvey Keitel. He wore a masonic insignia ring in the movie. . Clearly, this was a play on the name of the town
in Ohio.

Joe Paterno has received a Masonic Humanitarian Award. .

Please, do not forget, the masonic link in the recent slaughter of children in Norway: .

Coach Sandusky formed a "charity" called the Second Mile. From here he preyed on boys. It just

so happens that "Another Eastern Star book, The Second Mile, understates the impact of the

hexagram when it says, "...the six pointed star is a very ancient symbol and one of the most

powerful." . See his charity at

Then there is the question of what his wife Dottie or Dorothy might have known about this as

well as his adopted children. . The Judge

that let Sandusky out of custody without bond is linked to Second Mile - .


"Inquiring Minds are asking..." is Dorothy Sandusky a member of the female masonic order

named the Eastern Star? Coach Sandusky called his wife Sarge, saying she was in charge of the

house. Could she in fact be in charge of much more? and .

Another Coincidence...? This just scratches the surface. The ultimate ramifications of the Story

will be buried. They always are. The truth would expose the global networks of evil. The use of

children for evil rituals of the elite. Christ said "You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless

you are as a young child". The rituals are designed to prevent innocent children from being

innocent - from entering Heaven. The ultimate Evil. Involvement in this filth brings power to

those willing to sell their soul. To give themselves to hell in exchange for temporal riches, power

and glory...the all important fame and fortune which AMERIKKKA worships. The lid has been

pried open to reveal the bowels of the underworld over which the SHEEPLE sleepwalk. The

sheeple wander around with EYES WIDE SHUT. They see...but they do not watch. Trust no one.