Sunday, November 6, 2011

National Restaurant Association Santorum Illegals

As a result of the research into the NRA link to undocumented migrants known also as illegal

aliens and Herman 'Hurricane' Cain, this writer found something unusual and unexpected. It

will be the topic of this brief article. Mr. Cain was CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

He was hit with sexual harrassment allegations which are now news story number one in the

USA. The National Restaurant Association has as members, obviously, food industry members

and as the name implies, restaurants-primarily. It has supported efforts to make it easier for

its members to hire and to continue to hire what the law labels - Illegal Aliens. Foreigners, who

are in the USA without the authority of the Government or working without permission or in

many cases both. Often with false documents, forged documents, rented documents and so on.

See: . The interesting issue on this link is the

list of top recipients of campaign cash by the NRA. The number one - EL NUMERO UNO -

recipient of Green Gravy known as US Dollars from this group is Rick Santorum - a Republican

Presidential candidate. Scroll down the link to near bottom. Rick Santorum is another hypocrite

who bashes illegals while taking money from a lobby group that forms a large platform for their

employment. Without that employment - they would not come here and therefore not be here

illegally. and - Restaurants may hire up to

17% of the illegal aliens that work in the USA. That would number in the hundreds of thousands

possibly touching on a million workers. . The Republicans can't

win on this one. Their Party turned as blind an eye as did the Democrats. Democrats wanted

bodies to bolster their voter base. Republican Business interests wanted bodies to work as cheap

labor and semi-slaves. Add Rick Santorum to the list of Imposters - another puppet in the show.


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