Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ancient Egypt Book of Amduat link to new WTC 7

Perhaps no other event in the synthetic 9/11 False flag "terrorist" attacks has been the focus

of so-called Conspiracy Theory than the controlled demolition collapse of WTC 7. No plane hit

this building and yet it fell. There was reference to it being "pulled down" which would mean it

had to be rigged with explosives and so forth and so on. You all ... know the drill ... as they say

about this theme. For Additional Information See: and also .

There is now a new WTC 7 , rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of the old. .

While the previous link says the building is 750 feet tall. Most observers agree that the ACTUAL

height is 741 feet. See: and and and .

Where does the Number 741 appear to have importance? The answer lies deep in the ancient

past, the world of the Egyptians and their Pyramids and Religion. There are 741 names linked

to The Book of Amduat. and "741 gods from the underworld" and .


There are many who believe that the 9/11 Attacks were in fact a Masonic-Mega Ritual. The

Freemasons are heavily steeped in the lore and magick of ancient Egypt. If you do not believe

this take a look at the US One Dollar bill and its all-seeing eye and pyramid. Then , central to

the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory is the WTC 7 building. By coincidence , the new building is a height

in feet that is unusual. 741 feet? Why not 740 or some other more rational number? It just

happens to coincide with the number of underworld gods of the Book of Amduat. More sheer

chance or homage to the dark deities of the masonic order of Amerikkka? You decide.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Canadian Place link to Zionist "Lucky" Number

The evidence is startling. Everywhere around us , force and powers unseen operate in secret.

From TV commercials laden with masonic imagery and symbols , to skyscrapers and the dates

and times of synthetically created environmental disasters and "terror" attacks , we are lied to,

we are deceived , we are manipulated , we are controlled. WE ARE ENSLAVED.

This article denotes the tallest skyscraper in Canada. It is 951 feet tall.

1. First Canadian Place - 951 feet tall. Designed to be identical to the Standard Oil building

in Chicago. .

2. The architects appear by name to be Zionists. .

3. 951 is a very important "lucky" number in Zionist magick and mythology. Scroll down 20% .

4. The Standard Oil Building in Chicago was owned by the Rockefeller Illuminati clan it has

a Tomb of Mausolus on its top. scroll down nearly half-way .


The tallest floor of an office building in all of Canada , a vast country , is linked to a powerful

number of great importance in Zionist faith and numerology. It is designed by them. Does it

mean they rule or luck down on all about them? Is it a coincidence? Well, think about this... does

the number 951 appear to be a normal height for a building? Why not 950 0r 955 feet? Why

950 feet and then one more foot making it 951 - the single most important prayer in zionism?

You must decide. However , what other hidden symbols and icons are out there? Why do they

do this? What purpose is it surving? That ... is still ... unknown.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hidden 666 found in Eiffel Tower's Shadow

The Eiffel Tower has been linked to Freemasonry , the Occult , the Illuminati and what some

call "sacred" Architecture. This writer has found a number of numerology based links to this

tower in the past. This is a new discovery that transcends the physical building itself. It also

serves to show the deep intricacy of the Illuminati workings. What human mind , on its own

could conceive of these machinations ... and for what? The proof is becoming ever more evident

that the Illuminati are but a front or cover for evil superhuman forces , powers and entities.

1. Previous information regarding Illuminati Eiffel Tower: / and and also .

2. PHI or The Golden Ratio or The Divine Ratio multiplied by 412 = 666 (almost exactly). Go

to and insert phi x 666. 666.630003.

3. Oddly enough , the SHADOW of the Eiffel Tower is 412 meters in length. and .

4. If you look at the number 412 as a date , several things come to mind. One , in Europe ,

where the Eiffel Tower is located , Dates are reversed compared to the USA. 412 is not April

12 , it is December 4. 12-4. The number 124 is 31 x 4 which is eeriely similar to 3.14 or the first

three digits of Pi. Further , December 4 is the day of Shango or Xango , a major deity in Voodoo

and Santeria. .


Can it be coincidence that the shadow length of a major monument of Freemasonry such as this

connects 666 and the Golden Ratio by happenstance? You decide.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Devil Drives a Red Ford Mustang

This writer does not like to discuss or write about personal experiences. Only that which can

be independently corroborated is the rule. But...every rule , as they say , has an exception.

The other day , while driving to south to Mexico , this writer looked into the rear view mirror

and saw a vehicle approaching in the fast lane at high speed. The vehicle passed. It was a new

red Ford Mustang. The driver of the other vehicle then , for no reason , began to apply the

brakes. This writer's vehicle continued past the Mustang , when suddenly it sped up and came

alongside in the other lane. The window was rolled down and the lone occupant was a male.

Likely in his 20s. He could have been a light-skinned hispanic or anglo. He stared at this writer

but said nothing. No threats - no smile - no gestures - just stared.

What concerned this writer was the decal on the rear passenger window of the vehicle. It was

an upside down pentagram. This is the symbol of satanism and black magick as most people now

are aware. The vehicle then sped off and this writer did not see it again. The license plate began

with the number 741. This writer did not get to see the letter that followed. This is what has

been found , so far , on the number 741.

1. 19 x 37 = 741. The Number 19 is linked to the Illuminati . and .

2. It is the feast day of Moloch on April 19.

3. The BP oil spill in the Gulf.

4. 18 x 37 = 666.

5. The number 741 figures prominently in an alleged code in the Koran. 666 + 74 + 1 = 741. and and

6. One of the so-called healing frequencies in the Bible is linked to the number 741. and see video / hear audio : or and insert - healing frequency
741 528.

7. The clearest evidence that one can see that the 9/11 attacks were staged was the controlled

demolition of WTC 7. The new WTC 7 , rebuilt after allegedly being destroyed by 19 muslim

terrorists , happens to coincidentally be 741 feet tall. More coincidence? and .

8. The Israeli flag is linked to 741 and therefore to 666. Scroll to near bottom. . See also .

9. There are 741 deities in the ancient egyptian Book of Amduat. .

The Book of Amduat deals with "the underworld" and it is divided into the twelve hours of

night. . The sun god Ra must travel through this realm of

darkness until he rises out of it and brings us daylight. IN OTHER WORDS...the number 741

is linked directly to the Underworld and the Powers or Forces of Darkness.


What did this writer see? Better said , who did he see? This writer believes it was the devil or

one of his minions. He was watching. After all , one name for them is The Watchers. He was

sending a message. You are looking at us........we are also looking at you. The Devil , indeed ,

drives a red Mustang. Which car will you be buying next? When you look into an abyss , it looks

into you. . Man on red horse

- a mustang is a horse -

The Red Horse significes War in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. .

War is not coming , it is already here. The spiritual war between Light and Darkness. Which will

you choose? Who will you ride with? That is a question only you can answer. Choose carefully.