Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hidden 666 found in Eiffel Tower's Shadow

The Eiffel Tower has been linked to Freemasonry , the Occult , the Illuminati and what some

call "sacred" Architecture. This writer has found a number of numerology based links to this

tower in the past. This is a new discovery that transcends the physical building itself. It also

serves to show the deep intricacy of the Illuminati workings. What human mind , on its own

could conceive of these machinations ... and for what? The proof is becoming ever more evident

that the Illuminati are but a front or cover for evil superhuman forces , powers and entities.

1. Previous information regarding Illuminati Eiffel Tower: / and and also .

2. PHI or The Golden Ratio or The Divine Ratio multiplied by 412 = 666 (almost exactly). Go

to and insert phi x 666. 666.630003.

3. Oddly enough , the SHADOW of the Eiffel Tower is 412 meters in length. and .

4. If you look at the number 412 as a date , several things come to mind. One , in Europe ,

where the Eiffel Tower is located , Dates are reversed compared to the USA. 412 is not April

12 , it is December 4. 12-4. The number 124 is 31 x 4 which is eeriely similar to 3.14 or the first

three digits of Pi. Further , December 4 is the day of Shango or Xango , a major deity in Voodoo

and Santeria. .


Can it be coincidence that the shadow length of a major monument of Freemasonry such as this

connects 666 and the Golden Ratio by happenstance? You decide.


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Unknown said...

Catacombs connected? Christ is watching and he knows but he is not impressed. Knowledge that uses and share the power of fear to control matter and spirit is is because it is fearing something itself. Satan as well shall be eliminated using symbolism as well thru the power of prophetic voices that can still be heard from the past.