Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wesley Snipes to Jail while Marc Rich Pardoned

Actor Wesley Snipes is going to prison for three years for tax related charges. This in spite of

the fact that he has paid over 30 million dollars in taxes and his ultimate tax liability was about

285 thousand dollars. It begs the question how someone can be sent to prison for that long for

something like this. The biggest known tax cheat in U.S. history was Marc Rich. He cheated

mega-millions out of the IRS while shipping illegally iranian oil that was then under a US

embargo due to the hostage crisis at the US Embassy. It begs the question, again ... WHY and

HOW could this happen. Marc Rich was pardoned by President Bill Clinton. He was a zionist and

suspected member of the Illuminati. Wesley Snipes angered the Illuminati with his films based

on the character by the name BLADE. He as that character fought against a hidden vampire

aristocracy that secretly preyed and ruled in secret over mankind. That is identical and a hidden

metaphor for the 13 Illuminati bloodline families that rule over the world. He was talking of

making a 4th BLADE movie. That was the final straw. He had to be put away. Being Black did

not help him while Marc Rich - a zionist - had control over "The System", as we all see on a near

daily basis. I would ask that this article be a petition to Kenyan President of the USA Obama

to consider an immediate pardon of Wesley Snipes. This will not happen. Obama takes his cues

if not orders from people like Marc Rich and other members of the Cabal. Nonetheless, This

writer will ask for the pardon. It is only a world of injustice.

SEE: and Marc Rich and and the 13 bloodlines of
the illuminati at also 13 vampire clans at .

Please contact The Dark Lord Amabo and ask for Blade to be pardoned. He paid millions into the

system and look at what he got...pretty much like the rest of us , but more so...right?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Madoff Son "Suicided" by the Illuminati

Bernie Madoff was far more than a con artist. He was involved in much more than stealing

funds from gullible zionist billionaires. He was an integral link in the BLACK MONEY networks

that the illuminati use to fund their projects with the ultimate goal of taking over the world and

allowing the antichrist to arrive and control the Earth.

SEE: .

Some suspect the money went to Israel. The place where the antichrist must have his Temple of

Doom built to rule the Earth. .

and Temple of Evil being rebuilt in Israel: .

They say Madoff's son committed suicide. Well , the truth is he was suicided. They killed him

and made it look like a suicide or he was told that if he did not do it - his child and so forth would

get "whacked". This is how they do it. This is how it leaves no trace and wraps everything up

real nice and simple. .

There is a whole rash of "suicides" associated with Madoff. Really? Kind of sounds like how all

the JFK witnesses that saw a man on the grassy knoll, gradually, all died one-by-one an

untimely death. More Coincidence...right? and .


1. Rebuilding the Temple when they can.

2. Associate Banksters crash the US economy and lower the price of every piece of Real Estate

in the USA - then bottom-feed when it all hits bottom during a Depression.

3. Then sell the whole Country to Red China investors for yet another profit.

This is our future - unless the infiltration/infestation is halted. But who will do that in the US

Government? The answer is nobody. It is too late. If anyone tried...they would "commit suicide".

Monday, December 6, 2010

Petition to Stop Human Embryo Bar Coding tests

The illuminati are servants of satan. They hate mankind since their master boils in envy at

the thought that we - humans - not Lucifer - are created in G-D's image and that he sent his

son to bleed and die for us on the cross. They hate children and unborn children, the most

innocent of creatures in particular, they have a special disregard for. This writer has run across

something on the internet that is even more vile (I hope that is good grammar) than the article

that preceeded this one dealing with ressurected cows for human consumption.

The UAB or spanish-acronym for Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Autonomous

University of Barcelona) in Spain has proudly announced that it has successfully implanted

bar codes in mouse embryos. SEE: .

The Bar Code has been repeatedly linked to 666. It is the source precursor to the Mark of the

Beast. . The Mark of the Beast

is essentially a Devil Bar Code that a human must, according to scripture "accept". The poor

forming humans that will be subjected to this atrocity do not have the chance to reject the evil.

They do not have the chance to know Christ and hear and heed his message or that of any

religion that would reject human Bar Coding, whatever it might be. The Devil must be desperate

and now needs to RFID humans at the embryo stage. They cannot speak for themselves but ,

guess what? You can speak for them. Please contact anyone that you think can help to stop

this blight and ask, beg them... if necessary to fight this evil. To Blacklist UAB and

anyone who funds the school or the program until they purge this filth from their institution.

The time to act is now...before it is too late for even one human being in the formative stage.

Be a voice for the voiceless. Do something today. Write. Speak. Send an email chain. Make a

Difference by taking a stand against this scheme. That is all I have to say. The rest is up to you.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

666 link to Dead Cow Resurrection for Human Food

The illuminati are utterly evil. They are cannibalistic. They have nothing that could be called

respect or sanctity for anything human , anything good. This writer recently came across an

article that indicates that a USA food processing firm is "Resurrecting Dead Cows" by using the

DNA of deceased cattle to create clones which are then set for processing and consumption by

humans - completely unaware that they are eating the flesh of cloned cows. Cows that are cloned

to die and be eaten at your dinner table. Maybe you had some as stew tonight. Maybe it was

tasty...maybe delicious.

1. Dead Cow Resurrection : and .

2. The Company that is responsible for the production of this FrankenBeefStew is J.R. Simplot.

J.R. Simplot was the oldest billionaire on the Forbes list. He is an atheist although he lived and

went along with the Mormon population of the region of Idaho where he lived and ran the USA's

largest Potato operation. .

3. The Number 999 is of significance to those who know of the Occult. It is a hidden 666. " 999

is a hidden 666 and can symbolize hidden evil" scroll to near bottom. . .

4. The main address for the Simplot Company starts with 999 - see: and .

5. A overseas branch of the company makes the numerology much much simploter to view: . 666 in New Zealand.

6. Many Billionaires have 666 addresses linked to their business. The sell their soul. They MUST have the MARK on their business , as with the witches mark spoken of in medieval lore.

THINK ABOUT IT: The idea of repeat cloning and harvesting of dead cow cells to produce

clones for perfect tasting beast is ghastly. Then...the atheist billionaire behind this secretive

activity that is not disclosed easily to the masses has the numbers 999 and 666 in his firm

addresses. This is not science fiction or conspiracy theory. You can fly to New Zealand or Idaho

and see this for yourself. Do you believe this is coincidence? If not...then it is pure evil and you

need to think about that while you munch on your resurrected cowburger. Simplot sat on the

Board of McDonalds. . McDonalds is

linked to 666 as well: and .

Jayne Mansfield died from a satanic curse while trying to free herself from the cult of evil. .

Two billionaires who happen to be partners and who happen to have 666 addresses on their

companies outlets or subsidiaries is a coincidence? Really? If not, then it is proof of the evil that

hides in plain sight. What could be nicer and more good than Ronald McDonald and Idaho taters?

They control our reality. They control what we eat. Remember the old saying:

Tell Me What You Eat and I will Tell You What You Are
Chairman Kaga of the TV series IRON CHEF .

To paraphrase that old song from the Rock Group THE WHO: Who are you? What are you?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bush Decision Points Memoirs Published by Nazi Bertelsmann

Every one knows by now that the Bush family were close supporters of the Adolf Hitler Nazi

machine of evil. Prescott Bush his grandfather owned a Bank seized for trading with the enemy.

How the son and grandson of someone like that , all three Yale Skull and Bones members, get to

both be President of the USA is beyond logic. There are those that may not know this and thus

some background on the Nazi - Bush connection is provided. and or also .

President George W. Bush went into hiding after Obama took office. His disgrace as President

was without peer. He was the bottom of the barrel of US Presidents without a doubt. He crashed

the USA and World Economy like he twice did his parent's car when he was 14. He led the USA

towards its final doom, even though he will not preside over it when it happens in 2012.

Now, the ever-optimistic fascists that call themselves Republicans have started to bring The

Dubya out of mothballs and the trash bin. He has even "written" a book , even though everyone

knows he can barely speak English, much less write it. The book is called " Decision Points" and .


1. It went on sale on November 9, 2010. Get it? 11-9 or in Europe 9-11. That was no accident. .

2. The Date November 9 is a critical, mystical and evil number in the history of Germany. This

also shows that the real perpetrators of the 9/11 hoax were the Operation Paperclip Nazi thugs

using it as an excuse to launch a war to steal oil in Iraq and sell heroin from Afghanistan. For

those of you that think it is "coincidence" see the following links: and and .

The Publisher that put the garbage out for public consumption is Crown Publishing Group, a

subsidiary of Random House. . Who is behind

Random House? "Random House, Inc. is a large English language general trade book publisher.

It has been owned since 1998 by the German private media corporation Bertelsmann". .

Who is ... or maybe better said WAS Bertelsmann during World War II? "During World War II,

Bertelsmann was the single biggest producer of Nazi propaganda. Owner Heinrich Mohn and his

son Reinhard Mohn were both members of the SS". .

The book has 481 pages. This is an interesting number. It is comprised of 13 x 37. The unlucky

13 of the witches coven is well known. However, 37 happens to be the largest prime number

divisible evenly into 666. The number 1337 happens to stand for Elite , as in the ruling elite that

run this world in service of the devil. .

Sarah Palin recently called the elder Bush parents "elite blue bloods". .

She is correct. They are blue blooded reptilians. The code has been broken. The truth emerges.

From the mouth of "babes" it is uttered, no less. .

Proof of Reptilianism: and .

Remember, the Nazi ideology was based on the concept of The Superman, beings from a planet

near the Aryan Race home star of Aldebaran, in the Constellation Taurus. The Eye of the Bull it

was called. Hitler was a Taurus. Look at the links to evil with the publishing and details of the

book by Dubya. If it is not coincidence then why do they do it? Do the numbers and symbols

have internal power or is it a puzzle and they want to see if we can figure it out? The answer to

that is left to the reader. Don't Read the Book... but if you must....not at night before bedtime.

The things that go bump in the night are real. They run this country. They run this world.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama Punishes South Korea for Refusing Free Trade Deal

Some learn the easy way. Some learn the hard way. South Korea apparently had to be taught

a harsh lesson - failure to abide by the illuminati agenda brings deep , lasting , serious pain. It is

clear that Obama is a member or at least tool of the illuminist occupation regime that has turned

America into AmeriKKKa. That is long-known fact - not conspiracy theory: See - and and also or .

The South Koreans humiliated Lord Obama. They refused to sign a proposed Free Trade

Agreement with the USA after he went there for a State visit. This is unprecedented. When told

to do so....Everyone signs the agreement. There are no slackers. There is no backing away. The

Door is One Way In - No Way Out. South Korea broke this mold. Something had to be done. This

intransigence...this insolence...could not be allowed to stand unpunished. An example had to be

made. A rule had to be set. See: .

Within days of the dark lord returning to his nest in the masonic White House, news breaks

that North Korea has for more nuclear weapons potential than previously thought. In fact, they

allow a scientist from CIA-linked Stanford to see the "goodies". . See also CIA - Stanford at or .

North Korea shells a South Korean held island. The worst attack in decades. or google North Korea Shells .

Obama rides in to the rescue promising that the US will defend the South. .


The illuminati feed hogwash to the sheeple through the mind-controlled media on a 24 hour a

day basis. Reason , Deductive Logic and above all Connecting-The -Dots is strictly VERBOTTEN

(Forbidden, as the Germans say). Here is the Truth. Always a commodity more dangerous to

the bearer than exposed plutonium: 1. Obama tells Kim Jong-Il that he needs the South slapped

around a bit so they learn some respect. 2.He promises that the US will back Kim's baby-boy son

as the new Monarch-Deity of the Hermit Kingdom , as some call the North. 3. The North Korean

nuclear program will go unsanctioned. The North will be allowed ever greater transgressions

against the South until they bow and scrape to the wishes of the dark lord. The next time you

hear of the Free Trade Deal, you will notice that South Korea has changed its mind. They will

now accept carte blanche whatever is placed before them only this time, the terms will be even

harsher. The previous deal would have allowed "investors" to ignore local , i.e.; South Korean

laws. In other words, it would abolish South Korean sovereignty over any affair covered in the

treaty. What will be on the plate the next time? It will only get worse. You see, the illuminists

want obedience. They demand it. They believe they are entitled to it by , not Divine Right, but

by Infernal Right, granted to them by their master - The Lord of This World. Woe unto the

Sheep that follow the Shepherd named Christ - they refuse to be sheeple...that will not be looked

upon kindly by the rulers of the abysss. Now you know the truth. Watch it unfold in front of

you on the TV set. SOUTH KOREA AND USA SIGN FREE TRADE DEAL! - Give it a few weeks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knight Templar link to Chilean Miner Rescue psyops

The Chilean miner rescue had a surreal , illuminati-induced glow to it. As soon as this writer

began watching the process , it became apparent that it was a fraud. This one was almost naked

in its blatant use of illuminati symbolism. It was almost as if the entire "deep pile" of baloney was

deeper than the mineshaft itself. The fraud was done with the knowledge that "conspiracy

theorists" would see through it. It was a mockery directed at those who seek to expose them.

Almost saying, we know you can see this...but...the sheeple are so brainwashed, the Truth no

longer has releveance, much less meaning.

When the "rescue" first began and this writer thought to write about it, others had discovered

the truth. This article is more of an addition to those initial discoverers writings than it is an

expose. See previous articles: and and .


1. The city of Copiapo , where the so-called rescue happened is on the 27th parallel S. The

number 27 is 3 cubed or 3 to the 3rd power or 33. Also, 3 x 3 x 3 or 333 which is the number

for Choronzon, the dweller in the abyss , according to Aleister Crowely , a black magician who

styled himself , The Great Beast 666. The news articles on the bogus rescue spoke of 33 miners

rescued from THE ABYSS. .

2. NASA was involved in the rescue, designing a retrieval vehicle called the Fenix or Phoenix

in english. NASA had the Phoenix Mars Lander that was also linked to illuminati numerology. .

3. Possibly the single most important illuminist clue that has been missed to date is the fact

that October 13 , the date of the first rescued miner emerging from the hole into the Abyss is

linked to the Knights Templar. A proto-illuminati order without equal in the mediaval world. and .


The purpose behind this massive fraud is unknown. Maybe it was just for "sport". However,

if something of this magnitude can be done without being caught, with impunity, then why not

the staged 9/11 attacks as well? Are they brainwashing? Are these dry runs for a future event

of incredible proportions such as a staged return of "the Messiah"? Who knows? Stayed tuned

to your TV set. Anderson Cooper of CNN and the CIA will be hosting the next psyops show - no

doubt. Just like the artificial earthquake in Haiti , which mysteriously stopped abruptly at the

border with Santo Domingo. More coincidence or More manipulation? You decide. and .

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Petition to Create Christian Homeland in Iraq

The Bush regime created war in Iraq had a terrible side effect for Iraq's Christian population.

The false claim of WMD in Iraq , following the 9/11 false flag operation , displaced Saddam

Hussein. Prior to this , as many of you can remember , Israel was hit with waves of suicide

bombings by so-called martyrs. The families of these martyrs were paid a bounty by Saddam.

The zionists created the war to topple Saddam. They succeeded. Today , Israel is secure or more

so than it was with Saddam in power. The Christians have , however , paid a price in blood.

It is ironic that Bush, who said in a Presidential debate that Jesus Christ was his favorite

philosopher , has been responsible for the near extinction of Christians in the middle east.

Recently, Barnabas Aid said in an article on its magazine for November

and December 2010 that "Following a meeting with the Pope in July, the new Iraqi ambassador

to the Vatican, Habbeb Mohammed Hadi Ali Al-Sadr said that the government had offered

assistance to those Iraqi Christians who had fled the country...He affirmed the Iraqi Constitution

sanctions the total equality of rights for Christians and also gave them the possibility of creating

a semi-autonomous region like Kurdistan. " This on page 13 of the publication under the small

article title IRAQ: Hope For Iraqi Christians.

Please contact your National leaders and ask them to push for the creation of an autonomous

Christian region in Iraq. It is ironic that the Baath Party of Saddam and Assad in Syria did a good

job in protecting Christians ( more or less and relatively speaking to what is happening today)

and yet these are considered "Terrorist" regimes , while the people Bush put in power slaughter

Christians. Today, "Terrorist" Syria is a refuge for Christians fleeing slaughter in Iraq and

elsewhere in the Middle East at the hands of people put in power by a "Christian" President.

Please do what you can for these people and consider helping through Barnabas Aid as well.

China Using USA Debt as Assymetrical Warfare

There is nothing worse than being at war with an enemy determined to erase you from the

map and not even know it. The People's Republic of China has enslaved its people to create an

unavoidable temptation for US capitalists. The cheap labor drew away the American industries

from the Rust Belt and elsewhere and packed them up to Red China. China industrialized almost

overnight. The bribed our politicians such as Bill Clinton to give them access to high-technology.

They then loaned us money endlessly and still do. Now, we are endebted to them to a point that

is no longer payable or rational. They own us. We must keep borrowing just to use the money to

pay interest on the debt we already owe them and others. This cycle then continues until we ,

like the Czar of Russia , are forced to give them Alaska and Hawaii and Taiwan and South Korea

and Japan and so forth - - for worthless f(*&^ing paper. This is where all of this is going.

There is a remedy. But any politician who tries to implement it would likely be killed or have

a plane accident. Here is the way out of this quagmire.

REPUDIATE THE DEBT. It is economic warfare we are in - pure and simple. Simply come up

with a reason as to how the PRC and others "cheated" and defrauded us and therefore we will

not pay. It does not have to be true. It just has to be plausible. Now we sit in the driver's seat.

The USA can then speak of how much debt "it really owes" and how and in what manner it can

be paid.

AT THE END OF THE DAY - No one can make us pay. We have food. We are the grocery store

of the world. We have Nuclear Weapons. No one can collect. China has weapons as well , but they

and other hostile forces such as the Saudis, the Russians , Cuba , North Korea , and on and on


Let it be said , You heard it here first. It is time to reverse the assymetrical warfare. Repudiate

the debt , bite the bullet , hide behind our Oceans with our food and weapons. When the dust

settles , the USA will be on top again. The entire Debt Crisis will seem like a brilliant piece of

Strategic Thinking right out of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. The alternative is slavery - then death.

Masonic Denzel Washington does Psyops 777 train

Hollywood is becoming more and more obvious in its use of illuminism and NWO propaganda

in its movies , videos and assorted mass media propaganda. A recently to be released movie

stars Denzel Washington in a movie about a rogue train. The other one was the remake of

The Taking of Pelham 123. See: .

The latest train movie of Denzel's is called Unstoppable. This is , in fact , what the illuminati

believe their plan is. They want us to believe we are sheeple , on a cattle car headed for their

new improved Dachau , Auschwitz or Gulag. They want us to believe that only they are in

control and can make decisions. We just sit in our seats and ... enjoy the ride.

The runaway train in Unstoppable is numbered 777. . This number happens to coincide with the

subway train related London train bombs with the same numerology. 777 - see: and .

Denzel Washington is rumored to be a Freemason or member of the Illuminati. .

The number of firefighters killed supposedly on 9/11 is 7x7x7 = 343. .

Denzel also played in the movie, The Book of Eli - full of masonic and illuminati references. .

See also: .

The costar is Chris Pine. Then you have Denzel Washington. The Pine Tree Youth Foundation is

masonic. and insert pine tree youth foundation masonic. Washington, D.C. as

many know is a masonic designed city and President George Washington was a freemason.

If you combine the words Washington Pine in google what comes up first is the Washington Pine

Beetle. . The Beetle or Scarab was sacred to

the ancient egyptians. The masons love ancient egyptian symbolism such as the pyramid on the

U.S. One dollar bill. More coincidence or a Grand Design at work run by a Grand Lodge?


The idea of a train heading at high speed down a track appeals to the would-be world masters.

The idea of humanity as a group of passengers sitting idly while someone else chooses the final

destination is illuminati brainwashing. Be your own conductor. Toot your own horn. March to the

beat of your own free will. Let it be your drummer.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

La Santa Muerte and Bodies Exhibit Celebrate 9/11

The southern desert of Arizona and northern Mexico has become a place of evil. Human

beings , called illegal aliens , die horrible deaths in the heat of summer trying to cross into the

USA to pick lettuce or scrub toilets. .

Just south of the border , a one-hour drive from downtown Tucson, Arizona - a charnel house

of murder and mayhem is in full swing. Decapitated bodies. Dismembered bodies wrapped in a

blanket called "Tamales" are deposited in front of the U.S. Consulate and the victim's families'

homes with numbing regularity. .

The patroness of the Death and Drug Lords is La Santa Muerte and the robber "saint" Jesus

Malverde. and .

In Tucson , the place where Raytheon makes its deadly missiles, whose sole purpose is death ,

there was a recent Santa Muerte Music Festival celebrated on 9/11 - a day of mass illuminati

psyops inspired - Death. .

The event , as noted in the link , took place on 9/11 at the Rialto theatre at 318 Congress St.

See also: A museum which calls itself The Sacred Machine Museum has a Santa Muerte Art

exhibit which coincides with and advertises for , the muerte / death concert. . See Art for yourself. .

The so-called BODIES EXHIBIT also is ongoing in Tucson, Arizona. and .

As you may have noticed... on 9/11 - both the Bodies Exhibit and Santa Muerte
Music Festival coincided / took place in the same building - the Rialto Theatre.

There is a horrible degree of disgust , concern and controversy over the Bodies Exhibit across

the World. The bodies come from China and there is a concern - who exactly were the human

beings that these bodies belonged to in life? Why are they being displayed like this...for profit?

Why are they not entitled to a decent burial? See: Criticism section in next link: and .

Please recall that Red China is a country that "harvests" organs from political prisoners and

charges the family of those executed by firing squad for the costs of the bullets. Bodies may be

"unclaimed" as the Communist Chinese police claim - because the relatives fear becoming part

of the exhibit or organ donors if they go for the remains of their deceased relatives.


The Rialto Theatre has previously been used as an adult movie theatre - that purpose would

have been more moral and decent than what occurs there right now. .

Very shortly after the La Santa Muerte Music Festival and with the (dead) Bodies Exhibit

ongoing , the Rialto Theatre may now fall into Bankruptcy or financial death. . Divine Justice at work?



In case that is not enough , the Government of Tucson is trying to build a new Court complex

on top of an old cemetery in the downtown area. It is the largest project in the USA which needs

the removal of cadavers - hundreds of them - from their resting place. It is running into delays

and problems on a constant basis. Wonder Why? . See also previous information disclosing the

Illuminati presence and control of this area: .

Resistance to this encroaching evil is a duty for all good people. Have you joined the battle or are

you still sitting on the sidelines? Time ... is running short. Move while you can.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Antelope Valley evil brainwashes unlucky 13

Today this writer noticed a breaking news development from California. An Apocalypse cult

or sect numbering 13 people left their homes and belongings behind and disappeared. They

believed a massive earthquake was forthcoming and that it was the end of the world. .

The group was found alive and the leader, a female from El Salvador, was found rambling

incoherently - obviously insane ... or possessed. .

They were found in Jackie Robinson park in Palmdale , California. Palmdale contains a

massive brainwashing and mind-control complex. Scroll down 60% and scroll down 70% "California, Palmdale - Reports

of a multi-layered technology center over 8 levels in depth and the size of a massive city. Many

of the workers being 'synthetics' and humans with "ultra-top secret" security clearances.

source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, July 7 , 1992 , The Skunk Works - Palmdale. .

If you google the story , the caption discusses authorities searching Antelope Valley. Yet the

story itself does not mention the name. This is indicative of media complicity in covering up

what is going on. . Why would they not

want to mention the term ANTELOPE VALLEY? Well, the place is notorious for occult and

black magick activity. and .

Then there is the number of people. 13. The number's link to sorcery does not need citation.

5 adults and 8 children. The number 58. The number 58 was considered unlucky in Aztec

mythology. 58 original sins. .

Further 5 x 8 = 40. There were 40 days and nights of rain when the world was flooded. For 40 years the jews wandered in the desert. Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and so on.


Today is 9-19-10. 91910 is a zip code located in Chula Vista, California. Chula Vista is the site of

the Headquarters for Thelema , the religion / cult group founded by Aleister Crowley. He called

himself , The Great Beast - 666. Reversed , it is the number 19. A number associated with

disaster. Fortunately , God was with the young children. This is , however , a bad omen because

in less than two days we will be on 9-21 , a sabbat of witchcraft. Could it be that this attempt

was merely a trial run? We shall see. Pray that the Almighty protects us - from the snares of

the illuminati and the evil hierarchies they serve.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

741 Coyote Omen links End Times Seven Churches

Several weeks ago while returning from the ever-dangerous USA - Mexico region , this writer

was travelling north on the highway. In broad daylight , a coyote darted out from the desert into

the middle of the lane. To turn into to other lane going in the same direction was impossible. A

car was rapidly approaching. Suddenly, the coyote looked at me - his impending death - arriving

and he turned tail and went back into the outback. The car in the next lane passed. Its license

plate had the numbers 741.

Weeks before this writer travelling in the opposite direction had been passed by a satanic

red mustang with the same 741 plate number. This writer then realized it was a sign....more

needed to be done to expose the message from the illuminati forces that define , control and

manipulate our reality - or what is called reality. It is in fact a vast hologram created by other-

than human forces ... for reasons unfathomable to mere mortals such as ourselves.

See Past 741-linked articles: and .

New Information on Sinister Seven Fourty One 741:

1. 741 divided by Pi = 235.86 - go to and insert previous formula for proof.

2. The number 235 is linked to the Great Pyramid of Giza. "It covers more than 5.5 hectares
(13.5 acres) at the base, which is a square of over 235 metres (775 feet) on each side." .

3. The number 235 is also linked to the axis of the Earth and the mythical Jesus and Mary

Magdalene royal bloodline. and also .

4. The number 741 added to itself and its reverse 147 added to itself and the sum of both

added together = 1776. The year the USA was founded on 7-4-1776. The number 741 also

links the great Mayan King - Pacal The Great. .

5. Another article states that the real number of the Beast may be 776 .

The 741 followed by 776 are the number of the year the Great Masonic Experiment known as

the USA was founded. If you add the two numbers together you arrive at 1517. This was the

year Martin Luther posted his theses on the church door. The prime factors of 1517 are 37 x 41

which is obviously 37 x 41 . . The number 37 is the largest

prime number divisible into 666. The number 7 occurs in the bible 287 times which equals 7 x 41 .

The word Tree appears in the bible also 287 times. . Therefore , one can begin to grasp the

concept of SEVEN TREES. In the end times , God or G-D plants SEVEN TREES IN THE

WILDERNESS. The remnants of the faithful flock together to build a final Church in a remote

place - to make a last stand against evil , while awaiting the return of Christ. .


It is here , amidst this sand and blood being spilt , between cacti and scorpions , that the Last

Stronghold will be built. It is here where evil , like the trickster coyote will turn tail and run. This

is the location of the New Church - The New Jerusalem , descending from the Heavens after

the Great Battle which looms in the near future. Are you prepared? The answer better be yes.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Solfeggio 741 frequency link Pi to Iran October War

The number 741 came to this writer in an abrupt and rather sinister fashion. It is linked to the

741 deities of the Book of Amduat - the ancient egyptian underworld. It is also the height in feet

of the new - improved WTC 7 . See: and .

This writer has since discovered that the number 741 happens to also be one of the so-called

Solfeggio frequencies which seem to have a strange power. 741 increases psychic awareness or

intuition. and .

There appears to be more to the 741 book of Amduat number than meets the eye ... of horus.

Scroll down 1/2 way on the following link. "Solfeggio 741/by Len Horowitz Solfeggio (285) = (2.6)
exact! The (2.6) thus correlates in decimal variation the Tzolkin (260)! It is the only Solfeggio
that accomplishes this. 741 x the sine of 68 degrees = Mars sidereal (687), and the 68 degree angle was fundamental in Egyptian extrapolations." enter 741 x pi - then go to article that appears "The fractal Space Time Harmonic Codex - Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Pi.

There is also another link to 9/11 attacks and President Ahmadinejad of Iran. Scroll down 1/2

way on the next link. Please note that 741 x Pi = 2328. or google - 2328 number 666.

The previous link is from an excerpt called OCTOBER SURPRISE in which the prediction is made that that is the month Iran's nuclear facilities will be struck. This is on the website Dead Man's Musings - forums.

The exact date would be October 13 , 2010. This coincides as noted in the link with The Friday

the 13th raid on the Knight Templars by the Church and the King of France, centuries ago.


Oddly enough , another "coincidence" is that the Phoenix Mars Lander landed at 68 degrees

latitude and 233 longitude. The number 68 associated with ancient Egyptian extrapolations. The

number 233 also is linked to the Number 23 phenomenon mentioned in the October Surprise

article as well. . Mars is the god of war.

Could the NASA Phoenix Lander mission be part of a ritual to assist in the masonic-zionist strike

on Iran? Is this further proof that an Osiris Cult runs NASA? .

Further = THE REAL NUMBER OF THE BEAST MAY BE 776. This is 2328 x 3. What this also

means is the the Friday the 13th of the Knight Templars was linked to the Number of the Beast. .

Also , the number 233 is the 13th Fibonacci number.

The strike against Iran will be a reenactment of The Templar raid and destruction. Woe unto

this world when that die arrives. It will be right before the elections. Obama will have to go along

or he will appear weak. Or maybe he is planning it to reverse his sagging fortunes and ensure his

reelection by being "strong". Who knows? Only the Illuminati...and they aren't talking , except in

the language of Numbers.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inception Room Numerology links DiCaprio to Alcyone

In this writer's opinion , the best new movie in some time is INCEPTION , starting Leonardo

DiCaprio. The movie is about dreams or literally that life "is but a dream". This writer will not

give away the plot but will note that a segment of the movie takes place in hotel rooms with the

numbers 528 and 491. There is script or dialogue stating that 491 is just below 528. This makes

no sense. In any actual hotel , rather than a dream hotel , Room 428 should be below room 528.

This writer decided to research the numerology behind the room numbers and discovered that

the answer may lie in some of his own previous articles. Leonardo.... are you reading this?

1. The Number 528:

This number is the so-called Solfeggio Frequency. It is the frequency of "Transformation and

Miracles" and it is also

linked to the Knight Templar idol Baphomet. . See further: and .

2. The Number 491 is linked or code for 666. How? U.S. Route 666 is 194 miles long or 491 in

reverse AND when U.S. Route 666 was renumbered it was given 491 as its new "name". .

3. The previously released TITANIC movie , also starring Leonardo DiCaprio , exposed him as

the new Grandmaster of the Prior of Sion. It was 194 minutes long which is the same as the

number of miles in the Devil's Highway , now renumbered to 491. .

4. In the movie INCEPTION , 491 is "below" 528. This makes sense since 666 is linked to

Hell or the under or below world and 528 is linked to Heaven the upper world. The Solfeggio

frequencies are used to "Practice Heaven" .

5. In "Illuminati Cipher" the number 194 is linked to points within a circle and the Great

Central Sun. . The Great Central Sun of the

Freemasons is the star Alcyone. Scroll to near bottom. .

6. In ancient greek mythology Alcyone , like the movie INCEPTION , is linked to Dreams. .


It is odd that the movie Inception begins with DiCaprio washed up on the shore like Ceyx the

husband of Alcyone. The masonic connection is obvious. This further adds to the suspicion in

many minds that Leonardo DiCaprio is the GrandMaster of the Priory of Sion . He is telling us

that but a dream .... in a matrix controlled by the Illuminati.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

666 Cubits Tower rise over Sydney

Activity inside Australia has raised question about Illuminati involvement and

control over this nation. For Australia See: and .

The tallest builing in Australia is the Sydney Tower. It is 305 meters tall. or google 305 meter sydney tower.

If you go to and insert 666 Cubits , the answer is 304.4952 meters. Roughly

speaking this is 305 meters. And... who gets out with a measuring tape to see exactly what the

height is of these buildings? What this means is that the TALLEST STRUCTURE IN THE LAND

DOWN UNDER IS 666 CUBITS IN HEIGHT. Can this be coincidence? No one noticed this? The

Engineers and Architects didn't realize this? Really ???

Many consider these needle pointed towers to the sky to be reminiscent of The Tower of

Babylon and Masonic Phallic Symbols. .

What group would have the power to ensure this around the world? The Illuminati.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ancient Egypt Book of Amduat link to new WTC 7

Perhaps no other event in the synthetic 9/11 False flag "terrorist" attacks has been the focus

of so-called Conspiracy Theory than the controlled demolition collapse of WTC 7. No plane hit

this building and yet it fell. There was reference to it being "pulled down" which would mean it

had to be rigged with explosives and so forth and so on. You all ... know the drill ... as they say

about this theme. For Additional Information See: and also .

There is now a new WTC 7 , rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of the old. .

While the previous link says the building is 750 feet tall. Most observers agree that the ACTUAL

height is 741 feet. See: and and and .

Where does the Number 741 appear to have importance? The answer lies deep in the ancient

past, the world of the Egyptians and their Pyramids and Religion. There are 741 names linked

to The Book of Amduat. and "741 gods from the underworld" and .


There are many who believe that the 9/11 Attacks were in fact a Masonic-Mega Ritual. The

Freemasons are heavily steeped in the lore and magick of ancient Egypt. If you do not believe

this take a look at the US One Dollar bill and its all-seeing eye and pyramid. Then , central to

the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory is the WTC 7 building. By coincidence , the new building is a height

in feet that is unusual. 741 feet? Why not 740 or some other more rational number? It just

happens to coincide with the number of underworld gods of the Book of Amduat. More sheer

chance or homage to the dark deities of the masonic order of Amerikkka? You decide.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Canadian Place link to Zionist "Lucky" Number

The evidence is startling. Everywhere around us , force and powers unseen operate in secret.

From TV commercials laden with masonic imagery and symbols , to skyscrapers and the dates

and times of synthetically created environmental disasters and "terror" attacks , we are lied to,

we are deceived , we are manipulated , we are controlled. WE ARE ENSLAVED.

This article denotes the tallest skyscraper in Canada. It is 951 feet tall.

1. First Canadian Place - 951 feet tall. Designed to be identical to the Standard Oil building

in Chicago. .

2. The architects appear by name to be Zionists. .

3. 951 is a very important "lucky" number in Zionist magick and mythology. Scroll down 20% .

4. The Standard Oil Building in Chicago was owned by the Rockefeller Illuminati clan it has

a Tomb of Mausolus on its top. scroll down nearly half-way .


The tallest floor of an office building in all of Canada , a vast country , is linked to a powerful

number of great importance in Zionist faith and numerology. It is designed by them. Does it

mean they rule or luck down on all about them? Is it a coincidence? Well, think about this... does

the number 951 appear to be a normal height for a building? Why not 950 0r 955 feet? Why

950 feet and then one more foot making it 951 - the single most important prayer in zionism?

You must decide. However , what other hidden symbols and icons are out there? Why do they

do this? What purpose is it surving? That ... is still ... unknown.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hidden 666 found in Eiffel Tower's Shadow

The Eiffel Tower has been linked to Freemasonry , the Occult , the Illuminati and what some

call "sacred" Architecture. This writer has found a number of numerology based links to this

tower in the past. This is a new discovery that transcends the physical building itself. It also

serves to show the deep intricacy of the Illuminati workings. What human mind , on its own

could conceive of these machinations ... and for what? The proof is becoming ever more evident

that the Illuminati are but a front or cover for evil superhuman forces , powers and entities.

1. Previous information regarding Illuminati Eiffel Tower: / and and also .

2. PHI or The Golden Ratio or The Divine Ratio multiplied by 412 = 666 (almost exactly). Go

to and insert phi x 666. 666.630003.

3. Oddly enough , the SHADOW of the Eiffel Tower is 412 meters in length. and .

4. If you look at the number 412 as a date , several things come to mind. One , in Europe ,

where the Eiffel Tower is located , Dates are reversed compared to the USA. 412 is not April

12 , it is December 4. 12-4. The number 124 is 31 x 4 which is eeriely similar to 3.14 or the first

three digits of Pi. Further , December 4 is the day of Shango or Xango , a major deity in Voodoo

and Santeria. .


Can it be coincidence that the shadow length of a major monument of Freemasonry such as this

connects 666 and the Golden Ratio by happenstance? You decide.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Devil Drives a Red Ford Mustang

This writer does not like to discuss or write about personal experiences. Only that which can

be independently corroborated is the rule. But...every rule , as they say , has an exception.

The other day , while driving to south to Mexico , this writer looked into the rear view mirror

and saw a vehicle approaching in the fast lane at high speed. The vehicle passed. It was a new

red Ford Mustang. The driver of the other vehicle then , for no reason , began to apply the

brakes. This writer's vehicle continued past the Mustang , when suddenly it sped up and came

alongside in the other lane. The window was rolled down and the lone occupant was a male.

Likely in his 20s. He could have been a light-skinned hispanic or anglo. He stared at this writer

but said nothing. No threats - no smile - no gestures - just stared.

What concerned this writer was the decal on the rear passenger window of the vehicle. It was

an upside down pentagram. This is the symbol of satanism and black magick as most people now

are aware. The vehicle then sped off and this writer did not see it again. The license plate began

with the number 741. This writer did not get to see the letter that followed. This is what has

been found , so far , on the number 741.

1. 19 x 37 = 741. The Number 19 is linked to the Illuminati . and .

2. It is the feast day of Moloch on April 19.

3. The BP oil spill in the Gulf.

4. 18 x 37 = 666.

5. The number 741 figures prominently in an alleged code in the Koran. 666 + 74 + 1 = 741. and and

6. One of the so-called healing frequencies in the Bible is linked to the number 741. and see video / hear audio : or and insert - healing frequency
741 528.

7. The clearest evidence that one can see that the 9/11 attacks were staged was the controlled

demolition of WTC 7. The new WTC 7 , rebuilt after allegedly being destroyed by 19 muslim

terrorists , happens to coincidentally be 741 feet tall. More coincidence? and .

8. The Israeli flag is linked to 741 and therefore to 666. Scroll to near bottom. . See also .

9. There are 741 deities in the ancient egyptian Book of Amduat. .

The Book of Amduat deals with "the underworld" and it is divided into the twelve hours of

night. . The sun god Ra must travel through this realm of

darkness until he rises out of it and brings us daylight. IN OTHER WORDS...the number 741

is linked directly to the Underworld and the Powers or Forces of Darkness.


What did this writer see? Better said , who did he see? This writer believes it was the devil or

one of his minions. He was watching. After all , one name for them is The Watchers. He was

sending a message. You are looking at us........we are also looking at you. The Devil , indeed ,

drives a red Mustang. Which car will you be buying next? When you look into an abyss , it looks

into you. . Man on red horse

- a mustang is a horse -

The Red Horse significes War in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. .

War is not coming , it is already here. The spiritual war between Light and Darkness. Which will

you choose? Who will you ride with? That is a question only you can answer. Choose carefully.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chrysler Building links 666 to Euler Totient Function

There has been a previous article and other information by this writer regarding the occult

background of The Chrysler Building. Others have come across additional information on this

topic. This brief article is an update to "pile on" information to the issue for those who just may

feel they can explain all of the odd facts by sheer coincidence.

1. Previous Article: and .

2. Additional Information: .

3. The address for the Chrysler Building is 405 Lexington Avenue. .

4. The NUMBER 405 links Euler Totient Function with 666: .


More coincidence or More Conspiracy. You decide. Think Quickly...Time ... and ...The illuminati

Wait for no one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Goldman Sachs Blankfein link to Will Bill Donovan

The Illuminati-in-Amerikkka control our lives and our very reality through a complex hive

structure. Everything is controlled. Everything is monitored. Those that appear to be the

opposition are either double-agents or ultimately eliminated , one way or the other. Do you

really believe they would allow an internal resistance to form in large numbers because this

society calls itself a "Democracy"? If you do - it is just more proof of the effectiveness of their

mind control and brainwashing.

This brief article merely highlights a "relationship". A link. You draw your own conclusions

after that.

1. The Goldman Sachs bankster firm has raped and pillaged America with impunity. You know

this. That is not a story now for many years. It is led currently by Lloyd Blankfein. .

2. Lloyd , as his friends call him , is involved in the Rockefeller controlled Asia Society. The

following link also notes that he was a lawyer at the firm founded by William "Wild Bill" Donovan

the "Father" of the CIA. .

3. Goldman Sachs and AIG are at the very core of the global financial meltdown and crisis. No

firm profited more from the AIG bailout than Goldman Sachs. .

4. AIG was founded , coincidentally , with the help of Wild Bill Donovan too ! "The men behind

the insurance unit were OSS head William "Wild Bill" Donovan...over the next 50 years, would

build what is now American International Group, one of the biggest insurance companies..." .

5. There are links to AIG and the illuminist Rockefeller controlled Asia Society as well. Scroll

to near bottom. .


When Blankfein said he was doing "God's work" he was wrong. He was doing the bidding of

satan. The CEO of Illuminati , INC. This article merely highlights the Hive structure that is

ever present in the USA and why major criminals in the economic arena never go to prison or

face punishment. They rule the system. They own it. It does their bidding. The law is for the

"little people" to worry about.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Secret Society links Transocean lobbyist to Reagan

The oil keeps pumping into the Gulf. The rig owned by BP was rented by Transocean to do the

actual drilling of the oil out from under the sea bottom. Transocean moved its headquarters

from the Cayman Islands to Switzerland at the end of 2008. Its stock was "shorted" by Goldman

Sachs just before the disaster struck. This was coincidentally close in time to Obama signing off

on a massive expansion of offshore drilling. We are supposed to believe all of these things going

on in close sequence are just happenstance or coincidence.

SEE: Transocean Switzerland:

Goldman Sachs Transocean: .

Now, Transocean has hired a lobbyist to clean up the mess where it really counts - not in the

Gulf , but on the Potomac , in Washington, D.C. The Capitol Hill Consulting Group , chaired by

former Oklahoma Congressman Bill Brewster. .

He is a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. This is another of the numerous college

secret societies of which the US illuminati directed elites come from. .

Tau Kappa Epsilon has as its symbol or coat of arms a design topped with a human skull. . Also - .

Ronald Reagan was the most famous member of this Secret Society. and .

CONCLUSION: What we now know is that Amerikkka is run by secret society minions. Rare

is the President or high achiever that somehow is not a "Lodge Brother" of one organization or

another. This replete with Rituals , secret passwords , codes , bizarre handshakes and so on.

Think of this , Ronald Reagan was in office for two terms. He was member of a society with a

skull symbol. Then came Bush I. He was Skull and Bones and was in for one term. Then came

Bill Clinton who was a Demolay International member. He was in for two terms. Then came

Bush II and he was a Yale Skull and Bones member like his father and grandfather. What this

means is that the entire Reagan - Bush I and II era was under the rule of Presidents who were

members of Skull symbol-linked secret societies. Who ever noticed that? Now, the network is

being used to cleanup the mess with spin , shuck-and-jive and fingerpointing. Nothing changes.

The Illuminati Rule. They lie - we swallow the lies. They steal. We just sit there. They kill. We

just die. They bury us. We just rot. -- When will Resistance finally arise?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Able Danger links Joe Sestak Curt Weldon Arlen Specter

Congressman Joe Sestak will become the Democrat Party candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania

this fall after defeating Senator Arlen Specter in the primary. There is something curious about

this election. It is the second time that Joe Sestak , a former Navy Admiral , has defeated a

candidate that sought to look deeper in the so-called ABLE DANGER program. This was a secret

classified Data-Mining program run by the Pentagon. Allegedly , it discovered the existence of

the Brooklyn cell of Al Qaeda which contained Mohammed Atta , the leader of the 9/11 attackers

according to the OFFICIAL version of events. It also contained the China Chart which exposed

a long list of odd connections between certain US politicians and Chinese Intelligence agents.

1. ABLE DANGER: Senator Specter agreed something rotten was going on regarding 9/11

and the Anthrax attacks. He gets defeated by Joe Sestak.

and for general information and Specter being quoted on Pentagon interference with Senate

inquiry see: .

2. Congressman Curt Weldon got defeated by Joe Sestak too! He was the foremost voice for

looking further into the FACT that the Pentagon had discovered the cell and could have stopped

the attacks. This lends credence to the belief that the attacks were internally directed or were at

least allowed to happen. Weldon's daughter was accused of crimes just weeks before the election

in which he lost to Sestak. The charges were later dropped after he lost the race. This allowed

former Admiral Sestak to become Congressman Sestak and now (as you will see in November of

2010) Senator Sestak. Maybe...just Maybe with this pedigree he will be President Sestak in the

future? Who knows...only the Illuminati. See Curt Weldon - Able Danger at: and or go to and
insert Curt Weldon Daughter.

The raids on the homes of his daughter and political ally came just a few weeks or days before

the November , 2006 election which created "Congressman Sestak".

3. Joe Sestak had a role in the post 9/11 era that was very important and required someone

who could be trusted to do the illuminati's bidding no matter what. He was in charge of " Deep

Blue " the elite antiterrorism unit formed after the attacks. .


What Deep Blue does in part is operate "red cells". These are cells that mimic what the enemy

does or likely will do. Perfect for an inside job "terrorist attack" like 9/11 , don't you think? .

Were they really formed after 9/11 ........... or before? The reader must decide.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama caused Oil Spill hits Republican Gulf States

Obama is cunning. He is devious. He is a strategic chess player that sees far. He is a native

Kenyan who has managed to fake his way into the heart of the White Man's power structure -

the fabled White House itself.

Obama knows that his Health Care bill fiasco and bad economy will cost the Democrats many

seats in November 2010. He knows that as things look now he is a One-Term President , unless

something enormous changes the current political dynamic he was facing. That has happened.

What we have with the oil spill in the gulf caused by some event at a BP Oil rig is 9/11 level

event that goes on and on and on. By November , the coastline of every USA State and nation

with a caribbean shore will be devastated. No one will remember Obamacare. This will be

particularly true once the dreaded Hurricane season hits.

Oddly enough , all of the Gulf States are now Republican strongholds. Texas. Georgia. Alabama

and Florida. Lousiana less so but still leaning that way. The Deep South is now in Deep S**T and

it is now Republican territory. The Republicans have always been the biggest fans and pushers

of offshore drilling off the coast and weak or weakened environmental regulations and rules.


Further , the company that is being blamed or is responsible for the disaster is BP. It just

happens that BP was the employer of the husband of Sarah Palin - a possible Republican

Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate. How coincidental? Don't you think? and .

The Republicans are morons. They are slaves of the oil barons. They will continue to try to

protect the oil companies. They continue to push for more drilling. They do not realize that this

is HUNDREDS of Exxon Valdez spills going on without end for months in a body of water that is

much smaller than the Pacific Ocean waters off Alaska. The President has no interest in ending

this disaster any time soon since the destruction of Republican controlled seashore is what may

stop the Tea Party led Republicans that threaten to send him into early exile in his beloved

Kenya. Who cares if Turtles and Dolphins and sea birds die en masse. Saving the Obama regime

is all that matters and the Republican fools are playing right into his satanic hands. They deserve

what they they not? All it took was some CIA frogmen and a few backpacks of highgrade

underwater gelignite. A grateful CIA that is being spared a war crimes and torture witch hunt

by Obama - knows how to pay back favors rendered.

Obama caused Oil Spill as pretext to invade Cuba

The following article is a conspiracy theory. It is a plausible 'Deep Black' psyops scenario based

on the Roman / latin phrase cui bono - WHO BENEFITS?

1. The Cuban regime run by Raul Castro , brother of deceased dictator Fidel Castro has

rejected the peace overtures of the Obama clique. (Yes - Fidel has been dead for years. What

you see on TV is one of his many doubles. The way to deprive the Miami Cubans of a massive

victory celebration over his death was to have him live forever - or until he is a 100 or whatever)

2. Oil has been discovered off the coast of Cuba. It provides a means for the island to evade

hegemonistic control by AmeriKKKa forever. This island has already set a bad example that it

is possible to disobey the Yanqui colossus and still survive. Oil boom standards of living mixed

with socialism would be deadly to the USA bankster wall street thugs. Something finally had to

be done with the band of brothers running their own pet dictatorship within visual distance of

Florida. And something was done....

3. The Oil will surround Cuba. There will be a move to demand that its rigs and wells be shut

down. The oil will devastate Cuba. It is surrounded by the sea. There is nowhere to run or hide

from the messy goo. As the island goes into a tailspin as tourists stop going to the gloppy beaches

and its maritime and oil revenue industries collapse - it will be ripe for the final invasion. The

Obama regime will find a reason to invade. It could be environmental. It could be 'humanitarian'.

But it will happen. It will happen when the Hurricane season that is starting soon adds to the

by then massive oil devastation of the island. It will be ripe for plucking and plunder. Like Iraq

was for the Neocons under Bush. Cuba Libre! ... not. Cuba Lubed ... definitely.

OPEC Conspiracy Theory and BP Oil Gulf Disaster

This writer , as always , attempts to offer the reader total honesty. This article is a Conspiracy

Theory. Plain and Simple. There is yet insufficient information about what really happened on

the BP oil rig and pipeline to understand the event or provide a suitable explanation. However,

the following thing is noteworthy:

Obama had just finished signing a bill on March 31 , 2010 to allow drilling off the coasts. .

March 31 is 3-31 or 31-3 for date numerology. The number 313 is linked to 666 : .

1. The OPEC oil monopoly does not want and will stop - AT ALL COSTS - The USA from

gaining either : a) independence from foreign sources of oil , and or b) independence from oil

itself. The end of USA oil consumption or foreign oil consumption would cause every country

that comprises OPEC to implode and wither away under mob rule as their own nation's citizens

rose up in hunger to overthrow the corrupt regimes that invariably (Norway being the exception)

sell oil to finance their revenue stream and state expenditures.

2. The Oil spill in the Gulf , caused by a still unknown failure at the BP rig has killed any idea

or thought of offshore drilling on USA coastal waters. The USA will not be weaning itself from

OPEC oil anytime soon. In fact , there will now be a move to shut down the remaining rigs. If

one could do this much damage, what happens if the other 130 + rigs in the Gulf were to fall

apart because of "weak concrete". It cannot just be one rig with this "defect", correct?

*** All it took to keep the Iranians , Sudan , OPEC , Mexico , Canada , Russia , Saudi-land and

so forth swimming in oil petrodollars and petroeuros is the televised scenes of dead endangered

sea turtles and dolphins.

*** All it took to do this was a four-man Scuba demolition Spetznaz team from Russia to plant

the charges. Billions or better said trillions of dollars were at stake. What were they to do?

Zionist Conspiracy Theory and BP Oil Gulf Disaster

The following article is a conspiracy theory. Pure and Simple. The events regarding the oil

pipeline leak and oil rig fire and explosion are still too new and unknown to get enough facts and

even lies by the "system" to come up with a plausible explanation to what really happened.

This article is based on the idea of cui bono - latin for WHO BENEFITS - from the disaster in a

big way.

1. The zionist entity known as Israel to many is beseiged by muslims who fund their campaign

against the jewish state with Oil money and Petrodollars.

2. The biggest threat to Israel comes from Iran , The arab Gulf states and Saudi Arabia as

well as Russia - with a long history of anti-semitism - and Hugo Chavez controlled Venezuela

who has made jews in that country increasingly uncomfortable , causing many to leave.

3. Take away the oil money and the arabs , persians , russians and Chavez become nothing.

These nations have nothing to sell except the oil beneath their sands , jungle and frozen tundra.

Russia is the exception but Oil is still its major economic powerhouse. Sudan is now also a major

oil player and it fundamentalist regime , led by indicted War Criminal President Bashir would

also vanish.


The entire Green Movement is a mega-massive Zionist psyops campaign. If the world or at

least the USA , really "goes green" and gets of the oil addiction , Israel would be saved because

the funding for its critical , fanatical foes would dry up. No money means no financing of radical

groups or money to pay for nuclear weapons or anything else. Most of the previously mentioned

regimes could not buy imported food. They would be busy not being cannibalized by zombie

mobs of their own oppressed citizens.

The Greenhouse gases are nothing more than hot air created by Mossad. The Hockey Puck

theory that led to the whole global warming malarkey is now known to be hogwash and false.

The zionists will rake in profits when this Gulf of Mexico false flag environmental 9/11 gives

Obama the "reason" to force the USA to "go green" , like his mysterious Obamacare Health plan

which is now law but no one knows what it does or what it will mean.

The Muslim , Russian and miscellaneous enemies of the pariah State of Israel will implode. The

stolen "promised land" will remain under their control and the will profit by having a finger in

every aspect of the green pie that the public will be forced to buy into by Mossad-controlled

Obama , whose handler is his White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

All it took was a few Israeli Navy frogmen / Navy Seal equivalent and a few well-placed UDs

or Underwater Demolitions. Sounds like a Naval 9/11 to complement the aerial false flag 9/11

of the "hijacked" aircraft crashing into towers? That is exactly what it is.

Preventing Global Warming is not about polar bears sliding into the rising sea. It is about how to

stop Israeli settlers from being pushed into the Mediterranean by a tidal wave of attacks fueled

and paid for by Petrodollars and PetroEuros. The lie is bigger even than 9/11. The zionists

care nothing about our Gulf of Mexico. They do care about their Dead Sea, which is what the

Gulf of Mexico is in the process of becoming. An Environmental Pearl Harbor to force passage of

radical green legislation to get us off oil and bankrupt the Oil sheiks , mullahs and commissars.

Yes ... bubba Yes....mabel Obama really did tell the truth when he promised CHANGE.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

NYC Phallic Cityspire linked to Psychic Octagon

The illuminati appear to have mastered a form of technology that encompasses 3D designs

and multidimensional forces. A recent example of this , in the world of architecture and tall

building design is to be found in the described as phallic , Cityspire in New York City. The

building certainly appears to be modeled on a human phallus and glans. See for yourself. and .

1. The Height is 248 meters. The number 248 is heavily linked to multidimensional

superstring theory. E8 a 57 dimensional object that can be rotated 248 ways without changing

its appearance. and this math puzzle

was just solved after 120 years of looking for answers. .

2. NYC Cityspire is 248 meters tall. and .

It is "very close" to two skyscrapers on 57th street. The dome is moorish designed and linked

to the New York City Center which was based on moorish or muslim mosque design. and .

So we have a connection to the freemason designed NYC Center building once owned by the

Shriners. The number 57 and 248 of superstring theory in a phallic tower with an unusual

octagon shape or design. The Octagon or Octagram is also known as the Chaos Star linked to

the masonic slogan ORDO AB CHAO and the chaos star is at the center of the CIA emblem.

scroll to near bottom - .


There appears to be a connection to the Octagonal Gate or the Octagon shape and the LOST

TV series. . The DHARMA initiative in

the series has an Octagon shape. The Octagon is linked to Hyperbolic space. .

You may wish to learn or do more by contacting Octagon Global Recruiting. .

The planet Venus forms a pentagram in the sky every 248 years. .

The number 248 is divided by 31 eight 8 times. Half of 248 is 124 which is 31 x 4 or the exact

numbers which begin the infinite number Pi 3.14. Venus is linked to the 8 pointed star. . "In order to develop psychic skills 8
magnetic fields are used around the brain. The circumcerebral also the Octagon..." .

Phallic festivals have been linked to the worship of Venus the goddess of love in the ancient

pagan world. .

Is that what is going on? A form of psychic skill development for the sheeple? A way to open

minds to the brainwashing? That is unknown. More research to follow.