Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knight Templar link to Chilean Miner Rescue psyops

The Chilean miner rescue had a surreal , illuminati-induced glow to it. As soon as this writer

began watching the process , it became apparent that it was a fraud. This one was almost naked

in its blatant use of illuminati symbolism. It was almost as if the entire "deep pile" of baloney was

deeper than the mineshaft itself. The fraud was done with the knowledge that "conspiracy

theorists" would see through it. It was a mockery directed at those who seek to expose them.

Almost saying, we know you can see this...but...the sheeple are so brainwashed, the Truth no

longer has releveance, much less meaning.

When the "rescue" first began and this writer thought to write about it, others had discovered

the truth. This article is more of an addition to those initial discoverers writings than it is an

expose. See previous articles: and and .


1. The city of Copiapo , where the so-called rescue happened is on the 27th parallel S. The

number 27 is 3 cubed or 3 to the 3rd power or 33. Also, 3 x 3 x 3 or 333 which is the number

for Choronzon, the dweller in the abyss , according to Aleister Crowely , a black magician who

styled himself , The Great Beast 666. The news articles on the bogus rescue spoke of 33 miners

rescued from THE ABYSS. .

2. NASA was involved in the rescue, designing a retrieval vehicle called the Fenix or Phoenix

in english. NASA had the Phoenix Mars Lander that was also linked to illuminati numerology. .

3. Possibly the single most important illuminist clue that has been missed to date is the fact

that October 13 , the date of the first rescued miner emerging from the hole into the Abyss is

linked to the Knights Templar. A proto-illuminati order without equal in the mediaval world. and .


The purpose behind this massive fraud is unknown. Maybe it was just for "sport". However,

if something of this magnitude can be done without being caught, with impunity, then why not

the staged 9/11 attacks as well? Are they brainwashing? Are these dry runs for a future event

of incredible proportions such as a staged return of "the Messiah"? Who knows? Stayed tuned

to your TV set. Anderson Cooper of CNN and the CIA will be hosting the next psyops show - no

doubt. Just like the artificial earthquake in Haiti , which mysteriously stopped abruptly at the

border with Santo Domingo. More coincidence or More manipulation? You decide. and .


anusha02 said...

The Templar almost always uses a system in one side and the protect in the other, for the first concern is to reduce harm. Even if the attacker is not murdered it can be seriously broken or surprised so that any of your Templar's companions have something less to worry or more quickly murdered later.

Skull and Bones

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