Sunday, November 14, 2010

Petition to Create Christian Homeland in Iraq

The Bush regime created war in Iraq had a terrible side effect for Iraq's Christian population.

The false claim of WMD in Iraq , following the 9/11 false flag operation , displaced Saddam

Hussein. Prior to this , as many of you can remember , Israel was hit with waves of suicide

bombings by so-called martyrs. The families of these martyrs were paid a bounty by Saddam.

The zionists created the war to topple Saddam. They succeeded. Today , Israel is secure or more

so than it was with Saddam in power. The Christians have , however , paid a price in blood.

It is ironic that Bush, who said in a Presidential debate that Jesus Christ was his favorite

philosopher , has been responsible for the near extinction of Christians in the middle east.

Recently, Barnabas Aid said in an article on its magazine for November

and December 2010 that "Following a meeting with the Pope in July, the new Iraqi ambassador

to the Vatican, Habbeb Mohammed Hadi Ali Al-Sadr said that the government had offered

assistance to those Iraqi Christians who had fled the country...He affirmed the Iraqi Constitution

sanctions the total equality of rights for Christians and also gave them the possibility of creating

a semi-autonomous region like Kurdistan. " This on page 13 of the publication under the small

article title IRAQ: Hope For Iraqi Christians.

Please contact your National leaders and ask them to push for the creation of an autonomous

Christian region in Iraq. It is ironic that the Baath Party of Saddam and Assad in Syria did a good

job in protecting Christians ( more or less and relatively speaking to what is happening today)

and yet these are considered "Terrorist" regimes , while the people Bush put in power slaughter

Christians. Today, "Terrorist" Syria is a refuge for Christians fleeing slaughter in Iraq and

elsewhere in the Middle East at the hands of people put in power by a "Christian" President.

Please do what you can for these people and consider helping through Barnabas Aid as well.


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