Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama Punishes South Korea for Refusing Free Trade Deal

Some learn the easy way. Some learn the hard way. South Korea apparently had to be taught

a harsh lesson - failure to abide by the illuminati agenda brings deep , lasting , serious pain. It is

clear that Obama is a member or at least tool of the illuminist occupation regime that has turned

America into AmeriKKKa. That is long-known fact - not conspiracy theory: See - and and also or .

The South Koreans humiliated Lord Obama. They refused to sign a proposed Free Trade

Agreement with the USA after he went there for a State visit. This is unprecedented. When told

to do so....Everyone signs the agreement. There are no slackers. There is no backing away. The

Door is One Way In - No Way Out. South Korea broke this mold. Something had to be done. This

intransigence...this insolence...could not be allowed to stand unpunished. An example had to be

made. A rule had to be set. See: .

Within days of the dark lord returning to his nest in the masonic White House, news breaks

that North Korea has for more nuclear weapons potential than previously thought. In fact, they

allow a scientist from CIA-linked Stanford to see the "goodies". . See also CIA - Stanford at or .

North Korea shells a South Korean held island. The worst attack in decades. or google North Korea Shells .

Obama rides in to the rescue promising that the US will defend the South. .


The illuminati feed hogwash to the sheeple through the mind-controlled media on a 24 hour a

day basis. Reason , Deductive Logic and above all Connecting-The -Dots is strictly VERBOTTEN

(Forbidden, as the Germans say). Here is the Truth. Always a commodity more dangerous to

the bearer than exposed plutonium: 1. Obama tells Kim Jong-Il that he needs the South slapped

around a bit so they learn some respect. 2.He promises that the US will back Kim's baby-boy son

as the new Monarch-Deity of the Hermit Kingdom , as some call the North. 3. The North Korean

nuclear program will go unsanctioned. The North will be allowed ever greater transgressions

against the South until they bow and scrape to the wishes of the dark lord. The next time you

hear of the Free Trade Deal, you will notice that South Korea has changed its mind. They will

now accept carte blanche whatever is placed before them only this time, the terms will be even

harsher. The previous deal would have allowed "investors" to ignore local , i.e.; South Korean

laws. In other words, it would abolish South Korean sovereignty over any affair covered in the

treaty. What will be on the plate the next time? It will only get worse. You see, the illuminists

want obedience. They demand it. They believe they are entitled to it by , not Divine Right, but

by Infernal Right, granted to them by their master - The Lord of This World. Woe unto the

Sheep that follow the Shepherd named Christ - they refuse to be sheeple...that will not be looked

upon kindly by the rulers of the abysss. Now you know the truth. Watch it unfold in front of

you on the TV set. SOUTH KOREA AND USA SIGN FREE TRADE DEAL! - Give it a few weeks.

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