Sunday, November 14, 2010

Masonic Denzel Washington does Psyops 777 train

Hollywood is becoming more and more obvious in its use of illuminism and NWO propaganda

in its movies , videos and assorted mass media propaganda. A recently to be released movie

stars Denzel Washington in a movie about a rogue train. The other one was the remake of

The Taking of Pelham 123. See: .

The latest train movie of Denzel's is called Unstoppable. This is , in fact , what the illuminati

believe their plan is. They want us to believe we are sheeple , on a cattle car headed for their

new improved Dachau , Auschwitz or Gulag. They want us to believe that only they are in

control and can make decisions. We just sit in our seats and ... enjoy the ride.

The runaway train in Unstoppable is numbered 777. . This number happens to coincide with the

subway train related London train bombs with the same numerology. 777 - see: and .

Denzel Washington is rumored to be a Freemason or member of the Illuminati. .

The number of firefighters killed supposedly on 9/11 is 7x7x7 = 343. .

Denzel also played in the movie, The Book of Eli - full of masonic and illuminati references. .

See also: .

The costar is Chris Pine. Then you have Denzel Washington. The Pine Tree Youth Foundation is

masonic. and insert pine tree youth foundation masonic. Washington, D.C. as

many know is a masonic designed city and President George Washington was a freemason.

If you combine the words Washington Pine in google what comes up first is the Washington Pine

Beetle. . The Beetle or Scarab was sacred to

the ancient egyptians. The masons love ancient egyptian symbolism such as the pyramid on the

U.S. One dollar bill. More coincidence or a Grand Design at work run by a Grand Lodge?


The idea of a train heading at high speed down a track appeals to the would-be world masters.

The idea of humanity as a group of passengers sitting idly while someone else chooses the final

destination is illuminati brainwashing. Be your own conductor. Toot your own horn. March to the

beat of your own free will. Let it be your drummer.


Vic Gee said...

Very descriptive and in depth analysis! I kinda thought I was on the right train of thought, especially the 777 numerology when I first saw it.

V.R. Ramirez said...

I'm watching this movie now and it makes total sense by what you just said. I'm now in the habit of finding things in movies with movie stars rumored or known part of the illuminati. Thanks for the info .

Jordie Nilla said...

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