Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bush Decision Points Memoirs Published by Nazi Bertelsmann

Every one knows by now that the Bush family were close supporters of the Adolf Hitler Nazi

machine of evil. Prescott Bush his grandfather owned a Bank seized for trading with the enemy.

How the son and grandson of someone like that , all three Yale Skull and Bones members, get to

both be President of the USA is beyond logic. There are those that may not know this and thus

some background on the Nazi - Bush connection is provided. and or also .

President George W. Bush went into hiding after Obama took office. His disgrace as President

was without peer. He was the bottom of the barrel of US Presidents without a doubt. He crashed

the USA and World Economy like he twice did his parent's car when he was 14. He led the USA

towards its final doom, even though he will not preside over it when it happens in 2012.

Now, the ever-optimistic fascists that call themselves Republicans have started to bring The

Dubya out of mothballs and the trash bin. He has even "written" a book , even though everyone

knows he can barely speak English, much less write it. The book is called " Decision Points" and .


1. It went on sale on November 9, 2010. Get it? 11-9 or in Europe 9-11. That was no accident. .

2. The Date November 9 is a critical, mystical and evil number in the history of Germany. This

also shows that the real perpetrators of the 9/11 hoax were the Operation Paperclip Nazi thugs

using it as an excuse to launch a war to steal oil in Iraq and sell heroin from Afghanistan. For

those of you that think it is "coincidence" see the following links: and and .

The Publisher that put the garbage out for public consumption is Crown Publishing Group, a

subsidiary of Random House. . Who is behind

Random House? "Random House, Inc. is a large English language general trade book publisher.

It has been owned since 1998 by the German private media corporation Bertelsmann". .

Who is ... or maybe better said WAS Bertelsmann during World War II? "During World War II,

Bertelsmann was the single biggest producer of Nazi propaganda. Owner Heinrich Mohn and his

son Reinhard Mohn were both members of the SS". .

The book has 481 pages. This is an interesting number. It is comprised of 13 x 37. The unlucky

13 of the witches coven is well known. However, 37 happens to be the largest prime number

divisible evenly into 666. The number 1337 happens to stand for Elite , as in the ruling elite that

run this world in service of the devil. .

Sarah Palin recently called the elder Bush parents "elite blue bloods". .

She is correct. They are blue blooded reptilians. The code has been broken. The truth emerges.

From the mouth of "babes" it is uttered, no less. .

Proof of Reptilianism: and .

Remember, the Nazi ideology was based on the concept of The Superman, beings from a planet

near the Aryan Race home star of Aldebaran, in the Constellation Taurus. The Eye of the Bull it

was called. Hitler was a Taurus. Look at the links to evil with the publishing and details of the

book by Dubya. If it is not coincidence then why do they do it? Do the numbers and symbols

have internal power or is it a puzzle and they want to see if we can figure it out? The answer to

that is left to the reader. Don't Read the Book... but if you must....not at night before bedtime.

The things that go bump in the night are real. They run this country. They run this world.


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Marvellous piece of writing.

You are trully a child of Light. And we will prevail!

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