Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Joseph Kony put voodoo spell on Jason Russell

The title of the Most Evil Man On Earth belongs without doubt to Joseph Kony. He is the leader

of the Lord's Resistance Army. This is a combination cult and armed insurgent group. It is in

central Africa, Uganda. Congo, Sudan. SEE: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Kony . While

Hitler and Stalin and many others committed horrors, Kony stands unique. He focuses his pure

evil on children. They are abducted, then forced to kill other human beings including other kids.

He is worshipped as a deity. Anyone that has come into contact with him is convinced that he is

possessed by demons if not the devil himself. He forces children to kill and then eat their own

parents. No one has done anything like this with the possible exception of Saddam Hussein.

Kony has managed to evade capture since 2005, when he was indicted as a war criminal.

He has a vast array of supernatural tools. His movement is a cult. This makes him different

than other guerrilla or warlord leaders operating in Africa. He lays on termite nests and when

his entire body is bitten he covers it with a "sacred" oil that he believes makes him invincible.

Jason Russell made a film about him called Kony 2012. This went viral on the internet. Then

suddenly, Russell is out in the street, totally naked, running around acting crazy. It was as if he

was possessed. He suffered a nervous breakdown. No...that is not what he suffered. Kony was

irritated and threatened by this unheard of publicity. It is precisely the kind of thing that will

focus attention on him and potentially bring him down. He had to make an example of Russell.

He did. He sent Loas...voodoo spirits to attack Russell. Possess him and make his madness now

"the story". Jason Russell was a fool. He should have known that Kony would respond. He should

have sought protection. You cannot deal with the Loas, sent after someone after a blood sacrifice

of innocent children with ipods and internets and secular humanism. These are forces that are

very, very real and beyond the understaning of the western, technology focused "white man".

SEE: Kony 2012 at www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kony_2012 and unfortunately, the effects of

voodoo, witchcraft, palo mayombe, santeria, --call it what you will -- on Jason Russell at : www.rt.com/usa/news/kony-2012-arrested-masturbating-777/ .

For further information on the African Magic Wars, scroll to near bottom of the following link: www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=367338&p=198871 .

Who will win the battle - Obama and his Kenyan voodoo and monkey idol charm or Kony and his

Acholi black magick? What is needed is a Catholic Crusade. There needs to be a determined

campaign which will include a cadre of exorcists from the Vatican, White Magicians and others to

accompany troops into physical battle. The spiritual battle will determine the outcome. The

Delta force commandoes will have to be prepared to kill children to save children. Something too

horrible to imagine. A determined campaign of prayer and focusing of white light on photos of

Kony needs to begin with thousands joining in the battle. Something like this can only happen if

the Pope and major Televangelists and notable religious people join forces. However, think of

this...is it possible that Kony had cut a deal with Obama? He is allowed to stay in the bush if O is

given power to stay in the White House. This may explain why there is no major effort to arrest

Kony. It would not be the first time. Bill Clinton used Voodoo from Haiti, which included the

sacrifice of an infant, to avoid impeachment and loss of the Presidency. www.canadafreepress.com/2005/cover062805.htm and www.cuttingedge.org/News/n1257.cfm . As all of you know...Bill Clinton's wife is Obama's

Secretary of State. Could it be that pressure is being put on Kony to cut a deal with Obama too

insure his renewed presence in The Black House for four more years? Could the US Special

Forces troops be there to PROTECT KONY? The lawless child army also provides a rich harvest

ground of "disposable" human beings for illuminati experiments and Big Pharma drug tests.

Pray for this world. Pray for something to stop Kony. Pray that Kony 2012 is in fact not

something far, far, worse..... OBAMA-KONY 2012. Stay tuned. The spiritual war continues....