Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chrysler Building links 666 to Euler Totient Function

There has been a previous article and other information by this writer regarding the occult

background of The Chrysler Building. Others have come across additional information on this

topic. This brief article is an update to "pile on" information to the issue for those who just may

feel they can explain all of the odd facts by sheer coincidence.

1. Previous Article: and .

2. Additional Information: .

3. The address for the Chrysler Building is 405 Lexington Avenue. .

4. The NUMBER 405 links Euler Totient Function with 666: .


More coincidence or More Conspiracy. You decide. Think Quickly...Time ... and ...The illuminati

Wait for no one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Goldman Sachs Blankfein link to Will Bill Donovan

The Illuminati-in-Amerikkka control our lives and our very reality through a complex hive

structure. Everything is controlled. Everything is monitored. Those that appear to be the

opposition are either double-agents or ultimately eliminated , one way or the other. Do you

really believe they would allow an internal resistance to form in large numbers because this

society calls itself a "Democracy"? If you do - it is just more proof of the effectiveness of their

mind control and brainwashing.

This brief article merely highlights a "relationship". A link. You draw your own conclusions

after that.

1. The Goldman Sachs bankster firm has raped and pillaged America with impunity. You know

this. That is not a story now for many years. It is led currently by Lloyd Blankfein. .

2. Lloyd , as his friends call him , is involved in the Rockefeller controlled Asia Society. The

following link also notes that he was a lawyer at the firm founded by William "Wild Bill" Donovan

the "Father" of the CIA. .

3. Goldman Sachs and AIG are at the very core of the global financial meltdown and crisis. No

firm profited more from the AIG bailout than Goldman Sachs. .

4. AIG was founded , coincidentally , with the help of Wild Bill Donovan too ! "The men behind

the insurance unit were OSS head William "Wild Bill" Donovan...over the next 50 years, would

build what is now American International Group, one of the biggest insurance companies..." .

5. There are links to AIG and the illuminist Rockefeller controlled Asia Society as well. Scroll

to near bottom. .


When Blankfein said he was doing "God's work" he was wrong. He was doing the bidding of

satan. The CEO of Illuminati , INC. This article merely highlights the Hive structure that is

ever present in the USA and why major criminals in the economic arena never go to prison or

face punishment. They rule the system. They own it. It does their bidding. The law is for the

"little people" to worry about.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Secret Society links Transocean lobbyist to Reagan

The oil keeps pumping into the Gulf. The rig owned by BP was rented by Transocean to do the

actual drilling of the oil out from under the sea bottom. Transocean moved its headquarters

from the Cayman Islands to Switzerland at the end of 2008. Its stock was "shorted" by Goldman

Sachs just before the disaster struck. This was coincidentally close in time to Obama signing off

on a massive expansion of offshore drilling. We are supposed to believe all of these things going

on in close sequence are just happenstance or coincidence.

SEE: Transocean Switzerland:

Goldman Sachs Transocean: .

Now, Transocean has hired a lobbyist to clean up the mess where it really counts - not in the

Gulf , but on the Potomac , in Washington, D.C. The Capitol Hill Consulting Group , chaired by

former Oklahoma Congressman Bill Brewster. .

He is a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. This is another of the numerous college

secret societies of which the US illuminati directed elites come from. .

Tau Kappa Epsilon has as its symbol or coat of arms a design topped with a human skull. . Also - .

Ronald Reagan was the most famous member of this Secret Society. and .

CONCLUSION: What we now know is that Amerikkka is run by secret society minions. Rare

is the President or high achiever that somehow is not a "Lodge Brother" of one organization or

another. This replete with Rituals , secret passwords , codes , bizarre handshakes and so on.

Think of this , Ronald Reagan was in office for two terms. He was member of a society with a

skull symbol. Then came Bush I. He was Skull and Bones and was in for one term. Then came

Bill Clinton who was a Demolay International member. He was in for two terms. Then came

Bush II and he was a Yale Skull and Bones member like his father and grandfather. What this

means is that the entire Reagan - Bush I and II era was under the rule of Presidents who were

members of Skull symbol-linked secret societies. Who ever noticed that? Now, the network is

being used to cleanup the mess with spin , shuck-and-jive and fingerpointing. Nothing changes.

The Illuminati Rule. They lie - we swallow the lies. They steal. We just sit there. They kill. We

just die. They bury us. We just rot. -- When will Resistance finally arise?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Able Danger links Joe Sestak Curt Weldon Arlen Specter

Congressman Joe Sestak will become the Democrat Party candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania

this fall after defeating Senator Arlen Specter in the primary. There is something curious about

this election. It is the second time that Joe Sestak , a former Navy Admiral , has defeated a

candidate that sought to look deeper in the so-called ABLE DANGER program. This was a secret

classified Data-Mining program run by the Pentagon. Allegedly , it discovered the existence of

the Brooklyn cell of Al Qaeda which contained Mohammed Atta , the leader of the 9/11 attackers

according to the OFFICIAL version of events. It also contained the China Chart which exposed

a long list of odd connections between certain US politicians and Chinese Intelligence agents.

1. ABLE DANGER: Senator Specter agreed something rotten was going on regarding 9/11

and the Anthrax attacks. He gets defeated by Joe Sestak.

and for general information and Specter being quoted on Pentagon interference with Senate

inquiry see: .

2. Congressman Curt Weldon got defeated by Joe Sestak too! He was the foremost voice for

looking further into the FACT that the Pentagon had discovered the cell and could have stopped

the attacks. This lends credence to the belief that the attacks were internally directed or were at

least allowed to happen. Weldon's daughter was accused of crimes just weeks before the election

in which he lost to Sestak. The charges were later dropped after he lost the race. This allowed

former Admiral Sestak to become Congressman Sestak and now (as you will see in November of

2010) Senator Sestak. Maybe...just Maybe with this pedigree he will be President Sestak in the

future? Who knows...only the Illuminati. See Curt Weldon - Able Danger at: and or go to and
insert Curt Weldon Daughter.

The raids on the homes of his daughter and political ally came just a few weeks or days before

the November , 2006 election which created "Congressman Sestak".

3. Joe Sestak had a role in the post 9/11 era that was very important and required someone

who could be trusted to do the illuminati's bidding no matter what. He was in charge of " Deep

Blue " the elite antiterrorism unit formed after the attacks. .


What Deep Blue does in part is operate "red cells". These are cells that mimic what the enemy

does or likely will do. Perfect for an inside job "terrorist attack" like 9/11 , don't you think? .

Were they really formed after 9/11 ........... or before? The reader must decide.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama caused Oil Spill hits Republican Gulf States

Obama is cunning. He is devious. He is a strategic chess player that sees far. He is a native

Kenyan who has managed to fake his way into the heart of the White Man's power structure -

the fabled White House itself.

Obama knows that his Health Care bill fiasco and bad economy will cost the Democrats many

seats in November 2010. He knows that as things look now he is a One-Term President , unless

something enormous changes the current political dynamic he was facing. That has happened.

What we have with the oil spill in the gulf caused by some event at a BP Oil rig is 9/11 level

event that goes on and on and on. By November , the coastline of every USA State and nation

with a caribbean shore will be devastated. No one will remember Obamacare. This will be

particularly true once the dreaded Hurricane season hits.

Oddly enough , all of the Gulf States are now Republican strongholds. Texas. Georgia. Alabama

and Florida. Lousiana less so but still leaning that way. The Deep South is now in Deep S**T and

it is now Republican territory. The Republicans have always been the biggest fans and pushers

of offshore drilling off the coast and weak or weakened environmental regulations and rules.


Further , the company that is being blamed or is responsible for the disaster is BP. It just

happens that BP was the employer of the husband of Sarah Palin - a possible Republican

Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate. How coincidental? Don't you think? and .

The Republicans are morons. They are slaves of the oil barons. They will continue to try to

protect the oil companies. They continue to push for more drilling. They do not realize that this

is HUNDREDS of Exxon Valdez spills going on without end for months in a body of water that is

much smaller than the Pacific Ocean waters off Alaska. The President has no interest in ending

this disaster any time soon since the destruction of Republican controlled seashore is what may

stop the Tea Party led Republicans that threaten to send him into early exile in his beloved

Kenya. Who cares if Turtles and Dolphins and sea birds die en masse. Saving the Obama regime

is all that matters and the Republican fools are playing right into his satanic hands. They deserve

what they they not? All it took was some CIA frogmen and a few backpacks of highgrade

underwater gelignite. A grateful CIA that is being spared a war crimes and torture witch hunt

by Obama - knows how to pay back favors rendered.

Obama caused Oil Spill as pretext to invade Cuba

The following article is a conspiracy theory. It is a plausible 'Deep Black' psyops scenario based

on the Roman / latin phrase cui bono - WHO BENEFITS?

1. The Cuban regime run by Raul Castro , brother of deceased dictator Fidel Castro has

rejected the peace overtures of the Obama clique. (Yes - Fidel has been dead for years. What

you see on TV is one of his many doubles. The way to deprive the Miami Cubans of a massive

victory celebration over his death was to have him live forever - or until he is a 100 or whatever)

2. Oil has been discovered off the coast of Cuba. It provides a means for the island to evade

hegemonistic control by AmeriKKKa forever. This island has already set a bad example that it

is possible to disobey the Yanqui colossus and still survive. Oil boom standards of living mixed

with socialism would be deadly to the USA bankster wall street thugs. Something finally had to

be done with the band of brothers running their own pet dictatorship within visual distance of

Florida. And something was done....

3. The Oil will surround Cuba. There will be a move to demand that its rigs and wells be shut

down. The oil will devastate Cuba. It is surrounded by the sea. There is nowhere to run or hide

from the messy goo. As the island goes into a tailspin as tourists stop going to the gloppy beaches

and its maritime and oil revenue industries collapse - it will be ripe for the final invasion. The

Obama regime will find a reason to invade. It could be environmental. It could be 'humanitarian'.

But it will happen. It will happen when the Hurricane season that is starting soon adds to the

by then massive oil devastation of the island. It will be ripe for plucking and plunder. Like Iraq

was for the Neocons under Bush. Cuba Libre! ... not. Cuba Lubed ... definitely.

OPEC Conspiracy Theory and BP Oil Gulf Disaster

This writer , as always , attempts to offer the reader total honesty. This article is a Conspiracy

Theory. Plain and Simple. There is yet insufficient information about what really happened on

the BP oil rig and pipeline to understand the event or provide a suitable explanation. However,

the following thing is noteworthy:

Obama had just finished signing a bill on March 31 , 2010 to allow drilling off the coasts. .

March 31 is 3-31 or 31-3 for date numerology. The number 313 is linked to 666 : .

1. The OPEC oil monopoly does not want and will stop - AT ALL COSTS - The USA from

gaining either : a) independence from foreign sources of oil , and or b) independence from oil

itself. The end of USA oil consumption or foreign oil consumption would cause every country

that comprises OPEC to implode and wither away under mob rule as their own nation's citizens

rose up in hunger to overthrow the corrupt regimes that invariably (Norway being the exception)

sell oil to finance their revenue stream and state expenditures.

2. The Oil spill in the Gulf , caused by a still unknown failure at the BP rig has killed any idea

or thought of offshore drilling on USA coastal waters. The USA will not be weaning itself from

OPEC oil anytime soon. In fact , there will now be a move to shut down the remaining rigs. If

one could do this much damage, what happens if the other 130 + rigs in the Gulf were to fall

apart because of "weak concrete". It cannot just be one rig with this "defect", correct?

*** All it took to keep the Iranians , Sudan , OPEC , Mexico , Canada , Russia , Saudi-land and

so forth swimming in oil petrodollars and petroeuros is the televised scenes of dead endangered

sea turtles and dolphins.

*** All it took to do this was a four-man Scuba demolition Spetznaz team from Russia to plant

the charges. Billions or better said trillions of dollars were at stake. What were they to do?

Zionist Conspiracy Theory and BP Oil Gulf Disaster

The following article is a conspiracy theory. Pure and Simple. The events regarding the oil

pipeline leak and oil rig fire and explosion are still too new and unknown to get enough facts and

even lies by the "system" to come up with a plausible explanation to what really happened.

This article is based on the idea of cui bono - latin for WHO BENEFITS - from the disaster in a

big way.

1. The zionist entity known as Israel to many is beseiged by muslims who fund their campaign

against the jewish state with Oil money and Petrodollars.

2. The biggest threat to Israel comes from Iran , The arab Gulf states and Saudi Arabia as

well as Russia - with a long history of anti-semitism - and Hugo Chavez controlled Venezuela

who has made jews in that country increasingly uncomfortable , causing many to leave.

3. Take away the oil money and the arabs , persians , russians and Chavez become nothing.

These nations have nothing to sell except the oil beneath their sands , jungle and frozen tundra.

Russia is the exception but Oil is still its major economic powerhouse. Sudan is now also a major

oil player and it fundamentalist regime , led by indicted War Criminal President Bashir would

also vanish.


The entire Green Movement is a mega-massive Zionist psyops campaign. If the world or at

least the USA , really "goes green" and gets of the oil addiction , Israel would be saved because

the funding for its critical , fanatical foes would dry up. No money means no financing of radical

groups or money to pay for nuclear weapons or anything else. Most of the previously mentioned

regimes could not buy imported food. They would be busy not being cannibalized by zombie

mobs of their own oppressed citizens.

The Greenhouse gases are nothing more than hot air created by Mossad. The Hockey Puck

theory that led to the whole global warming malarkey is now known to be hogwash and false.

The zionists will rake in profits when this Gulf of Mexico false flag environmental 9/11 gives

Obama the "reason" to force the USA to "go green" , like his mysterious Obamacare Health plan

which is now law but no one knows what it does or what it will mean.

The Muslim , Russian and miscellaneous enemies of the pariah State of Israel will implode. The

stolen "promised land" will remain under their control and the will profit by having a finger in

every aspect of the green pie that the public will be forced to buy into by Mossad-controlled

Obama , whose handler is his White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

All it took was a few Israeli Navy frogmen / Navy Seal equivalent and a few well-placed UDs

or Underwater Demolitions. Sounds like a Naval 9/11 to complement the aerial false flag 9/11

of the "hijacked" aircraft crashing into towers? That is exactly what it is.

Preventing Global Warming is not about polar bears sliding into the rising sea. It is about how to

stop Israeli settlers from being pushed into the Mediterranean by a tidal wave of attacks fueled

and paid for by Petrodollars and PetroEuros. The lie is bigger even than 9/11. The zionists

care nothing about our Gulf of Mexico. They do care about their Dead Sea, which is what the

Gulf of Mexico is in the process of becoming. An Environmental Pearl Harbor to force passage of

radical green legislation to get us off oil and bankrupt the Oil sheiks , mullahs and commissars.

Yes ... bubba Yes....mabel Obama really did tell the truth when he promised CHANGE.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

NYC Phallic Cityspire linked to Psychic Octagon

The illuminati appear to have mastered a form of technology that encompasses 3D designs

and multidimensional forces. A recent example of this , in the world of architecture and tall

building design is to be found in the described as phallic , Cityspire in New York City. The

building certainly appears to be modeled on a human phallus and glans. See for yourself. and .

1. The Height is 248 meters. The number 248 is heavily linked to multidimensional

superstring theory. E8 a 57 dimensional object that can be rotated 248 ways without changing

its appearance. and this math puzzle

was just solved after 120 years of looking for answers. .

2. NYC Cityspire is 248 meters tall. and .

It is "very close" to two skyscrapers on 57th street. The dome is moorish designed and linked

to the New York City Center which was based on moorish or muslim mosque design. and .

So we have a connection to the freemason designed NYC Center building once owned by the

Shriners. The number 57 and 248 of superstring theory in a phallic tower with an unusual

octagon shape or design. The Octagon or Octagram is also known as the Chaos Star linked to

the masonic slogan ORDO AB CHAO and the chaos star is at the center of the CIA emblem.

scroll to near bottom - .


There appears to be a connection to the Octagonal Gate or the Octagon shape and the LOST

TV series. . The DHARMA initiative in

the series has an Octagon shape. The Octagon is linked to Hyperbolic space. .

You may wish to learn or do more by contacting Octagon Global Recruiting. .

The planet Venus forms a pentagram in the sky every 248 years. .

The number 248 is divided by 31 eight 8 times. Half of 248 is 124 which is 31 x 4 or the exact

numbers which begin the infinite number Pi 3.14. Venus is linked to the 8 pointed star. . "In order to develop psychic skills 8
magnetic fields are used around the brain. The circumcerebral also the Octagon..." .

Phallic festivals have been linked to the worship of Venus the goddess of love in the ancient

pagan world. .

Is that what is going on? A form of psychic skill development for the sheeple? A way to open

minds to the brainwashing? That is unknown. More research to follow.