Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zionist Conspiracy Theory and BP Oil Gulf Disaster

The following article is a conspiracy theory. Pure and Simple. The events regarding the oil

pipeline leak and oil rig fire and explosion are still too new and unknown to get enough facts and

even lies by the "system" to come up with a plausible explanation to what really happened.

This article is based on the idea of cui bono - latin for WHO BENEFITS - from the disaster in a

big way.

1. The zionist entity known as Israel to many is beseiged by muslims who fund their campaign

against the jewish state with Oil money and Petrodollars.

2. The biggest threat to Israel comes from Iran , The arab Gulf states and Saudi Arabia as

well as Russia - with a long history of anti-semitism - and Hugo Chavez controlled Venezuela

who has made jews in that country increasingly uncomfortable , causing many to leave.

3. Take away the oil money and the arabs , persians , russians and Chavez become nothing.

These nations have nothing to sell except the oil beneath their sands , jungle and frozen tundra.

Russia is the exception but Oil is still its major economic powerhouse. Sudan is now also a major

oil player and it fundamentalist regime , led by indicted War Criminal President Bashir would

also vanish.


The entire Green Movement is a mega-massive Zionist psyops campaign. If the world or at

least the USA , really "goes green" and gets of the oil addiction , Israel would be saved because

the funding for its critical , fanatical foes would dry up. No money means no financing of radical

groups or money to pay for nuclear weapons or anything else. Most of the previously mentioned

regimes could not buy imported food. They would be busy not being cannibalized by zombie

mobs of their own oppressed citizens.

The Greenhouse gases are nothing more than hot air created by Mossad. The Hockey Puck

theory that led to the whole global warming malarkey is now known to be hogwash and false.

The zionists will rake in profits when this Gulf of Mexico false flag environmental 9/11 gives

Obama the "reason" to force the USA to "go green" , like his mysterious Obamacare Health plan

which is now law but no one knows what it does or what it will mean.

The Muslim , Russian and miscellaneous enemies of the pariah State of Israel will implode. The

stolen "promised land" will remain under their control and the will profit by having a finger in

every aspect of the green pie that the public will be forced to buy into by Mossad-controlled

Obama , whose handler is his White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

All it took was a few Israeli Navy frogmen / Navy Seal equivalent and a few well-placed UDs

or Underwater Demolitions. Sounds like a Naval 9/11 to complement the aerial false flag 9/11

of the "hijacked" aircraft crashing into towers? That is exactly what it is.

Preventing Global Warming is not about polar bears sliding into the rising sea. It is about how to

stop Israeli settlers from being pushed into the Mediterranean by a tidal wave of attacks fueled

and paid for by Petrodollars and PetroEuros. The lie is bigger even than 9/11. The zionists

care nothing about our Gulf of Mexico. They do care about their Dead Sea, which is what the

Gulf of Mexico is in the process of becoming. An Environmental Pearl Harbor to force passage of

radical green legislation to get us off oil and bankrupt the Oil sheiks , mullahs and commissars.

Yes ... bubba Yes....mabel Obama really did tell the truth when he promised CHANGE.

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