Saturday, May 15, 2010

OPEC Conspiracy Theory and BP Oil Gulf Disaster

This writer , as always , attempts to offer the reader total honesty. This article is a Conspiracy

Theory. Plain and Simple. There is yet insufficient information about what really happened on

the BP oil rig and pipeline to understand the event or provide a suitable explanation. However,

the following thing is noteworthy:

Obama had just finished signing a bill on March 31 , 2010 to allow drilling off the coasts. .

March 31 is 3-31 or 31-3 for date numerology. The number 313 is linked to 666 : .

1. The OPEC oil monopoly does not want and will stop - AT ALL COSTS - The USA from

gaining either : a) independence from foreign sources of oil , and or b) independence from oil

itself. The end of USA oil consumption or foreign oil consumption would cause every country

that comprises OPEC to implode and wither away under mob rule as their own nation's citizens

rose up in hunger to overthrow the corrupt regimes that invariably (Norway being the exception)

sell oil to finance their revenue stream and state expenditures.

2. The Oil spill in the Gulf , caused by a still unknown failure at the BP rig has killed any idea

or thought of offshore drilling on USA coastal waters. The USA will not be weaning itself from

OPEC oil anytime soon. In fact , there will now be a move to shut down the remaining rigs. If

one could do this much damage, what happens if the other 130 + rigs in the Gulf were to fall

apart because of "weak concrete". It cannot just be one rig with this "defect", correct?

*** All it took to keep the Iranians , Sudan , OPEC , Mexico , Canada , Russia , Saudi-land and

so forth swimming in oil petrodollars and petroeuros is the televised scenes of dead endangered

sea turtles and dolphins.

*** All it took to do this was a four-man Scuba demolition Spetznaz team from Russia to plant

the charges. Billions or better said trillions of dollars were at stake. What were they to do?


Paratherion said...

I hate OPEC. I HATE OPEC. Thank goodness I am not in charge of The Button, because I REALLY HATE OPEC!!!

Mukalazi Joseph William said...

thanks, because the more we learn the more we get to know where we are heading to

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