Saturday, May 22, 2010

Able Danger links Joe Sestak Curt Weldon Arlen Specter

Congressman Joe Sestak will become the Democrat Party candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania

this fall after defeating Senator Arlen Specter in the primary. There is something curious about

this election. It is the second time that Joe Sestak , a former Navy Admiral , has defeated a

candidate that sought to look deeper in the so-called ABLE DANGER program. This was a secret

classified Data-Mining program run by the Pentagon. Allegedly , it discovered the existence of

the Brooklyn cell of Al Qaeda which contained Mohammed Atta , the leader of the 9/11 attackers

according to the OFFICIAL version of events. It also contained the China Chart which exposed

a long list of odd connections between certain US politicians and Chinese Intelligence agents.

1. ABLE DANGER: Senator Specter agreed something rotten was going on regarding 9/11

and the Anthrax attacks. He gets defeated by Joe Sestak.

and for general information and Specter being quoted on Pentagon interference with Senate

inquiry see: .

2. Congressman Curt Weldon got defeated by Joe Sestak too! He was the foremost voice for

looking further into the FACT that the Pentagon had discovered the cell and could have stopped

the attacks. This lends credence to the belief that the attacks were internally directed or were at

least allowed to happen. Weldon's daughter was accused of crimes just weeks before the election

in which he lost to Sestak. The charges were later dropped after he lost the race. This allowed

former Admiral Sestak to become Congressman Sestak and now (as you will see in November of

2010) Senator Sestak. Maybe...just Maybe with this pedigree he will be President Sestak in the

future? Who knows...only the Illuminati. See Curt Weldon - Able Danger at: and or go to and
insert Curt Weldon Daughter.

The raids on the homes of his daughter and political ally came just a few weeks or days before

the November , 2006 election which created "Congressman Sestak".

3. Joe Sestak had a role in the post 9/11 era that was very important and required someone

who could be trusted to do the illuminati's bidding no matter what. He was in charge of " Deep

Blue " the elite antiterrorism unit formed after the attacks. .


What Deep Blue does in part is operate "red cells". These are cells that mimic what the enemy

does or likely will do. Perfect for an inside job "terrorist attack" like 9/11 , don't you think? .

Were they really formed after 9/11 ........... or before? The reader must decide.


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