Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yale Skull and Bones 322 Cubed equals Roswell Crash Site Latitude

For those of you that continue to believe in the existence of the one thing that does not exist in

our Universe - coincidence - this article may give you something to ponder. Yale University is a

coven-college whose most famous or infamous organization is not the Football team but the

secret society known as The Skull and Bones Society or sometimes The Order of Death. This is

well known. The number mysteriously associated with Skull and Bones is 322. .

New Information on 322 illuminati linkages:

A. George W. Bush, the Texecutioner, who as Governor of the Lone Pentagram State of Texas,

sent more people to death from the murder complex located in the Texas Prison in Huntsville,

Texas, known as The Walls than anyone in history was a member of S & B. This is well known

as well. / .

B. Huntsville , Texas is where 322 Skull and Bones Texecutioner Dubya carried out his basic

training in ordering death. Something that would come in handy for Iraq. / .

Never in human history has a US Governor set the record for executions in his own State and

then gone on to execute persons as US President while his brother , as Governor of another

State, Jeb Bush in Florida, goes on executing people as well. . Texas now accounts for 60% of

USA executions , something else also setting a record. .

C. Oddly enough, the Death Rows of Bush Texas and Bush Florida Death Rows seem to be

aligned along their respective lines of latitude with the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt and each

other - or very close to it. .

D. The height of the new Capitol Building in the Bush - Illuminati fiefdom known as Florida, is

322 feet in height. If it does not look like an Illuminati - Satanic temple ...nothing does. see photo .

E. The Skull and Bones 322 links up with the Longitude of Edinburgh , Scotland, the masonic

capital of the globe at least in times past. .

google 3.22 latitude Edinburgh.

F. The Texas York Rite in Huntsville, Texas has a P.O. box of 322. scroll down one inch. .


G. 322 cubed is 322 x 322 x 322. The cubed stands for the three dimensions. Width, height

and length. see insert - 322 cubed - hit search. The answer is :

333.86,248. --- This connects to previously discovered illuminati numerology regarding the

number 333. and scroll to bottom .

H. Using advanced illuminati numerolgy analyis one comes up with a line of Longitude or Ley

line of 33.38. Doing this with the help of google , one discovers a link to the island of Cyprus.

Whose capital is located at 33.22 E longitude and whose major city of Larnaca is at 33.38 E

Longitude as well. So both numbers appear on this ancient land. .

I. After the fall of the Holy Land to the muslim saracens , Cyprus became the primary

stomping ground of the Knight Templars. / /

In fact, at one point , the Knight Templars owned the whole island. .

J. Cyprus is a largely greek island. It was ruled by Knights. The Skull and Bones society

call themselves Knights of Eulogia. . Eulogia is a greek

word meaning "Blessing".

K. The Roswell incident is the most famous UFO incident in history. Allegedly, an alien UFO

crashed there according to the story or myth. This is too well known to need elaboration.

L. The exact latitude of the Roswell Crash Site is the exact number as Skull and Bones' 322

cubed. This derived by GPS, not guesswork or speculation. .

Also, Roswell, is Rose Well. Water is in a well. Rosewater is used in Wiccan spells -it rhymes.

Rosewater is linked to a satanic role game. .

This game is based on wizards casting spells. .

The game Magic:The Gathering is linked by some to evil- and even an actual exorcist believes the game

may be to aid in evoking evil spirits by children. .

Roswell = Rose Well = Rosewater = Rose Line = Roslyn = Rosicrucians... this link to be studied

in the future.


The Yale 322 appears to be linked directly now to The Knight Templars and to Roswell , New

Mexico's exact alignment for the suspected UFO Crash. The dots of evil are interconnected. It

is this writer's mission in service to the Higher Powers to expose it. What you, reader, do with

the information is up to you and your conscience. Sit back and do nothing or resist. Free will is a

burden, is it not?

Torah 613 links Scotland Pyramid to Wynn's Casino in Sin City

The super-mathematician Pythagoras stated that nothing happened by coincidence. Using that

as a fact or at least truism allows for a clearer analysis of the illuminati phenomenon. The forces

behind the human actors, be they fallen angels, reptilians or what have you utilize a number

based science to effectuate their goals which we in our ignorance refer to as "magic".

The purpose of this article is to illustrate briefly another example of mystical synchronicity

and disguised codes and meanings hiding behind a veil of "coincidence".

This one connects-the-dots on a link between the Torah's 613 commandments and a suspected

pyramid in Scotland to the hyper RFID-enabled Wynn's Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether

Pythagoras is correct or not ... as left to the reader.


1. The Torah was the jewish law supposedly given to Moses by G-d. and . This law

according to some versions of judaism had 613 Commandments as noted on the articles linked

above. One can find volumes of information by simply google - Torah 613 Moses - .

2. Using the number 613 as a code or symbol one then discovers that the tallest building in

Egypt is 613 feet tall. Odd, that the building would be this height, the number of the law given

to Moses who had just taken the wealth of Egypt, killed the Pharaoh and his army and all the

non-jewish first born children in that land. .

3. It now has been noted that there are those that believe that the original inhabitants of

Scotland were ancient egyptians. The Scota. It is interesting to note that a suspected pyramid

in that country is 613 feet tall. North Berwick Law is the name of the hill/pyramid. scroll down

90% . see

photo: Hill or buried pyramid? 613 feet tall. Scota name of egyptian princess from which comes

the name Scotland. .

4. Steve Wynn or Win (the name was changed by his father and is not original ) is jewish. His

casino is the most RFID chip enabled casino in the world, as best known to this writer. or google

RFID Wynn Casino.

5. The Wynn's Casino is 613 feet in height. "Wynn plays down his jewish ancestry" but not,

apparently when it comes to the Number of the TORAH 613 being the height in feet of the one

mega-casino project he names after himself. . .

COINCIDENCE? The reader must decide if Pythagoras is correct or not. If Pythagoras was

correct the meaning may then be 613 WINS.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

625 Pythagoras Coincidence and 93 Thelema link to Boxing Day Tsunami

Pythagoras was the premier ancient greek mathematician and philosopher that did not believe

in coincidence. Therefore, one must assume that occurrences of a numerological nature in his

mathematical theorems and formulas are BY DESIGN. ...his or whatever guided his work.

The present article provides the reader with a numerical alignment that happens when one

EITHER multiplies OR adds together the numbers of the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet. This

historical item was discovered by archaeologists on his home isle of Samos, Greece.

The tablet contains the following sequence of numbers:

4 - 5/36 -3 - 1/9 - 2.25 -9 - 2 - 25/16

The link from which this writer derived the numbers has been taken down. This happened

within 72 hours of posting articles using it***. Coincidence? google Pythagoras Mystery Tablet.

When one wishes to multiply the numbers of the tablet , one follows the formula:

4 x 5/36 x 1.9 x 2.25 x 9 x 2 x 25/16 = (inserted into , click on search).

The answer is: 200.39.0625 . Changing the 1/9 to 1.9 leads to this result.

When one adds the numbers together in google using the same method only using + instead of x ,

the answer is: 22.0625 . The same last four digits in identical order.

Research was then conducted into the meaning of the number 0625 or better 625.

The Evidence:

1. The square root of the number 625 is 25. insert square root 625 in - search.

2. The square root of 25 is 5. Use same formula or simply mutliply 5 x 5 = 25.

3. The Law of Fives is heavily linked to the Illuminati: . / .

Illuminati 5 - scroll down 45% .

4. The number 23 or 2+3=5 , is associated with the Law of Fives as well. or google

Law of Fives 23 .

5. The square root of 5 (insert square root 5 into click on search) is 2.23606798

The number 23 , again. Two becomes TO 23.

6. In the Year 625, Mohammed and his muslim forces were defeated at the Battle of Uhud

by pagans form Mecca. The date was March 23. .

7. March 23 is a major Babylonian feast day and occult feast day. .

8. When all the numbers of the square root of five are added together it equals 43. George W.

Bush is the 43rd President of the USA. . Further, the number

43 is the smallest prime number never mentioned in the Bible. .

Therefore, the square root of the law of fives leads to President George W. Bush and his number

is never mentioned in the Word of God...coincidence? Or the Law of Fives?

9. The science of numerology adds up to 43. .

10. Even though the number is not mentioned in the Bible, oddly there appear to be 43 versions

of the Bible. .

WEATHER WAR AND 625 Pythagoras Numerology:

11. The Doomsday Vault with all of the World's seeds will be built 625 miles from the North Pole .

One of the reasons for building the vault is weather changes caused by disasters or global

warming. .

12. The Eye of Hurricane Mitch was 625 square miles. .

Hurricane Mitch was linked to alleged Illuminati weather control. scroll down 90% .

13. The Boxing Day Tsunami was linked to the Illuminatti. .

14. The quake which caused the Tsunami was 9.3 Magnitude.

15. The Epicenter was located at 9.3 S. Latitude. .

16. The Thelema Cult or Religion of 666 satanist Aleister Crowley is linked to the number 93. .

17. The Boxing Day Tsunami's earthquake was the largest in modern times and had a fault line

of 625 miles. .

18. "Coincidentally", the fault line of the San Andreas Fault in California is also 625 miles long. .

19. NASA studies the San Andreas Fault doing research into the quake phenomenon. .

20. There is an alleged link between NASA and the original Temple of Set that ties into the

Indonesia Tsunami/Earthquake. .


An ancient numerology and science best known as magic is being used against the peoples of

the Earth by the Illuminati. Pythagoras provided us with a key of numbers to unlock the secrets

before time runs out. This is the truth........can you handle it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pythagoras Mystery Tablet links Manhattan Project to Montauk Time Portal

Additional discoveries have been made regarding the hidden numerology of the Pythagoras

mystery tablet. Pythagoras , himself, said that nothing happens by coincidence and that all

things happen according to Divine Will. That being the case, there is an interesting link found

between the answer to his mystery tablet numbers sum when multiplied and atomic bombs

and alleged dimensional portals. It leads to New York City and its environs.

Whether or not the connection is coincidence or not is up to the reader, but Pythagoras says

it must be by design.


1. The Pythagoras Mystery Tablet was discovered by archaeologists on Samos, the home isle

of Pythagoras - one of the greatest minds that ever took on human form. The Tablet has a

series of numbers and fractions. They are the following:

4 - 5/36 - 3 - 1/9 - 2.25 - 9 - 2 - 25/16

When one multiplies them together in the answer is 11.71875.

insert the previous numbers with x replacing - and = after 25/16 .

2. 11718 is the zip code for Brightwaters , Long Island , New York City. .

3. Brightwaters is near Babylon village, Amityville and Montauk Point and beach.,_New_York .

Montauk - Babylon - Amityville are all on Long Island as well. .

4. Montauk is associated with Nazi experiments conducted on an old US military base using

Time Portals. .

5. Babylon under the reign of Nebuchadnezzar also associated with Time Portals. The

babylonian ruler allegedly saw "The Son of Man" 500 years before his birth. The war in Iraq

has really been about control of super advanced ET technology which includes portal devices. and

"an ET transportation device ... may lie buried on the sands of Iraq..." . scroll down 50% .

6. Amityville is best known for a mega-haunted House known in movies as the Amityville

Horror: It lies at latitude 40.666 which runs through Long Island. . A portal to Hell , if there ever was one.

7. Brightwaters name linked to the Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project: Ernest Rutherford, the

father of western nuclear physics born in Brightwater, New Zealand. .

As noted in 1919 , he became the first person to disintegrate an element artificially. His research

was instrumental in the convening of the Manhattan Project. .

8. Nuclear Blasts are said by some to interfere with the guidance systems of UFOs. an "atomic

explosion is a foray into the space-time continuum that they occupy." .


Nothing is by coincidence. Then the fact that the sum of the pythagoras mystery tablet numbers

when multiplied together equals the zip code or location associated with : Brightwater i.e.;

Sir Ernest Rutherford, first human to split an element; Amityville Horror Portal, Babylon

Tower, ET Transportation device, The Montauk Time Portal and the Manhattan Project IS NOT

BY CHANCE BUT BY DESIGN. The fact that a man living 500 years before Jesus gave us the

key to understanding this is amazing. The common thread is other dimensions and contact,

communication and utilization of a technology based on another dimension of space-time.

Pythagoras was warning us of the contact with other dimensions. He was also providing us

with the key to the ignition of how to do it. That is the purpose of the tablet. The question now

is HOW to use it and SHOULD WE. This writer says we should leave well enough alone. That

idea will land on deaf ears. The future therefore is cloudy, like a mushroom cloud, in fact.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pythagoras Mystery Tablet links America Heartline To White House Ellipse

The current series of investigations into advanced illuminati mathematics and numerology

involves research into the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet. This item was discovered by

archaeologists in the ancient greek math genius island of Samos. The tablet contains

the following sequence of numbers:

4 - 5/36 - 3 - 1/9 - 2.25 - 9 - 2 - 25/16 .

A previous typing error discovered that if one changes the slash mark / for a period or decimal

point on one of the fractions when multiplying the numbers , odd coincidences can be discovered.

Therefore 4 x 5/36 x 3 x 1.9 x 2.25 x 9 x 2 x 25/16 = 200.390625 .

1. A postal zip code for Washington, D.C. is 20039 : In fact it drops you off in the so-called

Ellipse, front yard of the White House.,+DC+20039,+United+States+of+America&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title or google

Washington D.C. 20039 and click on link at top of screen with those words.

2. It is well known that the layout of Washington D.C. is imbued with extensive occult and

masonic symbolism. The Ellipse is an Illuminati symbol -scroll to bottom - and

"the illuminati's ellipse was prominent even today..." .

The Ellipse Park noted in 20039 is called President's Park: .

3. "Pythagoras drew attention to ...ellipses..." .

4. 20039 could also be interpreted as TO 39 , as in TOWARDS 39. It is odd to note that

Washington , D.C. is on Parallel 39 and that this line is known as "the heartline of America". and .

5. If one takes out the zeroes one is left with the number 239. In Krakow, Poland, the ancient

capital of that land, St. Mary's Tower has 239 steps to reach the top. The church is actually


This again raises the topic of a human being going to another dimension - Heaven - which is

where the Virgin Mary ascended to. This again raises the connection between the Mystery

Tablet and entering another dimension be it Heaven or Hades or something else. This has

been noted in a previous article. This adds evidence to the theory that the mystery tablet is

a formula for inter-portal dimensional travel of some sort.

6. The Qutb Minar or Axis Minaret was named for a muslim minaret in Delhi , India as an

axis between Heaven and Earth. . The Qutb Minar

is 239 feet tall. Again the concept of a link or bridge or pathway to HEAVEN. see photo .

7. Pluto is the god of Hades in greek mythology. Plutonium 239 is one of the very few fissile

radioactive materials capable of making a chain reaction nuclear explosion with just a few

hundred grams of material. . Again, a link to

Heaven or Hell. Some believe nuclear blast create rifts in the Time Space Continuum that allow

openings to develop with other dimensions. Again, the idea of inter-dimensional travel. .

8. The Cathedral of St. Paul is the "karmic center" of St. Paul , Minnesota. It is located at a

239 address and is 306 feet or 93 meters tall. The 239 is pertinent to this article. 36 is a code

for 666 and 93 is the number of Thelema, the Religion or cult of Aleister Crowley, the beast 666.

a) google 36 number 666; b) google 93 Thelema Aleister Crowley.

St. Paul 239 - . Coincidence?


It appears strange that by changing a hashmark or slash into a decimal point while multiplying

the numbers of the mystery tablet of Pythagoras that one ends up on the front lawn of the

White House. The links continue to build to inter-dimensional travel. The tablet is a key - to

Heaven, Hell, and only God knows what and where else.

452 Pythagoras mystery tablet contains Keys to Heaven and Hell

The ongoing research and exposure project into masonic and illuminati advanced numerology

continues to discover odd "coincidences". The present one has to do with the so-called Mystery

Tablet of Pythagoras. This object was found by archaeologists on the island of Samos and

contains certain numbers that are as follows:

4 - 5/36 -3 - 1/9 - 2.25 -9 - 2 - 25/16 ; .

This writer decided to multiply them and see what the result was using google.

Go to - insert the following:

4 x 5/36 x 3 x 1/9 x 2.25 x 9 x 2 x 25/16 = . The answer is: 11.71875. HOWEVER, for

purposes of this article, when this writer first entered the numbers an error or "error" occurred.

The writer entered 5.36 instead of 5/36. The answer was then 452.25 . This mistake led to

the discovery of some amazing coincidences. Whether it was a mistake or a hidden hand guiding

this writer will be up to the reader to decide.

The Number 452:

1. The super-architect / artist Michelangelo, designed St. Peter's in the Vatican. The original

church was torn down to accomodate the new building. .

2. The dome in particular was left to Michelangelo.

3. Michelangelo was believed to be linked to the secret mystery schools of ancient times and

codes are being discovered in his paintings. .

4. Michelangelo is believed / suspected of being a past Grandmaster of the Priory of Sion. .

5. Michelangelo designed the dome of St. Peter's Basilica to be 452 feet to the top of the cross.

The same as the numbers of the Pythagoras equation with the / of 5/36 exchanged for a . or

5.36 instead of 5/36. Could the other slash marks be a code for decimal points as well? This will

be studied in the future.

6. Coincidentally, in North Carolina at an altitude of 4,522 feet stands a Masonic Shrine which

was of such importance that its dedication caused the largest "group of Cryptic Masons (over

600) to meet outside the General Grand Council." see photos and article:

This of course, again coincidentally, happens to be the first four numbers of the multiplication

of all of the numbers of Pythagoras Mystery Tablet with the one accidental...or guided, change.

7. The City of Venice is heavily associated with the Illuminati , Freemasonry and the Black

Nobility. / / .

It was founded in the year 452. .

8. There are 452 steps to reach the Caves of Heaven and Hell, in modern day Turkey. / see photo of chasm of Heaven /

The cave system has a chapel to the Virgin Mary and is said to be connected to the river Styx

over which all souls of the dead in greek mythology had to cross. The god Zeus, the ruler of

Olympus - the greek Heaven - imprisoned the hundred-headed monster Typhon in one of the

caves according to local legend. .

9. The Virgin Mary ascended into heaven in what is now modern day Turkey. Her remains

initially were placed in a cave. - .

10. Zeus is the ruler of Olympus a.k.a. Heaven: . This is well


The Key to Heaven. St. Peter is always depicted as having The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven

in his hands. He guards the Pearly Gates. The Virgin Mary ascended bodily into Heaven from

a cave in Turkey. A cave with a shrine for her has 452 steps. St. Peter's Basilica has its dome

designed by a secret society architect to be 452 feet tall. The freemasons set up a shrine at

high altitude - close to Heaven as possible - at altitude 4,522 feet high. The key is an important

masonic symbol. Pythagoras was considered Christ-like and divine. He knew the design of

Heaven and descended and came back from Hades or Hell.

CONCLUSION: The Pythagoras Mystery Tablet is a code that provides "The Keys to Heaven

and Hell." Whoever can decipher it's true meaning and utilize the process therein can enter the

other worlds. It is a formula for inter-dimensional portal travel. The only question is whether

it is still a secret to all or whether the Venetian Black Nobility and the Freemasons have found

it and worse, could be using it for black magic rituals. More inquiry needed............

Pythagoras believed that no such thing as coincidence existed. All things happened in accord

with Divine Will. The discovery of this numerological "coincidence" by this writer was not a


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pythagoras 50 links Merovingians to EU and Holy Roman Empire

An unusual geospatial connection has been discovered that seems to "coincidentally" link three

major empires or dynasties associated with the illuminati. The connection is based on the

number 50. This number has importance based on its position as the highest "holiest" number

according to super-mathematician and Mystery School denizen, Pythagoras.

Oddly, it also happens to be the number of States in the USA. After reaching a total of 50, the

great masonic experiment known as the United States of America seemed to lose all interest in

adding more States to the Union. Coincidence or Crypto-numerology? The reader decides.


1. Pythagoras entry into

egyptian mystery school.

2. Link with varied info on Pythagoras and related information. .

3. Pythagoras was animated to do this due to a deep desire for knowledge. .

4. Pythagoras Mystery Square and it's numbers: .

The Number 50 :

5. Scroll down 75% . Numbers had holy significance up to 50. Odd were male. Even were female. .

6. Previously, this writer has extrapolated illuminati numbers to lines of longitude and latitude

which may correspond to Ley or Dragon lines of psychic power in an earth grid. The line of

latitude 50. N runs through the following. Tournai, Belgium. Aachen, Germany and Brussels,


7. Tournai: 50 at . Tournai was the capital of

the mystical and magical Merovingian Dynasty that some believe was linked to the bloodline of

Jesus and Mary Magdalene , whose offspring married Frankish nobility in the dark ages when

Rome fell. and . .

8. Brussels - Capital of the One World Government building block known as the EU or European

Union at 50- . The EU and 666 = and 666 Beast computer housed in Brussels.

scroll down 50% .

9. Aachen, Germany - - Capital of the

Holy Roman Empire, that was neither Holy nor Roman. Also at 50. See link to Holy Roman

Empire control over Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Scroll down 25% . also,

The EU may be the revived Holy Roman Empire. .


It is odd that the most powerful empire in the world , the USA is divided into the holy

Pythagoras number of 50 AND that this line of latitude happens to run through The EU,

Holy Roman Empire and Merovingian territories. Could this be just happenstance or the

illuminati at work again with their numbers....the reader must decide.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

363 Thoth exposes USA Civil War link to battle between Horus and Set

This article raises the possibility that some of the most critical aspects of USA , if not world

history, are manipulated by the Illuminati. Something as important as the dividing line between

Slave and Free in the USA prior to the brutal Civil war between the Union (North) and the

Confederacy (South) is linked to masonic numerology. The sad thing is that even people with

Ph.ds in History are clueless as to the real history of their own society. They have earned

doctorates in lies and brainwashing.

The Evidence:

1. Thoth number 363.

a) Thoth is an ancient egyptian deity associated with magic, science and the law. He holds the

balance of the scales of Justice and Good and Evil. "He also ensured everything was kept in

balance, including Good and Evil." .

Thoth is concerned with not allowing either good or evil to triumph - only in maintaining the

equilibrium between the two. An odd philosophical issue if there was one. .

b) For unknown reasons, Thoth is associated with the number 363: .

You can order a book on Thoth. It's shipping weight is 363 grams .

c) "Ra gave Thoth an area of the underworld to rule in "the land of caves"..." .

d) Oddly, the huge Colossal Cave in southern Arizona has been open to the public for a number

of years. A total of 363 steps were built into it for the tourists to walk on. Coincidence? scroll to

number 14. .

e) The Missouri Compromise states that no more slave states would be admitted into the Union

north of the line of 36.3 N. Latitude. scroll down 80% . Therefore, the line

between slave and free or the balance between the two tips on the number of Thoth who holds

the balance between good and evil. Coincidence? .

f) The Missouri Compromise was signed on the 3 - 6 - 1820 .

The numbers 3 and 6 of Thoth's 363......another coincidence?

g) The Tishman Speyer firm covered the illuminati Rockefeller Center in NYC with 363 Solar

Panels for "illumination" - going "green" for Christmas. .

h) Tishman Speyer is headquartered at 666 Fifth Avenue: .

i) The Rockefeller Center has a large statue of Prometheus. The titan that brought fire for

mankind from Olympus the abode of the greek gods. Prometheus is code for Lucifer, the light

bringer that provides "illumination". Prometheus is sometimes equated with Thoth, who also

provides information and thus illumination. and

"the egyptian prometheus" . "Secrets were

passed from the gods to man through Thoth, Prometheus... .

Prometheus as Illuminati code for Lucifer or the Devil: /

So - a 666 Firm owns the Illuminist Rockefeller Center and uses 363 solar (i.e.; illumination)

panels , not 362 or 364 but 363 , the number of Thoth -and the Center houses a Prometheus

statue linked to Thoth and Lucifer- is all a COINCIDENCE??? The reader must decide.


j) Thoth was a partisan in the mythical war between the ancient egyptian deities Horus and

Set which took place in the 363rd year of the reign of the god-king Ra-Harakhte. .

He maintains balance by always fighting for whichever side happens to be losing. .

The 3-6 date Missouri Compromise balanced good and evil / slave and free along the line of

latitude of 36.3. The same number is associated with Thoth who also seeks to balance good and

evil. The USA civil war was between The North and The South. So was the War between Horus

and Seth. It took place between Upper and Lower Egypt or the northern and southern portions

of Egypt - just like the divided along 363 USA North -South war. Horus - Lower Egypt and

Seth Upper Egypt. . again, COINCIDENCE?


The USA civil war appears to be a reenactment of the battle between Horus and Seth, North

and South, with the North winning both times. It is possible that it was a war provoked by

design by the Illuminati Freemasons. Why? To reestablish British masonic control over the USA.

Scroll down to Chapter 4. "London's plan to divide America by civil war." .

Freemasons love Thoth. .

Sadly, the masses in the USA , including historians and Civil war buffs and re-enactors never

know that the war between the States was merely a vast illuminati human sacrifice that copied

an earlier mythical battle between ancient egyptian deities. The truth is now available. There is

still time to thwart the evil designs ...but not much.

666 phi x 666 pi links Solar Apex to Maui Reptilian god

The continuing analysis of advanced illuminati numerology results in additional hitherto

unknown information being provided to the reader. This research is conducted using inductive

logic and a random search mode to find either answers or coincidences - the reader must decide.

When one multiples 666 phi x 666 pi the answer = 2,254,685.5 insert :

666 phi x 666 pi = (the answer will appear at top of your screen.)

The utilizing the recently discovered analytical tool of extrapolating the answer to the equations

into a line of latitude or longitude one comes up with - 22.54 .

1. The general direction of the Solar Apex , or the route our sun takes as it circles the Milky Way

Galaxy, in Galactic Coordinates is 56.24 Longitude and 22.54 Latitude. .

This shows our sun headed generally towards the Star Vega and the constellation Hercules.

2. Oddly, Hercules is a half-god / half-man hybrid best known through greek mythology AND

22.54 Longitude runs through Greece .

3. The star Vega , in whose direction we are going is the alleged home of the Nordics, or a group

of scandinavian looking ETs or aliens. and .

4. The Constellation Hercules contains the M13 star cluster. A message was sent to that star

system from the Arecibo, Puerto Rico Radio Observatory. It will arrive at the speed of light in

the year 10,000. This is also the time when Vega will become our north star replacing Polaris. .

5. Captain James T. Kirk graduated from Starfleet Academy in the year 2254 in the Star Trek

series. . This further raises suspicions of Star Trek links

to the occult.

6. The Yellowstone geyser is on top of what some believe to be a Super-Volcano that can

cause destruction on a global scale. / .

7. The world famous Old Faithful is at an altitude of 2,254 meters. .

Therefore, the one place associated with the Hotter-than-Hell Yellowstone Caldera or Super

Volcano is at an altitude of 666 phi x 666 pi . Coincidence? The Bible Code predicts a major

eruption in 2010. .

8. Another Super Volcano "hot spot" literally is in Hawaii. It just so happens that the highest

peak in Maui, Hawaii, USA is 2,254 feet high. Mount Ball , in pagan times " At the top of the hill,

was a large heiau reputedly built by Chief Kamohomoho, 'one of the noted chiefs of olden times.'

This heiau was the first one built and dedicated to a lizard god of great strength named

Mo'oinanea. Worship of this lizard-god was widespread in Maui, Molokai and Lanai. It was said

that the god made its home in the pond of Mokuhinia in Lahaina." .

In other words....the number derived from 666 phi x 666 pi = 2254, linked to what can only be a

reptilian . "mo'o could appear in various forms, in this case , they were either human or

reptilian." . This

is a reference to a reptilian shape-shifter. That had a shrine built on hill 666.


It appears that we are headed to a date with destiny, not just for our planet and species but

our sun itself. Will it all end in 2010 or when Vega becomes our new north star is unknown. Will

the nordics defeat the reptilians or will we still be their slaves in the 11th Millenium. The answer

is still unknown. This writer says Freedom from Reptilian 666 domination is our birthright. Let

us fight - and win - to claim it.

Yale 322 links Jesus' Blood to Solomon's Temple and Roslyn Chapel

Additional inquiry into the Skull and Bones 322 numerology has noted an interesting link to

an alleged relic of the blood of Jesus Christ in Belgium, The Jesus-Mary Magdalene bloodline

story of Roslyn Chapel and the design of Solomon's Temple. Their appears therefore to be

a link , very generally, to judaism or the tribes / lineage of the jews.

This could be evidence of a connection to the belief in British Israelism, that the people of the

british isles or at least their royal families are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. This also

could help explain why all US Presidents are related to the royal family of England and provide

an explanation as to who gets "tapped" to become a member of Skull and Bones every year.

Since, the existence of Skull and Bones is well known, along with its number 322, this article

will go directly to the newly discovered or at least dot-connected information on this matter.


1. Previous articles have noted that illuminati numerology can be extrapolated to locations on

the Earth through which energy ley or dragon lines flow. The numbers are coordinates for

latitude and longitude . The city of Brugge, Belgium is located at Longitude 3.22 (East of the

Meridian in Greenwich, England). .

2. Brugge, Belgium has as its most important religious relic, what is claimed to be a cloth with

the blood of Jesus , taken from him by Joseph of Arimathea at the Crucifixion. "The Basilica of

the Holy Blood in Bruges houses a venerated relic of Christ whose origin is a mystery worthy of

Indiana Jones." . and / .

3. Robert The Bruce , became the king of Scotland with the help of Templar Knights associated

with the Holy Grail theme and its Grail Bloodline story.

4. Knight Templars and Grail Bloodline: and / .

5. Robert The Bruce is another way of saying ROBERT DE BRUGES . and .

6. Robert The Bruce and the Holy Grail: Much has been written about a link between the Holy

Grail and Roslyn Chapel. The death mask of Robert The Bruce is alleged to be at Roslyn Chapel. scroll down 70%.

7. Roslyn Chapel is very close to the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Only 3 miles from downtown in

fact. .

8. Edinburgh is or was the Masonic capital of Scotland:

9. Edinburgh is located at Longitude 3.22 - the number of Bruges and Yale's Skull and Bones. .

10. The Blue Lion is on the standard of the flag of Robert De Bruges. The babylonian goddess

Ishtar: "Ishtar's beast was a lion." scroll down 60% . Ishtar's color was BLUE: .

11. Ishtar was depicted by the Rosette. It is sacred to this deity. scroll down 70% .

12. A carving with a Rosette is linked to the Sinclair family which owned Roslyn Chapel. / and see video with Rosettas at:

"Roslin Chapel Rosette Window" .

13. Again, the symbol of Ishtar was the "Rose Star Disc" .

14. A Skull and Bones 322 President and his fellow member and father, have been obsessed with

Iraq. The land of Ishtar. Troops under their command now control the Ishtar Gate and all of

the ruins of Babylon. / .

15. Alexander the Great conquered Persia/ Babylon in the year 333 B.C. He was a "greek" and

the Skull and Bones Society is part of the "greek" fraternity-sorority system that now has

conquered Babylon again. . See Skull and

Bones Fraternity - Greeks = . Alexander the

Great died in the year 322 B.C.

16. The Rose Tower in the illuminati playground of Dubai is 333 meters tall. .


17. The number 322 comes up frequently in the design of the demon built Temple of Solomon.

This frequently is the case in the term 322 cubits, a biblical unit of measure. . scroll down 50% to Temple of

Zerubbabel. .

18. Solomon's Temple is of importance to Freemasons and must be rebuilt before the antichrist

rules over the Earth. .

19. Some believe that Roslyn Chapel is designed to resemble the layout of Solomon's Temple. scroll down 70% .

20. The Sinclair family that built Roslyn Chapel were traditionally the rulers of the Orkneys or

the Orkney Islands to the north of Scotland. .

21. The Orkneys are dissected by the 3.22 line of Longitude. .

22. In the King Arthur version of the Grail Legend there is a Sir Gawaine that is second only to

Sir Lancelot. In some versions of the story it is Sir Gawaine that achieves the discovery of the

Holy Grail. He is a Knight from Orkney. scroll down 75% .


In following the theory that illuminati numbers are linked to geospatial locations along ley lines

which correspond to lines of longitude and latitude, it appears that the number 322 is associated

with Edinburgh Freemasonry and the Blood relic at the Basilica of Bruges. The line connects to

ancient Babylon, Solomon's Temple and the Orkneys and their role in Arthurian Grail legend.

Further, the city of Bruges is in Belgium once controlled by the Merovingian

Kings who are allegedly offspring of the children or descendants of Jesus and the Franks. .

The key that runs through all of this is the Davidic Bloodline. Solomon was the son of King David.

The Davidic Bloodline ran through Jesus. His blood relic at Bruges or Brugge. The 322 number

and Edinburgh , a masonic stronghold near Roslyn Chapel. The story of the Holy Grail being the

Bloodline of the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. ... Like nazi Heinrich Himmler said:

"It's all in the blood." Could the Yale Skull and Bones 322 be telling us that they believe

themselves to be part of the Merovingian bloodline or linked to the idea of British Israelism?

No chance in getting an answer. Because as President Bush said "it's so secret we can't even talk

about it".

Friday, January 18, 2008

Skull and Bones 322 exposes Eiffel Tower as copycat of Tower of Babel

The number 322 has been notoriously linked to the Yale secret society coven , Skull and Bones

Society. This is widely known. However, it appears that the number has additional sinister links

that only now have been identified through a connect-the-dots approach. The possibility is

raised that the number is code for membership in what has been known as the Illuminati.

Therefore, it is possible that the 322 is a numerical key indicating authorship of global disaster

by an illuminati bloodline that hides in plain sight.


1. The Skull and Bones 322 has been theoretically associated with the Tower of Babel site's

latitude. .

2. See Skull and Bones 322 : .

3. Woodrow Wilson founded the first attempt at One World Government known as the League

of Nations. He got the USA into WWI and drew the first lottery ticket in the military draft. It

was number 322. .

4. "The First World War was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to destroy czarism as

vowed by the International bankers..." scroll to near bottom. .

5. Woodrow Wilson went to Princeton University and has a college named after him. The

address, of course , is number 322. .

6 A successor President was Herbert Hoover, whose name is synonymous with The Great

Depression. Hoover was a tool of the Rockefeller empire and a bootlicker /gofer for the illuminati

and their New World Order. scroll down 50% . .

7. Oddly enough, Herbert Hoover wrote a book about his predecessor in office, Woodrow Wilson,

the book was 322 pages long. or google Herbert

Hoover Woodrow Wilson 322. coincidence...?

8. The number 322 is also the number of steps in the masonic built Eiffel Tower in Paris. scroll

down 50% . The Eiffel Tower is linked to Illuminati star

alignments between Mars and Sirius - the dog star. .

Gustave Eiffel was a mason. Scroll down 60% .

9. The number 322 or 3.22 appears to be linked as well to the masonic alignments of Washington

D.C. scroll down 50% .

10. Further, Agatha Christie, the famous female mystery writer wrote most of her books in

the babylonian city of Nimrud where she accompanied her husband Professor (later Sir) Max

Mallowan. .

11. Her most famous novel, Murder on the Orient Express was 322 pages long. .


Nimrud is a city named , obviously after the mythical man known as Nimrod - the builder of the

tower of Babel or Babylon. and .

The end is the beginning and all things come full circle. The number 322 is linked to Babylon and

on the way it passes through Yale, the Eiffel Tower and now even Princeton University. There is

a reason Iraq was invaded. Oil is only the cover story... the truth is yet to be uncovered. Like

Max Mallowan, the archaeologist, we must keep.........digging.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Satanic Pi links number of USA counties to Petronas Towers

The illuminati global takeover is ancient in nature. Many seemingly disparate events or things

appear to be disconnected but are not. This article focuses on the number or numerical concept

known as Pi or the number 3.14159265. A connection has been discovered between it, the

number of counties in the USA and the Golden Triangle section of Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia in

which sits the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest in the world.

The satanic nature of the connection will also be provided to the reader for reference...

The Evidence:

1. The number Pi is 3.14159265. insert - pi - .

2. Add the number of digits together = 36.

3. 36 is a number closely linked in numerology to 666. and

4. The sum of the first 144 digits of Pi is also 666 .

5. Further: If one looks at the number that appears as the answer on Google one has the

number 3 + the following numbers added together after the decimal point = to 33 or 3.33.

This then has the number 33 of Freemasonry after the decimal point and the number 333

for both sides of the decimal point put together. Both numbers are linked to evil:

33 Evil - .

333 is the number of the demon Choronzon: scroll down 25% .

6. Pi is believed to have come from ancient babylon. .

7. Oddly enough, - the total number of Counties in the USA is 3,141 - an unusual number that

only finds a match in the first four digits of Satanic Pi. . .

8. The Petronas twin Towers are located in the so-called Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur,

Malaysia. . It is in the northeast

portion of the city.

9. The line of 3.141 latitude N runs through the northern point of the golden triangle. and .

10. Kuala Lumpur was a british colonial outpost, now the capital of Malaysia. As noted in other

articles, the british seem to pick the location of colonies , towns and places to settle based on a

masonic numerology system only now discovered. KL as it is known has extensive masonic and

occult links. and .

Therefore PI is the number for Kuala Lumpur and the number of Counties in the USA.

11. The Petronas Towers were built by a Yale architecture dean architect associated with the

Skull and Bones 322 number. His office address number in NYC was also 322. . .

12. Oddly enough, New York City, where the other twin towers came crashing down is 322

square miles : .


A 322 Yale architect , home of the 322 secret society builds twin towers in a golden triangle

whose northern apex sits on the number Pi as a line of latitude. The other twin towers in a

322 square mile city come crashing down. The towers that crashed were in a nation divided

by 'coincidence' into 3,141 counties - again the number of Pi. Mystery or Masonry - that is the

question and the answer.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unlucky 13 Pi links CairnGorm Yeti to Cydonia Mars City

This article continues along the theoretical theme that many of the numbers utilized by the

illuminati such as 666 and the unlucky 13 form a hidden code that when discovered shows ley

lines along the Earth and places of psychic energy used for their purposes.

These lines usually go along with the lines of latitude and longitude of the Earth, however this

articles points to a mountain in Scotland, the highest point in the UK - CairnGorm - and the

latitude of the suspected city or "city" on Cydonia Plain, Mars, located near the suspected

Sphinx face and pyramids on the red planet.


1. The first four digits for the sum of 13 pi is 40.84. insert 13 pi - click search.

2. The altitude for Cairngorm in Scotland, UK is 4,084 feet. /

As noted in the previous link, the mountain tops are rocky deserts scoured by 100 mph winds

and sub-zero temperatures in the winter. See also: and .

3. The number 13 is important in the occult and in Freemasonry. / and .

4. Cairngorm Quartz is a dark smoky quartz and the highest peak in the range has a yeti like

creature known as the big grey man. scroll down 90% .

5. The scots Yeti invokes sheer terror in those that come into contact with it. and . .

6. If one scrolls down to the "myth and lore" section of the following link one notes that Smoky

Quartz or Cairngorm quartz is linked to the demoness Hecate, the Samhain satanic festival and

the occultist John Dee that discovered the Enochian Tablets. .

7. It is the national stone of Scotland and one such quartz is in the National Sceptre or kingly

wand of Scotland. See more on Dr. Dee's famous Cairngorm at the British Museum. .

8. The latitude for Cydonia , Mars - in general - 40.8 = scroll down 80% and --

9. The latitude of Cydonia, Mars is the same as or near equivalent to NYC and the WTC . scroll

down 75% / scroll down 50% .

10. The exact latitude for 40.84 in Cydonia runs through "the city" which is south of the sphinx

and north of the pyramid or dead center , really. . .

11. There may be Yeti like footprints photographed by the Mars Rovers on the surface of Mars. . .


The interface between magic and mars continues. It appears that the illuminati numerology

may go beyond ley lines on the earth but actually reach or even be based on events on the

red planet - Mars.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

666 Cubed links Ancient Memphis to Lunar Calendar and Saturn Revolution

The ancient land of Egypt appears to be permeated with a hidden 666 numerology that has

only now been discovered. The Illuminati appear to find various ways to utilize the number in

their works while at the same time disguising it in plain sight.

The present article provides additional research information indicating that 666 Cubed or

666 in 3 Dimensions (width, height and length) is present both in the longitude line of 29.54

which passes through Alexandria , Egypt - the capital of the Mystery Schools AND the latitude

line of 29.54 which passes adjacent to ancient Memphis, Egypt the former capital of the

Pharoahs of united ancient Egypt and home of the Rites of Memphis Mizraim and the Black


Further, it just so happens that the ancient lunar calendar was 29.54 days in length and was

used in ancient egypt, mesopotamia and by the larger arab world. This involved the worship of

Sin, a Mesopotamian Lunar Deity associated with the devil. To make matters even worse it

appears that the length of Saturn's revolution around the Sun is 29.54 years. Saturn is in

certain occult circles associated with Capricorn as the horned goat-fish of those that believe in

astrology and the zodiac.

It appears highly unlikely that these numerical alignments and symmetry can be ascribed to

mere chance, but that decision as always is up to the reader.


1. 666 Cubed is 295,408,396. insert 666 cubed - . Following previous practice

one then extrapolates the 2954 into a line of either 29.54 longitude or latitude.

2. The longitude 29.54 runs through Egypt and the Mystery School haven of Alexandria. and "gnosticism originated in Egypt"

scroll down 40% .

3. The lunar deity Sin is associated with the babylonian and pagan arab religions and by

necessity uses the Lunar Calendar. and Sin is

linked to the egyptian deity Thoth. .

4. The Lunar Calendar -coincidentally- consists of 29.54 days. The same as the number for 666

cubed. SO... The lunar calendar worshipped deity SIN revolves around a 29.54 day calendar

which happens to be the same numbers denoting 666 CUBED. Coincidence or Connection? / .

5. Saturn is associated with the astrological sign Capricorn. For some astrology believers this

sign is associated with the devil. / / .

6. Saturn revolves around the sun every 29.54 years. and

scroll down 20% . So the Capricorn planet orbit around

the sun is also 666 cubed? another coincidence? ...

7. The Star Regulus is in the sign Leo at 29.54 degrees. scroll down 60% . Regulus is the brightest

star in Leo. .

Regulus is considered by certain occult scholars to be a "fallen angel". scroll down 80% .

8. Memphis , Egypt was the first capital of the united Northern and Southern Kingdoms of

Egypt. It is also was a hotbed of mystery school activity in times of antiquity. .

9. Memphis is located at Latitude: N E - THIS IS NEARLY IDENTICAL

TO SEVEN OF EIGHT first digits to 295,408,396 sum of 666 Cubed. The mathematical odds

that this occult laden numerical parallel alignment is by accident is microscopically small. The

only number not fitting in a direct pattern for the first 8 digits is a 0 or zero which has no value

in western numerology. .

CONCLUSION: Memphis , the ancient capital of the united northern and southern kingdoms

of ancient egypt is situated in uncanny alignment with 666 cubed or 666 in 3 Dimensions. This

is frightening when one considers that Egypt is the heart of freemasonry and rosicrucianism

which was central to the core beliefs of the founding fathers of America and many other nations.

Follow the numbers - do the math. The Conclusion that Amerikkka is the new ancient Egypt

is there for those who can handle the TRUTH....which shall set you free. Look at your dollar bill,

that pyramid on it proves that money or what is on it -is the root of all evil . And the cubed of

all evil as well........

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

666 Cubed links Alexandria Mystery Schools to Rwanda Genocide

The purpose of this article is to provide additional evidence of a numerological phenomenon

that appears when one extrapolates Illuminati-linked numbers such as 33, 666 and so forth on

lines of latitude and longitude. Many odd "coincidences" occur that seem to indicate the

presence of an energy grid or ley / dragon lines that cause certain evil events to unfold. Like

certain Holy places may exist, likewise unholy places exist along the energy grid. These hot

spots of evil are used by black magicians for their works and seem to form what can only be

described by this writer as "incarnation portals or paths" for qlippothic, atlantean and evil

souls to be born into our realm of existence.

The present article notes what appears to a connection between the birthplace of the gnostics

in the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt in the city of Alexandria and the Rwanda Genocide.

Conspiracy or Coincidence? As always the reader must determine this.


1. 666 Cubed is 295 408 296. insert 666 cubed - .

2. Using previous methodology one then extrapolates the number 29.54 into either Longitude or Latitude.

3. The longitude of Alexandria , Egypt is 29.54 Longitude. scroll down 60% .

The city was founded and named after Alexander the Great. The Library of Alexandria held

many treasures of the ancient and even antedeluvian world. Many books and works involved

the occult and magic. .

Although the masonic temple is Alexandria's most visible landmark- and one of Washington's

most intriguing and grandiose shrines- few Washingtonians know what goes on inside the

ornate building or what the organization behind it is all about. scroll down 10%.

4. The lighthouse of Alexandria or Pharos is extensively linked to the Illuminati which as may

be obvious derive their name from the idea of Illumination. It was one of the wonders of the

world. .

5. The city of Alexandria , Virginia is filled with Illuminati and masonic symbolism including the

Masonic Monument to George Washington, which stands 333 feet tall which happens to be

designed after the Pharos Lighthouse. scroll down 70% .

The masonic temple of Alexandria , Egypt is a hotbed of masonic activity. scroll down 70% .

6. The City of Alexandria , Egypt in the ancient world going back for centuries has been heavily

linked to the occult. see: scroll down 50%.

It was in Alexandria that a greek speaking jew first described God as Trinity. .

and .

Alexandria was a mixing bowl of philosophies and religions and occult practices and sorcery.

scroll down 15%. .

7. Alexandria was the birthplace of the heretics or gnostics as well. This is linked to the evil

Gospel of Judas. . Neoplatonism which is linked to

Gnosticism was born in Alexandria. . .

8. Alexandria Mystery School: /scroll down 50% / .



Alexandria , Virginia modeled after the same has a 333 foot tall masonic memorial named for

George Washington. 333 is half of 666. This may be indicative of the satanic roots of the

mystery schools, the pharos, the gnostics and the masonic cult that founded the USA itself.

What else is on longitude 29.54? RWANDA - the scene of the brutal genocide that occurred

while the world watched and did nothing. Longitude 29.54 or 666 cubed runs right through the

middle of the Country. .

The traditional capital of Butare is directly on 29.54 much like the mystery school hive of

ancient Alexandria in Egypt. . More on

the genocide: . The same line of evil goes

through Zimbabwe , devastated by the madness of Robert Mugabe and South Africa of the

apartheid system and the endless crime and racial strife.


It is interesting to note that the first four numerals of 666 cubed form the numerals for the

line of longitude for Alexandria , Egypt. This has gone unnoticed until now - the question of

whether the mystery schools were good or evil has been answered. Do the math the sum is 666.